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Iki ga Kiremasu

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Summary: Willow magic, has gotten her in to trouble before. Why would this time be any different? Can she overcome temptation, or will it be the end of everything. Willow/Jushiro-Willow/??

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Anime > BleachTrinityLayneFR1537,243071,3999 Mar 1127 Mar 12No

Iki ga Kiremasu

Iki ga Kiremasu (Out of Breath)

Disclaimer: I don't own any thing… The honors go to Kubo-san (Bleach) and Joss (BtVS) for their respective creations. I am just borrowing the characters. basically, don't Sue!!! Only the plot is my own.

Timeline post show (Buffy) and just after ep310 of Bleach

Captain-Commander Yamamoto looked out at the scene with disbelief. One moment of well earned rest and festivities, celebrating the defeat of the traitor Sosuke Aizen and the end of the Winter War. With a sparing bout between the lieutenants of squad six's Renji Abarai and the ninth's Shūhei Hisagi. Turned into chaos, right before Renji was going to strike the winning blow a bright flash temporarily blinded the majority of the soul reapers gathered. When their vision returned they were surprised to see three Ryoka. Two standing, the other sitting in-between, in the middle of the arena.

By all appearances they seemed to be human, but to their sudden arrival left that in question; they were young women, all rather petite. One with long brown hair dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt. One with short black hair wearing black leather pants and a red halter-top; the last had dark red hair almost the color of a rich wine that fell to ground pooling at her waist a green long sleeved top with black slacks. The seven squad captains, their lieutenants and the various squad members instinctively reached for their Zanpakuto's.

"Willow?" The one with the brown hair looked to the redhead, questioned worriedly.

"Red" The black haired one her tone of almost accusatory; holding out her hand to help the one on the ground up.

"Yeah… I know… I missed." The redhead took the hand and pulled herself up. She dusted her pants off as she scanned to the crowd trying to get her bearings. "Again"

"Ya think" The dark haired one quipped. "This doesn't look much like Tokyo to me. Unless we went back in time, we didn't go back in time again did we Willow…" She gripped the hilt of the dagger strapped to her thigh not liking the vibe from the crowd.

"It does kinda look like a set for that Japanese historical drama Andrew made me sit through last month. You know the one with that hot Japanese singer?" The brown haired one added nervously.

Willows inspection of the crowd and their style of dress ended when she spotted a bald man with a long braided white beard. She smiled knowingly and turned to her companions; addressing the black haired one first.

"No Faith, no time travel this time." She turned to the brown haired one. "And no Dawn, we are not on a movie set." She scanned the crowd once more. "If I'm not mistaken we are somewhere in the Soul Society."

"The what?" Both, Faith and Dawn questioned.

"The Soul Society. It's a realm that exists closest to our own. These people by their outfits; I'm pretty sure they are the Soul Reapers of the 13 court guards."

"And how is it that you know about the existence of the Soul Society and the 13 court guards?" Captain-Commander Yamamoto questioned, his voice shaking the very ground in which they stood. Willow took a cleansing breath to calm herself.

"I have visited a few times in the past, after accidentally stumbling across Soul Society when I was traveling the astral plain a few years back." She bowed slightly to the elder. "I am…"

"Little Tree?" A deep weary voice questioned from behind her. "Jushiro, I do believe Little Tree has come to visit. Willow turned to look at the large man nudging his way through the crowd-with long wavy brown hair-who looked as if he just woke up from a nap. His large straw hat was slightly crooked and his ever present pink kimono worn over his uniform was slightly wrinkled. Next to him stood a tall slender man with long white hair, his expression grim.

"Shunsui, Jushiro." She smiled brightly she turned to her friends "Yup, Soul Society." She bowed to the only two non-hostile faces in the crowd.

"Willow, it's as good you are well" Jushiro tone was cautious. "But the Seireitei probably isn't the best place for a visit." Willow's eyes went wide.

"The Seireitei? I was afraid of that; when I saw all the uniforms; but I kinda hoped I was wrong" She bit in to her lower lip.

"What is the meaning of this? You know these Ryoka?" Yamamoto demanded. He stood and pointed at the two Captains, energy around him flickered increasing by the second. Both Faith and Dawn swayed at the increasing pressure surrounding them, Willow muttered shielding spell and her friend grew less pale, as Shunsui acknowledged his superior.

"We know Little Tree…" He motioned to Willow.

"Captain-Commander?" Jushiro moved towards Willow to shield her and her friends giving her enough time to transport her and her friends away if necessary. Shunsui matched his steps "We met Willow a few years ago in the 39th district. While investigating reports of hollow activity…"

"She fell into our laps, well my lap to be exact; when we had finished the investigation and just stopped off at this really nice Teahouse." Jushiro interrupted him before he could say anymore. He hoped Shunsui was trying to turn the old man's anger completely on to them-away form the human girls-or he was really going to have to help Nanao hide Shunsui's supply of sake better.

"She meant no harm. She'd found herself there quite by accident, and she was slightly injured. We gave her a chance to recuperate while we had her tell us how she came to be there and who she was." He placed his hand on her shoulder "And after a long series of discussions…" Shunsui placed his hand on her other shoulder and squeezed gently in reassurance.

"And some hospitality." The mirth in Shunsui voice was clear but the look in his eyes didn't match his tone. Willow looked to each male trying to figure out if they were trying to help—which she really hoped they were—and added.

"Sake… lots and lots of sake." She gave a small shudder at the memory. "And steamed buns"

"You should see a Little Tree here. She can out drink even Matsumoto-san. Be…" Willow lightly kicked Shunsui in the shin.

"Shunsui you're not helping… My deepest apologies Yamamoto-sama; as Jushiro said meant no harm, today or any other time. I was merely transporting my friends and myself between the void and was momentarily disoriented by a large power surge." She looked around the arena. "Most likely by whatever was going on here and we were inadvertently pulled here instead of Tokyo. If you could just…" the enraged Captain-Commander motioned for her to be silent

"I will deal with you two in a moment, as for you," pointing to Willow before he continued "It is obvious that you know about the Seireitei, the soul reapers and the Soul Society as a whole. This is unacceptable. Adding to the fact that you are human…"

"Willow isn't just some human…" They tried pushing Willow behind them, but she wouldn't budge. Dawn instinctive moved back, Faith moved to shield her.

"Sir, let Little Tree and her friends go, I will take whatever the consequences are…" Shunsui hoped that her power levels were high enough to get her and her companions back to the world of the living.

"Shunsui and I are the ones that broke the rules…"

"Shunsui, Jushiro just stop…" Willow shook a bit the air around her pulsed. Many or the unseated squad members were pushed back—not by spirit pressure—but some unseen force "This is my fault, and I am sorry." Willow's normally emerald green eyes shifted to a soulless black. She moved forward a few steps closer to the Captain-Commander. Her dark red hair fading to a shade of white not much different from Jushiro's. Byakuya Kuchiki, captain of the sixth squad, and Toshiro Hitsugaya, Captain of the tenth, flanked the head captain ready to strike if she came any closer.

"My friends will be allowed to leave this place; I will remain." She lifted her arm toward the sky. With a flick of her hand, a ball of light shot upward. It flew up then, burst in to a shower of sparks. They formed a shield around them. She looked to Faith and nodded. A shimmering portal opened next to the slayer. "Faith, take Dawn and go"

"No!" The younger one shouted. "I am not going to leave without you!"

Willow put her hand on Dawn's forehead.

"I'll be fine. You have to go. If anything happens to you your sister will go postal. Sleep now." Dawn eye's slid shut. Before she could fall over, Faith caught her. "Take her, I will follow when I can" Faith looked at Will and nodded, before turning to the menacing old man.

"If anything happens to Red…" The anger in her voice barely contained. "There will be nothing left of this place when I am through with it, understood?" Without waiting for a reply she lifted Dawn in a fireman carry over her shoulder and moved to the apex of the portal. "Take care, Willow… I really don't want to explain this to Blondie."

As soon as she stepped into the portal it shimmered closed. Willow closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her hair quickly returned to it's dark red shade. Her whole body swayed before her knees gave out and she dropped; Shunsui wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Willows eyes opened slowly, the normally emerald color dulled with exhaustion looked from Shunsui to Jushiro."So exactly how much trouble are we in?"


An: just an idea I have been playing with... Damn plot bunnies won't leave me alone with this one. Am giving this a T rating, am going to try to keep this one somewhat "clean" (I know where is the fun in that.) But the rating will prolly change at any given moment. And I am unsure of final pairing. It WONT be Shunsui (he has Nanao!), but other then that am so on the fence about Willow... lol

feedback is my crack... js
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