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Missing & Wanted

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Summary: missing scenes from "From Beginning to End"

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Movies > From Beginning to EndlothlorienFR1569390121,23815 Mar 1120 Mar 11Yes


Disclaimer: I don't own "From Beginning to End" or any of the characters featured in it.

This whole thing started in a mail-marathon with CorruptedSmile. We dared each other to post 6 drabbles/ficlets about the movie From Beginning to End. This is the last one. Hope you like it XD

Prompt six: One of them gets jealous for some reason.

Going to a gay bar in Rio was Francisco’s idea. No one knew them there and they could show their affection publicly. They did that anyway, but here people wouldn’t look at them oddly. So, a gay bar. Not Francisco’s brightest idea. Because despite their constant smiles and little touches some people didn’t get that they’re together. Like the guy drooling all over Thomas. Not that Thomas even notices anyone watching him – he’s busy dancing. Still, wouldn’t hurt to stake a claim. So Francisco hugs him tightly from behind, his eyes flashing at the other dancers. Back off! He’s mine.

AN: So let me know what you think. Hope you liked the drabbles. And go over to CorruptedSmile's page and check out her take on these prompts XD

The End

You have reached the end of "Missing & Wanted". This story is complete.

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