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The Wizard's Off His Rocker

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This story is No. 17 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Companion to A Wizard and A Scarecrow. Albus’ plans get more absurd as he loses his mind.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRuneWitchSakuraFR1521,469065,97015 Mar 1121 Mar 11No

The Next Merlin

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The Next Merlin
Chapter Number: 01/??
Story Summary: Albus’ plans get more absurd as he loses his mind
Chapter Summary: Albus thinks he’s the second-coming of Merlin
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Harry Potter, or anything related to it.
Date (Upload Date): 03/15/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 03/13
Word: Winning
Story named purely for these two lines I made up to be sung to the tune of We’re Off To See The Wizard:
The Wizard’s Off His Rocker
He’s Trying To Control Us All
Because that just fit’s the typical evil-Dumbledore scenario perfectly.
Albus Dumbledore had changed after he took down Grindewald. He had been unknown by almost everyone before, and then suddenly everyone knew his name and wanted to shake his hand. He grew used to the adoration of the masses.

When the adoration began to fade, he signed on a s the Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts. His levels of adoration went up again, and he began to grow addicted to it. When it began to fade again, Headmaster Dippet had an accident and he took over.

Every action he had taken since was to insure he was known and loved by all of the magical people of Britain. And then, Voldemort had appeared. In their first duel, Dumbledore barely managed to make the younger man retreat. It was then he realized something – he was getting old.

He did not expect to live forever, nor would he ever use any of those vile rituals to extend his life, but he refused to be a name in a textbook that people would barely remember after his death. Only one wizard’s name had been remembered through time and all magical places, not just Britain. Albus wanted his name to be the same.

He aimed to be the next Merlin.

In Albus’ mind, he was already well on his way to his goal. All he needed now was to help a ‘king’ on his way to the ‘throne’. And then the prophecy landed in his lap. Two boys with the ability to defeat Voldemort. All he had to do was wait for Voldemort to mark one, and then he had his king.

And what a wonderful king Harry would make. Of course, his king would have to be dependent on him, or how else would he be able to help? That meant getting both parents and the list of guardians in their will out of the way. Lily was already dead. James had run when Dumbledore told him both Lily and Harry were dead.

With a warning from Severus that Voldemort would attack soon, Dumbledore had managed to seal the Potter wills before they died, leaving only Sirius Black to deal with. And of course, he was James’ best friend, and almost everyone thought he was the secret keeper for the Potters. A few little lies in the right places, and Sirius had been carted off to Azkaban without a trial.

James’ brother, Edward, in St. Mungo’s was still being kept unconscious. He started screaming the second he woke up. A little draught of living death, provided by Severus of course, and ‘James’ Potter was buried with his wife.

Lily’s sister and her husband had been perfect for making the boy subservient. Albus personally would have liked a little less violence, but the pros outweighed the cons in this situation, at least for Albus. Hagrid and the Weasley’s, both duped into helping Albus, insured that the boy only knew what Albus wanted him too.

Sirius escaping Azkaban was the first major kink in his plan. Luckily, Dumbledore managed to get Hermione and Harry to ‘rescue’ him without actually giving any evidence of his innocence out, leaving the three feeling indebted to him. A Sirius Black on the run was far less dangerous than a Sirius Black free and in control of Harry.

The second major kink in his plan was also Sirius’ fault. The idiot managed to get himself killed by his cousin. Harry had disappeared the following summer, saying he was going to mourn in peace. He didn’t return until after Christmas Break of the school year.

And then, all of Albus’ plans came to a terrifying, screeching halt.
To Be Continued
Next Date (2011CD) for this Story: 03/19
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