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Faith's all you need

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Summary: AU, Faith is attending Salem Institute before she became the Slayer. What if instead being pulled out of school, after being called; she is sent to Hogwarts, to help with the fight against Voldemort?

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Alright, back already! :D

I just finished re-re-reading the second chapter and here it is! Freshly from my computer to your screen!

Have fun and don't forget to review, please!!!

“I have never seen you around.” Luna continued after a short silence.

“Yes, well I just got transferred here from Salem Academy.”

“Really, then you must have seen a lot of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. They live near the Salem Academy.”

“Crumple… what?” Faith asked, she had always been pretty good in Care of magical creatures, but she had never heard of those crumple-whatever-animals.

“Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. Really fascinating, you know, wait I have the newest edition of the Quibbler here, they wrote a big article about them.” Luna said and pulled a magazine from her bag. Sure Faith had heard of that magazine, but only from people who said it was a waste of paper.

When the carriage stopped Faith turned to Luna.

“Can I keep this magazine for a while? I would like to read some more about those Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.” Luna seemed excited about her words, or at least Faith thought she saw a small spark of excitement in her eyes. Her expression was rather stoic, always that far away look; that you weren’t quite sure if she was actually listening to you, or not.

“Of course, keep it. Give it back whenever you want.” She replied and both climbed out of the carriage. Together they made their way to the entrance of the castle where a stern looking professor was waiting. She looked at Faith through her square spectacles.

“Miss Lehane, I presume.” she said, her voice just as stern as her face.

“Yes, Professor.”

“Hello, Professor McGonagall.” Luna smiled dreamily at the stern Professor.

“Miss Lovegood, welcome back, would you proceed to the hall, there is something I have to tell Miss Lehane in private.”

“Of course Professor.” Luna replied, then she waved at Faith before disappearing into the hall.

“If you follow me.” Professor McGonagall said and walked down the hallway, Faith followed her into a deserted classroom.

She was on alert as soon as the Professor closed the door behind them.

“Don’t worry, my dear.” she heard a male voice and realized at that moment that someone else was with them inside of the room. She knew him from pictures she had seen in the newspapers and of course his card hidden inside the chocolate frogs. He was the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.

The watcher’s council had told her a lot about him and if they were right, Voldemort really should fear this wizard. Maybe even more than her. But one thing she was sure of, if she ever met Voldemort she would show him what she thought of him, first hand. He probably wouldn’t expect her to attack him with her fists.

“I am not worried.” Faith replied, she didn’t trust these people.

“Even better. I am Albus Dumbledore and the Council of course informed me about your mission.”
Faith sighed, of course and now her wanted to recruit her for the closest battle at hand, no better weapon than a Slayer.

“I wanted to speak with you. To tell you that I don’t approve what they did. Pulling you out of your school, shipping you over here, just because you can be of use. You are still a human being, so I give you an order myself. Enjoy your time at Hogwarts, find friends and decide for yourself if you want to join the fight against Voldemort or not. I won’t lie, your help would be very much appreciated, as you are very powerful and I don’t mean only your physical strength. But I want you to choose for yourself.” Everything Faith had expected that wasn’t it. He was really understanding. She was kind of confused, he’d let her decide for herself? Really?

He obviously saw her shock because he chuckled amused and said:

“Now go, Miss Lehane, the sorting will start soon and if you have made up your mind, come to my office. You will find it on the seventh floor. Just walk up to the Gargoyle and say “Honeydukes”, it will open then.” He explained and Faith just nodded, still a little overwhelmed. When she turned to go, she stopped at the door once more because he said something else:

“I think it would be wise not to tell everybody about you being the Slayer. It could be dangerous for you to draw Voldemort’s attention to your presence at Hogwarts.”

Faith nodded slowly, that made sense, and then she did something that was completely out of character for her. She cracked a half smile at the headmaster and thanked him, before she hurried from the room.

She stopped in front of the great hall, unsure what to do now, but this decision was made for her, when Professor McGonagall walked up behind her with a bunch of first years hard on her heels.

“Miss Lehane, if you would follow me now, then we can start the sorting ceremony.” She nodded and did as she had been told, she entered the great hall and was in awe, because it was incredible.

The mess hall at the Salem Academy had been a pretty small room, it had always been a little smelly inside. This was far better. Hundreds of students sat lined up at their tables, all happily chatting.

Despite herself Faith grew a little nervous, anxious to know what house she would be sorted in. She had decided from the beginning that she didn’t want to be in Hufflepuff, it just didn’t suit her. Well, Ravenclaw was out of question, for that she was simply not bright enough. Sure she knew that she wasn’t stupid, but still not that bright and at times rather lazy when it came to studying.

So that left Gryffindor and Slytherin, she really didn’t care much about those two houses. She would make enemies pretty quickly in both of them.
She stopped in front of the teachers table and watched Professor McGonagall pull out a list while standing beside an old worn hat, laying on a stool.

“Lehane, Faith.” Faith snorted, of course they had to start with her. So she shrugged and walked up the few steps to take her place on that stupid stool.

The professor then put the hat on her head and Faith waited.

“Oh, the Slayer… well that is interesting, indeed. We can expect great things of you. But where to sort you? You are powerful, very much so, and brave, so Gryffindor would be obvious. But you are also smart and cunning. There is only one house that can give you what you need and that is….”


Did anyone expect something else?!hehe...:)

Alright-y that's it for now. Please brighten my weekend by pressing the review button and telling me what you think about this chapter.
Thanks and have a great weekend!
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