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Through Time and Space

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Summary: Kurt has a watch he never opens, and Puck wonders if it's important. Puck urges Kurt to open it, and he wake up, reborn as his Galifreyan self. Time Lord!Kurt and Companion!Puck

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Television > Glee
(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1537,7760152,67317 Mar 1123 Mar 11No

Friendship is Forever

Notes: I'm not very happy with this chapter. But when arranging a crossover the set-up is usually the hardest bit. Once I get Puck and Kurt into the TARDIS, and have them flying around the universe together, things should flow better.

Chapter 2

A great thing about children is that they accept 'weird' pretty quickly. Sarah Puckerman didn't even question the fact that the Hudson-Hummel family stepped out of a filing cabinet in her living room. All she cared about was that they fix her brother, who wasn't getting up.

“Sarah, come here,” Carole instructed, and the girl did. She had a bleeding gash across her cheek and some scratches on her forehead and chin. “Where's your mom?”

“Passed out in her bathroom,” Sarah said, darkly. “She got fired.”

“Burt and Finn and Kurt are going to take care of Noah. You show me where your first aid kit is, so I can fix up your cheek, okay?”

“Okay,” Sarah said, taking Carole's hand. “Noah put one in ever room. It's behind the television.” The three men surrounded Puck. Finn called 911, while Kurt pulled off Puck's shirt.

“How did you get this cut?” Carole asked.

“Broken bottle,” Sarah said. She was crying while she spoke. “She hit me across the face with it, then Noah yelled at her, so she just started stabbing him with the bottle. I screamed her her to stop, and she slapped me, and then dragged herself off to her bedroom. She won't wake up for hours.”

“Honey, why didn't you tell us before?” Carole asked, while cleaning the cut with an alcohol wipe.

“Noah said they'd split us up, and I might not see him again,” Sarah said.

“Dad, keep your hands here,” Kurt instructed. “Keep pressure on it. Finn, keep your hands here. Same thing. Keep pressure on the wounds. We want his blood to stay inside his body.”

“They should be here soon,” Finn said. “The paramedics and the cops. And then maybe you can tell me how we got here?”

“Not now, Finn,” Kurt said. “I will explain everything later. We need to save Puck now.”

“There's so much blood,” Burt said quietly, and he was right. Puck's now-removed shirt was soaked through with blood.

Kurt understood basic medical treatment for standard humanoid lifeforms. Most of them were similar enough that the rules were, for the most part, the same. He pulled back Puck's eyelids. He wanted to see if Puck had a concussion. He needed to try and wake him up.

“Puck, Puck,” Kurt shook him slightly.

“Kurt?” Puck slurred, half conscious. “You here?”

“I'm here. So are Finn and our parents. We're going to get you and Sarah out of here. We'll get you away from your mom,” Kurt promised.

“Where's Ma? Where's Sarah? Oh God, don't let her hurt Sarah!” Puck thrashed, as he tried to figure out what was going on.

“Puck,” Kurt said very quietly, his hands on either side of Puck's face. “Puck you have to calm down, and you have to breathe. You are absolutely not allowed to die, do you hear me?”

“'M cold,” is all Puck said in reply.

“You have to hold on, Puck,” Kurt ordered. “Because you wanted to see my ship, and you can't see it if you die. But if you hold on, I'll take you traveling. We can go to the moon, or Mars, or wherever you want.”

“There are other planets? With people on them?” Puck asked, gasping.

“Yeah,” Kurt said, stroking Puck's forehead. Puck was cold to the touch. “There's a planet called Woman Wept. They call it that because it only has one continent, and from space, the continent is in the shape of a woman crying. It's so beautiful. Or the planet Felspoon, which has mountains that sway in the breeze.”

“What is he talking about?” Finn asked, confused, as he kept pressure on Puck's wound.

“Kurt will explain everything later, I'm sure,” Burt said.

“They sway?” Puck asked.

Kurt nodded. Then he put his mouth next to Puck's ear. “And did I mention it also travels in time?”

“Really?” Puck asked.

“Yeah,” Kurt said. “If you make it through this, Noah, I'll take you anywhere you want to go.”

Puck didn't have the chance to answer, because there were sirens, and then the ambulance was there.

“What happened?” the EMT asked as they came over to Puck.

“His mother stabbed him with a broken liquor bottle,” Carole said. “His sister says she's passed out upstairs.” Carole had a still crying Sarah in her arms and was hugging the ten-year-old tightly.

“The police are on their way,” the other EMT said as they started to work over Puck.

“Finn, why don't you and Kurt go with Puck to the hospital. Your mom and I can stay here for when the police come,” Burt volunteered.

“The little girl needs to go to the hospital too,” another EMT said. “She should get stitches on her cheek.”

“I'll take Sarah to the hospital,” Kurt said. “Finn can ride with Noah, and you two can meet us there after the cops come and arrest Mrs. Puckerman.”

“Are we going in your big black car?” she asked Kurt as the paramedics rolled Noah, on a gurney, out of the house.

“Not exactly. Take my hand, Sarah,” Kurt said.

She took the older boy's hand willingly and he led her into his TARDIS.

“It's so pretty in here. What is it?”

“Can you keep a secret, Sarah?” Kurt asked.

“Of course I can,” Sarah said, one hand on her hip, the other still holding gauze against her cheek.

“I'm an alien. But I'm a really good alien, and you can't tell anyone. This is my spaceship. It will take us wherever we want to go, but the outside is smaller than the inside, so we can park in the hospital parking garage.”

“That's so cool!” Sarah said, and like any ten-year-old distracted with shiny things, her tears stopped flowing and her breathing normalized.

“You can't tell anyone except Burt and Carole and Noah, okay? Promise?” Kurt asked.

“What about Finn?”

“Okay, and Finn, but nobody else, pinky swear?” Kurt got down on one knee and held out his hand. Sarah pinky swore.

“How does it work?” she asked, looking at the console.

Kurt pressed some buttons and pulled some levers, and his TARDIS made some noises as it faded away from the Puckermans' living room and reappeared in the parking garage of St. Sebastian's hospital. Surrounded by cars, the TARDIS's outer shell changed to the shape of a blue mini-van. Kurt opened a drawer on the console and pulled out a piece of psychic paper before slipping it into his pocket. He didn't think he'd need it, but it was just in case of emergency. He took Sarah's hand again, and led her to the emergency room.

The next few hours seemed to fly by, while at the same time Kurt was completely aware of exactly how much time was passing. Trait of a Time Lord. He stayed with Sarah through everything, explaining to the nurse that her mother was being arresting and her father was a deadbeat. The nurse didn't want to cooperate with the teenager, so the psychic paper did in fact come in handy.

“You're really worried about No aren't you?” Sarah asked.

“Noah's going to be fine,” Kurt reassured Sarah.

“I know,” Sarah said. “He's strong, and you're magic. You like him, don't you?”

“Of course I like him. He's my friend,” Kurt said.

“No, you like like him. I can tell. You get that same look on your face that Santana has when she looks at Brittany,” Sarah informed him sagely. “And he like likes you too. I know because whenever you talk about going to college he looks really sad. And once, in the middle of the night, I got up to get a drink of water, and I heard him say your name in his sleep.”

Kurt refused to let himself think about that. Kurt Hummel could fall in love with Noah Puckerman if he let himself. But Traylos was a Time Lord. Kurt was a Time Lord. He knew how to push his feelings aside. Because Noah Puckerman was completely human, and would be gone in less than a hundred years. And Kurt wouldn't be. He might even still be in this body, though he'd be much older then. Maybe he'd have regenerated by then, who knew for sure. But Kurt Hummel was basically immortal, and Noah Puckerman wasn't. Falling in love with Puck would be stupid, and idiotic, and so very human. Puck was his friend. Could be his friend, could even be his companion if he wanted to be. But it was best to leave love out of the equation for now.

“Sarah, Noah and I are just friends. Just like Noah and Finn are friends. No more than that,” Kurt told the girl, who gave him an exasperated, knowing look, but didn't comment again. Eventually Finn found them and told them that Puck was in surgery. They had to make sure the glass hadn't ruptured anything important. Carole had texted him already to tell him that Ruth had been arrested, and that the police were on their way to get a statement from Sarah.


Everything seemed to take forever, though Kurt was aware of exactly how many earth hours, minutes and seconds that the whole ordeal took. But eventually Puck was out of surgery, with assurances from the doctors he'd be fine. Ruth was in jail, and Burt and Carole had filled out the proper forms with the state to take guardianship of Sarah, and of Puck—until he turned eighteen next week—since their Nana was too old to take care of them, and they didn't have any other family. They were all exhausted when it was time to leave the hospital.

“I can take everyone home in my TARDIS,” Kurt offered, knowing that his family wasn't yet used to his new method of transportation.

“No thank you,” Carole said quickly, shuddering. “We can talk about it all when we get home, but I'd rather not set foot in that thing again. I'm going to drive Sarah to her mother's house to get some clothes and then take her home. Burt and Finn can ride with us or go with Kurt in the...thing.”

“You game, Dad?” Kurt asked.

“Sure,” Burt said, albeit a little nervously. “I want to know all about the flying shed-box thing.”

“Me too,” Finn said eagerly, all exhaustion forgotten. “Where did you get it? How does it work? What is it?”

“Kurt's a good alien, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone except you and Noah,” Sarah said.

“You're an alien?” Finn asked, slightly louder than Kurt would have liked.

“Keep quiet, Finn,” Burt said. “Just follow Kurt. He'll explain everything eventually.”

Kurt's father and stepbrother followed Kurt out to the parking garage. There was a little fine ticket on the windshield, and Kurt rolled his eyes when he realized he forgot to get a ticket, since he didn't drive in through the front gate. Oh well, it's not as if the license plates were valid anyway, they couldn't trace it to him. And maybe he'd pay it anyway. He'd see how he felt tomorrow. He opened the door and walked inside. Finn looked at the room full of light again, then ran outside, running around the mini-van, before climbing inside again.

“The inside's bigger than the outside,” Finn said. “How does it work?”

“Incredibly complicated space-time technology that you wouldn't understand,” Kurt said. “Science.”

“And you're an alien,” Finn said, matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. I mean, I thought I was human until yesterday, then I got all my memories back, from before I was adopted. And I found my ship again. She's called a TARDIS.”

“Tardis?” Burt asked.

“It's all capital letters,” Kurt answered, “Stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. She's beautiful, isn't she?” Kurt stroked the console lovingly.

“She?” Finn asked.

“She's a quasi-sentient consciousness,” Kurt said.

“Kurt, we have no clue what you're talking about. Moreso than usual,” Burt said. “This whole alien thing is very jarring. Immediately after you tell us that Ruth hits her kids, you tell us that you're an alien, and then we instantly have to run out and rescue the kids. I still love you, kid, I always will, but this is a lot to take in.”

“I understand,” Kurt said.

“You're a good alien. Not like the freaky metal men, or the daleks, or anything, right?” Finn asked for confirmation.

“Totally a good alien,” Kurt said. “I can answer lots of questions and stuff later. Let's get home now.” Kurt pushed buttons and turned levers, and the TARDIS made a wooshing sound, and then they were transported from the hospital to their own backyard.

“Do I still have to go to school on Monday?” Finn asked.

“Yes,” Burt said resolutely. “So do you, Kurt.”

“That's fine,” Kurt said. “It's so close to graduation. I'm looking forward to it.”

“Then college,” Finn said. “College is going to be awesome.”

“You'll love it,” Kurt said, then he yawned. Because he really was worn out. He didn't know how to tell his family that he had no intention of going to Tisch, despite his acceptance, because he'd already gone to the Academy for more than eighty years.. He'd had all the schooling he'd planned on having. He hugged his father, grabbed some milk, and went upstairs. When he entered his bedroom, he saw the discarded silver pocket-watch. It didn't contain his essence anymore, but it was still special. He'd hang onto it.


The last week of school was hectic. Puck had to get extensions on all his papers and exams because he was in the hospital, but everyone else finished up. Kurt had no problems acing every exam, since he had 103 years worth of knowledge in his head. He spent time with Rachel and Mercedes who were both getting nostalgic and weepy over graduation. Mercedes was sad to be separating from Kurt for college, though Rachel was still under the belief that she and Kurt were going to be going to New York together in a few months. He hadn't told her yet that he was going to take some time off and travel. Because now that he had his TARDIS back he was itching for a good adventure. But how do you tell your best friends that you're an alien with a time-traveling spaceship? As soon as he told them, Rachel would beg him to take her back in time to see Julie Andrews as Eliza in My Fair Lady. Actually, the more Kurt thought about it, the more fun that sounded. Maybe he'd take her for her birthday.

The time he didn't spend with his family or his friends at school, he spent with a slowly recovering Noah. Noah had given a statement about his mother's abuse, and the hospital had documented a large amount of evidence, including X-rays of old fractures, and photographs of jagged scars. Carole had been horrified to know that Puck had been stitching up his own cuts for years, and had even done it for Sarah once or twice, to keep them out of the hospital. An attorney for the state had talked to all three Puckermans and Ruth's public defender, and Ruth had agreed, after being threatened with large amounts of jail time, to into psychiatric treatment for her anger, her alcoholism, and her depression. She also agreed to sign custody of Sarah over to Burt and Carole.

Puck turned eighteen the 3 days after he was released from the hospital. Finn and Kurt threw him a birthday party, inviting all the glee kids. They'd all heard about Puck's mom by now, and the ones who'd suspected about the abuse felt guilty for not speaking up earlier, and the ones who'd never noticed felt guilty for their obliviousness. So to assuage their guilt, everyone went all out, buying Puck fancy, elaborate birthday presents. Kurt saved his gift until everyone had left, and he and Puck were alone in the living room.

“Come on,” Kurt said. “It's time for your birthday gift.”

“Alright, Princess, what do you want to show me?” Puck asked, riding to his feet.

“Come out to the backyard, and don't call me Princess,” Kurt instructed. He lead Puck out to the shed and unlocked it, then stepped inside the TARDIS. Puck followed him inside, and his jaw dropped. In typical human fashion, he ducked outside again, then circled the shed twice before going back inside again. He touched all the walls from the outside.

“Holy shit,” was the first thing Puck said. “How do you fit the outside around the inside?”

“It's extra-dimensional space,” Kurt said. “Welcome to my TARDIS. She's beautiful, isn't she?”

“She is,” Puck said, and he moved around the console room taking everything in. “Damn, Kurt, this is the most amazing thing ever. This is your ship?”

“Yep. My TARDIS. It stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. There's several floors and lots of rooms. If you don't break anything, you can look around,” Kurt said. “Carole's too scared to come back inside, but Dad wants to know how everything works.”

“How about Finn?”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Finn wanted me to take him to Jupiter.”

“You did explain that Jupiter's a gas giant, right?” Puck asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It's Finn,” Kurt said. “So, it's your 18th birthday. You are legally an adult in most countries and planets. Where do you want to go?”

“What?” Puck asked, surprised.

“It's your birthday, I want to take you somewhere special. And before you complain about stuff to do, remember this is also a time machine. We could be gone a year, and come back five minutes from now,” Kurt explained, pressing buttons and levers on the console. “So, pick a place, pick a time, anything you want.”

“There's so much...” Puck trailed off. Kurt knew he was still a little weak from being stabbed a week ago, and having surgery. He also know he was overwhelming his friend. But part of him felt unbelievably guilty for now

“How about a concert?” Kurt asked. “Is there any band that's broken up or dead you'd like to go see? I can get us in.”

Puck's eyes lit up at the idea.

“Nirvana?” Puck asked. “I'd love to see Nirvana. I was a baby when Cobain died.”

“Gimme a sec,” Kurt said. He'd long since moved his computer into the TARDIS, and he was looking up where and when Nirvana had performed “According to this website, the 'best Nirvana concert ever' was in Detroit on October 11, 1991. You game?”

“Yes,” Puck said enthusiastically.

“Then go down that hall to the end, take a left, and then go in the third door on the right, and you'll find my wardrobe. You should be able to find something appropriately grungy. Oh, give me your phone first.”

Puck handed Kurt his phone and Kurt picked up a gizmo off the console, fiddled with the phone a bit, then handed back.

“Intergalactic roaming. That phone will now call any time and any place in the universe, free of charge,” Kurt grinned.

“Dude, have I mentioned lately how completely awesome you are?” Puck grinned.

“It bears repeating,” Kurt smiled back. “Now, go change while I put in the coordinates.”

“Sir, yes sir,” Puck mock saluted, then followed the instructions to the TARDIS' wardrobe.

Kurt fiddled with the controls, and off they went, to Detroit, Michigan in 1991.

*End 2*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Through Time and Space" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Mar 11.

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