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Missing & Wanted

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Summary: missing scenes from "From Beginning to End"

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Movies > From Beginning to EndlothlorienFR1569390121,23815 Mar 1120 Mar 11Yes


Disclaimer: I don't own "From Beginning to End" or any of the characters featured in it.

This whole thing started in a mail-marathon with CorruptedSmile. We dared each other to post 6 drabbles/ficlets about the movie From Beginning to End. This is the first one.

Prompt one: Virgin!Francisco

“This is Clarissa,” he says pointing to the girl next to him. He’s blushing. “I was wondering if I could borrow the car.”
Ouch. I manage to smile. Sure little brother, take the car to drive your girl to a make out spot. He doesn’t even see. How can he not see?
His smile is brilliant when I hand him the keys. He sends the girl to wait by the car. Hugs me with a nervous little smile. She’s his first girlfriend. No wonder he’s nervous. I smile encouragingly.
“Your girl is waiting.”
He leaves. I die a little inside.

AN: Hope you like it. Please leave a review. Oh, and hop over to CorruptedSmile's page and check out her story What Went Missing - it's her take on these prompts. The next drabble comes tomorrow.
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