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Missing & Wanted

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Summary: missing scenes from "From Beginning to End"

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Movies > From Beginning to EndlothlorienFR1569390121,23815 Mar 1120 Mar 11Yes


Disclaimer: I don't own "From Beginning to End" or any of the characters featured in it.

Here's the second drabble. I hope you like it. Please leave a review-

Prompt two: Virgin!Thomas

Thomas is blushing furiously. He can’t help it. Here lays his big brother, stretched out in front of him like the tastiest feast, up for the taking. And he wants to take. Oh, how he wants to take. But he’s never done this before. Touched another person. Let alone a man. He swallows nervously and raises his head to look Francisco in the eyes. And relaxes. Francisco is smiling softly. He knows it’s his first time. And that’s OK, because even if Thomas doesn’t know what to do, Francisco will. Francisco has him. It’ll be fine. It will be perfect.
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