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Xander as Various X-men

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Summary: Like the title says, a number of stories featuring Xander being empowered in what, I hope, are original ways.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredKlimmattFR182492,43119408117,35313 Mar 1115 Jun 13No


Edited version.

I was possessed... again. Some demon called Eyghon or something from Giles past had infected me after I got knocked out, I had to be rescued by Deadboy of all people. Afterwards, I spent a couple of days avoiding the girls, just going through what was by now becoming a routine of trying to repress anything that may have been left behind, which is not a particularly easy feat.

Anyway, it seems that when I didn’t jump up and down and start acting like the Xander that they know and love on Monday morning, the girls concluded that I was still possessed. I’m not really sure if they thought Eyghon was still there or if he had just woken something else up, all I know is that they tried to cast a spell to rid me of the demonic influence.

From what I was told later, Willow had gone ahead and done the spell after Giles refused to do it due to a lack of proof. Unfortunately the spell was not designed for use on a human soul, so I confused it, and ended up with the magic permanently and irreversibly bound to me.

Now, after I awoke from the mini-coma that the shock put me through, this turned out to be not too bad. The spell, which was meant to burn a possessing spirit with holy light, ended up giving me the power to do the same. I could generate these little ‘fireworks’ that were like these blobs of colored plasma or something. They responded however I wanted them to, I could make shapes, words or whatever I could think of out of colored light in the air. They were hot too. Hot enough to burn a vampire to dust if I could hit him with one.

Patrols became a lot more fun, if a vamp popped up, I just held my hand up and concentrated and ‘paf’, the vamp would dust in a brightly colored explosion, though most of the demons were made of sturdier stuff.

Giles was interested in the effects, apparently this kind of thing is completely random, and there was an equal chance of me being incinerated instead. You can imagine why I decided to avoid Wills for a little while afterwards. Buffy didn’t react too well either, she went into something of a funk about ‘ruining my life’, which I so totally don’t get. I liked the powers, I was just a bit pissed that those two had almost killed me.

Anyway, I was currently walking through the mall, my home away from home when Dad has too much happy juice. See, Dad doesn’t earn much, and a good portion of what he does earn goes towards the I-want-to-drink-myself-to-liver-failure fund, so I’ve had to make due for most of my life. The mall is a very good place to make due.

When I was about ten, I started picking pockets. We had just watched ‘Oliver Twist’ in class and I decided to give it a shot, get myself a bit of extra cash y’know? After a couple of false starts, awkward excuses and trust-me-I’m-just-a-little-kid-and-therefore-an-adorable-cherub smiles I started getting good at it, or at least, good enough not to get caught. So I would pick pockets at the mall, then buy lunch or whatever else I needed. It was a good system.

So, here I was, looking for a new jacket. My old one was ripped to shreds after a recent demon attack. I saw one in the store window, bright yellow and looking sturdy enough. Now, most people would go for the black one if they’re trying to be inconspicuous, either when vampire hunting or stealing from the mall, but it’s actually the bright colors work best.

On patrols, they attract the vampires, so I can act as bait, and then fry them when they get too close. As for the mall... when people walk into a new area, they take a quick scan of everybody. Faces, clothes, whatever they can see. They’re looking for things that they can recognize and categorize. If a person sees someone dressed in black, they immediately think ‘up to no good’ and the security guards watch them like a hawk. But if they see someone in brightly colored clothing who looks like he’s been dressed from the donation box, then they actually avoid looking at them cause it reminds them of the less fortunate. This works out pretty well for me, as you can imagine, allowing me to walk around pretty much invisible.

I checked the price tag, the jacket was a rip-off. Taking a quick look around the store, I saw that nobody was watching me. Holding my hands together, I concentrated on a bright light. Generating a couple of fireworks, I shot them in different directions and closed my eyes.

As soon as I heard the ‘paf’ signaling the explosion I got to work. The fireworks had generated a flash of light that would keep everyone disorientated for a minute or two, so I was able to grab the jacket, melt the security tag, slip it on and walk out the door without comment.

I really like these powers.

“Remind me again why I’m driving you to Buffy’s house?” Cordelia asked from the behind the steering wheel.

“Because I have to find her and tell her about Spike’s plan to heal Drusilla,” I repeat from the passenger seat of her convertible.

“And how does that equal me driving you like I’m some kind of chauffeur?” She spat.

“Maybe since I promised to do the fireworks display at your party next week for no charge,” I remind her, “Ending spectacularly with your name written in the sky in the colors of your choice.”

She ‘humphs’ as she mulls over the bribe, fireworks are expensive and I can make them in any shape and color that she can think of, so she keeps driving, stopping outside the Summers’ house.

Getting out of the car, she asks, “But why are you out to warn her? I thought you were all ‘not talking’ to those two after they turned you into a freak?”

“No, I’m pissed that they risked my life by ignoring the G-man,” I answer, “I love the powers, if your party goes well I’m thinking of renting myself out, and that’s completely ignoring how much easier the Slayage is these days.”

She shrugs, “Fair enough, but you’ll never make it in the entertainment business without explaining how you get your hands on your materials.”

“I’ll work something out,” I tell her, knocking on the door, “Maybe a magic act? Magicians never reveal their secrets,” I kept knocking when I didn’t here an answer, “Buffy? Mrs Summers?”

Still no answer. I walk over and peer through the window, but can’t see anyone. Remembering what Giles said about the Order of Teraka, I thought ‘what the hell?’ and just break a side window open.

Slipping through the opening, Cordelia follows after me, saying, “Great, now I’m an accomplice to breaking and entering.”

“Relax Cordy,” I say easily, “With your parents? You’ll never see the inside of a jail cell.”

“So not the point,” she snarls scathingly, as I run upstairs to check for anyone, “Can you imagine what everyone at school would say if I got arrested? With you of all people?”

“They’d probably assume you were drunk at the time,” I call back down.

“And how is that better?”

Walking back downstairs, I tell her, “It isn’t. Come on, no one’s here, so we should probably get -”

The knocking at the door interrupts us, Cordelia answers without a thought and an unimpressive bespectacled man in a suit greets her.

Lifting up a briefcase, “Hello, I was wondering if I could interest you in some free samples?”

I think Cordy was about to accept when we saw a mealworm crawl into the mans wrist, “You know, thanks but no thanks,” she stammered nervously as she closed the door.

Backing away from the door, we were horrified when thousands of bugs started crawling through the crack. Panicking, I just started stomping the little monsters, but they just kept coming. When enough of them started to group together to reform the man, I started shooting fireworks.

Raising my arms, I felt a tingling sensation as the colored globules of plasma erupted from my palms, flying towards the unformed shape and exploding with a ‘paf’ and flash of light on impact. I flinch at the flash, I need to invest in some sunglasses or something.

With all the bugs grouped together, the ones that survived the initial explosion where incinerated by the remaining blobs of plasma that followed. All that was left was the assassin’s ring, I figured I’d give it to Giles.

I turned around, putting the ring in my pocket, to find Cordelia looking at me oddly. We stared at each other for a moment, not saying a word. I have no idea what caused it, maybe it was just the adrenaline? Or even who started it, but the next thing I know, we are making out with more enthusiasm than I have ever experienced in my young life.

Pulling away for a second, she scowled, “I still don’t like you, Dweebo!”

“Ditto,” I choked out, before our lips slammed together and the groping continued...

After the extremely awkward car ride back to the library, we told Giles about the, now slain, assassin. He was a bit too busy to really care about identifying what was already dead, so we moved on to figuring out what Spike’s ritual needed.

Buffy came in not long later with some Jamaican girl named Kendra, who was also the Slayer. Turns out that giving Buff CPR down in the Master’s cavern was a bigger deal than I had thought, who knew? She was really weird, kept away from me and seemed to actually avoid looking at me. I asked Giles about it and he told me that Council raised Slayer’s are taught to avoid interaction with guys their own age. Harsh.

Buff and Kendra headed out to the Careers Day and Cordy and I followed, best not to aggravate the Troll by not showing up. I was bored senseless until Buffy’s instructor person pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Reacting on instinct, I had thrown up my hands, firing energy in her direction, blinding everyone, including myself, I should really invest in those damn sunglasses, in the room with a bright explosion as one of the fireworks hit the gun, blasting it from the assassins grasp before she could fire again.

Buffy and Kendra, the first two to recover from the blinding, went on the offensive, attacking the still blinded assassin. She went down quickly, and Kendra pulled a hidden stake from her pocket and stabbed her. Thankfully she dissolved, meaning she was a demon and removing any annoying moral questions. Kendra picked up the Teraken’s ring that was, again, left behind.

Heading back to the Library with Willow, who almost had to be dragged away from some guy she was with, Giles told us about how the ritual Spike’s using needs Angel. A few questions into his whereabouts revealed that Kendra had locked Angel in a cage to wait for the sun to hit him, believing him to be an evil vampire, an act that I heartily approve of. After all, if he dies, no worries about Drusilla being healed, right?

Unfortunately, Buffy did not share my views and she and Kendra went off to retrieve him while the rest of us tried to figure out which church Spike is using. Not an easy feat in a town with over forty churches.

Wills managed to work out the most likely suspect from the computer, a church on Hay Street that had been abandoned for close to forty years had recently been the site of several ‘gang attacks’. We figured that Spike had made a mess moving in.

We mounted up, pointy weapons for everybody, and headed to the church, though there was a small argument over who had to ride with Giles in the Oldsmobile, I won the ‘privilege’ to ride with Cordelia instead after a quick game of ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock!’.

Cordelia complained about being dragged into yet another freaky mess, until I promised to let her choreograph the fireworks display, then she became content and slightly less snarky for the rest of the trip.

Getting to the church, Cordy and I piled out, though I did swipe... I mean, ‘borrow’, the pair of sunglasses she kept in the glove compartment before we went in. Giles and I went first with the girls following close behind.

Two vampires were standing guard just inside the building, both dusted after I shot some fireworks into their chests, the resulting explosions incinerating them.

We hurried to the main room to an odd sight. Angel and Drusilla were chained together at the altar in some kind of sick marriage pose while Buffy and Kendra were fighting Spike and his minions.

“Buffy! Kendra! Close your eyes!” I yell, pulling the sunglasses over my own as I held up my arms. Focussing on a nice, bright explosion, a stream of fireworks appeared and ‘paf’ a blinding flash of light disorientated all the vamps. Buffy, having followed my advice, was mostly unaffected, and staked the two vampires who had been double teaming her. Kendra however, had not listened to me, and was now fighting blind against Spike, who had.

Kendra lasted about thirty seconds against the Master Vampire before he was able to snap her neck and Buffy managed to get to them. The two fought in a rage, Buffy for her fallen Sister Slayer, and Spike because we had interrupted his ritual and killed all his minions. Buffy was clearly dominating the fight when Spike reached behind him and battered her with a plank of wood broken from one of the pews. Ignoring the fallen girl, Spike hurried to the altar, where he set to work releasing his Sire.

Once she had fallen into his arms and he began to carry her away from the scene, finally having a clear shot, I raised my arms again. Focussing, I fired off a stream of brightly colored energy at the Bleached Vampire, setting him alight. He dusted violently, screaming as the fire consumed him while Drusilla watched in shock. She managed to escape before I could hit her.

Angel was released and recovered from his injuries in a matter of days with Buffy playing nursemaid, Kendra wasn’t so lucky. Giles said that I shouldn’t blame myself, that she should have listened, but, when you think about it, what reason did she have to really trust me?

A couple of Watchers from the Council came to collect her body, apparently there’s some kind of ceremonial burial site for Slayers who died for the cause. They told us that a new Slayer, a girl in Boston named Faith Lehane had been Called after Kendra's death, and that the Council was moving her here to be trained alongside Buffy, they figure that two Slayers guarding the Hellmouth is a good idea and frankly I agree.

I wanted to go to the funeral, apologize to her Watcher, say a few words to her grave or something, but I didn’t really have the money to get myself a flight. Instead, Giles and I talked for a while over a bottle of scotch, having our own little wake for the Jamaican Slayer we never got the chance to really know, but still sent to her death.

I moped for about two days after that, blaming myself until Cordy came over. She hit me over the head and told me to get over it. Then we made out. She has a very good incentive program.

Drusilla was pissed. She was very, very angry with me for killing Spike, so she had decided to bring together the Judge, a demon so powerful that he was immune to all weapons forged by man. Worst of all, she was attacking the mall first.

As I’ve said before, the mall is one of my favorite places in the world, my home away from home, and this crazy bitch is trying to destroy it.

Pulling my jacket around me tighter and bringing my sunglasses over my eyes, I stared down the stupid blue Smurf. Buffy had shot him with a crossbow to distract him from his feeding session, and now it was his turn to burn.

Holding out my arms, I concentrated on heat. On explosive energy. I felt the plasma leave my hands, tingling my palms as they hit the air, and then flying towards their target. I must have generated enough fireworks to supply the Fourth of July celebrations, and they all hit him dead on.

Drusilla was caught up in the explosion, as the Judge’s existence ended in a flash of colored light.

It was during that last little adventure that Cordelia and I realized that we liked each other, in some weird way that we couldn’t explain. Or at the very least we were attracted to one another.

Cordy had come to the decision that, after her party next week, she would announce that I was the one who did the pyrotechnics display, hopefully raising me enough on the cool scale for us to date officially without getting a heap load of crap from the Cordettes. She planned to take me to the mall and redo my wardrobe to because, ‘no boyfriend of Cordelia Chase is walking around looking like a blind man dressed him!’ Thankfully, this at least included getting a pair of sunglasses that were both ‘fashionable and functional’ according to her.

I tried fighting her on that point, I like my style, but, as I said before, she has a very good incentive program. Besides, my clothes were getting either too small, or too torn and she was offering to pay with her father’s credit card. I asked her how she planned to explain that to her dad, and she told me, in all seriousness, that it was going to a worthy charity. I resigned myself to my fate, at least she’s letting me keep the yellow jacket.

Willow didn’t exactly react well when I told her about us and hey, I can't really blame her, but, insults aside, Cordelia is a smart, hot, witty, beautiful, funny and attractive girl. Did I mention that she looks incredible? And, at the very least, I respected her, and who knows what that could turn into if we let it? I wanted to find out, and not just because of the time we were spending in the janitors closet, though that may have influenced my decision... a little.

Besides, when we kissed, we really did see fireworks, and isn’t that how every great love story is supposed to go?

Tell me what you think.
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