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Alexander Belmont

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Summary: When the gods of old notice a lack in the advancement of the light by the PTB, they seek a means to change this, they find it in one Xander Harris, to aid him he is chosen to wield the power whose source is an ancient bloodline from another world.

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Cahpter 6

Alexander Belmont

I have good news and bad news folks, traditions would dictate I give you the bad and then the good…unfortunately I have never been one to adhere to tradition and given the situation you will understand.

Good news everyone! After such a long wait I have finally managed to write another installment of this fic which has garnered your attention.

Bad news everyone! It’s going back on hiatus… T-T

Now before you cry out for blood let me explain, while in my DC/BTVS/THOR cross I overcame successfully my writers block, here I struggled immensely…in fact I do not feel like I did my best here to be honest, of course you all shall be the judges of that…my Beta reader says I was too hard on myself, and a part of me is tempted to believe him given he is more experienced than me.

But we are our own worst enemies and the best allies so I shall let fate decide.

Now I repeat I am not, repeat, NOT abandoning this story. I shall let it cool in the freezer as I try to recapture my muse.

I will understand your anger and disappointment in me, but all I ask is for you patience and understanding. Take into account that I am being honest with you my readers and that should grant me some leeway as have done much to entertain you despite grammar, continuity and other such errors that have popped in my stories.

I shall work on my other stories while I await my muse, perhaps even create something new to appease the masses…only time will tell.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who appear in this work of fiction, despite my desire to do so.




*Sound effect*

Chapter 6:

Things had degenerated into chaos rather quickly in the Library as the Scooby’s and Lady faced off against two of the Terakan assassins sent to kill the champions and reclaim the Du Lac Cross.

Xander was squaring off against the Mohra demon blade to blade while Arson looked for an opening.

The demon knew it was a two on one, and while he knew the hunter would give him a challenge the golem was an unknown quantity, hence why he had to eliminate that variable quickly before the mission became complicated. It was well aware that if it was to be successful, it needed to focus on the mission but it would not be easy if too many threats were there.

He ran at them sword held high and aimed at the Sunnydale youth…

*CLANG!* sparks flew as the swords collided and both beings struggled to outdo the other.

Seeing his creator detained Arson chose to charge with a right hook the demon while it was occupied…however it was counting on this, evidenced by the creature deflecting his opponent’s sword, dropping his weapon and finally grabbing the outstretched arm of the golem and using his momentum to throw him into the front desk. That was not easy due to the sheer size of the golem, but it was better than nothing and would give it the time and opening it needed to slay the Hunter.


Once Arson was temporarily out of the way the demon resumed his battle with the hunter who had previously defeated him. It was trying to remain objective, but despite the intense discipline instilled in it like all others of the Order, it was still a demon and demons disliked losing to anyone.

Xander ducked under a wild swing from his opponent’s sword before launching an uppercut to the demons face.


The blow forced the creature back and that managed to grant the young hunter some breathing room as his thoughts turned towards the demon’s main weakness.

*I got to nail that gem on mean greens head or will be here all night wailing on each other.*

Xander’s thoughts on killing the demonic assassin took a back seat as the creature charged him in an unexpected burst of speed and managed ensnare him in a bear hug while continuing to charge.

I will tear you to pieces!” it yelled in fury as he directed them towards a bookcase.

“Ah Hell!”


Flesh met wood as they crashed into one of the Library’s bookcases with enough force to topple it over. The only evidence the young man was still conscious was a pain filled groan…which soon gave way to a harsh gasp as the Mohra wrapped its hands around his throat.

Now you die crusader.

Xander struggled for his life but the pain from slamming into the bookcase had stunned him. But that did not mean he was going to roll over and die for this creature from hell. No way was that going to happen!


The mental cry was answered as the fiery golem tackled the beast of his master, once the artificial being lands on top of his enemy he begins to rain blows on its face. Despite blood flying and bone breaking the assassin managed to find the leverage to kick of the fire wielding creation straight into the hallway and pursued it in a rage. It should have focused on Xander, but it was now focusing its rage on the golem and also since it knew that if the golem was indeed around, killing Xander would take too long.

*Man I hope the girls are having less trouble with their playmate.* He thought as he ignored the pain along his throat and chased after his friend and enemy, sword and whip at the ready. There would be time for medical treatment later, once the pest was gone then he could have himself checked out.

Said women were having their own struggles as Buffy and Lady fought against their own assassin, and she was not making the whole affair the least bit easy for the Slayer and the independent Demon Hunter.

Buffy had managed to grab her right arm as the assassin swung at her and she ducked under the killing blow, from there she used all her enhanced strength to wrench the arm out of her socket with a sickening pop and making her drop her short sword. That normally would force any demon to roll on the floor in pain and think twice in attacking a Slayer. However, this was not a regular enemy for Buffy and Lady.

The reptilian like woman grunted more in annoyance than in pain before she head-butted the Slayer away and ducked under a barrage of bullets sent by the devil hunter. From there she grabbed the limp appendage and gave it a strong tug that reset it into place and from there reached into her clothes to hurl three shuriken at Lady who dodged left as the stars embedded themselves on the wall, all of this done with the same arm and not an ounce of pain.

“What the hell? I nearly ripped her arm off and she doesn’t even feel it!?” Buffy voiced in surprise.

“Pain issss but an illusssion for me Slayer.” The woman spoke as she readied herself once more for combat.

“And that lisp is fucking annoying!” Lady shouted as she fired her .45’s

The assassin ducked under a table and overturned it to act as a makeshift shield, it may not have stopped the bullets but it did the job of protecting her and allowing her to come up with a plan to end the two women’s lives.

Buffy charged in once more to face off against the assassin as she looked to run with one half of her bounty as she sheathed her blades and turned towards the hallway where the sounds of battle still raged.

Vaulting over the damaged table she drop kicked the assassin’s mid back forcing her to stumble, the Terakan gracefully tucked and rolled before resuming her battle with the Slayer.

The reptilian like woman launched a trio of high kicks to the face that Buffy block with her forearms before the assassin went for a reverse sweep kick which she back flipped over then went charging in with back spin kick aimed to the stomach that caused the hired killer to double over and left her open for the blonde slayer to grabbed the back of her head and rammed her knee to the face.



The woman screamed in real pain this time as she clutched her broken nose, Buffy smirked in satisfaction for dealing such a blow…however the assassin looked up at her with fury as she tore off her mask revealing a scaled face and two sharp fangs. Buffy was used to seeing demons and ugly faces, but that did not mean that she would not react to the looks in the usual teen fashion.

“Jeez, haven’t you heard about skin care?”

“You will pay!” she let out an angry hissed before pulling out her remaining kodachi once more.

*Ah damn! I forgot she had one of those left, I wonder if I can switch places with the new guy?*

She thought as she spared a glance on the other fight taking place. She winced when she saw him get slammed into the locker hard enough to cave them inwards before he shook the effects and dodged a blow that would have crushed his skull.

*On second th….shit!*

The Slayer ducked down as her opponent tried to slice her head off with her blade, thankfully she only caught a few strands of hair. However, that served to anger Buffy even more. Even though that had happened before, Buffy absolutely HATED anyone messing with her hair!

“You bitch! No one messes with my hair!” with renewed focus and a newfound aggression Buffy charged into the fight once more.

Xander for his part was also dealing with problems of his own,

The hallway was not the most ideal place to have a fight, much less with a sword and a whip. The space wouldn’t have been a problem if it was just him and the assassin; problem alone.

It was a problem when it was him plus the demon plus Arson…not very good odds given the terrain as a factor. Golems were deadly in open fields even with rocks and trees in the way, even buildings. That however was only happening if said buildings had a LOT of room and a Golem made from flaming rock was not exactly a good thing to have in a school.

At some point the demon had wise up that both he and his partner were aiming for the large red gem on its head to rid themselves of his presence, now the battle was twice as hard as the creature mounted an adequate defense while maintaining a good offense. This served to annoy Xander but he kept in mind that losing his cool was only asking for a serious beating or death, neither of which appealed to him in the slightest, but at least ONE good thing came out of this.

*At least he lost the damn sword, though his punches aren’t anything to laugh at.* He thought to himself before ducking under a roundhouse kick that ripped a fire extinguisher off the wall.

You only delay the inevitable crusader!

“That is so cliché I am not even going to dignify it with a proper quip.” Xander’s replied to the threat. Which was true, he had heard it SO MANY times he could have thought all demons learned how to say it in Hell Academy.

Arson threw a left hook to the demons head as it had its back towards it, however the Mohra sensed this and ducked under the blow and counter with a right cross to the jaw, or at least were there would be one if Arson were human.

Despite the golem’s hard skin, the artificial being still reeled back from the force of the blow, taking it as his queue the demon launched left-right-uppercut combination that sent Arson flying onto its back.

The Terakan readied himself for another assault when his back exploded in a sudden flash of pain as his other foe slashed his exposed back with his clawed gauntlet.

I will kill you slowly and painfully for that!

“Real original there, I am so quaking in my boots. NOT!”

This sarcastic reply earned a furious scream of anger as they charged one another once more.

Back in the library Giles, Willow, Lady were either praying for the safety of their friend and newfound ally or itching to finish off their enemies respectively.

“Giles, what do we do? Buffy looked like she was having real trouble with that…woman and that new person and his friend as well.”

“We have to hope they can win Willow, while Mohra demons are among the more tenacious and durable species they can still be defeated, and as for the other assassin we will simply hope Buffy can defeat her and retrieve the cross.” The Watcher replied in a tone that conveyed his belief in the two.

“Yeah? Well I ain’t holding my breath for those two to catch a lucky break. Luck can only get ya so far in this life!” The devil hunter spoke as she turned towards the roof.

“I don’t know if you can understand me birdy, but if you are out there your master needs help and I got a plan.”

The other two wondered what she was doing when they heard the cry of Tweety swooping down and landing on the remains of the reception desk.

“Okay, now can you send your friend a message for me?”


“I’ll take that as yes, tell him to push them as close to the doors as they can and then duck or dodge when he sees me in the hallway…” Lady removed Kalina Ann from her back as she said this “…things are about to get hot in a minute.”

Tweety got a pretty good idea where this idea of hers was going and immediately relayed the plan before taking to the skies.

*Xander, your new friend has a plan that requires your utmost attention.*

*Give me the low down Tweety bird.*

*She wishes for you and Ms. Summers to lure the assassins towards the exit where she will proceed to fire her large weapon at them as she achieve some form of cover.*

*…damn, I wondered when she would pull the big gun out, okay Tweet I’ll relay this to Arson and Buffy.*

With that done the connection was cut off.

Xander ducked under another savage swing by his attacker while Arson took his place and charged at Buffy’s position just as she dodged another slash from the serpent like woman. He took this opportunity to dropkick her while the assassin’s back was turned to get some breathing room for his friend.


“Thanks, it was getting a bit intense with the sword and the constant hissing.” The blonde replied with honesty.

“No problem, now listen up because my lady friend of the evening has a plan and needs us to complete it.”

With that said he quickly explained what they were to do for Lady’s plan to succeed.

“Think she can pull it off?” Buffy had to ask as this was bit overkill in her view, still if it got rid of the gruesome duo she was all up for it. The idea of that rocket launcher coming into play was going to be interesting to see since she knew that none of them ever used weapons of that caliber before.

“Well from what I can tell she’s been at this more than us so I would say experience wise she is our best bet.”

“Well I hope you’re lucky because here they come again!”

True enough both assassins charged the duo respectively. However this time both Slayer and the empowered hunter decided to handle this as a team.

The reptilian hybrid tried to cleaved the Slayer only for her blade to strike the Hunters sword and leave her open to a powerful kick from the Slayer to the mid-section that propelled her backwards. The Mohra demon attempted to use this opportunity to strike the Hunter but had to block a back spin kick from the Slayer as she rotated from having kicked her opponent.

The assassin blocked the kick but left himself open for a right cross from Xander that spun him into the open arms of Arson who executed a text book belly to belly suplex that launched him at his fellow Terakan.

The battle continued with both defenders fighting in synchrony as they pushed their enemies into position, finally at the apex of the battle…

The combatants were now close enough to the exit that Slayer and Hunter knew they needed one more push to complete their part of the plan, from the looks of things their opponents were more than willing to end things given the state they found themselves in.

While the Mohra Demon showed no signs of injury due to its regenerative abilities, it was clearly furious at the lack of progress in killing his bounties; his counterpart was both furious and also wounded as she favored her left side as it dripped blood from a chance strike from the hunter’s clawed gauntlet.

“You know you can just give us the cross and go.” Xander spoke while keeping his sword at the ready.

“I don’t think they’re that smart.” Buffy added.

“You are dead! DEAD!” the ninja screamed as she withdrew several throwing knives.

“Now Arson!”

Both champions ducked to the side as the fiery golem ran at full speed just as the demonic assassin threw her blades. They harmlessly bound of his rocky hide as he takled both demonic beings while still going at full speed until he was near the schools entrance and shoved them away with all its strength.


Both assassins fell hard onto their backs from both impacting the doors as well as the hard concrete.

The Mohra demon was the first to recover and spotted the woman who had been with the whip wielding hunter, he especially took notice of the large weapon pointed at them.

Accursed humans and their guns!” He shouted as Lady pulled the trigger.

It knew that all it would take was for the gem on its forehead to be destroyed and its mission and life would end in failure, so as the rocket travelled towards them he grabbed his fellow Terakan and hurled her at the explosive, though not before relieving her of the cross. The cross was the mission and her life would be for a greater cause…even she did not share the sentiment.



The shockwave shattered nearby windows while lady made sure to use the doors as cover as debris pelted the walls. She ventured a look at the smoke, being joined by the hunters, watcher and redhead.

“Uh, a-are they dead?” Willow meekly asked.


“One of them ain’t. And it’s the more annoying one to boot.” Xander spoke as he saw the results of the explosion.

The reptilian assassin was toast but the Mohra demon, while heavily wounded, was still very much alive. His left arm was blown off at the elbow and now rested 3 feet to the left, its legs were bleeding heavily and it had a gash over its right eye. Clutched in its right hand was the Du Lac cross.

We…shall finish…another time…Crusaders!” It spat venomously between breaths as a cruel sneer was directed at them before teleporting away.

“Damn! It got the cross!” Lady shouted angrily.

“Worry about that later, that explosion will bring cops here and we need to go now!” Xander ordered.

“Quite right, Buffy you must hide yourself as we plan how to deal with the Terakan’s and stop Spike. I shall make sure Willow gets home safely.”


“Buffy please! We must act accordingly if you wish to survive this latest assault.”

The blond Slayer looked as if she wanted to protest further but her watcher stood strong in his desire to see his charge live beyond this night.

“Okay Giles, just be careful.”

“I can have Tweety give her a heads up in case someone or thing makes another play for her again.” The empowered young man suggested while his bird screeched in agreement.

“Yes, yes that is a good idea. Now all of you go, I must remain here to cover are tracks as best I can, now come Willow we mustn’t dawdle.”

“Be careful Buffy.”

“You too Will...and somebody warn Xander about all this.” Was the last thing the young woman said before taking off. She was followed by Xander, who picked up the discarded appendage of their foe, much to the confusion of Lady while Arson shrunk down to be carried. They slipped away in the dark without a sound.

Later that night…

Buffy had begun to walk towards her destination after gaining enough distance from the school, her mind was a mass of turmoil only alleviated by the occasional call or her avian guardian.

She decide to go to Angel’s place to lay low and rest for the night before heading out tomorrow and meet with the guys. As she walked she began to wonder on their newest ally…Hunter, as he called himself.

Though normally not one for deep thoughts as she was more of a take action kind of girl, she couldn’t help but wonder who he was? What brought him into the fight? Where did he get such cool toys like the invisible making skull?

*Guy definitely knows how to handle himself for sure, wonder how I stack up against him?*

Finally she reached her destination, only pausing to look at her chaperone as it landed on a nearby tree.

“Um…thanks for watching out for me, I can take it from here so…good night?” Buffy felt a bit silly addressing the artificial bird but it did look out for her so she felt the need to thank it.

Tweety cawed before taking off in search of his creator.

Buffy watched it fly away until she lost sight of it; letting of a tired sigh she entered the building of her vampiric beau, unaware that she was not alone…

*Time to end you foul demon…* a young woman of African descent thought as she began to plan her attack.

With Xander and Lady…

Both hunters had gained a good distance from the scene, now they simply walked calmly while staying alert for police or more assassins.

“For such a quaint little burg, you people sure know how to spice things up. I haven’t had that much fun in battle since I started working as a Demon Hunter.” Lady commented as she holstered Kalinna Ann.

“If I learned anything about living on top of the mouth of Hell, it’s never dull around here. Dull is literally an extinct term in this town.” Xander replied with a lopsided smile, one she couldn’t help but mirror.

“So…you going to explain why you took that little trophy there?” the armed woman asked as she eyed the torn off appendage of the Terakan.

“I’m going to need to study it if I want to put that bastard down for good, got my lab set up at my place and if I remember correctly, some healing potions are made from certain species of demon, I may as well check for that too. At least that guy is going to be good for SOMETHING other than making people’s lives miserable.”

“Okay, but if you turn green and developed the need to kill champions I won’t be held accountable.”

“Lady, if that happens I am counting on you to shoot first and not bother in asking questions later.”

“You really mean that don’t you?” She had to ask as she could practically hear the seriousness in the man’s voice.

“I don’t want to ever become one of those things that prey on good and honest people who got no reason to be casualties in our war. Death is a better option than that…I like think my friend would have agreed.”

They walked in silence from then on until they finally had to part ways.

“So I know I’m going to help those people with these assassin’s and I figure you will as well so how do we contact you?” The devil hunter asks as she got the feeling he would be a big help.

“I won’t be far away Lady; you can count on that, take care and watch your back.” He simply replied before fading from sight.

“…you too Hunter.” She said out loud before heading to her hotel and plan for the coming fight.

The next morning near the Summers residence…

*Why? Why did I agree to ask HER for a ride?* One very upset Xander mentally groaned as he ignored the belittling comments of one Cordelia Chase as she drove him to Buffy’s house.

What preceded this journey was Xander waking up after a well-deserved rest from the battle he took part in; thanks to his augmented healing the bruises he incurred had dulled and faded overnight.

He had decided to check in with Giles after making sure the arm he brought in was still preserved. If he was to learn all he could from it he needed it as well maintained, surprising y the arm shown no signs of decay and blood was still present for his experiments.

He drained it of as much blood as possible before disposing of the appendage, with that done he called the Library in hopes that Giles was there. In order to not give away his knowledge of what happened the night before he would say it was in regards to a notebook he may have left behind.

After receiving an update of the situation, and him asking if everything was all right with the police and the troll, he explained why he was calling.

Thankfully the undercover Watcher answered and bought his excuse, from there he was told what had happen, Xander asked if he had any contact with Buffy as part of his cover even though he knew where she was.

However Giles wanted to make sure she was okay and asked him to check her house, going so far to have HIM request Cordelia for a ride.

As much as he had wanted to say no at the time, he saw no reason to deny said request. He could have run there but did not want to arouse suspicion, so grabbing his dagger, holy water and one of his spell books and off he went towards the Chase estate.

Besides, if an assassin had entered her home he would sense whatever residual presence they left and make it easier to identify should they encounter them.

They both soon arrived to Slayer’s home, where Cordelia continued to voice her displeasure. Naturally that only served to annoy him more, which was not exactly helping his current disposition.

“I can’t even believe you; you dragged me out of bed for a ride?” She asked incredulously at him in a tone of clear disapproval “…what am I mass transportation?”

Xander debated whether or not to reverse her comment after being granted such an opening.

*Should I really go there with her? I mean it is so low brow…on the other hand, yes I think I will.*

“That’s what the guys say, but that’s just locker room talk I wouldn’t pay it any mind.”

*That bastard actually went there! GOD I AM GOING TO KILL HIM* Cordelia fumed inside.

“Oh great so now I’m your taxi and your punching bag.”

“I prefer to think of you as my witless foil, but have it your way.” He replied without missing a beat as he walked up to the door and knocked before calling out to her.


*I know I shouldn’t do this but it would help make it look like I am actually worried and keep my identity a secret. I wish I didn’t have to do this but I’m not ready yet to show them who I am now. God only knows how they will take it.*

He thought as he turned slightly to address his unwilling companion for the moment.

“Come on Cordelia, if you wanna be a member of the Scooby gang you have to be inconvenienced every now and then.” He spoke as he checked the winds for an opening until he finally lucked out.

*Good thing Dawnie and Mrs. S are out of town right now while this mess is going on. The last thing I want on my mind is them being brought into this.* His mental ramblings went on until his disgruntled companion offered a retort to his previous comment.

“Oh right, because I lie awake at night hoping you tweakos will be my best friends…”

*As if that’ll ever happen.*

“…and then my husband will be a balding demented homeless man.” She finished sharply.

*Who was once the oh so hated principal troll.* Xander resisted voicing this oh so humorous thought.

“Come on Buffy could be in trouble.”

“And what if she is? What are you going to do about it? In case you haven’t noticed you’re the lamest and she‘s the super chick or whatever”

She rebuked as he let her inside. Xander resisted the urge to show her some of his abilities as now was not the time for that. It was unprofessional and only asking for questions that were going to drive him batty as it were.

“At least I’m the lamest who cares which is more than I can say about you...” he rebutted before calling out to his friend in order to ignore his verbal nemesis and keep the act up, though it was more the latter than the former “…I’m going to check upstairs.”

Cordelia simply rolled her eyes at the young man’s supposed act of chivalry. She had dealt with things like this before so she was not willing to be brought into the act. Unaware that it was no act to Xander of course.

*Bet he’s doing it just to impress her…ugh, how lame can you get?*

She said to herself as she surveyed the living room.

*At least her mother has some taste in décor.*


*God I hope it’s slay gal.* she thought as she opened the door revealing short, stocky gentlemen wearing glasses with a large briefcase in one hand.

“Good day, I’m Norman Fister with Blush, Beautiful, skin care and cosmetics. I was wondering if I may interest you in some free samples.”

“Free?” interest peeked, the cheerleader unknowingly allowed the disguised assassin in.

While this occurred two others were in or were about to be in struggles of their own…

With Angel, Willy’s bar…

The cursed Vampire once known as Angelus was currently using all his strength to break free from the confines of the make shift cage he found himself in. As he did he went over how he got into this predicament…


Angel found Willy sweeping up, and from the looks of things one of his patrons bit off more than he could chew if the ashes were any indication.

Willy soon saw he had company and gruffly spoke to the as of yet hidden vampire.

“We’re closed, can’t you read the sign.”

Angel ignored the complaint as he stepped into the light; Willy gave paused as he saw who it was.

“Oh…uh hey Angel, I didn’t recognize in the dark there, w-what can I do for ya?”

“I need some information.”

“Yeah…man that’s too bad, ‘cause I’m staying away from that whole scene…” the bartender nervously replied as he backed away.

*Shit! If it isn’t the Slayer it’s her pet bloodsucker and if not him it’s that other maniac and his bodyguard! Why me?*

“…I’m living right Angel.”

“Sure you are Willy, and I’m taking up sunbathing.” Angel casually replied to Willy’s blatant lie.

“Come on man! Don’t be that way, I-I treat you vamps good. I-I-I don’t hassle you, y-you don’t hassle me and we all enjoy the patronage of this establishment. Everybody’s happy…right?” An increasingly agitated barman spoke.

“Who sent them?”

*Ah shit!*

“W-who sent who?”

“The Order of Teraka.”

*Shit, shit, shit!*

“I-I tell ya…” Willy’s poorly tried to mislead the ensouled vampire whose posture showed he was in no mood for these games, and Willy knew that. “…I haven’t been in the loop.”

“Let’s try again, the Order of Teraka, they’re after the Slayer.”

“Come on man.”

“Was it Spike?” a now thoroughly angry Angel spoke as he decided the kid gloves were off.

“L-look Angel I-I got some good pig’s blood, my best stuff, G…Argh!” the bartender cries out as the former Scourge slams his head into a table.

“You know, I’m a little rusty when it comes to killing humans it could take a while.” Angel said in a dark tone as he added some pressure on the simpering man and the bar.

“Ugh…Spike will draw and quarter me man!”

“I’ll take care of Spike.”

“You know he ordered those guys! Spike’s sick of your girl getting in his way!”

“Where can I find him?”

“Augh…I tell you that…I’m gonna need relocating expenses! It’ll cost ya!”

“It’ll cost who exactly!?”

“Okay! Okay! He and that freaky chic of his…” however before he could reveal the location, Angel was blindsided unexpectedly by a powerful strike to head with Willy’s discarded broom.



*W-what the hell!?* the vampire thought as he shook away the stars as he looked up to see a girl wielding the object she struck him with, she was around Buffy’s age, dark brown hair tied back and quite beautiful.


As well as angry as she broke the broom and prepared to stab him with it.

He rolled to the left to avoid impalement before quickly getting up to his feet and spotting Willy making a break for it. Pursing him would have to wait as his opponent continued the assault.

He ducked under a right backhand and blocked a strike to his abdominals but was caught by a left cross and a spinning back kick to the head. The force of the blow launched him into the back room and into some bottles.

*She’s fights like a Slayer!* Angel thought furiously as he put his game face on as the girl charged in after him.

They locked themselves in a power struggle as Angel tried to make her dropped the impromptu stake while the unknown assailant strived to ram it into his undead heart.

He managed to push her into a wall but his follow up was stopped by a kick to the mid-section that sent back down on the floor, He in turn took her of her feet but was rewarded with a kick to the face for his efforts.

Getting up he let loose a left cross of his own but was avoided by her, she in turn blocked the right punch and delivered a well-placed and rapid left right combo to his stomach followed by a fierce uppercut to the undead man’s jaw. She slammed his head into the metal door and kick him inside the small area, thus ending the battle and with her the victor.

She looked on calmly while Angel just panted an unnecessarily as he returned her look with one of confusion, soreness and anger.

“Who are you?” He asked in an effort to buy some time as he regained his strength, as he did she slowly backed away never taking her eyes off him. “…tell me who you are and I won’t hurt you.”

That comment earned him a condescending chuckle and smile from the young woman.

“You think this is funny?”

She quickly slammed the door on him before she replied with an air of superiority in an accent he assumed was Caribbean, possibly Jamaican.

“I think is funny now…” she replied with no remorse for her actions before she decide to add salt to the wound “…that girl, the one I saw you with before…”

“You stay away from her!”

“I’m afraid you aren’t in a position to threaten.” Was the cold reply he got for his words of warning.

“When I get out of here I’ll do more than threaten.”

“Then I suggest you move quickly…” she spoke as she gazed at the window that light into the room “…East on exposure, the sun will be coming in a few hours…more than enough time for me to find your girlfriend.” And with that looming threat she placed the padlock and left him to stew in his anger.

End flashback…

With thoughts of his lover’s life in peril he redoubled his efforts to escape death and rescue her.

*Come on! Come on! She needs you man!*

Time was running out for him as like the proverbial sword of Damocles the sun continued its slow march over the horizon.

With Buffy…

Buffy slept quietly and in peace, she allowed herself to sink further into her lover’s bed and forget all the turmoil she found herself in, however…


That small sound woke her enough to gaze at an axe wielding girl preparing to cleave her in two.

*Crap!* she internally cursed as she quickly avoided the blow as well as a follow up strike that left her assassin bent over, Buffy gracefully used her assailant as a spring board and got behind her.

“You must be number 3.” She said as she and her opponent lock eyes in a silent challenge.

A challenge soon answered as the Jamican born woman struck with a swing of the axe, the blonde Slayer countered by ducking under her swing and wrapping her in the cloth that stood over the bed and delivered a swift kick to her head.

The girl quickly threw off the impediment and stood at the ready.

“Thanks for the wake up but I’ll stick to my clock radio.” With those words she grabbed the ax as it was brought down once more.

*Damn, she’s as strong as me! Who is this bitch?*

The as of yet to be named young woman slammed Buffy into a wall as the fight for dominance continued, at one point she was flipped onto her back hard and continued the battle there.

“Come on…don’t make me do the chick fight thing here.” Buffy grunted

“Chick fight?” her opponent asked in actual confusion.

“You know…” she said before digging in her nails into the exposed flesh of her enemy’s hand.


The momentary lapse was well spent as the Blonde flipped off her opponent away to get back on her feet, from there she kick the ax out her reach and block a retaliatory kick, ducked under a wild swing and block the haymaker. However this left her open so that her opponent grabbed her by the sirt and slammed her into the small end table with enough force to both shatter it and make her gasp.

Still Buffy fought on as she swung her legs upwards into the other woman’s jaw, earning a pain filled grunt and some breathing room. The black skinned woman got back up only to go down once more from a jumping spin kick to the face.

The mysterious girl once more rose to face off against her opponent who had proven quite resilient thus far. Buffy stood at the ready while her foe mimicked her stance.

“Who are you?”

“Who am I!? You attack me, who the hell are you!?”

“I am Kendra, de Vampire Slayer.” The now named Kendra spoke with pride, while Buffy was honestly confused at this sudden turn of events.

“Okay…one more time, you’re the who?”

“I am de Slayer.”

“Nice cover story, but here’s a tip…” Buffy spoke between her pants as she kept her eyes on the self-proclaimed Slayer “…you might want to try on someone who isn’t the real Slayer.”

“Ye can’t stop me; even if ya kill me another Slayer will be sent to take me place.”

*Oh to hell with this!*

“Could you stop with the Slayer thing? I’m the damn Slayer!”

“Nonsense, there is but one and I am she.”

*Just when I think this gig can’t get any weirder life throws me another curve ball…great, just great.* The blonde Slayer thought dismally as she began to think how best to handle the situation.

With some calm planning Buffy managed to convince Kendra to cease hostilities and to meet with Giles to resolve this issue…and hopefully not kill each other in the process.

Meanwhile with Angel…

The cursed Vampire was slumped against the wall, the sunlight moving towards him at a slow and agonizing pace.

*Guess I never earned that redemption I wanted…I hope Buffy made it, at least she won’t be alone.*

His thoughts however were broken as someone opened the locked door…it was none other than Willy.

Unfortunately his intentions were far from noble as he dragged him into the sewer entrance some of his more light sensitive clients used. He dropped the weakened champion unceremoniously into the hole and soon followed after.

From the shadows emerged Spike with a look of utter contempt directed at his former member of the Scourge.

“There you go friend, he’ll be good as new in a day or so.” The weaseling informant spoke before noticing Spike’s minions moving towards Angel “…A hey, hey…we had a deal right?”

*Oh bloody hell, if he weren’t so bloody damn useful I’d gut the pillock. This better work, translating that damn book with one hand was bad enough…but if gets Dru back in rip roaring shape it will be worth it.* the Master Vampire thought in annoyance as he reached into his coat with his remaining hand for the reward he promise.

“What’s the matter Willy? Don’t trust me?” Spike said with no real interest in hearing the man simper and cater to his ego.

“Oh sure, like a brother.” Was the reply.

Of course Spike first needed to make sure the informant kept his mouth shut.

“Now Willy, this better not get back to the Slayer or else I will test out my new toy on you first.” With those words he revealed a 6 inch long spike with a sharpened jagged edge in place of the hand he lost.

“Uh…heh heh…s-sure Spike, mum’s the word.”

Spike merely smirked while his minions dragged Angel away.

“So…uh, what are you going to do with him?”

“Oh I was thinking dinner and a movie, take things slow been hurt to many times.”

With that said he left the greedy human behind and followed to make sure his Grandsire wouldn’t do anything foolish before he could restore his beloved.

“Maybe my bloody luck if finally changing for the better.”

Meanwhile with Xander and Cordelia…

Xander was searching the upstairs when he felt something off…something evil. He began to move back to the first floor when he’s hearing picked up Cordelia’s voice.

“Do you have anything in raisin? You wouldn’t think so but I’m a winter and a summer.”

*Raisin? Winter? What the hell?* he then heard another voice, though this one spoke in a rather neutral tone.

“9.99 tax included.”

“You said that already, do you have anything in the berry family?”

*So we got some salesmen here obviously, and who in their right mind opens the door for a salesmen? And why do I still feel a bad case of the wiggins?* Xander said to himself as he made his way towards them.

Those feelings of unease increased as Cordelia’s voice abruptly stopped, he rushed down and saw a very disturbed cheerleader and a odd gentleman who had set his supernatural senses on high alert.

*Guy smells like a corpse…lots of them! Definitely not human!*

“Hey what’s up?”

“Uh he’s a salesmen and he uh was just leaving, right?” the now thoroughly scared girl spoke in greater apprehension “…okay, bye bye, thank you.”

“Okay Mary Kay time…to…” the young hunters’ words died in his mouth as he saw a maggot crawl into the man’s ear, with him showing no sign of discomfort “…time to run!” he yelled as he grabbed her and ran, his earing picking up a sick slithering sound as they ran.

They had managed to escape towards the backdoor that led to the yard but lo and behold there was the Terakan waiting forcing the teen duo to rethink their escape plans. This plan came in the form of the basement, unfortunately it hit a snag as the worms started to crawl in the space between the floor and the door.

With a broom and masking tape they solved that problem but now face an even more difficult prospect…they were locked in a basement with a demonic assassin waiting outside, and only had each other for company.

*I am so screwed! / fucked!* Cordelia/Xander colorfully thought simultaneously.

With Buffy…

The blonde Slayer was not in a good mood as she trudged her way towards Willy’s bar. The reasons for such a disposition were found when she returned to Giles with Kendra to prove her allegations.

As it turns out her temporary death at the Master’s hands caused an unexpected side effect, meaning a Slayer was called while she retained her powers. That was only the first thing to catch her off guard as Giles confirmed that Kendra’s watcher, one Sam Zabuto was real and a respected member of the Council.

Personally she didn’t like the girl since she seemed to stiff and ignorant of how a girl her age had to act around people, the Jamaican born Slayer found the concept of friends foreign to her as Willow announced her friendship with the Eldest daughter of Joyce Summers.

Things took an even more surreal tone as Lady arrived…


Lady walked calmly through the occupied halls of the High School, despite the damages the area suffered people seemed to ignore it or come up with so many odd theories, she had to resist the urge to laugh.

Ignoring the looks she received behind her sun glasses. Dressed in tight black Jean, red shirt and a black denim jacket that helped hide her sidearms she made her way to the library to check up on the hunters.

*I can’t believe I am going this far…still they’re just kids, not much older than I was when I got involved in this damn war. And despite all they’ve seen, they haven’t seen even half the crap I have seen alone or with that white haired jackass of an ally of mine.* The devil hunter thought to herself as she reached the doors just in time to hear a rather loud discussion from Buffy and an unknown girl.

“What did you do to him?”


“Did you kill him!? Did you kill my boyfriend!?”

“What is going on here?” She spoke up to announce her presence.

“Ah L-Lady…” Giles greeted her despite finding her name choice odd, even for an American “…what may I ask are you doing here?”

“Came to see if you people were all right and what the game plan is with the bloodsuckers and the killer elite…who is this?” She asked in turn as she looked at Kendra who gave her a calculating look.

”I am Kendra, de Vampire Slayer.”

“I thought there was only one?”

“It’s a long story.” Willow replied.

“I’ll bet, so what’s with the yelling match? Somebody died?”

“W-well, it would seem uh that Kendra may have…”

“…staked my boyfriend!” Buffy cried out as she glared at her sister Slayer.

“I admit I left him in a cage but I do not know if he be dead.”

“Where did you leave him?” the blonde asked hotly.

“Excuse me but I have two questions, why are you dating a corpse if you are supposed to kill them and does anyone know about Hunter whereabouts?”

“W-well, w-we haven’t had any contact with him since last night’s rather disconcerting confrontation.” The Watcher replied disconcertingly.

“I’ll say they were, we lost the damn cross and we don’t know where this Spike is or how many other assassins are still out there.”

“Is this woman another friend and what does she mean by assassins Mr. Giles?” The Council trained Slayer asked as this was the first she heard of this.

“Listen this is our problem and right now I need to know what you did with my boyfriend who you may have dusted without bothering to check if he was evil or not.” Buffy harshly spoke.

“Buffy please, I understand you are worried but please let us remain calm.” Her Watcher spoke in order to calm the situation.

*Good Lord, I may need a pint of bitter if they continue to go at it. Scratch that, I might as well have two or even three pintes.*

The Blonde kept her peace for the moment under the eye of her Watcher for the time being, while Willow placed a comforting hand to her friend.

“Now then Kendra, this is Lady an independent hunter who came to investigate the appearance of another individual who has recently taken up arms against the demonic denizens of the town.”

“You speak of this hunter who uses holy icons sir?”

“Y-you have heard of him?”

“I heard ramblings from certain demons that are weary of him before I ended them.”

“Yes well suffice to say he is real and has promised his aid to our cause. He helped retrieve the Du Lac Cross; unfortunately an enemy of Buffy has plans for it and has called upon the Order of Teraka to deal with her and him.”

Kendra’s eyes widened at that news.

“De Assassins!? And she still lives!?” Kendra was honestly shocked as she had read just how deadly they could be, even to a Slayer.

“Hey! What do you mean by that? They’re not so tough, I and the new guy took them on freestyle and she blew them up.” Buffy spoke in her defense.

“We only got one of them remember, the green skinned asshole got away with the cross” Lady admitted.

*Not one of my finer moments, next time I’ll something with a bit more kick for freaks like that one. Maybe I might as well pay a visit to my old armorer, see what his twisted mind can cook up.*

“Y-yes, that was a rather large setback…but for now Kendra we must concentrate on the matter at hand regarding Angel.”

“I left him locked up in a bar’s store room facing the window, if he is lucky he may still be alive.” The Slayer replied with a detached voice not showing much care in the fate of their ally.

“What bar!?” Buffy all but yelled as she grabbed her sister Slayer’s arm.

“…I do not recall de name only dat de owner was called Willy, or at least dat is what your vampire called him.”

“Oh dear.” Giles muttered.

“Who’s Willy?” Lady naturally asked.

“He’s the owner of a demon friendly bar as well as a local informant. We usually go to him for information regarding certain demonic activities; of course it works both ways as he alerts the less savory elements of this town about our actions as well. Getting rid of him might appeal to both sides, but he’s not someone none can afford to lose either...yet”

“I’m going!” Buffy said abruptly before rushing out the room.

“Kendra, if you would please go with her and make sure she doesn’t do anything brash to Willy. I fear in her current state she may go a bit too far.”

“As you order sir.”

“I better go too…” Lady spoke up “…this bozo may have info we need.”

“Uh y-yes of course, I hadn’t thought of that, though do be careful miss he may not be alone and his clientele is not exactly human friendly.”

“Neither am I when they get fresh with me, thanks for the concern though.” Was all Lady said before walking away.

End Flashback…

Now here they were on their way to see what fate befell the vampire with a soul.

They calmly made their way inside the bar, no sign of Willy anywhere, and headed towards the backroom…no sign of Angel in sight.

“No ashes…” Kendra spoke up.

“So he got out?” Lady asks as she knew what happens when a vampire dies.

“No…de door does not appear to be forced open, he was let out.” Kendra replied dashing Buffy’s hopes before they took flight.

“Woah! Who are you ladies and can I have your numbers?” Willy suddenly spoke behind Lady as he gazed at her and Kendra.

“Willy!” Buffy cried out causing him to pale rapidly.

“Ah he…guh!” Kendra was kick enough to tackle him before he could finish.

“This one is dirty! I can feel it!” She cried out as she prepared to pound the man.

“Does no one say hello where you come from?” Buffy spoke as she grabbed the man from the grasp of her sister Slayer.

“Yeah…I’m going to have to agree with blondie on that one sweetie.” The devil hunter added as she pulled out her guns causing Willy to panic at the sight of them.

“Whoa! N-now let’s not do something hasty here!”

“Where’s Angel? And don’t lie.”

“My buddy Angel? I saved him; he was like 5 minutes away from being a side order of bacon, he left…to recuperate.” The informant replied under the threat of violence from the two young women while Lady narrowed her eyes.

She had a LOT of experience with liars, some who lied for the fun of it, some who did to TRY to get into her pants and others who did it so they could hide the shit they just did.

*Well that certainly is a big load of bullshit.*

“How about you tell us the truth now?” She spoke coldly as she thumbed back the safety of one of her guns.


“U-uh, w-what do you mean?”

“I mean…” she spoke with dark intentions in her tone as she pressed the barrel of the gun under his chin despite Buffy and Kendra’s looks of concern “…that I have dealt with disease ridden bottom feeders like you before and I know when they’re lying…now talk before I decide you need a new air hole.”

“H-hey now, n-no n-need to get rough! We’re all friends here right!?”

“Not mine you are not! I don’t have what you call friends as more than business associates. Demon hunting is a bit of a perilous job, no time for dates, friends or all that shit. At least when they are mucking around causing all sorts of hell, however it does mean I get the most wonderful ideas on how to take out Hellspawn…or there human lackeys. Talk. Now.”

“I handed him over to Spike! He needs him alive for something! That’s all I know! I swear!”

“You what!?” Buffy shouted as she made a grab for him. Spike was the LAST person, undead or otherwise that Buffy wanted to know who had Angel in his grasp.

“Where be this Spike, you speak of?” Kendra asked in turn.

“I…I don’t know, b-but I can find out for you.” The man stammered out in an effort to prevent his death.

“You better…” Lady said with a sneer as she brought up her second gun into view “…and if you betray us, there won’t be a piece of you left with a bullet hole in it, let’s go girls.” And with that said she holstered her weapons and turned away.

The two Slayers followed without saying a word.

“Did you really have to go that far with him? I mean Willy isn’t a saint but his mostly harmless.”

“That’s how it always starts, then when they think you are in a comfortable place with them out comes the knife in the back. That happens a lot if you aren’t willing to push harder, believe me.”

“There be truth in them words, but I ask ya have you truly killed other humans as ya claim?” the Jamaican born girl asks.

“They don’t teach much in the way of human mentality do they? Humans can be just as big monsters as the demons we kill, I have seen it…and felt it.” She whispered at the end though if the Slayers caught it they chose to make no comment as they went on their way.

Meanwhile with Xander and Cordelia…

*God if you love me you will make her stop pacing!*

The situation remain the for the duo as they waited out the demonic assassin, currently the cheerleader was pacing back and force while he sat and tried to come up with a plan that didn’t involve revealing his abilities. Unfortunately Cordelia’s pacing was making that part hard to accomplish.

*Okay I can use my holy water on the creepy crawler, but how do I get her highness out of here without showing my hand?*

“Would you please stop pacing around or change your pattern or something you’re making me queasy.”

*Not to mention the migraine from her antics isn’t helping.*

“Because you’re just sitting there when you should be thinking of a plan!” stressing the word plan in hopes something clicking in his head.

“I have a plan, we wait, Buffy saves us.”

*Or I do once I figure out how to get out of here and kill the Praying Mantis Lady’s ugly cousin. At least she had some level of taste when it came to hiding her looks*

“How will she even know where to find us!?”

“Cordelia…this is Buffy’s house.” The disguised hunter spoke slowly as if speaking to a three year old “…odds are she’ll find us.” Unfortunately the irate girl was quick to note the tone and was hardly in a mood to cooperate.

*Condescend me will he!*

“Well what is she doesn’t? What am I supposed to do? Just waste away here with you as company? Oh no thank you.”

With that said Cordelia made a beeline for the stairs, only stopping when Xander got up.

“Please tell me you aren’t thinking of going up there?”

“Maybe he’s gone.”

“Yeah well what if he isn’t.”

“And what is the other alternative? Huh? Slack here until somebody decides to be a hero? God you are such a loser!”

“I’m the loser? I’m not the one who let him in a spur the moment need to beauty shop!”

“Don’t you pin that on me, he looked normal!” she cried out, though she did concede it was a valid point, not that she would say that to her verbal jousting partner.

“We live on top of the mouth of Hell! Was he supposed to have some kind of sign that says ‘Hi, I’m a demonic assassin.’? Just the mentioned of free make up and you licked his hand like a big dumb dog!”

That was one thing he knew was going to anger Cordy, but he said it and no amount of talking was taking that back.

*That bastard!* Cordelia though as she could not believe he was going there with her.

“You know what? I’m going…” the outraged girl said with a tone that spoke of determination and anger “…I’d rather be worm food than look at your pathetic face.”

Oh that bitch!

“Fine! I’m not stopping ya!”

“I bet you wouldn’t! You would let an innocent girl go off to her doom.”

“Not just any girl…you’re special.” He replied sarcastically and with no remorse or intent to hide it.

“Ugh! I can’t believe my last moments on earth are being spent with you!”

“I hope these are my last moment or else I’m gonna…!”

“You’ll what!? You coward!”


“I hate you!”

“I hate you!”

And it was at that moment something happened that neither could have foreseen…

…the passionately kissed!

*OH MY GOD!!!* They both thought in shock, though they did not breakaway immediately.

“We so need to get out of here.” He finally said to her after breaking the kiss, she broke no objections as they rushed up the stairs.

“Here’s the plan, I go out first, draw him out if he’s still there, I yell you bolt to the car and if I’m not a corpse I follow.”

“Wait what!?” The shock of what the young man she had just kissed said caught her completely off guard.

“You heard me now be quiet and listen.” He told her firmly as he removed the duct tape and with utmost caution stepped out.

“Remember; unless I say so don’t leave.” He warned her before he made his way towards the kitchen.

*He’s close…now where would I be if I were to stage an ambush, he’s made of bugs so that means the high ground…or in this case the ceiling.* His senses on high alert as he looked up.

*Not here, but I can definitely smell him, guy REALLY needs to change his diet…time to bait this bastard.*

Calmly he grabbed his holy water in one hand while palming his fire spell book in the other and dashed forward towards the kitchen…

“Come and get it you slimy bastard!” he yelled as he passed the threshold unmindful as the squirming sound now at his back…

“CORDELIA RUN!” crying out as he ran up the steps two at a time.

*Oh God! This is crazy! He’s going to get himself killed!* Cordelia thought worriedly as she ran for the front there while giving a silent prayer for Xander’s safety.

Once on the top floor he rushed into Buffy’s room and found the assassin there waiting for him.

“End of the line.” The demon spoke with no hint of remorse. Xander however was not impressed and gave him a defiant look.

“Yeah, yeah it is…” he spoke in an equal tone as he channeled the magic in the book to the item in his other hand “…for you bug breath!”

He hurled it hard against the creature’s feet with enough force it shattered easily.


The demon let out an unholy screech as blue flames covered its body; pieces of charred worms fell as the holy flame burned.

The fire consumed it completely not leaving a trace or scorch mark once done, Xander took a moment to admire his work before raising his hand…in a flash the crystal bottle was once more in his possession and filled to the brim.

“Xander! Xander! Are you alive!?” He heard Cordelia shout from below. Deciding to continue the charade he brock into a sprint towards the entrance.

“Go! Go! Go!” He yelled down the stairs.

She didn’t need to be told twice as she made her way towards the driver’s seat of her car while unlocking the doors for him as well as turning the ignition. He climbed just as she slammed her foot onto the accelerator and peeled out of the driveway.

“What happened back there?” She asked while watching the road.

“Snagged a can of hair spray and used a lighter I carry with in case we need fire fast…bug man did not appreciate having his face burned.” He replied while looking back.

*I’ll have to go back set some things up to make the story stick. I’m not going to put it past Cordy to try and see if I was telling the truth or yanking her chain.*

“Wow…that’s pretty smart…for you I mean.” She said while getting her breathing in order…and trying to forget the basement incident.

“Well I was due, and maybe will get lucky and the bastard won’t bother us anymore.”

“Yeah right, since when are you people that lucky.” She scoffed, resuming her natural snarkyness once the danger passed.

“Oh come on ye of little faith, I got us out alive didn’t I? And at the risk of my life, a little positive thinking would be good right now.” He said to the head cheerleader who was struck silent.

“…thank you, for saving us…I guess.” She reluctantly said to her passenger.

“You’re welcomed, now we should to school and tell the gang the news.”

*And hope to God we have a plan to put an end to this before we have hell come down on us…again.*

She just nodded in acceptance, both maintaining silence as they made their way to the school and the safety in numbers.

To be continued…

A/N: Well here we are, I hate to leave you hanging my friends, but as I said my muse is ever an elusive and ficle creature who comes and goes at her fancy. I will see what I can do to make it up to you. I pause this story and leave you with these words.

This is not the end, it is only the beginning.

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