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Champions' Legacy

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Hermocrates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: With the oldest now sixteen and the Pegasus Galaxy on brink of war, its time for the Champion's to return to battle once more.

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Author: Jaded
Story: Champions' Legacy
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Summary: With the oldest now sixteen and the Pegasus Galaxy on brink of war, its time for the Champion's to return to battle once more.
Pairings: John/Rodney, Evan/Cam, Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala, Kavanagh/Cadman, Paul/Sora, Woolsey/OC; past Ronon/Amelia, Teyla/Kanaan, & Jeannie/Kaleb
Warning: Non-explicit slash. Character deaths (in Buffy AND in Stargate). You will want to have read Second Verse, Same as the First and Growing Pains before reading this otherwise its not going to make much sense.
A/N 1: I'm of the firm opinion that the Weir-Fran was really the soul of Weir but altered by the effect of the replication/nanites process. I also am of the firm opinion that Teer never left John (as you probably guessed from one of the chapters in Growing Pains). Given her obvious guarding, I can totally see her “interfering” to help someone John cared about. And I can also see Skaara and Shifu taking advantage of that and drafting em all. The other Atlantis guy...he just popped in without telling me. :p
A/N 2: This is the final story in the Hermocrates verse of mine (of course, I say that now and knowing my luck, that'll change -.-). I can assure you the final three (yes, Buffy is one of them!) will be here within a couple chapters. Unfortunately, as I am going on vacation to England sans laptop, you're gonna have to wait for about a week. :/


John looked around, taking in the landscape. He remembered falling asleep in Atlantis, next to Rodney and with the faint sound of the girls arguing (ie screaming at each other) about some project they had to do for school (to quote Rodney, whoever decided it would be a good idea to group Willow, Cordelia, and Anya together on an history project was a moron). So either he was sleeping or someone had kidnapped him to this place.

“You haven't been kidnapped,” a voice said and John looked over to find someone he hadn't seen in almost fourteen years standing there. She winced. “Exactly.”

“Elizabeth?” he breathed out.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir smiled gently at him, dressed in white robes and looking almost as she had the day she died. “Hello John.”

“...You're dead!”

“Yes, I am,” she agreed, smiling wryly. “Thanks to a...timely...intervention that was completely against the rules, I ascended.”


“Ascended, John,” she agreed. “It turns out, of all the replicators who attempted it before, I was the only one able to do so because I had been human to begin with.”

John stared at her. He'd always known Elizabeth had been fascinated by the ascended, had known she understood it better than most. And the mission reports had said Daniel had visited a couple times when SG-1 had needed him...

“So...the Weir who walked into space...” John trailed off when the brunette nodded solemnly. “Oh god, Elizabeth, I'm so sorry.”

“You weren't wrong, John,” she assured him. “I was still human enough to ascend with help but in many ways, I was more replicator. You did what needed to be done. I've never blamed you for that. Any of you.”

“Who helped you ascend?” he asked. “Oma Desala is either dead or still in battle with Adria which means it wasn't her and...”

Seven individuals appeared around and behind Elizabeth. All but one of them he recognized. He zeroed in on the man beside the civilian commander.


“Colonel,” the dead lieutenant greeted with his old carefree grin. He looked himself again, young, without the black eye and drugged up. “Good to see you again, sir”

“Okay, that's not possible,” he said, backing up slightly. “You were dead long before I met any of these people!”

“Some of the Ascended can see the future, John,” Elizabeth reminded him and he gaped at her. “Shifu knew what was coming; it was he who helped Lt. Ford to ascend when he was stuck on the hive.”

“Ten seconds to decide to live forever or die and face the unknown,” Ford agreed. He smirked. “I figured, Jackson got to play hooky a bit with the rules...why couldn't I?”

“He's since learned the error of his ways,” Elizabeth smiled wryly. “You can choose to de-ascend but unless someone interferes, you go right back to where you were when you ascended. For him, that would have meant certain death.”

“Well, that sucks,” John blurted out and the ascended all laughed.

“John, that you?”

“Jack?” he asked, turning around to find the general walking over, appearing as if from a cloud.

He frowned at the group, eyes lingering on Elizabeth, Skaara, and Ford before he turned to John, hands in his pocket and looking curious but not overly concerned. “What's going on?”

“Apparently the ascended meddlers decided to kidnap me when I was asleep,” he told him. They both ignored Elizabeth's huff that they didn't kidnap them. Jack nodded.

“Ah, yes, well, they have a tendency to do that,” he agreed. He glanced at the dread-locked boy. “How's your dad?”

“Well, O'Neill,” the boy grinned. “Wishing I would not get into so much trouble all the time.”

“Wishing is bad,” the two men repeated what the kids swore by and then looked at each other. John shook it off first.

“You're taking this oddly well,” he couldn't help but accuse. Jack just shrugged.

“After twenty odd years in this program and having been through this before...” he trailed off and then smiled, eyes amused. “At least this time Ba'al's not gonna be around to torture me when I wake up.”

“Always a plus,” John couldn't help but agree. He turned to the ascended beings. “Okay, I'm assuming you had a reason for interrupting what could have been a very good dream?”

“Considering you married McKay, I'm not sure I want to know what you consider a good dream,” Ford muttered and then smiled cheekily at him. John rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile back.

“We brought you here because of your teams, you are considered the leaders,” Teer said, finally speaking up. “Thus, you were the ones we needed to speak to.”

“The Champion's time is coming, O'Neill,” Skaara said. Shifu nodded next to him.

“We have given you time to let them grow, to have the childhood they so deserved, but we can no longer keep hold of this galaxy,” he agreed. “They must be ready.”

“Ready for what?” John demanded. “And what do you mean, keep hold?”

“The other ascended abandoned this galaxy many years ago,” Avrid said. “Those who remain do not answer to the Others.”

“The Ascended Ori were not the only off-shoot of the Ascended Ancients,” Elizabeth explained. “They were simply the most power hungry.”

“We thought the we were fighting alone, we were even told that sir,” Ford spoke up, nodding respectfully at Jack. “But that was just because they had a plan and telling us would have ruined it.”

“They knew what would happen in the Ori galaxy, how the war would end,” Elizabeth told them. “They also knew if they told us, if they interfered...”

“It wouldn't happen,” Jack sighed. “Paradox.”

“Precisely,” Elizabeth agreed. “They had to be quiet so we could defeat Adria and destroy the Ori ascended. A side effect was that the Sangrael effected those ascended in the Milky Way. Many were destroyed in the backlash.”

“Abydos survived but only barely, O'Neill,” Skaara agreed. “We are now the largest population in our galaxy.”

“Wow,” Jack said. “Go you.”

“Yes,” he smiled.

“We were given special dispensation to assist in this war,” Shifu said, bringing the conversation back on track. “But only so much.”

“What war?” John and Jack demanded at the same time.

“Todd will visit,” Avrid said. “He will bring news of a new wraith queen who has become...powerful. Todd will not be worried; he does not think that she will pose any great threat.”

“But she will,” John said, swallowing heavily. “She's going to restart the war with us.”

“She plans to finish it, with her the victor,” Hedda told him. “Do not underestimate her. We have interfered to keep her from becoming too big a threat too quickly but we cannot do so any longer.”

“We knew this was coming,” Skaara said. “We cannot see the outcome but we know it will heavily depend on the Champions we brought to you and the remaining to come.”

“The kids,” John said. Jack looked about as upset with the idea as John was. They weren't even eighteen yet!

“You told us once they were brought for a reason,” Jack said.

“This is the reason,” Shifu agreed. “We gave them a reprieve and this will be their last war, no matter the outcome. But the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of the Champions' of Atlantis. You cannot hold them back from that, no matter your personal opinion on the matter.”

“They chose this,” the women John hadn't recognized finally spoke up. “I can't even begin to fathom why—it tore them up, fighting in their old world. But this is who they are, who they have always been. Forgotten memories or not, they will never forgive you if you try to deny them this. Trust me, I tried it. It ended badly.”

“Who are you?” Jack asked and John blinked. He'd been sure she was someone he'd known but apparently not.

“I'm the Guardian of the Champions,” the honey blonde smiled. “My name is Joyce Summers.”
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