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Stormy Nights in Imladris.

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Return of The Key.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Tindómë, formerly known as Dawn Summers, has been in Middle Earth for five years now, and is visiting Imladris to broaden her education. Over two stormy nights she broadens it in unexpected ways...

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-Centered(Recent Donor)curiouslywombatFR18211,774372,9208 Mar 1110 Mar 11Yes

And Then There Were Three...

It continued to rain all day; the wind still tossed the trees around, twigs and small branches were strewn on the grass and the walkways. The shutters were opened only on the glazed windows; in rooms that were usually open to the air the lights remained lit and the shutters tight barred.

Tindómë watched from the library window as two ellyth, cloaks tightly fastened, filled the ornate metal containers that held food for both birds and squirrels.

‘Form follows function’ she remembered, from some lesson back in Sunnydale; these looked very like bird feeders she had seen in California. A couple of years ago such a thought might well have made her, at least briefly, homesick. Now, she noted, it no longer had that effect at all. She wondered if anyone back there still had any memory of her at all. She hoped not.

She gazed out, no longer looking at the ellyth or at the birds and animals that braved the storm, but lost in thought. When Glorfindel spoke, almost right beside her, she was quite startled.

“I think this is not a day for sword practice,” he said, “although you looked as if your fëa was so far away that you were not seeing the rain.”

“Oh, hi, yeah – miles and miles away,” she answered.

“Lothlorien, or beyond the Black Gate?”

“Waaaay beyond the Black Gate,” she said, with a slight smile.

“It is quiet here, and warm,” he said. “Tell me about the place from whence you came – unless it would make you sad.”

She didn’t have to think for more than a couple of seconds – no, it wouldn’t make her sad at all. And so the afternoon passed, in conversation, with no time to think too closely about what she had suggested to the twins.


Late in the afternoon an elleth came and spoke to Tindómë.

“My lady, Lords Elladan and Elrohir asked me to tell you that, like most of the household, they are not eating in the main hall tonight. They are eating in their private rooms and request the pleasure of your company.”

Tindómë wasn’t surprised that there was no formal dining that night, it still wasn’t weather for moving around the complex, but for a few seconds she expected both the elleth and Glorfindel to give her knowing looks. They didn’t. Then she mentally smiled to herself; she had eaten in the twins’ private rooms on a number of occasions since her arrival – why would anyone immediately assume they had plans for ‘getting down and dirty’?

Glorfindel walked her to the door of the twins’ sitting room, so no time to consider whether to change as if it was a big date. He even stopped to talk for a little and Elrohir asked him if he wanted to join them to eat. Glorfindel excused himself, saying he had arranged to spend the evening with Erestor, and then there were three.

Tindómë wondered if she ought to be embarrassed – she had spent last night joining with one twin whilst the other had been all too aware of this, and then she had propositioned the pair of them. As Elrohir moved towards the food, and Elladan poured out wine, she decided that, no, she didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Their rooms took up the end of a wing; bedrooms on opposite sides opened off the corridor and, at the end, a large sitting room that took up almost the whole width of the wing faced out into gardens over a deep balcony. Both bedrooms also opened into this sitting room and, off to one side, there was a bathing room which also opened onto the balcony.

Tonight the shutters over the sitting room windows had been left open; the blinds likewise. In the early moonlight the branches of trees could be seen, still swaying in time with the wind, but there were no signs of lights from other windows. It had never really occurred to Tindómë, before, that the twins’ private quarters and private garden were not overlooked by any other building.

There was a table, large enough to seat six, but the Els simply loaded plates with food from it and returned to the large, comfortable, seats to eat. Tindómë did likewise.

‘No-one,’ she thought, not for the first time, ‘can lounge as elegantly as an ellon – and these two are, like, the all-Arda Elven Lounging Champions.’

Elrohir sat in an armchair, his leg flung nonchalantly over the arm, a plate held in one hand as he gestured with a forkful of food in the other. Elladan sat on one end of a large sofa and waved Tindómë to the other end.

Conversation flowed. They discussed the effect of the current rain on the Bruinen, how much easier it was to cope with such weather in a solid house than in a talan, the book Tindómë had been reading, and her conversation with Glorfindel. A few years previously Tindómë might have thought, in similar circumstances, that the conversation of the early morning had been forgotten; now she knew better.

Elrohir gathered the plates from all three, refilled the wine glasses, and returned to his previous position.

“Little one,” he said, “Elladan and I intend to bathe shortly.”

Elladan picked up the conversation. “We would greatly enjoy your company, should you wish to join us.”

Elrohir again; “but we will not be insulted if you decide…”

“On reflection,” his twin inserted.

“…that you spoke purely out of politeness this morning,” Elrohir continued.

Tindómë had become used to the pair of them engaging in verbal tennis. If you considered when they played it was clear that sometimes it was purely for amusement, sometimes they did it to confuse someone whose company they had suffered long enough, but they also used it to make it clear that they were in total agreement about what they were saying. This, she thought, as the conversation continued to flip backwards and forwards between them, was one of the latter.

“Or if you decide,” Elladan’s serve.

“To join us purely for reasons of cleanliness…”

“Then you will be very welcome to just wash…”


“And return to your own bed afterwards!”

She waited. Elrohir began the next rally.

“If you would like, though,”

“For us to wash your hair…”

She had been amongst elves long enough to know the difference between washing your own hair whilst mixed bathing and having someone else do it.

“Then we think…”

“That you might enjoy our version of…”

“Starlight bathing.”

Tindómë cocked her head a little and then looked from one twin to the other through lowered lashes. Both looked back with serious expressions. She still said nothing. Elladan broke the silence after a minute or two.

“The ‘rules’ are just the same.”

“We do nothing any one of us does not wish.”

“Although, to be honest…”

“That really means we do nothing that you are unhappy with.”

“As we cannot think of anything that we would not be willing to try!”

Elladan’s last line made her smile. She was pretty sure that she knew what her answer was going to be, but they were both still looking at her quite seriously.

Elrohir spoke again. “And, of course, starlight bathing does not need to lead to anything more.”

She took another sip of wine and stood up.

“M’kay, guys. Show me how we go starlight bathing in Imladris in a storm!”


The bathing room, like their other rooms, had glazed windows. Here, too, both shutters and blinds were open; it was certainly possible to see the stars – at least where the clouds didn’t cover them. The only other illumination was from small candles; their flames reflected on the water in the tub which was set into the floor like a small swimming pool.

“Elo!” Tindómë exclaimed. “Pretty!”

Elrohir moved over to the niche in the wall where a large jug sat under a faucet. There was a ‘boiler house’ where a fire was kept lit, at all times, to provide hot water to much of the house – the faucet would be plumbed into that system, Tindómë knew. Adding a couple of jugs from it would ensure that the water in the bathing pool would not be totally cold.

Elladan put a finger under her chin so that he was looking in her eyes.

“We know that you spent that night in the Hornburg with both Rumil and Orophin”, he said, “but we wondered…”

She knew exactly what they wondered; she saved him having to ask more.

“And we have been starlight bathing together, the three of us, since. It won’t be the first time I’ve, uh, had two ellyn washing my hair… or whatever.”

Then because she was naturally honest, and it was expected amongst elves anyway, she added, “but only with Rumil and Orophin, and only, uh, twice. But I really enjoyed it!”


Unconsciously echoing his brother’s thought from much earlier in the day, Elladan decided that Tindómë really did blush beautifully.

As he considered that her experience in the desires of the body was about what they had surmised, Elladan realised that Tindómë had begun to undo the clasps of his tunic. When they had named her ‘tithen maethor’ they had been right – even situations that were still new to her she bravely faced head on! As she reached the bottom clasp, Elrohir came up behind her and began to undo the thick braid that held most of her hair away from her face.

Soon all three stood naked; Tindómë ran her hands through Elladan’s hair, loosened the last tight braid, and then ran one finger gently around the edge of his ear. He felt his body respond – and saw Elrohir smile very briefly.

“Five gold pieces?” he heard Elrohir’s inner voice ask. “The usual rules?”

“Should we tell her?” Elladan responded silently.

“Not yet… but perhaps later,” Elrohir answered, as he picked up a bottle of oil and poured a little into his hands to warm it.


There was a broad ledge below the water of the pool, to sit on; Tindómë stood on it. Elrohir was standing in the pool proper, the water up to his waist, so that his face was level with the small of her back. He was slowly rubbing oil into her behind, her hips, and the backs of her thighs. Elladan sat on the edge of the pool, his feet either side of her on the ledge, his face level with her shoulders. He was rubbing the same perfumed oil into her shoulders and her breasts.

Tindómë made small contented sounds and massaged cherry-bark oil into Elladan’s hair. Glancing down she could tell that he liked it… and it must be fairly obvious to Elladan that she was enjoying the ministrations of the two ellyn, she thought, as his fingers skimmed over her very hard nipples.

It was different, she realised, it didn’t feel the same as it did with Rumil and Orophin, and it wasn’t just that there was no fëa thing; it felt different to when she had gone starlight bathing with Emerlas, or ‘strawberry picking’ with Galanthir, too. Of course! These were swordsmen – they had different calluses on their hands. She filed the knowledge away; but her own habit, of examining the facts under all circumstances, suddenly made her giggle.

Elladan looked at her with his eyebrows slightly raised.

“I’ll…uh, I’ll tell you later!” she said between giggles.

Elrohir, behind her, commented that giggling was good and then he moved away. She realised why when he returned with wine for all three from the tray at the other side of the pool.

They sat together on the ledge to drink, one El on either side of her. As first one, then the other, turned her towards himself to kiss her she was struck by a slightly worrying thought. If she drank just a little too much, without the beads in their hair, she could easily mix them up unless they were talking; and she was determined not to give more attention to one than the other.

“What is wrong, Tinu?” Elladan asked almost immediately – they were too good at reading expressions. “Do you want to stop now?”

“No! Uh – no, not stop, it was nothing about stopping!”

From either side a pair of eyes looked at her seriously.

“Uh… it’s just…” feeling rather sheepish, she told them.

Two wine glasses were put down simultaneously and then one ellon kissed her mouth whilst the other one licked around a, still erect, nipple.

Inside her head she heard, “But we do not have to keep silent just because our mouths are occupied. Do you know who I am?”

“Elrohir, of course,” she said out loud, breaking the kiss briefly.

“Well then…” said Elladan’s inner voice, that half a tone deeper.

“But,” she answered within her own mind this time, “I don’t know which hroar belongs to the fëa that’s talking in my head!” She stopped for a moment as the tongue on the breast was doing something interesting, “I guess I’ll just have to not drink anything more so I can keep track and be sure I’m being fair.”

“Oh no, little one,” it was Elrohir again. She was pretty sure he was the one doing interesting things at breast level. “Have more wine and let us worry about all of us being equally pleasured!”

There was that slight pause that Tindómë had come to recognise as the Els having a silent, private conversation.

“Perhaps,” Elladan spoke out loud this time, having broken the kiss, proving that she’d been right about who was where, “we should tell you a little about when we first began to enjoy sharing our bodies with ellyth.”

Elrohir also moved a little so that he was sitting up again, glass in hand, but his other hand was now casually stroking Tindómë’s thigh.

“Quite quickly,” Elladan continued, “after we began to experiment with the desires of the body we realised that there were certain advantages, for us, to being together with an elleth…”

“Or ellyth…” came the voice from the other side.

“As we did not, then, have to cope with being somewhere public with increasing recognition of the other getting closer and closer to flight.”

‘Meep!’ Tindómë thought; that hadn’t really occurred to her. She could just imagine an adolescent twin sitting in Elrond’s study, under those circumstances, trying to concentrate and not squirm.

“We could use the effect to discomfort each other on purpose,” Elrohir said, “but every time one of us was the cause of the discomfort he would quickly become the recipient.”

“The solution seemed reasonable,” Elladan went on, “and we found most ellyth did not object.”

“But we have always been competitive…”

“M’kay – what was the bet?” Tindómë asked.

“You learn so quickly…” said Elrohir.

“To see which of us could fly first,” Elladan answered her question.

That figured. But, before she said so, Elrohir picked up the conversation as Elladan began to twist her hair around his finger.

“After a fairly short time, however, we realised that made for less pleasure for the elleth…”

“Or ellyth,” said Elladan this time.

“And so we had fewer ellyth vying to spend time with us.”

“To be honest,” Elladan said, “it was also quite boring.”

“And so,” Elrohir said, “we changed the rules.”

“The winner is whichever of us manages to hold on, tuio, for longest,” Elladan said, with a smile as he turned her face towards him.

“Which means,” said his twin, “that we are both anxious to ensure that the other one does not lack for stimulation!”

Oh – that was so like them! Well, so like ellyn generally – for there to be a wager, which had been going on between them for Eru knew how long, to do with orgasms.

She asked what seemed to her to be the obvious question. “Am I competing on equal terms, then?”

“Oh no!” said two voices in unison, then Elladan expanded the statement. “Sometimes we do, indeed, suggest that the elleth…”

“Or ellyth,” Tindómë interjected before Elrohir managed to, earning her smiles from both the Els.

“Or ellyth,” Elladan continued, “compete using the same rules – how long can she – or they,” he added himself this time, “stay at the edge of flight without tumbling, whilst trying to push either, or both, of us over first.”

“But tonight,” said Elrohir, as the hand on her thigh crept a little higher, “our aim would be to see how many times we can make you fly.”


“But you might want to see if you can push one or the other of us into flight – even though we are trying not to go quite that far…” Elladan added, grinning this time.

His finger was now tracing the edge of her ear; Elrohir’s was within an inch or two of her huch. She squirmed, but tried not to be totally distracted because…

“I still don’t want to get mixed up,” she said. “I try not to just think of you as a composite ‘the Els’ other times when I’m with you – you’re Elrohir and you’re Elladan. So it seems all wrong to think of you as ‘the Els’ while we, uh, getting intimate.”

“Tindómë,” said Elladan, “I remember once saying that if Rumil did not wish to bind with you I could be tempted – because you knew which me I was.”

“That you still want to know,” Elrohir continued, “when we give you the chance to not care, shows that it is good that Rumil, most certainly, wants to bind with you – or we might end up in competition with each other.”

“Unless you could be persuaded to bind to both of us!” Elladan concluded.

Tindómë was fairly sure they were joking. She wondered if they would mind if she was to braid some of their beads back into their hair.

She obviously looked as if she was still worrying about it because the exploring fingers stilled and, after a moment or two, Elladan spoke again. “All right. We will tell you. There is a physical difference…”

Elrohir cut in; “I am perfect in every way and he… is not!”


“Ah – but my imperfection is entirely his fault.”

“Perhaps… but I do think the yrch should carry some of the blame!”

“Guys? Please?”

“It was during the bad time,” Elrohir began, sounding more serious.

“We fought to a standstill and, to be honest, were lucky to survive the encounter.” Elladan sounded equally serious.

“Almost the last orc to fall took a swing at Elladan.”

“Causing me an injury not unlike the one Rumil sustained on the border of Fangorn.”

Tindómë could all too easily visualise that.

“Deeper,” Elrohir said.

“And even closer to my vië than Rumil’s wound,” Elladan admitted.

‘Meep!’ thought Tindómë. ‘That must have been a very close call!’

“Of course,” Elladan was still speaking, “El stitched me together. Except…”

“That I had been hit on the head and I could not see straight.” For some reason Elrohir sounded as if he was trying not to laugh.

“And neither could he sew straight.”

“But, uh, Elves don’t have permanent scars. I’ve never seen an Elf with scars. So why would it matter if he didn’t sew you up straight?”

“We are mainly Elves. And you are right that neither of us bears any scars as such. But it is the line; that line that shows our human inheritance.” This was Elrohir.

“He sewed me up crooked – and the skin healed perfectly well – but the roots of the hair are out of place.” Elladan’s voice sounded as if he was recounting a tragedy, but Tindómë knew him well enough to hear the underlying laughter.

“So,” said Elrohir, “I have a straight line – it helps elleth find my vië in the dark.”

“Whereas mine,” Elladan finished, “is off centre and misses by about a finger width!”

She couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing. “Oh Els! That should totally help! Or maybe not…”

Then, “and I have so got to see…”


Elrohir teased her that sitting waist deep in water, by candlelight, was really not the best place to try and ‘see’ this tiny physical difference. If she would stand in the water and let him finish washing her hair, and then let them finish washing their own, perhaps she could check the truth in what they said once out of the tub.

Elladan did not join in the teasing. He was caught for a minute by the idea that many of those who chose to share their bodies with both twins did so because of the two identical bodies; an elleth had once said that it was like making love to one ellon who could touch you in twice as many places. But Tindómë was determined to be sure she knew who was who – it was, he supposed, her natural enquiring mind!

There was something else – but he would think about it later, he decided, as Tindómë did as Elrohir suggested and slid off the seat to stand in the tub.

In the end hair washing took some time even though, in theory, four hands to rub oil in and rinse it out, for each of them, should have been faster than two. But, somehow, hands would start to caress ears, or a neck, follow the ends of hair down to touch breasts, or tight male nipples… and there was the temptation to explore those same places with a tongue – and possibly teeth…

Then there was hair to rub dry and comb, bodies to dry, and more wine to drink. The moon had climbed some way through the branches by the time Elrohir suggested that, if Tindómë wished, they could move to Elladan’s bed.

“Mmm… c’mon then. Bring the wine? And nibbles? Y’know what? Flying makes me all hungry sometimes.”

She looked wide eyed from one to the other; it was the sort of look that would make you do almost anything to make sure she was not disappointed. The twins picked up wine and food and took them into the bedroom, leaving them within reach of the bed. Then Elladan turned down the lamps so that the room was gently illuminated.

Tindómë sat on the bed and then said, “Come here? Please? Pretty please? I just want to check…”

Both twins walked towards her, saying nothing. “So, then, a challenge!” Elladan said to her mind.

She put a hand out to each vië, already almost erect, as they had been since they had been in the bathing pool.

“Mmm….” A finger carefully followed that thin line of black hair down each belly. Elladan could feel his vië hardening further and knew his brother’s was likely to be matching him inch for inch.

“Oooh… maybe I’d better check again… or maybe I need a closer look.”

She edged forward and then repeated her exploration.

“I think I have it, well probably,” she said eventually. Her finger traced down one belly only, this time – straight to the vië, along its upper surface, and once around the naith.


Then she did the same thing, slowly, down Elladan’s own lower stomach, this time, as they had told her it would, her finger veered off centre on its course, and skirted the root of the vië. But she did not take her finger away, instead she ran it around the root and then across the surface of his ceryn – it made him shiver and smile.

“Elladan,” she said.

Then, before they could say anything, she took a vië in either hand and spoke again.

“Oooh – spoilt for choice…”

She dipped her head quickly, first to Elladan’s vië, and took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around him. Then her mouth left him, although her hand remained around the shaft, and he could see that she had taken Elrohir into her mouth instead.

She moved from one to the other a couple more times, making small satisfied sounds exactly like those he had heard her make when eating ice-cream!

Eventually she sat back a little – leaving both decidedly erect now – and licked her lips.

“I think,” she said slowly, “I can tell by taste, too.”

“We really must find out if others can also do that…” he heard Elrohir say to him silently.


They pulled her to her feet and she found herself in an El sandwich. Elrohir, behind, pressed his vië against her buttocks and lower back; Elladan, in front, pressed his against her stomach. Both rocked against her and then arms came around her to caress breasts, a mouth kissed her own mouth, another kissed her neck, her ears, whilst Elladan slid a hand down and slowly, rhythmically, rubbed her tuiw. She hung onto his shoulders, threw her head back against Elrohir, and flew.

Knowing the ‘rules’ she had decided to try and be scrupulously fair; but the way in which the twins each urged her not only to get pleasure, but to also give it to his brother, was fun. It had never occurred to her that Rumil and Orophin might have some sort of competitive thing going on when she had been starlight bathing, and more, with both of them. She wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest, if they had played by the same rules, or something similar, when Haldir had been alive but doubted they had done so, consciously, with her.

She thought of the brothers because her current position reminded her of that night at the Hornburg. Elrohir was on his back, she knelt beside him, using her mouth and her hands to see if she could bring him to his climax. Elladan, behind her, had lifted her hips a little so that he could do the same to her. Elrohir was clearly enjoying it – he let out little moans – then suggested that it would be so much better for Tindómë if Elladan was to join with her – how nice it would be to feel herself filled, how good it would feel for Elladan to be inside her…

He was right. But then she didn’t want Elladan to stop what he was doing so that he could move; she flew again before she could make Elrohir do so.

A little while later and she was ‘riding’ Elladan as she had Elrohir the previous night, except that his legs were over the edge of the bed. She was encouraging Elrohir to come close enough for her to take him in her mouth again; she had found, with Rumil and Orophin, that this was one of the very best things about two ellyn. She liked the feeling of being filled, but she liked to take a grond into her mouth as well – infinitely more than the virgin Dawn could ever have guessed.

But the Els had a slightly different plan. She was persuaded to turn around, so that she still sat on Elladan’s vië, but now faced his feet. Elrohir stood between his brother’s legs, she leant forward… oh! Elladan’s ceryn now pressed against her as she rocked – Elo!

She had thought to try and push her breasts together around Elrohir’s shaft as well as taking him in her mouth – but she needed her hands to balance… She used them to hold onto Elrohir and then, as she continued to rock on Elladan’s vië, she moved her mouth backwards and forwards around Elrohir’s.

Again, they sent her over the edge into flight but managed not to follow her.

By the time they had pushed Tindómë ‘over the edge’ that third time she was giggling and crying out for mercy. They paused for wine and ‘nibbles’. Somehow, whilst nibbling, Tindómë ended up lying on her stomach on the bed. She did have a very beautiful behind, Elladan thought, remembering Rumil’s description, once overheard. More cushioned than an elleth; her buttocks were like two gently curved small hills.

He idly traced a pattern over them with his finger and she shivered and pushed up towards him. Interesting. He glanced towards Elrohir, briefly, and then began to trace the patterns with his tongue instead. The effect was obvious. Elrohir removed the wineglass from her hand as she arched her back, pushing her breasts down into the mattress, and her buttocks up against Elladan’s mouth.

As Elrohir was about to join in, Tindómë gasped out “Bite, El’dan, bite…please!”

Very interesting. A picture came into his mind of the first river they had bathed in en route – and faint marks on this very beautiful behind… He did as requested.

In his mind he heard Elrohir. “If she wishes to keep this evening unknown to Tisirion, for any reason, she is going to have to make him wait some days to see her naked…”

Elladan’s finger slipped into her, to touch her secret place as he bit again, and she reached another climax in seconds; bucking so much that he thought, for a moment, that he might have to explain the loss of a tooth in the morning. She really was more vigorous in her reactions than most ellyth, as Elrohir had said, he thought with amusement.

He was pretty sure that, had she been just a mortal female, she might be becoming too tired for anything more. But as he now kissed the places that he had bitten, she wriggled her ‘adel-bein’ again. The twins had decided, during the day, that it seemed unlikely that Rumil, or anyone else, would yet have introduced her to the ‘less common form of joining’. But the way she reacted to his tongue on her buttocks made him wonder…

He ran his tongue down the valley between them towards her anus. She stiffened and became totally still. Elrohir was sitting near her head, running his fingers through her hair and around her ears, watching Elladan.

Elladan spoke directly to her mind – he wanted to be sure she understood him in her slightly drunken and satiated state.

“Remember Tinu, we will do nothing you do not want, nothing you do not enjoy. I bit because you asked – and because it pleased me also. I will not go any closer to your tightest entrance if you do not wish it. I thought it might please you.” He waited.

She answered him the same way but, even though she did not speak it out loud, it was no more than a whisper.

“Mmm. It does…” But she sounded hesitant.

“Well then? Has no-one ever…?”

Surely Rumil would have done as he was doing, if she reacted so clearly to someone caressing her ‘beautiful behind’?

The answer came in an embarrassed-sounding rush. He wondered if Elrohir could also ‘hear’ it.

“Yes. Yes. And it, uh, it turns me on. But only a tongue… or a finger… not ever… you know…. a grond. And I don’t think I could, with two gronds, like some ellyth!”

Ah – that was the worry, that they might expect something she was frightened to give – nor would want to give. Her return to ‘grond’ when she had been carefully using ‘vië’ was a tell-tale in itself, he thought.

“Some ellyth most certainly can – but we would not expect it of you, tithen maethor. But if a tongue touching it pleases you and it pleases me, then if not now, perhaps in a little?”


Tindómë was embarrassed the first time Rumil bit her butt and she’d enjoyed it – but Elves saw no reason to be self-conscious about anything to do with the hroar – and so she wasn’t exactly embarrassed when Elladan’s tongue had slid towards her ‘tightest entrance’.

She was worried in case he thought, if she liked it being touched, that Rumil, or even Orophin, must have joined with her that way. She knew other ellyth did that – and it was how ellyn joined with each other; but she hadn’t. Well not yet… She would want Rumil to be first – if she ever did it. And she knew it was one way an elleth could join with two ellyn at the same time – and the Els might think she’d done that, too. But then she was embarrassed to admit she had never joined that way in case they thought her too much of an innocent and…

He was still ‘talking’ inside her head.

“Some ellyth most certainly can – but we would not expect it of you, tithen maethor. But if a tongue touching it pleases you and it pleases me, then if not now, perhaps in a little?”

“M’hmm… that might be nice…”

The finger he had left curled inside her since her last climax slid slowly out, and back, lightly circled the spot in question before tracing a path up the crack of her bottom. That was nice; it made her shiver with pleasure again.

All three moved around once more, and she made sure she gave equal attention to the two male bodies at her disposal – whilst they made it clear that they enjoyed it. She had joined briefly with each in turn in different positions, and now found herself straddling Elrohir again.

Elladan was behind her, his hands around her holding her breasts; she gripped Elrohir with her inner muscles as she moved. Elladan moved away briefly and when he came back he whispered “Lean forward,” in her ear.

She did. He moved again and his tongue was back where it had been earlier. She brought her mouth down to Elrohir’s so that her buttocks pushed up and apart a little, allowing Elladan easier access. As his tongue touched the sensitive muscle ring she gripped harder on Elrohir’s vië. He moaned into her mouth.

Then Elladan moved again and she felt … oh! Nice! Oil was trickling down the crack of her behind towards her tightest…oh! A finger was circling and she pushed back again – the oiled finger popped in through the outer ring and now she gripped hard on both the finger and the vië.

Oh! Totally good! She let her body go with the flow… And beneath her Elrohir pushed harder up and cried out… she felt his eredh pulse inside her as she also cried out and flew with him.

Then all three were laughing; Elladan crowing that he had won, Elrohir saying something about tactics…Tindómë with sheer pleasure.

“Of course,” Elrohir said to her, eventually, “Only you can decide whether the winner also gets to enjoy release – or if he has to ease himself!”

Without saying anything more, Tindómë rolled away from Elrohir and caught hold of Elladan. She pulled him to her as she lay on her back, guided him into her, and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. For almost the only time since they had stepped into the pool there were only two of the three involved.


She held him close with every part of herself; her arms, her knees, her feet – her inner muscles. His mouth was against her neck and her teeth nipped his ear. She urged him on: “Huitho Elladan! Si!” He was happy to comply.

There was something more intimate about this than there had been about anything else all evening. It took little time before he felt he was reaching the point of release.

“For you!” Tindómë said in his ear, “Go! Don’t wait for me. Fly!”

Never one to disappoint a lady, he did as she said.

Still inside her, after a few moments rest he began to slowly move – meaning to bring her to another climax.

“No! Mercy! I cannot – stop! Really. I am so totally huithant… I think my nervous system would burn out.”

“Are you sure?” Elladan asked her. “It would be my pleasure.”

She seemed to consider before replying, in a rather regretful tone, “I am, honestly, I think that was enough…”

She still held onto him though. He rolled them both together, so that her weight was now on him, whilst they remained joined with his arms still wrapped around her.

Elrohir had moved off the bed and came, now, with water for them to drink.

“Mmm – in a minute,” Tindómë said, “I’m too comfortable to move.”

Elrohir looked at his brother, questioningly, then at the glass in his hand.

Elladan answered him silently. “I can wait. If she is comfortable so, then I will wait.”

Elrohir sat beside them and slowly ran his fingers through Tindómë’s hair; she smiled, and moved a little, but did not uncouple herself from Elladan. Then he felt her finger wriggle in between them and begin to trace the line from his navel. He looked at her face and she smiled as the finger, as expected, slowly veered to the left and did not come to the exact point where his vië entered her body. He raised one eyebrow, queryingly.

“Just making sure I hadn’t lost track of who was who…”

“And had you?” he asked her silently.

“No,” she answered in the same fashion, “You are Elladan, you won the wager with Elrohir, and your hroar is the one that’s cushioning me, and in me.”

He thought she had known whose arms she was in – but he was amused at how pleased he was to have it confirmed.

They lay like that a little longer.

“I guess we ought to bathe… but I might be too sleepy,” Tindómë said eventually.

“It can wait until the morning,” Elrohir said, still twisting her hair around his fingers lazily.

“Do I smell too bad? I could go back to my own bed if I’m too smelly.”

“You smell no more or less than we do… it is the smell of pleasures shared, little one. Why should I want to send you from my bed?” ‘Unless you want to go…’ Elladan added to himself.

She did not answer directly but eased away so that they were no longer joined.

“Need to pee…” she muttered, “but I’ll be back… M’kay?”

She slipped away to the private corner of the bathing room and Elladan took the glass, at last, from his brother.

Tindómë quickly returned and, after a little of the water, lay back down on the bed where Elladan still stretched out. She shivered and he pulled her closer. Elrohir moved to the other side of the room where they had put the bedding before she had joined them for dinner, threw the quilt across the other two, and then slid under it and across to where they lay.

Elladan half expected Tindómë to move away from him, to curl against Elrohir, but instead she nestled closer, just murmuring “Move in and cuddle Elro…”

All three lay quietly. Elladan watched the trees against the moonlit sky – the wind had died away, it looked as if it would be a clear, bright night.

He turned his mind to the thought he had pushed away earlier; had there been light under both bedroom doors, the previous night, Tindómë would not have hesitated but gone, anyway, to Elrohir.

Since the incident at the edge of Fangorn – when he had tended Rumil and Elrohir had dealt with Tindómë’s grief, and injured fëa, on realising that her arrow had killed the young Rohirric woman – Tindómë had been closer to Elrohir than to Elladan.

Although he hoped, one day, she would regard them both equally again it was simply how things had happened – and there were others who were closer to Elladan than to his twin. He had, therefore, been somewhat surprised at her suggestion that all three share the desires of the body together; and had wondered whether her wish, to know which hroar was which, might be so that she could be most intimate with Elrohir. And yet it had not been that way. She lay now, comfortably, in his arms, although Elrohir was close at hand, and Elladan was glad that balance had, this night, been restored.


Tindómë could feel Elladan’s heart beating, steadily, beneath her head. There was no longer any sound of the wind outdoors – the storm had passed. She began to wonder if she would be embarrassed in the morning, and then smiled – she had wondered the same thing quite a few times since her arrival in Middle Earth – but the longer she was here the less easily embarrassed she was. If the twins showed no signs of embarrassment, and she was sure they wouldn’t, then there was no reason for her to do so.

Would her relationship with these two, who she thought of as something akin to cousins, be changed by the night they had just spent? Then the phrase ‘kissing cousins’ drifted into her mind – that would do.

Actually, she thought, things may have changed a little. She had tended to turn first to Elrohir these past couple of years – she hoped Elladan hadn’t noticed, it had not been meant as a slight but simply developed as Elrohir had helped her after she… accidentally… killed Gifu. But she had wanted to be sure she didn’t automatically favour Elrohir when they had shared their bodies together – and she was pretty sure she hadn’t – even though, to be honest, all thought of it had left her mind for most of the night.

She thought that, now, if she needed someone to comfort her, to help her sleep, or just for company, there would be no difference.


Elrohir listened to Tindómë’s breathing settle into sleep. He hoped they might do this again before she returned to Lorien and thence to Ithilien. He reached out, silently, to his brother’s mind.

“Next time double or quits…?”

The end.


Sindarin bits.

adel-bein – beautiful behind.

Tuio – engorged – erect in the case of the penis.

Naith – head of arrow, or of penis.

Tuiw – bud, clitoris.

Ceryn - balls, testicles.

Eredh – ‘seed’.

“Huitho! Si!” – “Fuck! Now!”

huithant – fucked.


Middle Earth is the property of the estate of JRR Tolkien – my characters play there without permission but make no profit and leave it tidy when they leave. The former BtVS character does not belong to me either, all rights to Dawn remain the property of Mutant Enemy & Joss Whedon.

The End

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