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Faith's all you need

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Summary: AU, Faith is attending Salem Institute before she became the Slayer. What if instead being pulled out of school, after being called; she is sent to Hogwarts, to help with the fight against Voldemort?

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)SchizophrenFR152548,78669925,87710 Mar 1125 Dec 13No


Hi everyone, thanks to all of you who reviewed!
That's really great!!!

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the last part he shouted to the hall and the table to the right, started clapping and cheering. The professor took the hat from her and Faith walked towards her new housemates. She took the first empty seat, which was directly beside a huge boy, around her age. To her right sat a girl also her age, with blond hair.

She turned to her and Faith couldn’t say why, but she immediately disliked her.

“So, you are pretty old for being sorted today, are you an exchange student or what?”

“Wow, if you aren’t a real Sherlock Holmes, then I don’t know who.” Faith snorted and heard a light chuckle to her left from the huge boy. No one else had heard it as it had been too quiet for anyone to hear. Faith had just heard it because of her Slayer improved hearing.

“What?” the blond girl with the pug face looked confused.

“Oh come on, have you never heard of Sherlock Holmes?” Faith asked back and the blank look the girl gave her was answer enough, she obviously had no
idea what Faith was talking about.

“You know what, forget it.”

“So are you gonna answer my question?” Puggirl asked slightly annoyed and Faith rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I am an exchange student, you really are one of the smart ones.” Faith replied more than annoyed, hopefully there was someone smarter and less annoying in her house.

“Who do you think you are? You just walk in here and start insulting people.”

“It isn’t insulting, it is pointing out facts.” Faith replied and took the Quibbler, Luna had given her, from her pocket. She flipped it open and started reading in order to ignore the puggirl.

“Oh please you are reading that crap? So you are just as loony as the Lovegood girl.”

“Could you just shut up, no one is interested in what you have to say and don’t call Luna loony, or you’ll regret it.” Faith growled and obviously Puggirl understood or was just moping because she fell silent. Faith didn’t really care, she kept reading and heard the headmaster saying something to the students, only moments later food appeared on the table in front of them and everyone started to dig in.

Faith looked a little disgusted at the huge boy to her left and his friend beside him. They ate like they were starving, with their bare hands and making noises that made Faith want to throw up. So this obviously was the reason why there had been an empty spot beside him in the first place.

“Try to ignore them.” the boy in front of her said and Faith looked up at him, he was around her age. He had white blond hair and grey eyes.

“That’s easier said than done.”

“I have experience with those goons. Believe me, it gets better with time.” he explained and Faith smiled a little, helping herself to some food.

“So you are from America, right?” the boy beside the blond one asked. He was as tall as the blonde one, but he had dark skin and dark eyes. He had short black hair and looked a little amused.

“Yes, guess my accent gave it away.” Faith replied, those boys seemed quite alright, at least better than the puggirl to her right.

“Yeah, so why are you here?”

“Is that any of your business?” Faith asked glaring at him, which seemed to surprise him.

“I was just….”

“What? Poking your nose into things that are none of your business?” Faith interrupted him, it was no ones business why she was at Hogwarts and she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Annoyed by her house and before she actually hurt someone, she got up from the table and left the great hall.

God, those British kids were awfully noisy. She stopped in the entrance hall and thought a moment about where to go. She had no idea where her bedroom was and right now she didn’t care, she could search for it later.

Something caught her interest though. She could hear female giggles not far from her, somewhere upstairs. Quickly she climbed the first staircase and after she rounded a corner she saw them. The girls in their robes surrounding Luna who tried to get her wand back. Faith was immediately livid. She stalked over to them and shouted:

“Leave her alone.”

“Who are you?”

“You don’t want to find out, believe me!” Faith replied and glared at the girls. It had the desired effect as the girls threw Luna’s wand at her and said:

“Loony Luna has a friend now, how cute!” Then they walked away laughing so high, that it made Faith’s ears hurt. But that wasn’t important. Luna still knelt
on the ground and that worried her, so she quickly walked over to her and knelt down by her side.

“Are you hurt?”

“No. I am fine! Thank you!” Luna replied, taking her wand.

“Who were those girls?” Faith asked, anger boiling in her again.

“They are from Hufflepuff and just like to pick on me. It is no big deal!” Luna answered and got to her feet, dusting off her robes, looking like nothing had happened.

“It is a big deal. If anyone ever bothers you again, tell me I will take care of them.” Because of her words, Luna blinked confused and asked:

“Why? Why do you care?”

“Because I hate it when people pick on someone who is obviously weaker than them. Besides I don’t like girls like those three, so I would have fun to rough them up a little.”

“You are funny!” Luna said, quirking her light eyebrows.

“I know. You are not the first to say that. So how about I’ll accompany you to your room.”

“You don’t have to”

“But I am offering it!” Faith interrupted her, this girl really wasn’t used to someone being nice to her. Faith couldn’t understand why the others were so mean to her. She was a nice girl, sure a little strange, but who wanted to be completely normal in the first place?

“Then thank you.” Luna smiled and put her wand behind her ear. Faith smiled and followed Luna through the halls.

“What are you doing up here anyway? Your common room is in the dungeons, isn’t it?”

“Possibly! I was annoyed by my housemates so I decided to go for a walk and then I found you!” Faith explained walking by Luna’s side through the hallways.

“Slytherin can have that effect on someone.” Luna replied and Faith laughed at that. She really liked the strange girl.

“Here is my common room. Thanks for your help. I guess I see you tomorrow.”

“You can bet!” Faith smirked and watched Luna disappear through a hole in a wall. She then decided that it was time to go and find her own common room
and more important, her bed. Because of that she turned around and started to walk back the way she had come.

At least until she was on the second floor and heard hushed voices, both male. Followed by amused chuckles.

Well, thinking about it some more, she was sure that she had a few minutes to spare in order to find out what was behind that noise.

That's it for now! I hope you liked it.
Feedback is very much appreciated!
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