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The Ultimate Connor Season 3 Portal Challenge!

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Fan Art

This story is No. 1 in the series "The Ultimate Connor Challenges". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Fanart and ideas based on my challenge The Ultimate Connor Season 3 Portal Challenge!

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Multiple Crossings > Connor-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1341,232021,25312 Mar 117 May 11No

Introduction to the Challenge

Hello, welcome to my challenge: The Ultimate Connor Season 3 Portal Challenge!

These are some ideas of what could have happened if Holtz had jumped through the portal but the Powers (or another being) had changed it destination and landed them in another fandom such as Stargate or Supernatural.

Do keep an eye on this page because I do add new thoughts I have had.

Also the Chapters which have a * on the title means there is a reply to the scenario and there will be a link provided on the page to the reply. I do allow more than one reponse to a scenario but do advise that any replies be read to avoid similar ideas. Chapters with this on *+ means there is more than one response.

Some extra notes

The Scenario's

I do allow people to deviate a bit from the scenario- its just a rough guideline- and from the pairings. I know most of them say slash but I don't mind het (I prefer Slash I admit). Also if you don't see any fandoms up there that you enjoy then let me know and I'll see what I can come up with- also scenarios are welcome if people want to send me them to add to the challenge.

Mention about OCs

If an author wants to add OC siblings then please ask first as usually I do not read stories with OC siblings as i find the story can quickly become about the OC and not the main character- also the OC can quickly become a MarySue and basically be the author written into the story- I would prefer the challenge response not to have a OC sibling in them but if well written I wouldn't.

I also do not like Main Character/OC pairing as usually the OC has the same type of storyline- some poor girl who had a dark past or is a long lost friend who happens to have an attitude. These characters are something I cannot really deal with but if the charcter is used in a certain way and written well then I would allow it. But please think about the characterisation as very few stories have well written OCs.

Bonus to all the challenges:
-Vulnerable Connor- adding this will earn an extra banner which has a wounded/vulnerable Connor on it.
-Slash pairing- will earn a Slash pairing banner for the story.
-Having Connor's Destroyer side used in the story- will earn an extra banner of the authors choice of mood (e.g. sad, angry, happy, slash, het etc...)

ALSO! I do allow people to make Fanart for these ideas- so if you want to make a banner which is inspired by the challenge then let me know and I pop a link to the Fanart on the relevant idea.

Recently I have being thinking about ways that Connor could be related to the family and came up with a new way- Marriage- if the idea is vague enough then feel free to have it so that Connor is married to the person from the other fandom. For example in the Stargate Idea he could actually be Sam's Husband- or even Cassie's...just let me know if this will be the case.

Disclaimer: I own none of the Fandoms in this challenge- they all belong to their respective owners- and I own none of the pictures, textures, fonts and such used in the Fanart created. Angel and Buffy belong to Joss Whedon.
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