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Champions' Legacy

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Hermocrates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: With the oldest now sixteen and the Pegasus Galaxy on brink of war, its time for the Champion's to return to battle once more.

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Reaffirming Family

Author: Jaded
Story: Champions' Legacy
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Summary: With the oldest now sixteen and the Pegasus Galaxy on brink of war, its time for the Champion's to return to battle once more.
Pairings: John/Rodney, Evan/Cam, Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala, Kavanagh/Cadman, Paul/Sora, Woolsey/OC; past Ronon/Amelia, Teyla/Kanaan, & Jeannie/Kaleb
Acknowledgment(s): Thanks to TouchoftheWind, hellbells, lothlorien, emw, Katt, RevDorothyL, Angelskuuipo, mountainelements, vladt, Luckie, Wrytergrrrl, mendenbar, Morgomir, Drix, burmafrdnow, dreameralways, krynny, & liit for the reviews!
Warning: Non-explicit slash. Character deaths. You will want to have read Second Verse, Same as the First and Growing Pains before reading this otherwise its not going to make much sense.
A/N 1: So, the next chapter may take a few weeks to be posted. I am taking a semester off of school for personal reasons but due to this, I'm moving back in with my parents until January. So guess who has an entire apartment to pack up and move in two weeks, plus her papers for this semester? *groans*

Reaffirming Family

Carson had been overseeing the wounded soldiers and natives when John and the little blonde finally came through. Handing off the bandaging to one of the nurses, he hurried over to where the kids had been surrounding the duo.

“Move!” he finally ordered firmly and the kids, seeing who it was, did as they were told. In the center, Sheppard was cradling the teen as Willow and Graham fussed over the blonde. Holding her hand and looking close to crying was Dawn. Swallowing, he knelt down.

“What happened John?”

“She was fine until we got here,” he answered swiftly. “Wesley came through too—is he okay?”

With those words, half the kids disappeared to find the other boy. Angel held out a moment, looking between the blonde on the ground and the retreating group. Finally, he locked eyes with William and Alex, who showed no intention of leaving. Sighing, he nodded at the other teens and trotted off after the kids.

All this Carson noticed only absently. She had a variety of cuts and bruises but none would even need stitches. He looked up when he found the trauma team had appeared, Rabbit in the lead.

“What do we have?” he asked, totally business. Carson knew from experience that Rabbit hated when they got culling's, even moreso than the other medics. Any other emergency, he'd be laughing and joking as he worked but never so with cullings. Something about them just seemed to bring bad memories to the surface for him.

“I'll be overseeing this one personally, Rabbit,” he told the man firmly. “Go on, there are others who could use your experience.”

The trauma medic looked about ready to argue but then he looked around, saw who was surrounding the girl, and apparently changed his mind. He ushered his partner and wife, Nancy, away when she approached with a bed.

“Is she going to be okay, Daddy?”

“I want her under the scanners, now,” he said, not answering immediately. “Graham?”

“No broken bones, she should be fine to carry,” he answered, standing up as Ronon appeared, arms held out. Carson and John stood and between the two of them, they got her situated in Ronon's arms. She may have been tiny, but she was still a fifteen year old teenage girl—Ronon was the best choice to carry her.

As Ronon swiftly headed to the hospital, Carson took off his gloves and looked at John and Graham. “Gray, check him over then help Rabbit and Nancy. Willow--”

“I'm helping with Buffy,” she said immediately.


“I'm helping with Buffy,” she interrupted her father. Carson and John exchanged looks.

“I can use the hands,” he said and John gave an exaggerated sigh. Without waiting for his approval, Willow followed after Ronon and the blonde. Smiling slightly as John grimaced, Carson headed after the redhead. Behind him, a small group followed, including Dawn, Alex, William, and Faith. Riley, Anya, Oz, Tara, Andrew, Kendra, Cassie, Molly, Vi, and Rona remained behind to help with the natives.

The hospital emergency room was, as usual in these kinds of situations, barely controlled chaos. They were still short-staffed, even with a few of the medical department having returned from Earth when they heard what had happened. On the way to the scanners, were Ronon was already placing Buffy, Carson passed by the council memebers, most of whom seemed happy to let others be looked at first. Only Travers, who looked like he had a minor cut, seemed to be complaining he wasn't getting treatment.

In the scanner bed next to Buffy sat Wesley, surrounded by Watcher Giles, Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Connor, Winifred, and Madison, who was the one performing the scan.

“He doesn't seem injured Uncle Carson,” Madison said when she saw him. “So I thought—”

“Good,” he said. “Same with Buffy. I just want to check something. Watcher Giles.”

The man nodded back, eyes flickering between all the children, studying them. Ignoring that, he gently pulled Dawn away from the scanner. “You have to let her go for a few miutes, little one,” he told her gently. “I need to scan her.”

She nodded, pale and slightly shaking. Seeing William wrap an arm around her in comfort, he pulled the Ancient scanner down.

A few minutes later, he was finished. The scans needed a few seconds to organize the data, so he went to grab some gloves and blood vials but Willow stopped him. “Wait until she's awake before you do that,” she suggested. “If she wakes up in the middle, she'll freak.”

“Sucking blood,” Faith nodded in agreement. “Remember that one time with me?” Faith had somehow managed to throw two of the nurses across the room when she'd woken up to find Carson taking a blood sample. She'd fallen down a flight of stairs while playing tag with the other kids.

Before he could say anything, Cordelia's head suddenly snapped up, looking in the direction of the doors. “Aw crap.”

“What?” most of those within hearing distance demanded. She looked up at Angel.

“Go to the gate-room,” she ordered. “Todd's coming and the Sineyan's are gonna freak out. You need to hug him.”

“I hate hugging,” Angel grumbled but he, Connor, and Faith quickly left.

Nearby, Jon (when had he arrived? Carson didn't know) tapped his comm and called Woolsey and John, warning them they were about to get visitors. When he came back over, he looked amused. “Apparently, Cassie just told him the same thing. Anya, Oz, Andrew, and Kendra are waiting to hug him.”

“Good,” Cordelia said. She looked relieved. “He's less likely to get broody if he doesn't have to hug someone.”

William, Alex, Gunn, and Madison all snorted.

“Damnit,” came from one of the beds and Carson looked down in surprise when Buffy's eyes fluttered open. “He's still broody?”

“Like you wouldn't believe,” Alex answered promptly. “How ya doing, Buffster?”

“Confused,” she answered. “Everything's fading.”

“Yes,” Wesley said from the other bed. He scowled. “I'm not happy about this.”

“Nope,” Buffy agreed. She sat up, ignoring Carson, to look around. “I thought—Dawnie!”

The brunette threw herself onto the blonde, the two hugging each other. With a grin, Alex piled on top, pulling Willow with him. The redhead squeaked but Carson wasn't sure if it was from excitement or because she hadn't been expecting it. Buffy locked eyes with William, who'd remained standing. Finally, he nodded at her.

“Good to see you, Blondie,” he said. Her lips quirked.

“You too,” she murmured and then bent her head into the group still hugging her.

On the bed nearby, Wesley was holding Winifred, who was crying openly, as Gunn slapped him on the back and Cordelia, eyes suspiciously red-rimmed, went off on the poor boy for “staying away so long.” Nearby Watcher Giles just looked bemused at the two groups.

Angel, Connor, and Faith all reappeared in the doorway as they heard the warning for the gate activation. They winced at the screams that floated up but went straight for the two teens anyway.

“Jon got one of the soldiers to grab us,” Faith said as she and Angel moved in between the two beds. “B.”

“Faith,” the blonde greeted back as Angel and Wesley just looked at each other. “You look good.”

“So do you,” Faith said. She hesitated a moment. “Good to finally have you back. Maybe now K and I can get some actual competition.”

“Where is she?”

“Gate room hugging a wraith.”

Buffy looked startled and several people watching laughed. “Long story,” Angel said, turning away from Wesley, who looked relieved about something. Faith smiled slightly at Buffy and then turned to the boy, body tense. Angel and Buffy just stared a a moment before he bent down to kiss her forehead.

“Hey!” Alex exclaimed from where he was still group hugging her. “What did we agree with before! No dating of the blonde!”

“Alex!” Willow and Dawn both scolded.

Smiling at the discussions springing up between the two beds, Carson went over to Watcher Giles. The man focused on him, eyes narrowing.

“I'm missing something, aren't I?”

Carson just nodded. There was no use denying it now. At least the rest of the council had been hidden by the curtains and hadn't seen this.


Woolsey had been called and Watcher Giles, after being assured Buffy and Wesley would be okay in the kids care, had gone off to talk to him, Paul, and Sora. Things had slowed down after that, with Jon reporting that Jack, John, Rodney, Bra'tac, Sam, Cam, Teyla, and Ronon had gone into conference with Todd about why he'd come.

Evan had volunteered to keep an eye on the teens, since no one really wanted them alone without an adult nearby. Carson had remained in the hospital, working on the Sineyans alongside Carolyn and Cassie Fraiser. Jon also remained there, as security, since some of the Sineyan's had been acting up.

“You named this place the what?!”

Evan focused on the new blonde teen, Buffy, and her brother, Wesley. Buffy was fifteen, from what he'd been told and Wesley was sixteen. They were Champion's and obviously good friends with everyone. There was some history, even if they couldn't remember it, but they were either ignoring it or just not letting it bother them.

“The Hellmouth,” Alex answered. There had been a lot of jostling on who got to sit next to Buffy on the couch, with Dawn and Willow finally winning. He'd taken Willow's other side. “What? They were calling it the PG Center.”

“Yeah but...the Hellmouth? Are you crazy?!”

“I think it has a certain irony to it,” Wesley said from his place on the other couch opposite. Winifred was cuddled into his side, with Cordelia on the other. Buffy snorted.

“Of course you do,” she said. “It's just...isn't it just asking for trouble by nicknaming our hangout The Hellmouth?”

“So far, we haven't gotten into anything serious,” Alex shrugged, unconcerned.

“And now you've officially jinxed us,” William snorted. “Good going mate.”

Evan snickered as the two boys began bickering. He felt the seats next to him on the couch dip before Cassie and Molly cuddled into his sides. He wrapped an arm around them both, bending to kiss the top of their heads as Tara took the seat next to Cassie. Feeling eyes on him, he looked up to find Buffy staring, a soft expression on her face. Embarrassed for some reason, he looked around at the rest of the kids coming inside.

The kids had always had a habit of going off in groups, everyone knew that. It was normal. They were loyal and friendly with each other, considered each other family, but even families had...hiccups. Tara and Oz were friendly but there had always been a bit of tension there none of the adults understood. Alex and Willow had been best friends from the beginning but throw in Oz, Tara, Cordelia, and Anya and things got messy for some reason. Not to mention the drama surrounding Riley, Angel, William, and Alex in relation to ANY of them dating was just insane.

Looking at the group now, however...Buffy was on the one couch with Willow, Dawn, Alex, Anya, Oz, and William. Wesley was surrounded by Winifred, Cordelia, Gunn, Connor, and Angel. Tara, Cassie, and Molly, were with him; and piled on the fourth couch was Faith, Kendra, Andrew, Rona, and Vivian. Riley and Graham were sitting on the floor by the couch with Buffy but it was like they were separate from the others. Actually, it was like they, plus the couch with Faith and that group, were also outsiders.

Even as he thought this, he saw Buffy catch Kendra's eye and the two grinned at each other. Angel, though he was sitting with Wesley, couldn't seem to stop staring at the blonde. Faith kept looking between Buffy and Wes like she wasn't sure who she was more happy to see.

“Alright, girls,” Cassie said suddenly, standing up and causing her sister to crash into Evan's side. “You ready?”

Rona, Vi, and Molly stood up as well, grinning. The rest of the kids were watching them warily. Cassie held up her hand, slowly counting down from five. At zero, the four girls pounced on top of Buffy, Willow, and Dawn, shouting “DOG PILE!”

Evan watched, laughing, as the rest of the kids either joined in on their own or were dragged in by others. His attention was dragged away only when Cam cam in and flopped down beside him, watching as the kids started tickling each other and generally goofing off.

“I think they'll be fine,” he told his husband, resolutely not letting the fact the man was kissing his neck gently get to him. “I've never seen them all so happy.”

“They're together again, fully this time,” Cam said, breath gently hitting his neck and causing him to shiver. “I'd be just as happy if I were them.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, turning to give the other man a chaste kiss. Leaning against him, forehead to forehead, he sighed. “Hopefully they don't lose that happiness.”

“They won't,” Cam assure him. “We won't let them.”

Evan smiled but before he could say anything, he suddenly found himself with all four of his kids flopping down on him and Cam, smothering them in hugs. Even Tara was there, smiling brightly as she cuddled into Cam's chest and poking at Cassie's side to get her to shift her elbow.

Looking over Graham's head, Evan realized the rest of the parents, including Watcher Giles, had come in while he and Cam had been speaking. The kids had broke off into their family groups, the four O'Neill-Carter boys crowding around Jack and Carter, Faith curled into Daniel's side as her three brother's surrounded them and Vala. Gunn and Ronon had Kendra and Rona cuddled into there sides, all sitting on the floor and Winifred was in between her parents, looking calm.

Buffy had remained where she was and Wesley moved to sit near her, with Watcher Giles sitting in between them. Dawn too was still next to the blonde, with Carson next to her on the long couch. This all left John and Rodney sitting on the final couch, Willow cuddled into Rodney's side, Cordelia in John's, with Anya and Vivian sitting on the floor at their feet.

No one seemed intent on leaving. Group meeting then. He sighed. Might as well get this over with.

Lucy had made her first move on Atlantis.

It was time to talk.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Champions' Legacy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Apr 11.

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