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Alexander Belmont

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Summary: When the gods of old notice a lack in the advancement of the light by the PTB, they seek a means to change this, they find it in one Xander Harris, to aid him he is chosen to wield the power whose source is an ancient bloodline from another world.

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Chapter 2

Alexander Belmont

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who appear in this work of fiction, despite my desire to do so.

Also I will eventually up the violence in some cases you have been warned.

Thanks to Kurogane7 for Beta reading, couldn't do some things but do appreciate your input.




--talking through machine--

Chapter 2.

In the dreamscape…

Xander had spent the better part of 5 years within the dream world training with the legendary hunters and the Forgemaster, under the watchful eyes of Janus.

Each trained him in many fields they specialized in.

Leon and Richter taught him swordplay, becoming ambidextrous with it, strategy and how to effectively use the secondary weapons he would receive.

Trevor and Simon taught him how to effectively use the whip to the point he could wield it with either hand effectively.

Juste taught him how to use magic in combination with his weaponry and without it, making sure to instill in him the respect for the forces they unleash and the consequences should they not.

Hector taught him how to use many weapons not just swords, but lances, hammers, and such, his brand of hand to hand combat and most importantly alchemy and how to create innocent devils

During that time he had learned about them.

He learned Leon's tragic tale of how a powerful vampire took his fiancée under the advisement of his former friend Mathias Cronqvist, only for him to be killed by Leon and Mathias taking the source of his power and become the powerful vampire known as Dracula, so powerful in fact that Death itself was at his command.

The teen asked Janus if such a thing were true and said it was, much to his fear of such a monstrous being, he then why didn't he simply have death kill off the family.

Janus replied that Death though a servant of Dracula, still had to act within the boundaries God set down for him, Dracula was powerful but not so much he overshadowed God or the Devil, hence Death could not condemn them to hell either.

Trevor told him how Dracula furious over the death of his wife, who seemed to have a calming effect on him is murdered by the people of Vallachia as a consort of the creature, despite the fact she was still human, albeit an enchanted one so she could retain her youth by the dark lord of the night.

At the time the Belmont's were feared for their supernatural powers.

According to Trevor the family did not originally have these powers until Sonia Belmont, his mother and the only woman to ever face and defeat the vampire lord, met his son Adrian Farenheit Tepes or Alucard as he called himself in order to mock his father, despite his nature as a hybrid they fell in love and he was born as a result, but Alucard feared retaliation against him by his Father's servants, and would use her to get to him so he vanished before she could tell him about his son or that he had enhanced the bloodline.

Trevor later met him, though unaware he was his son and he his father, Sypha Belnades, his future wife and powerful witch and the former pirate Grant DaNasty, together they faced Dracula and defeated him.

However a curse fell on the land and he returned to make sure the creature had not come back, there he met Hector.

Hector explained that he was the son of an alchemist, an art that has long since been lost in his world, and a noble woman, however he was ignored by them and the people, only animals seemed to accept him, this ostracized him so after incident he left and found his way to Dracula's castle.

There he learned how to make living creatures from base elements, he was a prodigy in the art and was only matched by Issac, they rose through the ranks until they were Deaths equals in standing, but Hector did not want more bloodshed on the humans and escaped though not unscathed.

He was found by a kind sister of a nearby church, Rosaly was her name, she and the children of the village took him in, and in time she confessed that she liked as more as a friend and they married, sadly Issac survived, and blamed him for Trevor's victory over his former master, and made the people of the village burn Rosaly at the stake as a witch.

He vowed revenge and after reclaiming his powers he faced all obstacles in his path, he met Trevor, a woman who lived nearby named Julia who wielded magic and two odd characters Zead and St. Germain.

Turned out however Zead was actually Death, and fought St. Germain because he tried to prevent Hector from being used as a vessel for Dracula's essence.

In the end however Issac was used and thankfully he was able to defeat the partially revive vampire, dealt with the curse and left to live with Julia, whom he eventually married and finally found his peace in the world.

Simon was like him once, often doubting his worth until his time came to face the monster, only he did so alone, he succeeded but wondered if it was his strength or that of the whip.

His victory came at a cost that Dracula cursed him to die, with his body being ravaged and no heir to take his place, all hope seemed lost, but a visitor came and brought a solution, gather the remains of the monster and then kill him once more and burn his remains, he did so and removed the curse.

Eventually he married and his son took over his mantle.

Juste, Simon's grandson, was the first Belmont to combine magic into his style of combat, making him a formidable foe against the forces of darkness, his encounter came about because his friend Maxim Kischine, felt inadequate to him and went train to get stronger, however he believed that by doing as Simon and gathering the remains of Dracula and defeating him he could surpass him.

Sadly this backfired and he became possessed by the evil in them, creating an evil persona who kidnapped their mutual friend Lydie Erlanger, they fought and he was freed and Juste defeated the Count.

Richter, considered the strongest of the Belmont's went after the Count when his servant Shaft kidnapped his girlfriend and her sister, along with some villagers to sacrifice them to his master, they battled and he won, however Shaft survived and brainwashed him into resurrecting the monster, thankfully Alucard awoke once more and freed him and defeated his Father.

Xander was awed by their strength and courage, each facing such a powerful and dangerous foe, such as Dracula.

They in turned asked him about himself and his dealings with the forces of darkness.

He explained about meeting Bufffy and her destiny as the Slayer, about Willow, Giles, Cordelia and…Angel.

The thought of cursing a vampire with a soul was both ludicrous and offensive to them, it should be the demon, as Janus explained it to them, which should suffer not the soul, the soul and the demon were separate from one another, all the soul did was suffer the pain meant for the demon.

Add to the fact she was in a relationship with a corpse, well that was just morbid and sickening to the men, even if one were to argue that Alucard was the same, the discussion was flawed since the Count was not a reanimated corpse but a corrupted human with incredible power, also Alucard was born with a soul not cursed with one, consciously seeking an atonement that was never meant for him, while Angel was forced into his.

They move on from that topic and he found himself telling him about his parents, leaving them with a deep desire to flay them alive for neglecting him, how he did not go mad with rage they did not know, but they did insist he find himself a new place less he lose what is left of his mind there.

Finally after much hard work they deemed him ready and time for them to return to their rest.

"Well Alexander, I must say the time we spent was a privilege." Leon said as he shook hands with the youth.

"Yeah, it was awesome, thanks for all your help Leon."

"Take care of yourself and your friends, friendship is a hard thing to come by, but when it does it most gratifying." Trevor said to his student.

"Truer words have never been spoken" Richter adds.

"I will guys, you can count on that."

"I know you will, and please for god sakes, get out of that rat hole you call a home, and make sure you make your case clear to the creatures who call themselves your parents that such actions have consequences, severe ones." Simon said to the youth he had come to regard as a worthy heir to the Belmont legacy.

Xander nods as Simon had been very vocal about the harsh treatment he had gone through.

"Remember well our lessons Alexander, magic are a force of nature with a will of its own, if you do not have right measure of respect for it you will be reminded of it." Juste spoke seriously, while Hector nodded at the words.

"I will, and I will also try to find out more about the curse as well, in case it can be broken." He replied as they had discussed the nature of Angel's curse and the possibility of its removal.

Soon all six moved back into the cathedral and coffin and disappeared as they had arrived.

"I'm going to miss those guys." The young man spoke t o the deity next to him.

"I know, they were great men who lived during hard times, but in the end they found their peace during conflict and were rewarded for their bravery." The God spoke.

"Now then Xander some things to discuss before you return and begin your new life." Janus told him.

"First when you awaken you will find your body has undergone some changes, since you have been here for what equals 5 years training to master the various combat styles the Belmont's and Hector taught, do not be alarmed by them."

"Gotcha, no freak out, what else?"

"You will be called by your friend Willow to attend a meeting at the library regarding last nights event, to ensure they do not suspect of your new powers and abilities you will use this…" He said as he showed him a small silver rosary on his nightstand "…this will mask your physical appearance, your magical aura and mystical blood, from anyone with supernatural senses, the exception being Gods, the Powers and High ranking demons and Old ones."

"So the PTB will know I've been changed, they won't hurt my friends will they?" Xander already what he would to them should they attempt to do so.

"Though they will be aware of your alterations, they are still bound not to get directly involved, if anything they may do so indirectly, however it would be very small since they do not want to be on the receiving end of God's wrath believe me it is not a pretty sight."

"So…Buffy and Angel won't be able to tell I'm no longer normal?" he asks.

"No they will not, now when you return from your meeting you shall find in your room several items we have prepared for you in your battle against the Darkness."

"Will the whip be there?"

"Yes it will, try to expand your abilities with it, you may be surprised by the results."


"Do you have any questions before you leave?"

"Yeah, I've been meaning to ask, does…does Dracula exist? In our world I mean."


"Yes he does, there are two of them, one is simply a demon inhabited body like the ones you have faced who usurped the name, but more powerful than any Master you may encounter, he is still within range of a Slayers abilities but he has gained many skills in his long and cursed life."

"Gulp." "And the other one?" He asks a bit unnerved by that revelation.

"He is something to truly fear, a monster like no other, Vlad the Impaler, the No life king as he has been called and currently known as Alucard, and what's more he and others will become aware of you the moment you awaken."


"Unlike the Belmont's Dracula who hates life and God, Alucard seeks battle and worthy opponents for his never ending bloodlust, he has killed hundreds some say thousands in his cursed existence, he has few weaknesses and many powers, many of us wonder how he was ever contained by mere mortal men when every Slayer sent against him was butchered, every demon absorbed, every army massacred, yet four men did what no else could, though he could not be killed he was enslaved."

"By who?"

"Abraham Van Hellsing."

"Wait, you mean the old guy from the book!"

"Oh he was quite real I assure you, the only one who was really a character of the book was Jonathan Harker, Mina was real though and she was enslaved by the vampire, but these men faced him and won, now he serves his descendents, the current being Sir Integra Hellsing, of the Hellsing Organization."

"So there are others who fight monsters and stuff?"

"Oh many, many more Xander, the Watchers Council is not the primary one as many would like to believe, there is the Hellsing Organization, their opposites in the Vatican, the Iscariot, and I suggest you stay away from them, as they do not play well with others." The God spoke quite seriously to the mortal.

"Right, no trips to Rome or the land of tweed for me."

"Then there are hunters here in the states, I know of a small coven of powerful witches in San Francisco, some explorers who are aware of the supernatural, tomb raiders and arqueologists as such, some hybrid's who fight back against the demons, in fact there is a powerful one in Limbo city who is the son of an Old one who rebelled against his kind, he is a bit of a wild card but has good at heart, the powers really hate him and his group."

"Wow, I wonder why they don't all get together?"

"Different methods and ideologies would clash but if such a thing occurred it would definitely stir things up."

"Can the whip kill him?" he asks though mentally he is saying. *Please say yes.*

"It could since it is made for that purpose; however the question isn't if it can but rather can you?" Janus asks as he looks at him intently.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you are powerful yes, but he is the oldest living vampire in existence, his powers are near limitless, he has centuries of battle experience, there is a great divide between you and him." A grim reply if there ever was.

"There's got to be a way to beat him, I'm not just going to roll over and die just so he can get his sick jollies out of my corpse!"

"If he has any weaknesses it is his arrogance, he has gone so long without suffering defeat that he believes himself invincible, if you face him use that against him, other than that fight as if your life depends on it, because it just might do if his master doesn't pull on his leash."

*Well nothing is ever easy for me is it, but then again when was it ever.* He thought after processing all the information he had received on the monster.

"Sigh, well at least my life will be interesting, so time to go I guess."

"Indeed, you shall find the items I mentioned upon your return as well as instruction on their purpose, I wish we could be there but after this the Powers shall watch us all closely, the only way to contact us would be through prayers at altars or effigies of us and even then we may be restricted."

"Oh and before I forget, you will find a replica of your whip and sword, take them with you so they can perform a magical inspection on them, that will throw them of track for a while until you are ready to reveal yourself to them."

"I wish I didn't have to hide this from them." The teen replied sadly.

"I know you don't but your track record doesn't give them much faith in something supernatural benefitting you, do some good first and once you feel they are ready do so, and hope they are as understanding as you believe." Janus said.

"Right…thanks for all this, for giving me a chance."

"It was about time someone did my young friend now off you go." He spoke as Xander slowly started to fade.

"So it is done." A powerful voice spoke from behind him.

"Indeed." Another said

"Do you think he will be alright?" a third appeared.

"Of course he will Ra, he has a great potential that can now flourish." He spoke to the head deities.

"I would love to see the look on the faces of the Powers when they get a look at him, Ha!" Odin laughs at the thought.

"True my friend, though I am sure they shall try to coerce Janus into undoing the deed." Zeus adds as he and the others think about that.

"They will try and fail, we may have little to no power on Earth, but in our realms we are still supreme, besides they'll most likely send one of their balance demons." Ra says to his brethren.

"I do hope they send that toady Whistler, by the creator is that creature annoying." Zeus speaks as lighting arches through his closed fist.

"We will cross that bridge when we get there my brothers, now let us go and see the fireworks start." Both faces of Janus smile at that as they vanish from the realm.

Back with Xander.

The sound of a telephone ringing was the first thing that he heard as he woke up from beneath the covers of his bed, he would have let it ring except for two mitigating factors.

One if he did not pick up the parents would get up from their drunken stupor and then start harassing him.

And two, and by far the more important one, Janus had informed him of the nature of the call, and with that his eyes snapped open and after much struggling out of bed he got out.

"Y-yeah I'm here, who is it?"

--Xander? Are you okay?—the voice of his oldest female friend comes through.

"Uh yeah I just ran here from the toilet."

--Xander! Ew! I so did not need to hear that—

"Sorry, still a bit groggy and sore from last night."

--Yeah about that, Buffy just called me, said Giles wants a meet at the library to see if we're ok—

"Gotcha, check for any magic leftovers, I'll see you there Wills."

--Right, see you there Xander, bye—

"Bye." He replies before putting the phone back.

He turns and soon finds the Rosario Janus told him about on his nightstand, and with it he remembers he has undergone a change.

*Don't feel different, better check just the same.*

With that in mind he slowly crept to the bathroom passing his sleeping parents, who once more spent the night on the couch, a vivid reminder of Simon's words to get the hell out of this hell hole.

Once he reached his objective, calmly closed the door and turned to the mirror and gaped.

*Damn I got big!*

He was easily 6'4" now and from the way his white shirt strained, he was also heavily muscled much like a prize fighter or martial artist, he lifted up his shirt and found he now had a well defined six pack.

*Like to see Larry pick on me now.* He thinks as he does a few muscleman poses.

With that done he showers quickly, a must if one wishes to avoid the hassle that is Tony and Jessica Harris after a binge.

He makes his way to his room and as he dresses in his boxers he comes to a fact he did not anticipate, clothes fit for his previous frame are not meant for his new one.

"Okay minor setback." He says out loud before diving into his closet for something to wear.

Finally he comes up with some tie string shorts, his sneakers, though a bit strained still can be used and a baggy shirt he can wear with his typical loud Hawaiian shirts.

He grabs the Rosario and puts it on, and then turns to leave, however he then remembers about the whip, or whips as the case may be.

The original lies with the costume and another is next to it where none was before, he goes to them and grabs them, the one in his right hand is the real deal, the powers hidden within ready to heed his call, the one on the left is simply leather.

He carefully hides the Vampire Killer in his secret stash, hidden beneath some loose floor boards, he kept for the road trip he planned after graduation that brings him back to the promise he and Jesse made of seeing the sights, a picture of him, Willow and Jesse as kids makes him take a moment of quiet contemplation.

*I can make a difference now Jesse, I can get them all back for what happened, no one will ever hurt my friends again, not if I have anything to say about it.* He thinks, and for one brief moment he could swear the whip responded to that thought, as if approved of his vow.

He shakes off the feeling and places it inside, covers it and grabs his wallet with what little money he has, the sword replica and leaves.

Once outside he calmly walks to the school, though once he reaches the corner…

"Ah, what the hell." He says before running faster than ever before, reaching Slayer speed easily.

In minutes he is at the school not even winded.

"What a rush!"

He goes in knowing it is early and finds himself in the library sitting over the Hellmouth, his newly acquired senses telling him it is dormant for now.

*Glad I got training for this, I would be going mad if went without it.*

He places the replicas on the table they use for meetings, sits on a chair and puts his feet up.


"Good morning G-man! How's your day so far." He asks in a cheery tone.

"F-fine…" he replies ignoring the use of the nickname "…why are you here?" he asks the youth.

"Uh, cause you called a meeting."

"Yes I know, what I mean is why you are here so early, usually you are the last to come."

"Oh, well I got a good night's rest, remembered some stuff about last night and who I went, and got up early just as Willow called and decided to come over." He replies leaving out he was also visited by a God, became an empowered champion and was trained by five hunters and a powerful alchemist.

"Oh well that's good then, I suppose, though why did you bring those with you?" the Watcher asks in reference to the whip and sword.

"Oh I was hoping you could check if they still had some magic or something in them, to help out." Replying with his cover story.

"I see, well I suppose we can check, but you must understand the magic…Ethan…" the Ripper making a slight appearance with the name of the mage "…used was very powerful and dangerous, add in the fact that the powers were amplified by the Hellmouth, should these items retain any lingering effects could make them very dangerous for use."

"Or…or make them very useful, right?"

"Perhaps, let me see what we can find out first, if they do retain any effects will all decide what should be done later, agreed?"

"You got it G-man."

"Sigh, how many times I must tell you not to call me that." The older gentleman asks as he rubs his temple.

"As many time as I say it...G-man."

"Cheeky bugger." Was the last thing he says before walking away, and get the materials necessary for the test.

"I take that as a complement."

Willow, Buffy and Cordelia made their way to the library, the blonde apologizing repeatedly to her best friend about the comments her costumed persona made towards her.

"Willow I have apologized for like fifty times, how many more do I have to do?" She pouts.

"Ten more and we're even I say."

"I'm sorry…" nine sorry later "…there now?"

"All right you're forgiven."

"What about me? Where are my 59 apologies?" Cordelia asks as they walk once more debating why she is even wasting her Saturday on a meeting she neither likes nor cares for.

"Would you settle for them?" Buffy asks.


"There you go."

"Ugh, why am I even here with you two geeks?" She asks in disgust.

"I don't even know why I called you." The short blonde replies.

"I hope Xander gets here soon, I want to ask him about who he went as." Willow speaks up in hopes of preventing the verbal cat fight.

"Yeah, he was kicking ass and taking names better than Miss Useless here." Queen C strikes again.

"Hey! It wasn't my fault she couldn't do squat."

"Guys, it doesn't matter now, we're all normal now and fine." The redhead says to the other girls.

They soon descend into silence as they approach the doors, as they close in they are surprised to hear the male Slayerrete already inside talking with the Watcher.


"I'm sorry Xander but all the tests say the same thing, there is no magic to be found in them."

"Man, I really wanted to see if they worked, I could have used them to help Buffy out on patrols."

"Used what to help?" Said blonde asks as she and the other two girls go inside and see the two objects on the table.

"Hey there Buffster, Wills, Cordy, how's it going?"

"Good morning Xander."

"Why are you early?"

"As if you really care loser."

"Okay from right to left, Morning Willow, because I woke up early Buffy and you're right I don't Cor." Getting a smile, a nod and a growl as replies.

"What are you doing Giles?" the Slayer asks as she sees the items.

"We were just checking the items Xander used during the incident last night for any lasting effects and such."

"Oh yeah, so anything?" Willow asks curious about anything magic involved.

"Nah, whatever juice they had, ran out yesterday."

"So did you keep anything extra?" Buffy asks, though she hopes not, after the Hyena incident she did not feel comfortable with him having any power, he just became so… commanding with it, it was scary and somewhat… arousing to her.

"Just some memories about the guy's life and some of the stuff I did, though I'm not entirely sure if it was all real."

"Well since we're here to talk, maybe you should start Xander." Willow suggests.

"Sure, now gather around kids for the tale of Xander the hero." Cordelia snorts at that.

"Please, you got lucky last night."

"So says the girl go was going to get mauled by Jojo."

"The story Xander."

"Right well, this Ethan guy said the costume was a special order from someone who got bushwhacked by some vamps, he's supposed to be this lead character from a canceled video game, from what he told me he was a vampire hunter who faces of against Dracula."

"The bad guy from that vampire book?" Buffy asks for which she gets looks.

"What? I read books too you know!"

"Uh yeah Buffy that guy, anyway before that he was a knight for the church who led alongside his best friend an invincible army, but his best friend gets sick after his wife dies and then a really strong vampire kidnaps his fiancée."

"What was her name?" Cordelia surprisingly asks.

"Why do you care?" Buffy asks a bit more harshly than necessary.

"Because I talked to him and he said she was killed, and despite evidence to the contrary I'm not some ice queen."

"Sarah, her name was Sarah, anyway his bosses won't let him go after her so he quits, and he gives up everything, money, power and leaves with the clothes on his back…"

"Aww." Willow and Buffy say in light of how romantic it sounds; of course they forget she did not survive the encounter, hence why Cordelia does not share the sentiment but gives a sad smile.

"So he reaches this freaky forest where it is always night, so the big bad has field advantage, he stumbles upon this old guy call Rinaldo who lives there to help hunters try and kill the vampire, so he gives them this whip made with alchemy and a magic gauntlet, is that the word?..."

"Yes it is, do go on." Giles said as he finds this tale fascinating for reasons he can't understand.

"So he goes into this huge castle, I'm talking grand canyon big, so he goes and the door to the bad guy is magically locked, turns out he has to beat six big bad's to face the guy, why? Because he enjoys making people suffer."

"Typical." The Slayer says having experience with that facet of villainy.

"So he explores this castle, gets magical items, new powers for the whip, and faces off against things that would give you trouble Buff."

"Like what?"

"I giant rock monster, a giant floating head with snakes in its head that turns people to stone, a large parasite worm, a hot half naked chick with bat wings…"

"Xander!" the girls yell.

"What! She was hot but evil, so very, very evil, anyway he faces off against these things, and learns more about this vampire, Walter that's his name, turns out he has this stone that always makes it night and him stronger, he learns that Rinaldo fought him after this creep turns his daughter but he can't beat him because the whip isn't strong enough…"

"How can it become stronger?" Willow asks.

"I'm getting to that, so finally he beats the six monsters, opens the door and guess whose waiting for him, the big man himself, and with him is Leon's fiancée, he tries to use his weird powers on him but the whip protects him, now since he faced Rinaldo he knows about, so he decides to hand over Sarah as a reward for his efforts and that he'll wait for him inside."

"It can't be that easy." Buffy says, his sad smile confirms this.

"They run to the cottage where Rinaldo lives but, when she reaches some wards he puts up she gets knocked out, Rinaldo comes out and sees her and tells Leon to wait inside while he checks her."

"Was she…?" Willow asks but already she can just by the mentions of wards the inevitable outcome.

"Rinaldo goes inside and tells him she was bit by the monster…" as he says this they hear the anger in his voice, memories of what happen to Jesse come to him along with the shared anger with Leon.

With the exception of Cordelia who never got the full details, all of them know the depths of Xander's hatred for vampires and demons, it's the reason he doesn't back down from the fight, the reason he never fully trusts Angel, why no matter how they asks he will not stop, his refusal to allow them to get killed is both touching and frustrating.

"…He then goes on to explain that the only way they could save her was to kill Walter, problem is the whip isn't complete, and to complete it he would need the soul of a tainted human, of someone bit by a vampire yet who trusts him completely…"

"You mean he had to!" Willow asks in dread.

"In order for him to kill Walter he had to kill Sarah, Sarah overhears this and they find her outside, Leon of course tells her he will find another way, but she says that if she is going to die she wants it to have meaning, to help him make sure this never happens to anyone ever again, so she begs him to do it."

At this point, regardless that this story of what they believe is video game character and not a real live person, the girls, all three of them, cry at the tragedy of the two lovers.

"So Leon, grants her final wish, Rinaldo performs the ritual and Leon…Leon strikes her down with his name on her lips, after that he vows revenge and marches straight into the castle, like a man possessed he kills anything that gets in his way to the vampire."

"He finds him sighting on his throne without a care in the world…" *Arrogant bastard*

"…and the fight ensues, of course the guy is shocked that the whip hurts him, and actually tells him he is surprised he actually killed her, Leon just tells him he will fulfill her last wish and avenge Rinaldo and goes all out."

"When he finally beats him, the guy goes into the typical "I shall return" rant, only Leon doesn't finish him off, someone else does."

"Who?" Buffy asks.


"Xander, we know he is dying but who was it that finished him off?" Giles asks.

"I'm telling you Death…oh my bad, what I'm talking about is the literal personification, is that the right word?"

"Y-yes it is." Giles says as he polishes his glasses at the fact that Death would appear.

"So what does Death look like?" Buffy asks.

"Shouldn't you know?" Cordelia asks, though she later regrets it as the blonde gets depressed at the memory.

"Not cool Cor, not cool, you ok there Buff?"

"Yeah, sorry about that, but really what does it look like?"

"A floating skeleton in ripped up robes and big ass scythe, so anyway Death comes and rips out the vampires soul and hands it over to the real bad guy the one who sets everything up, Leon´s best friend Mathias."

"What?" Willow asks shock at such a turn of events.

"Turns out that he blamed God for his wife dying after everything he did in his name, so he finds another vampire object, takes Walter´s and uses them to become this big bad ass, he becomes so powerful Death is HIS servant, he then offers Leon the same deal to fight God with him because he lost everything too, of course the bastard conveniently forgets it's his fault."

"So he says no right?" Buffy asks her male friend.

"Got it in one, so Mathias orders Death to kill him, and you´d think the very personification of death would win, but it doesn´t, Leon beats it and sends it back to its master saying that from now on He and those who share his blood will fight him at every turn, and that is how his family of monster hunters and Dracula are born."

"Wow, for a video game character he acted and sounded so real." Willow says in awe.

"Maybe he was in another life." Xander replies with a knowing smile.

"So did you get anything else from him?" the blonde asks.

"Just memories of him fighting monsters and what happened last night, best night ever by the way."

"Uh are you mental? No scratch that I already know the answer." The Queen of the high schools states.

"What? I got be the hero for once, I helped my best bud…" Causing said friend to smile at that "…got hugged by Buffy… a lot…" getting a blush from her "…scared the crap out of Deadboy…" getting a scowl from her though as bad as he thought it was "…and savagely beat the crap out of Spike, the only downside was giving you a foot rub, did you enjoy it ?"

"As if loser, Humph." Cordelia replies openly, but mentally… *Still he does know how to use his hands.*

After that all explain, their experiences though not as riveting as Xander´s, Buffy can speak passable French which to her is a god send for the test they had on Monday, Willow had some trouble adjusting to the fact she was solid now as evidenced by her need to run her hand on everything, and Cordelia just confirmed all that happened.

"Well all I can say is last night was the weirdest Halloween of my life, but still it was fun, all except the chaos and destruction I mean, so what time is patrol?" Xander asks though from the faces on Giles and Buffy they are about to shut him down.

"Xander I don´t think it´s safe for you to go out on patrol right now." Giles says as he polishes his glasses.

"Ok what´s the reason this time?" He asks in mock exasperation, though no one picks up on it.

"Spike is going to be gunning for you that´s why." Buffy replies as she remembers the beating the master vampire took.

"Buffy is right Xander, if what you have told us is true then you essentially mutilated him before the person you went as could finish him off, he will seek revenge."

"Crap. I forgot that, so what´s to stop him from coming after me? I mean he could probably pay some demon to come into my house and hack me up."

"W-well now that you mention it, I suppose he could do just that, let me see if I can find you some wards you can use while we find a way to remedy this situation." Giles says as he gets up and goes to his office.

"Look I´ll make some passes by your house to check if anything is wrong, in the meantime you just be careful and come tell us if anything is wrong." Buffy says not knowing just how powerful her friend had become.

"Sigh, you´re right I´ll chill while you do your thing, who knows maybe I´ll catch a break for once right?"

*Or make my debut onto the supernatural scene.*

"Right, we´ll take care of everything you just wait and Spike will be dust before you know."

"Sure he will Buff, I´m sure he will."

Later at the Harris residence…

Once the meeting came to an end Xander traveled, albeit more slowly, to his house and entered through the back door, he could hear the TV on so that meant Tony was lazing about, his mother was probably in her room lamenting her lot in life so he quietly reached his room.

There he was surprised to find a chest of things in the middle of the room with a note on top of it.

"Okay, so I'm going to assume this is for me." He spoke out loud and took the note.

Xander stopping as he read that.

"There is magical clothing that shall provide you some protection from certain magic's, and damage as well as hide your identity; naturally they are accommodated for your time period."

He opened it up and found the same coat he had used before however this one had longer sleeves that reached his elbow and a golden cross in the middle of two angel wings, at the bottom there was an inscription "In the absence of light, darkness prevails." on the back of it.

The material didn´t seem to be cloth but metallic yet flexible, he also found a black hooded vest and what appeared to be a Kevlar vest with clasps on the front and some black cargo pants of the same material as the coat and a belts, holsters and small satchels.

Further inspection revealed black gauntlets, the left one appeared more heavily armored while the one for the right arm had three retractable claws, and greaves with a retractable bladed heel, as he took them out they felt as light as a feather.

"Awesome, can´t wait to test them out." He went back to the note.

Inside was a cross, a bottle of what he assumed was holy water, a throwing axe, a dagger, a crystal, there is a crystal skull about the size of a peach, a dried up wolf´s foot, some pocket sized books with symbols for elements among others things, including materials to create innocent devils.

What finally caught his attention was at the bottom of the chest, a sword in a black hilt with golden designs in it, with utmost care he pulls it out of the chest and unsheathes it, it was 3 ½ ft long and 2 ½ in wide, letters in ancient languages were inscribe on it, the hilt was large enough to fit both hands.

*It hardly weighs anything.* He took note of.

Looking at his clock Xander, sees it is still early enough to test out his alchemic abilities and create his first ID, with that in mind he grabbed his materials and put everything else back in the chest.

He had travelled to one of the abandoned warehouses Buffy had recently vacated; he stood in the center and began the process, first building a magic array to concentrate the energies into the center, then selecting the materials needed for the innocent devil basic structure and finally the key elements needed to give it a significant quality, in this case he chose phosphorous and magnesium.

He took a ceremonial knife and cut his palms, letting some blood fall on the materials to ensure the creature to be loyal to him and not go on a rampage.

Finally he stepped back and concentrated, picturing its shape and form, letting the magic flow through him and into the array.

It soon glows blood red, pulsing in synch with his heart, and then the energies begin to flow into the materials, increasing in time until finally reaches its maximum point.

"Arise! Your master commands it!"


In a flash of red followed by smoke where the circle stood a large figure could be seen.

Once it clears, Xander could see the creature, it was 7 ½ feet tall, had a humanoid shape, five fingers on each hand, and had blackened rocks with cracks where a yellow glow could be seen as skin, its head had spikes that swept back, no mouth could be seen and two red pits for eyes.

"Can you understand me?" The teen asks not really expecting a reply as he cannot see a mouth, but is surprised when he hears a voice in his head.

*Yes Master.*

"Okay, so you talk to me through my mind."

*Yes Master.*

"Right then, let's see what to do first? Okay walk towards me." He instructed.

With some heavy thumps it did so stopping a few feet from him.

"All right, run from me to that box…" he says pointing at a large steel box to his right some 10 feet from him "…then back to me, go."

It did just that, surprisingly quickly, and was back to where it was.

"Good, now go back to the box and pick it up."

It went to it and lifted it up, bending down and using its legs to carry it, the shifting of contents showed it was full.

"You ok there?"

*Yes Master.*

"So you're strong, try crushing it."


"Man I hate to see what a Demon will look like after you get through with them, okay put it down and come back here."

*Yes Master.*

"Now is there anything else you can do I should know about?"

It responded by conjuring a fireball in its hand.

"Huh, well that will come in handy; hmm you need a name…I'll call you Arson, you okay with that?"

*It's fine Master.*

"From now on call me Xander, Master makes me feel evil."

*As you command…Xander.*

"Well now that I know I can pull this off, time to go home and prepare, now I'm going to shrink you down, you have any trouble you tell me." He says to his creation getting a nod in return.

Xander closed his eyes and extended his hands towards the ID, this was a method Hector and he developed during training to transport the youths creations, or more precisely those too large to move unnoticed, soon Arson began to shrink down until he was a size of 4 inches.

"You good?"

*Yes Xander, I am fine.*

He picks him up and placed him in his shirt pocket then cleaned up before leaving.

That night at the Harris residence…

Xander slowly geared up as he prepared to engage in his first night of hunting solo.

First the hooded vest and cargo pants, followed by the holster for the Axe on his back, Cross on his right hip, and Dagger on his left, he kept the holy water and crystal in a satchel next to the dagger, the whip was tied to his belt on his right and the sword was on his left.

He put on the coat next and put the six books in some pockets on his left, while the relics were placed on his right, finally the gauntlets and greaves lock into place.

He grabbed Arson and set off to the perfect place to make his presence known.

Willy's bar…

Spike was currently nursing a mug of beer mixed O+ with his remaining hand, a fact that had galled him to no end, as he looked at the stump, growling as he remembers who disfigured him.

*Beating, bashed and hacked by the Slayers mascot of all things, ugh nothing could beat that humiliation.* He thought bitterly as the alcohol mixed blood gave him a buzz.


Every human, demon and vampire turned towards the door that was just slammed open with excessive force.

In the archway stood a large figure in a long coat, and hood that obscured the upper half of his face, and armored hands and legs, a whip and a long sword visible on his person.

He slowly moved forward towards the bar owner Willy, no heavy sound was coming from him despite the heavy footwear he wore as he approached the man, who was currently experiencing two conflicting emotions relief and worry.

The first because he was glad it wasn't the Slayer, who usually came with her pet to threaten him with physical violence, and the second because this person gave off a vibe that he was out looking for trouble or was about to cause it.

Finally he stopped in front of the smaller man.

"Um, W-what can I get you?"

"I'm new in town, heard that you dealt with information, that right?" The man's deep voice spoke.

"Well t-that d-depends on whose asking and what for."

"I see, well I need you to deliver a message for me." The hooded figure spoke as he leans in.

"Gulp, t-to who?"

Before he could blink the stranger grabbed him by the scruff of his neck with his left arm and lifted him high.

"I want you to tell every bottom feeding, scum sucking murderous, demon, vampire and whatever the hell makes it home here that there is a new hunter in town and he is just as dangerous as the Slayer."

Before Willy could answer a mocking laugh is heard coming in the direction of Spike.

"Mate I don't know where you come from but that has to be the cheesiest line I have ever heard, what too much Dirty Harry movies as a lad." The master vampire spoke.

"I'm not the one dressed in a poor imitation of Billy Idol, you one handed asshole."

That set him off.

"I'm going to bleed you dry!" "CRASH!" the remnants of a broken beer bottle in his hand could be seen.


Or were as the man uses the whip with deadly accuracy with his free hand and destroys it.

"You were saying." He says as the whip returns ready to strike once more, without the man releasing Willy.


Spike charges him, game face on and fangs at the ready.

"Hmph." Was his replied as he drops Willy and executes a perfect roundhouse kick to the sternum, pushing onto some Polgara demons in the corner and thus igniting a bar fight and everyone charges at someone though most do so towards the hunter.

Three vampires rush him, he sidesteps a right hook from the lead vampire and knees him in the stomach hard, he grabs him by the neck swings him into another vampire, the third gets a metal encased fist to the jaw that breaks it.

A large black scaled demon tries his luck as he kicks high to the face, only for it to be grabbed by the hooded figure with his left arm and releases his blades on his right to swing and amputate the appendage, black blood spilling onto the floor.

A brown furred demon with horns on his head jump at his back, but Xander activated his heel blade and spun around to intercept, the result? A flying head smacks into the sniveling demon on the floor clutching his leg, causing him more damage.

Xander soon draws back the whip and soon three cracks are heard over the screams of three vampires who had their backs turned to him, then the sound of bodies turning to dust, this was followed by him reaching in to his coat and grabbing his holy water and hurling at three more to his left who are consumed in blue flames that leave nothing but ash.

Things were starting to get messy so…

*Arson, time for you to make your presence felt.*

*Understood Xander.*

A spiked demon was about to tackle him when a fireball struck him in the head, all turned at the doorway and saw the fiery golem make his entrance as he bulldozed into the fray, punching, kicking and burning all in his path until he was back to back with his master.

A surviving Polgara tried to skewer him but the spike broke on his skin before Arson grabs his head and ignites it.

Two vampires try to rush him but one left hook decapitates one, while a swinging clothesline finishes the other

"I believe I shall be merciful and let the survivors leave to spread the word." He says to those still standing…partially.

"There are just two of them! Kill them!" Another Demon, this one with yellow scales yells.

This one gets an axe to the head for his insolence, before it is recalled.

"Forget that man, I'm gone!" a fledgling spoke as he ran out , he isn't the only one as the others run for it leaving dead and wounded behind.


The cowardly bartender peeks from his hiding place.

"Remember to deliver my message or I and my friend will come back and burn this place to ground with you inside, Got it!"

"Y-yeah man whatever you say."

"Good, come on Arson, we got what we came for."

*Yes Xander.*

From beneath some bodies and overturned furniture Spike crawled out, swearing and cursing, he soon comes out grabs a discarded knife and goes out to gut the hunter.

"Humiliate me will he! I'll show…him? Where is that wanker!" The irate vampire yells into the night, no trace of the man who has made quite the impact this night.

*I'll see you soon, real soon Spike.* the teen thought as he heard the vampires yell.

The days to come would be filled with many stories regarding the new hunter, and many eyes would turn towards his activities.

In the higher planes of existence…

"This is unacceptable!" one power spoke.

"The boy was never meant to wield such power!" another says this one female.

"He threatens all we have worked so hard to achieve, the balance is in jeopardy!" an elderly one speaks.

"How has this occurred?"

"It was that chaos god Janus, his follower summoned his power it should be he who undo's it!"

"Whistler! Bring him here NOW!"

"No need, I had a feeling you would call me here for this…meeting." The Roman god said as he and Zeus, Odin and Ra appeared before the powers.

"What are you three doing here?"

"Anything involving one of us is our business deal with it." The king of Olympus spoke.

"Janus you must undo what your follower has wrought."

"And how do you expect me to do that? By YOUR decree we cannot intervene unless summoned and he is no longer on the Hellmouth nor is he aware of the boy's empowerment, and I sincerely doubt he cares."

"Unless you lift that decree." Ra speaks to the assembled entities.

"You know we cannot do that! The balance must be maintained."

"Then you will simply have to do it yourselves." Odin says in a serious tone that is only marred by the smile on his face.

"We cannot do that either!"

"Well you're a helpful lot aren't you?" Zeus says stabbing the wound deeper.

"Janus, we order you to undo the damage you have caused!"

"You dare to order ME!" He bellows silencing the Powers as power is released from his eyes.

"None but the all mighty may command me or my brethren! If not for the fact that it would bring God's wrath upon me and them I would subject you all to tortures only reserved to those in the deepest bowels of Hell!"

"You Powers should know better than to overstep your boundaries, we shall let it slide for now, but do so again and we shall show you why we were feared by the armies of darkness." Ra spoke as his eyes glowed with power before he and the others disappeared.

"What shall we do?"

"Steps will have to be taken; the balance must be maintained as it has been since we were appointed by the creator."

"And the boy?"

"Should he prove a nuisance, then we shall have to…rectify the situation."

As forces plan and gather above the world of man others have noticed a shift.

London, England…

Inside a large estate belonging to one Integra Hellsing, we find said woman perplexed by the behavior of her servant and weapon, Alucard.

She, Walter, and Seras were overlooking the latest's reports in regards to these sudden appearances of Ghouls without masters, Alucard simply waiting for the order to kill the creatures.

He was in the corner drinking his usual wine glass of blood, and reading Dante's Divine Comedy when he just tensed and dropped his glass.

The sound of it breaking brought all three to look at him as he got up and looked to the window.

"What is it Alucard?"

"A power…a power has risen in the west."

"What sort of power?" She asks knowing the creatures abilities are vast and powerful even when they are held in check by the magical seals placed on him by her ancestors.

"It is both young and old, but powerful still, it seeks to challenge the night, challenge me." He speaks as he tries to pin point it.

"Is it one of the Council little girls?" Walter asks having known of the Watchers council.

"No, it is not as old as the Slayer, but it is old, perhaps as old as I am, he he he how quaint."

"Master…Is it dangerous?" Seras asks as she has never seen her sire act in such a way.

*It's like he wants to go out and fight it without knowing what it is at all.*

"Hmm perhaps it is, but too who I wonder?"

"Is it a threat to us?" Integra asks as she lights a cigar.

"To you? No, but to me? I believe I finally found something worth going all out, Ha ha ha ha! Oh how wondrous this feeling is! Oh I do not know who wields it or for what purpose but I must find it, HA HA HA HA!"

"Hmm, I believe sir Integra that we have a new player in the game." Walter says as he ignores the madness that is Alucard.

"So it seems, we shall have to have someone investigate, Alucard, cease your infernal laughing before I am forced to shoot you again."

"But Master I was merely expressing my joy at such an occurrence."

"Be that as it may, I have to ask can Seras function without you on an extended assignment."


"Send the police girl into field? She should be able to handle that without getting herself killed."

"Good, Seras as soon as Alucard pin points the location you are to leave immediately, report all your findings to us is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am." The vampire said dejectedly as she realized she wasn't getting out of this one.

"And don't skimp out on blood police girl, if what I sensed is true than you cannot afford to weaken yourself in this foolish attempt to cling to your dead humanity."

"Sigh, yes master."

"Now that we have settled that issue, we can get back to business at hand…"

Back in the states…

IN a secluded area lies a building, the large neon nights say it's the Devil Never Cry, this is the home of Dante, the Son of Sparda.

Inside we find the Devil hunter drinking his beer as he looked on at nothing in particular.

On the couch was Trish reading one of her magazines, both waiting for the arrival of an old acquaintance.

The door bell jingled as the one they had waited for arrived.

"Okay I got your call, what do you want?" a woman spoke.

"Jeez Lady lighten up, I'm about to free you from one few favors you owe me." The half demon spoke.

"One favor, I owe you one, what do you want?" Lady asks gruffly.

"Something big happened over at the west coast, felt it all the way from here, I think one of us should investigate, and since you have been talking on and on about getting away from us nuts well…"

"You figured I should go? Why don't you tell Nero?"

"What and break up the honeymoon? Forget it that little lady he married has a mean right hook when pissed."

"You're afraid of Kyrie?" She smirks.

"Hey! She threatened to cut off my balls after the bachelor party I gave him."

"You took him to a strip club and got him wasted." Trish spoke up from her spot on the couch.

"I don't see what your problem is, you slept with one of the bouncers AND a dancer." Dante retorts.


"Please I've had my fair shares of three-way, before Mundus ever even made you and let me tell you they…"

"Enough! I didn't come here for this; just tell me where to go so I can get some peace and quiet."

"L.A, Sunnydale to be exact."

"Sunnydale? For real?" She asks incredulously.

"Sure, it's a nice place; of course it's sitting on a mouth to hell…"


"You heard me, place was built on the mouth to a hell dimension, it is crawling with vampires and demons, some trying to open it even."

"So why don't we do something about it?"

"Place has a Slayer watching over it." Trish says again not turning away from her magazine.

"What's a Slayer?"

"A teenage girl with super powers, destined to fight the forces of evil, or some bullshit like that, don't know or care, last time I ran into one she tried to cut me in half until I shot her in the knee cap and warned to leave me alone."

"You shot her!"

"It grew back! Besides she wouldn't stop bitching about how I was evil and crap, if it weren't because I'm such a nice guy I would have put a bullet through her brain."

"Sigh, why do I even bother? Fine! I'll go check things out, but I swear if this is some wild goose chase, I'll..."

"Shoot me repeatedly yeah, yeah I get that just check it out, give us a call and we'll come down and deal with it."

"We are square after this Dante, or so help me." She said.

"I get it already, sheesh."

And with that wheels begin to turn for Xander and his little group, whether for better or worse is anyone's guess.

To be continued…

A/N: Well there it is, hopefully you'll like what I did, if not I will simply have to do better.

Changing the ID's shape was a choice I had made from the start, to make something original, naming them is going to be a chore, and what additional powers to give them also.

Obviously many references were made here, especially Hellsing, may be a complicated but then again maybe not.

Gave some back story for those unfamiliar with the games, felt I owed it to the creators and those who have not yet enjoyed this great game series, shame the latest entry screwed that up, sure gameplay is awesome but story wise it was a slap in the face, to me at least.

Pairings still undecided will think of something, but I will admit no Buffy/corpse, I'd rather have Riley and her get to together than the two bloodsucker's soul or not.

Also no Dogma references, I'm trying to stay away from standard practices that fall back to that, it's become to repetitive in my view, this is not a jab at those who use it, so do not flame me for this opinion.
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