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A Question At A Reunion

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Summary: A decade afterwards, someone hoping for an interesting yarn poses a question entirely out of the blue to several Slayers. Add your own chapter answering this question with your story!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Current Donor)ManchesterFR1322,858041,89312 Mar 1112 Mar 11No


Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to their original owners, as do any other characters from whatever media presented in the chapters that may be added later on to this story.

Tonight’s gathering had been grandly named the Sunnydale Survivors Tenth Anniversary Reunion by Dawn, the driving force behind the entire thing. That specific name had been chosen partly in hopes of avoiding the whole ‘Summers birthday catastrophe’ experience and others of their disastrous ilk, and this seemed to be working so far. The only evil supernatural experience occurring at the reception in the past few hours had been the onion dip in the buffet line becoming possessed by a malevolent spirit, and even if that wicked creamy mixture had fought to the last, a hasty dash into the reception area’s kitchen facilities by Buffy clutching this bowl ended with the struggling dip taking its final journey after being stuffed down the nearest sink’s garbage disposal.

For everyone else, the reunion had turned into the usual occasion for most people there, a chance to meet old friends and catch up with each others’ lives. This was exactly what was taking place in one corner of the reception room, where a bunch of Slayers were gathered together and happily engaging in a mixture of gossip and shop talk. About a dozen women were there, ranging in age from nearly thirty to just fifteen years, and in status from original Sunnydale Chosen to a young girl having been called only last month, with all of them presently seated in a circle with their chairs pushed together.

After the latest news, about which horrendously fouling-up Slayer became stuck with Andrew as her Watcher, had ended in shared giggles among the group, one of the younger women looked around their company, and hoping for some more fun, she popped her unexpected question to everyone in general: “Hey, people, what was your strangest Slaying ever?”

Puzzled looks were sent the speaker’s way, until someone else’s curious voice from the circle called for further clarification. “What do you mean, strange? We, most of us, anyway, already have some pretty unusual takedowns of demons and other monsters, what with our weird lives.”

“I’m not talking about ‘see vampire, stake vampire, shake vampire dust off your clothes.’ I meant the really odd kills, stuff that’s totally offbeat and out of the ordinary in what happened.” Pausing in her explanation, the young woman who’d first spoken again glanced around the group, and after seeing the thoughtful looks now appearing upon the faces of her sister Slayers, she was encouraged enough to continue. “Doesn’t anyone here have a good story about something like that?”

Author’s Note: So, people, that’s the challenge. Do a story about the weirdest way any Slayer could possibly put an end to their opponent. Either a crossover or a non-crossover is fine, and any character from the BtVS or AtS cast can appear, from the first episode to 2013 on, but a Slayer has to do the actual deed in disposing of whatever foul creature of the night is menacing humanity (or refusing to curb their dog.) Funny, dark, totally nutso -- who cares, just get busy writing and put ’em here, folks!
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