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What Went Missing

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Summary: Six short scenes missing from the film “From Beginning to End”.

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Someone That You're With

Disclaimer: I probably don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do own everything you do recognise and I’m not making any money from this.

“From Beginning to End” is a film that’s owned by a lot of people who aren’t me amongst them Aluizio Abranches.

Fandom: From Beginning to End.

Pairing: Thomás/OFC. Pre-Slash Francisco/Thomás.

Rating: FR15.

Spoilers: Not here.

Summary: Six short scenes missing from the film “From Beginning to End”.

Story: What Went Missing

01 Someone That You’re With

Virgin Thomás? Well, not anymore. Finally! My friends had been joking about it for too long for me to not feel this good about finally having gotten rid of that particular burden in my teenage boy’s life.

Naturally I told Francisco all about it when I got home that night. He’s the one I tell everything to after all. Not even my mother and father know me as well as he does. We have an understanding. We share something with each other on a level that no one else can reach.

The look in his eyes when I told him about my non-virgin status made me feel less happy and excited, though. Because was that disappointment that I had seen in his eyes?

It made me feel as if maybe I should have waited for this undeniable yet indefinable something to happen. Maybe it was the same thing he had been waiting for?

End of “Someone That You’re With”.

A/N: Me and lothlorien challenged each other during a recent mailmarathon to write six short scenes for this film; just to see if we could do it. You can find her six scenes at her page. Prompt one: virgin!Francisco.

I don't own the title of the Nickelback song I used for this chapter title.

I have my own regularly-updated Yahoo!Group called corrupted_smile where you can find a lot of information about my fan fiction and fan art. Feel free to join.
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