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Iki ga Kiremasu

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Summary: Willow magic, has gotten her in to trouble before. Why would this time be any different? Can she overcome temptation, or will it be the end of everything. Willow/Jushiro-Willow/??

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Anime > BleachTrinityLayneFR1537,243071,3999 Mar 1127 Mar 12No

Much ado about nothing

AN: no excuses, I am very sorry for the delay was not happy with some bits and rewrote this chapter about a few(dozen) times...LOL

I have taken great liberties with the whole Squad Zero thing AND Isshin Kurosaki's history…but given we do not know that much about his time before he left the Soul Society just yet. I decided to make one up LOL (((Am so excited for the final arc…well not that it is the final, but because we'll FINALLY get a answers to some of the loose ends…LOL)))

As always I own nothing but the plot…don't sue!


Chapter 2: Much ado about nothing…

Last time…

"How similar?"

"Enough, which warranted keeping the knowledge of Willow's existence a secret." Jushiro replied then added. "Though unlike Orihime…Willow has used her abilities to purposely harm another."


"Sir I gathered the requested information about the Ryoka." Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya announced as he strode into Commander Yamamoto's office, stopping next to the lieutenant of the Eighth Division, Nanao Ise. Nanao pale form looked from Hitsugaya to Commander Yamamoto.

"Do you have anything to add Lieutenant Ise?" Yamamoto asked.

"No sir, I have given you all the information I have on Little Tre…Miss Rosenberg." Nanao corrected. "I never actually met her, my knowledge is limited."

"Very well, your report Captain Hitsugaya" Yamamoto motioned to the young Captain.

"I was able to fine a few bits of information in the archives. Willow Danielle Rosenberg is from the western United States, a place called Sunnydale." Yamamoto gripped his cane tightly at the mention of her home town. "She is the daughter of a Sheila Rosenberg. It is strange, in her mother's soul record it is listed that she is married to a man named Ira at the time of Willows birth, however in Willow's, no name is listed under father just a seal in the notation."

"What was the seal, Captain Hitsugaya?" Yamamoto demanded.

"The seal belongs to a member of Squad Zero Royal Guard."

"Lieutenant Ise, you are dismissed!" Yamamoto shouted ordering her out as fast as possible. He waited till she closed the door before asking. "Do you know WHICH Royal Guard member's seal was used?"

"No Sir, other than the squad crest, I do not recognize the rest. I did, however, do a bit more checking sir. I found four other instances in the soul records where a seal from the Royal Guard was used in place of a parent."


"Ichigo Kurosaki and his sisters also bear seals in place of the father's name. As is the record for Orihime Inoue's father, though the seal used in Orihime's is slightly different, but both Kurosaki family and Willows are identical.

"But we are more than aware who Kurosaki's parents are."

"Now we do Sir, these edits to their records were made at the times of their births."

"Isshin was a member of the Royal Guard before his defection to the world of the living." Yamamoto walked the balcony, motioning for Toshiro to follow. "It may be pure chance that this seal match the Kurosaki's and it is troubling to find out that Inoue's record bears a seal as well. However, further investigation in this matter will have to wait." He looked up at the sky. "What else on the girl?"

"There was not much in her record just a few things that have me more than a bit concerned her presence here."

"Such as?" the Commander inquired.

"Not once, but twice, she summoned souls of the dead to the world of the living, one from hell and other from within the Soul Society. She was also directly responsible for the death of a man named Warren Mears."

"What of the souls she summoned?"

"The soul that was taken from the Soul Society was restored to its human body, as for the one from hell…It is unclear, but there are signs it was tied to a being in the world of the living as well. Even stranger, though it is clearly noted she violated several laws by summoning those souls, a full pardon for the violations, as well as for the death of Mears were added to her record." Toshiro paused for a moment. "At the time of her birth, as if her actions were anticipated some years before the fact."

"Clearly there is more to this girl then we are aware. She cannot be allowed to move around without observation." He turned to look at the young captain. "Send for Soifon, and then go to the relief station and aid Captain Kuchiki in guarding the Ryoka." Toshiro bowed and moved to leave. "One last thing Captain Hitsugaya, you said that she summoned a soul from here in the soul society; was the soul's name given?"

"Yes Captain Commander."


"Buffy Ann Summers" Hitsugaya added the name having no meaning to him, bowed quickly before leaving. Yamamoto watched as the sun set for a moment before turning away smiling slightly at the memory of a petite woman with vivid blue eyes.

"So Shoka…that is what happened to you."


Both Retsu Unohana and Byakuya Kuchiki looked to the sleeping girl at Jushiro Ukitake's announcement. Unohana sensed great power in her when she was healing her. She hadn't felt any darkness in the human, but she could say the same of a certain traitor that was currently locked in the deepest prison.

Byakuya gripped the hilt of Senbonzakura as if the sleeping girl would suddenly turn into a hollow and leap from her bed and attack. Ignoring the tension that coursed through the elder Captain's in the room, he moved closer to Willow's bed. Orihime powers could be limitless if she willed it, what of this Ryoka?

…Willow has used her abilities to purposely harm another…

"Harm how?" He asked as he pressed closer to the bed. He noticed that the closer he came the more Jushiro leaned towards her as if to shield her.

"Her lover was murdered, overcome by grief and rage she went after the ones responsible." Shunsui Kyoraku answered looking out at the sky seemingly unconcerned with Kuchiki proximity to Willow. "She killed the leader and would have killed the other two. Only though one of her closest friends, was she able to face her grief; helping her let go of the darkness that was tainting her."

"She is no threat to the Soul Society, Byakuya." Jushiro Ukitake watched Byakuya wearily; unsure of what he was going to do.

"We will see" Byakuya released the hilt of his Zanpakutō and returned to stand sentinel by the door. "The actions of even the most innocent souls can cause the sparks that trigger a war. Just think of the damage a not so innocent one could cause." He stated his tone indifferent. Shunsui spun to face the younger Captain opened his mouth as if to say something but was cut off.

"Captain Kuchiki, Captain Kyoraku, I feel the need to remind both of you that I will not tolerate hostilities in my relief station." Unohana stepped between the two. "Byakuya I am correct in believing you have been sent to guard Willow?" He nodded. "Then it would be best if you did so outside of the room. My patient is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future and given she is human there is no knowing what additional damage could be caused by the fluctuation of reiatsu that continue to occur in this room." She gave him no room to argue, Byakuya just turned and walked out.

"Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out…" Unohana spun to face Shunsui.

"You too Shunsui, out." She ordered before raising her hand a pointing to the door.

"But Retsu…" he pouted.

"No 'but' Shunsui, out now." She then added knowingly. "Jushiro will keep an eye on her while you are running a little errand for me."

"Willow will be fine Shunsui, it is better if you listen to Retsu." Jushiro reassured his longtime friend.

"Fine, I will go." She followed closely behind as he left, when he was gone she turned to Jushiro.

"I will return to check on her in a bit. In the mean time I will send for Hanataro to bring you a better chair."

"Thank you Retsu." She stepped out of the room and slid shut the door momentarily smiling softly when she noted Jushiro take Willow's hand in his own bringing it to his lips, kissing her fingers. Once the door closed she turn to face the two Captains she banished from the room.

Byakuya stood against the wall directly across for the door clearly angered by the closed door. While Shunsui paced close by. Unohana shook her head slightly before rubbing the side of her head trying to ward off the headache she knew was building. She looked from Byakuya and Shunsui before her eyes settled on the elder.

"They are involved?" Byakuya asked before Retsu could speak, having witnessed Ukitake's display of affection over her head before the door slid closed.

"No" Shunsui paused for a while before he looked to the door. "Little Tree is unaware 'Shiro is in love with her." He chuckled slightly. "I don't even think he realizes just how much he loves her. Even if he does, he would never act on it. Little Tree is after all human, and he would not put her at risk."

"Something like this I would expect from you but not Captain Ukitake." Byakuya stated.

"As if you have never done something against the rules for love" He fired back knowing he would hit a nerve with the younger man.

"Shunsui" Unohana voice warned knowing that he was treading dangerous grounds with the head of the Kuchiki family.

"Shiro spent years before he even acknowledged that his feelings for her were greater than that of just devoted older brother." He sat down on the floor leaning his back against the wall ignoring the headed glares as he pulled a small clay jug from the folds of his uniform. He pulled the cork from the bottle and took a drink closing his eyes before he continued. "And spent even longer, resigned to the fact that he can never be with her." Unohana sighed wishing yet again she had gone climbing.

"I will send for Lieutenant Ise. It would be better for Nanao to retrieve the items that our guest will require when she wakes up. Shunsui when you brought her in… When I was healing her…" He knew what she was trying to ask.

"When Willow's reiatsu drops dangerously low, she unconsciously begins to pull it from people around her. If someone tried heal her and was unaware or not strong enough to break the connection…" he thought moment. "Last time she was like this and I tried to heal her…it didn't end very well."

"Well?" Byakuya and Retsu asked in unison, wanting him to elaborate.

"A large portion of Shiro's guest quarters on his family's estate were leveled and I was unconscious for week."

"I remember that incident it was over 10 years ago and reportedly it was a hollow attack." Unohana questioned.

"Quick thinking on Jushiro as part, as it was the only way to explain the damage and the burst of reiatsu when the alert was sounded, as for the amount of years remember Willow's forays into the soul society have been occurring for well over 50 years." He took another drink. "I am unsure how long it has been for her this time, but for us, she was last here right before Rukia was arrested for giving the Kurosaki boy her powers." The entrance to the relief station slid open and Toshiro Hitsugaya entered.

The new comer looked to Byakuya then the closed door before moving for it. Only to be halted by Shunsui.

"I wouldn't try going in if I were you, we've been banished from the room." Shunsui looked pointedly at Unohana.

"I have my orders." The young Captain shot back.

"It is better if you fulfill your duties from outside the room. If you feel it is necessary, you may post a guard outside the window, but it is unneeded. After Kenpachi's last escape during treatment I had kido seals placed on all the windows. My patient is not going anywhere." Hitsugaya nodded before moving to watch the door. "Shunsui, how long was Willow unconscious the last time?" Unohana asked.

"Over a month, we could be here a while."

"I better track down Hanataro then, and have Willow moved to a more secluded area of the station." She looked to the Captain's crowding her hall and added "With a suitable waiting area."


Dawn watched though the open window as Faith paced back and forth aimlessly outside as she was talking angrily in to the phone. Faith had been bouncing calls back and forth between Buffy since they were dumped in the yard of their Japanese contact Mr. Urahara; luckily Andrew and Spike had been there at the time. She could only imagine what her Sister's reaction was on news that they got separated from her best friend in a strange dimension.

"I am so not looking forward to next month's phone bill; the roaming charges alone are going to send Giles into fits." Dawn spoke aloud not really to anyone.

"Don't worry little bit, when we get Red back we'll have her work her mojo, and have the bill send to the poof." Spike was itching for a smoke but he didn't want to leave Dawn's side.

"Spike that's not very nice, though Angel could afford it" Dawn laughed briefly, before sighing. "I hope Willow is okay. I can't believe Faith just let her stay."

"It's not like Faith could stop her even if she wanted too, nothing can stop Red when she shows her resolve face."

"You weren't even there…"

"And you were asleep, if she knew these people as Faith said, she is fine."

"She knew two of them; the rest didn't look overly friendly."

"Your friend will be fine, old man Yamamoto won't hurt her nor will any of the others." Their host placed a tray with tea and cookies on the low table. He sat and passed a cup across the table to Dawn.

"Thank you Mr. Urahara."

"Please call me Kisuke, or simply Urahara. I am not one for formality." He watched her place the mug on the table.

"Alright, Urahara" She smiled. "How is it you know so much about the Soul Society?

"It was my home a long time ago…" His eyes were shielded by that strange green and white stripped hat, but Dawn was sure they carried the same twinge of sadness his voice had when mentioning his former home.

"Ah, so you are an expatriate of that dimension, we have a few friends that have left their home dimensions to live here in this world..." Kisuke Urahara watched and listened as Dawn aimlessly babbled on about their lives before Faith returned in a huff.

"15 hours" she slumped to the ground next to the table and grabbed a cookie. "It'll be another fifteen hours before you sister and Giles get here something about a storm between Hawaii and Japan causing their layover in Maui being extended for a few hours."

"She'll get here soon enough." Spike stood and headed for the door pulling out a slightly crumpled pack of smokes and a lighter from an inner pocket of his leather duster. "Then we can go after Red. Till then I am going to enjoy the few hours I have till sunrise. Faith try not to lose little Bit in the meantime."

"Bite me Blondie!" Spike ducked out the door before her slipper hit the wall next to where he had been just been standing.

"Sorry, Urahara" Dawn glared at Faith who just shrugged. "Those two don't play well with each other."

"We can play just fine…as long as a sharp stake is involved."


"Don't worry Dawn; Buffy will be here soon enough. I can resist turning Blondie into a pile of dust till then. You stay inside I am going to patrol."

"They had a thing…it didn't end well." She explained to their host.

"Dawn your sister's name is Buffy? Buffy Summers?"

"Yes." She was confused she was sure that had all been explained to him. He leaned over the table—his face mere inches from hers-causing his hat to fall to the floor with his sudden movement revealing his shaggy pale blond hair slightly shielding his gray eyes.

"Buffy Ann Summers, very tiny blond girl with blue eyes, rather cute when riled and likes to kill things with little wood sticks?" He asked hopefully almost causing the low table to tip. Dawn leaned back a bit.

"Yeah…How is it you know my sister?" She really wished the others were still here.

"She and I go way back." Urahara stood up quickly and almost bounced to the doorway, shouting "Hey Tessai, get Jinta and Ururu to clean the whole place again. You are never going to believe who is coming to visit!"


Sometime around dawn Unohana sent Jushiro Ukitake out into the waiting area with the others so she could examine Willow, and have her lieutenant Isane Kotetsu assist her in dressing the young woman in something more suitable for extended bed rest. During her exam she was shocked to see that Willow had extensive scaring on her back and abdomen. Obviously she was no stranger to battle. Once she was dressed and Isane had braided her long red hair Unohana tucked in the sleeping girl.

She followed Isane out of the room and nodded thanks to her as she left. Unohana looked over the crowded room. Jushiro and Shunsui were talking softly with Shunsui's Lieutenant Nanao. Toshiro Hitsugaya was quietly arguing with his Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto.

Byakuya Kuchiki was watching Orihime Inoue closely-who had been escorted by his Lieutenant, Renji Abarai—whom she was talking animatedly with unaware the head of the Kuchiki clan was watching so intently. Unohana smiled softly to herself. Orihime was not allowed to leave the Kuchiki estate unless it was for checkups at the relief station, and then only if Byakuya or Renji escorted her, needless to say she—and Renji-had been spending a lot of time here since her 'rescue' from Hueco Mundo.

Retsu Unohana softly cleared her throat to get the attention of all present. "You can go back in Jushiro…"

"He will not." Soifon the Captain to the 2nd Division and the Commander of the stealth force announced as she entered, flanked by eight members of her squad. "Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyoraku, by orders of Captain-Commander Yamamoto I hereby place you both under arrest, you will surrender and be placed in the repentance cell till such time as you punishment has been decided."

"WHAT?" Both men shouted.


"This is bad Shunsui." Jushiro spoke solemnly after the solid stone door slid into place locking them in the repentance cell. They both went peacefully with Soifon after both Retsu and Nanao assured them they would look out for Willow.

"The old man won't keep us in here long; this is just his way of spanking us like naughty children he thinks we are." Shunsui settled down on the only chair in the room. "It will be fine Jushiro." He took off his hat and placed it carefully on the floor beside the chair.

"Our situation is not what concerns me." Jushiro retrieved a ribbon from a hidden pocket and tied his long hair back into a low ponytail, as he walked across the cell and sat on the bed before a deep cough wracked his body forcing him to lie down.

"Then what's wrong?"

"What do you think will happen when Willow wakes up and we are not there?" He turned on his side and watched as realization of just what could happen if Little Tree woke and felt threatened, cross his face.

"Aww CRAP…"


End part three...again sorry for the delay, feedback is love!

Meanings :
Shoka= early summer

The End?

You have reached the end of "Iki ga Kiremasu" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Mar 12.

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