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Me and My Shadow

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Summary: Did you ever want to be in two places at once? Xander knows how its done and now Buffy is going to find out.

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What To Do

A/N As always, I have no proprietary claim on either Criminal Minds or BTVS.

What To Do

“You wouldn’t think it,” Kevin began, “but growing up was hard for me; not for the usual reasons though. I had to watch my dad continuously getting away with things because of who he is and people I grew up with getting away with doing whatever they felt like because they were richer than god. It offended me on a fundamental level, heck; it’s why I joined the FBI. The problem is that my talents don’t exactly extend to field work. Look at this thing,” he gestured towards the computer, “I can make this thing dance and sing. If there is information out there, anywhere, I can find it.” He smirked over at Buffy, “I bet I could find the temperature of your butt in that chair if I really wanted to. My problem is that once I find out what I need to know, well there’s not much I can do with it. The people I’m after act with impunity because they are essentially untouchable. So if I went to my boss with what I know, all that would happen is that an investigation would be started by some agent that was two weeks away from retiring and all my information would be lost or discredited. And finally, I would be fired and what little good I was doing would be taken away and that is just unacceptable to me. So one day I was just fuming to Alexander about the fact that one of the richest men in the world was a pedophile and everyone knew about it but no one says anything or does anything because he also happens to be a Federal Judge. Once I was done ranting and raving we had a good night together but when I got back to my place, I noticed that the file with the information in it was gone. Two weeks later the problem was resolved. Ever since then, Alexander has helped me out in those types of situations.”

Buffy leaned back, a horrified look on her face, “Xander killed him,” she gasped out. “You’re using him as your own personal hit man or something like that?”

Kevin regarded the blond as though she’d just grown a second head. “Remember Buffy, I got into this gig because I was sick of people breaking the law and getting away with it; I’m not that big a hypocrite. No, Alexander just . . . . . has a little talk with the person in question. They usually end up leaving their jobs and devoting the rest of their lives to making up for what they’ve done or in a couple of cases, confessing and turning themselves in to the authorities; that’s what the judge did.”

“But why?”

“Remember who we’re talking about here. Mr. ‘Scary and intense’ who deals with things on a daily basis that would send most people to an asylum. Mr. ‘I know people that have literally been to hell and can describe it for you’. Mr. ‘I have diplomatic immunity in almost every nation and could dismember you in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda without going to jail’. I imagine that after all the time he spent with Anya, Alexander gets his point across to whoever he is dealing with rather emphatically; and so that is what he does for me Buffy. He cleans files off of my computer.”

“But if he just scares people, then why are you so sure he’ll kill Amy.”

“Because even though she’s human, she’s over on your side of the line.” He paused, clearly thinking about whether or not he should say what he was about to say, finally he gave a little shrug. “A couple of times the people I investigated were playing a bit on your side of the street; deals with demons, human sacrifice, that kind of thing.” He paused again, “they never got a chance to confess.”

Buffy sat back and thought about what Kevin had said. The Council stayed away from the day to day activities of most people. They were neutral in most things and certainly didn’t act as law enforcement for humans or human agencies, just dealing with demons was trouble enough. So of course, here came ‘never met a rule I could follow’ Xander to turn all of that on its head. Buffy was far from stupid and had a very good idea about the things he had been through in Africa. She wondered if those experiences had made him more receptive to the idea of helping Kevin out in his quest. But she quickly dismissed that thought. It almost certainly boiled down to something simple like just helping out his brother. That was a very Xander motivation after all. The more Buffy thought about it, the more she wondered if Xander might just have the right idea. Yeah, the Council took care of demonic threats, but Buffy knew that humans could be just as evil as any demon she’d ever come across; Warren had taught her that. Buffy also knew that even though killing humans wasn’t what the Council was all about, evil mages, people like the Mayor or Ben; just killing them before they fell completely into her jurisdiction would have prevented a lot of pain and loss. Buffy didn’t like to think about such morally grey areas; she preferred her world black and white, thank you very much. But down where it counted, Buffy knew that the world wasn’t black and white, much as she might wish it to be. She wasn’t sure if Xander’s way was the right way; the term ‘slippery slope’ leapt to mind, but one of the things she had always admired about her friend was his moral compass. Buffy vowed then and there to talk to Xander about this, maybe there was a non-lethal way to deal with humans who were trying to walk on the mystical side of things. She still wasn’t sure if killing them was necessarily the right answer, but; she conceded, it just might be. Buffy was knocked out of her reverie by some rather insistent beeping from the computer. “What is it,” she asked, leaning forward.

“Barstow,” Kevin replied tersely, “Barstow California; that’s where she is.”

“Do you think Xander knows that?”

“Yeah, I do,” Kevin said.

“Did you teach him to use the computer like you do,” Buffy asked, curious.

“No, Alexander doesn’t much care for the things, although he does occasionally say that they can be helpful at times. If I had to guess, I’d say he probably went to some demon bar and asked. Maybe he took a slayer but probably not; and in about half an hour he had the same information as me.”

They both sat there for a moment before Kevin spoke up. “Do you think we should do anything?”

Buffy thought it over for a second or two, and answered. “Nah, Xander’s probably already planned it all out; including arranging for any backup he might need. No, all we would accomplish by heading out there is alerting Amy that the game is up and getting in his way.” She sighed, “all we can really do is be here for him when he gets back.”

“You think he’ll be alright,” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Buffy replied. “After what he went through in Africa, this is a walk in the park.”

“So if all we can do now is wait, can I ask you a question,” Kevin asked.

“Sure, you can even ask me another one,” Buffy quipped.

“How come you two never dated?”

Buffy glanced over at the man who looked so much like one of her best friends and fervently wished he hadn’t asked that.
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