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Through Time and Space

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Summary: Kurt has a watch he never opens, and Puck wonders if it's important. Puck urges Kurt to open it, and he wake up, reborn as his Galifreyan self. Time Lord!Kurt and Companion!Puck

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories > Crossover: Other
Television > Glee
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Title: Through Time and Space
Author: Joyful
Disclaimer: Neither Glee nor Doctor Who belong to me, and I make no money from this.
Summary: Kurt has a watch he never opens, and Puck wonders if it's important. Puck urges Kurt to open it, and he wake up, reborn as his Galifreyan self. Time Lord!Kurt and Companion!Puck
Rating: PG (for now)
Ship: Puck/Kurt
Notes: For this prompt on the Puckurt fic meme:

I'd like to thank DemonChildKyra for this awesome banner



Kurt Hummel had very few memories before he was adopted by Burt and Katie Hummel. He knew it wasn't that uncommon, but since the orphanage guessed he was somewhere around four or five he should at least have some memory of life before he was found wandering and naked in Ohio, with nothing but an old pocket watch. Sometimes he had fabulous dreams of flying, of purple skies and red mountains, of odd aliens and a fancy academy. His dreams were a wonderful break from the stress of life. Katie Hummel had died only about three years after he was adopted, leaving Kurt alone with his father, who loved him deeply, but never truly understood him.

Kurt Hummel was a little strange. He filled notebooks with story ideas, dreams, designs for fancy clothes, and song lyrics. Things bubbled around in his head in such interesting ways. And every time something weird showed up on the news, like spaceships over England, ghosts that turned into metal men, daleks, and everyone turning into a crazy man...Kurt's head came alive with information that he could never quite touch. It was like when a word is at the tip of your tongue but just can't quite remember it. You can remember what it means, one or two letters in the word, how it feels when the word touches the inside of your mouth, what sort of sentence the words fits into, and even the part of speech it is, but you can't remember the word. That's what Kurt's head was like when the news talked about aliens. Of course, the fact that he was Lima, Ohio's most flamboyant gay teen also marked him as different. As well as the facts that long after puberty, his voice still hadn't dropped to a masculine tone, and that he could easily out-bitch every girl on the cheerleading squad when pushed. Kurt Hummel was different, Other.

Noah Puckerman was different as well, but for other reasons. He had a couple of mild learning disabilities that made school a little tricky, but he made up for it in other ways. He was a talented musician, a good athlete and a loyal friend. The loyal friend part came slowly, but he did a lot of growing up in high school. At the beginning of their sophomore year, Puck was one of the bullies who regularly tormented Kurt, but now that they were seniors, they'd actually become pretty good friends. Kurt tutored Puck in school, and Puck looked out for Kurt in the hallways, protecting him from bullies. Puck was best friends with Kurt's step-brother Finn, so he was over at Kurt's house a lot. It took a while, but Kurt eventually realized that Puck didn't want to go home.

Everyone in Lima knew that the Puckermans were poor, just like everyone in Lima knew that Ruth Puckerman drank too much. When Kurt and Finn were working on their college applications, Puck let it slip that he wasn't leaving Lima until Sarah, his little sister, was eighteen. Finn didn't hear the muttered comment about wanting to keep her safe, it was so quiet Kurt barely heard it. The day that everyone was lounging in the Hudson-Hummel hot tub Kurt noticed the faded scars on Puck's body. Some of them were rough and jagged, like they'd been made with broken glass. There were seven scars on Puck's upper body. Puck tried to brush them off, hiding them behind bravado, but Kurt could see the fear behind the mask. There was a night in February when Puck and Sarah showed up at their house while Burt and Carole were away, Sarah clutching a teddy bear and a sleeping bag, and Puck with three long fingernail scratches on his cheek. Kurt tried to get Puck to turn Ruth in to the cops after that, but Puck was too scared that Sarah would get tossed in the system.

Kurt Hummel had courage. Kurt Hummel had attitude. He had talent, a killer fashion sense, and an amazing capacity for love. What he didn't have was power. He didn't have the power to stop his mom from dying. He didn't have the power to stop his first boyfriend, Blaine, from cheating on him with their friend Jeff. He didn't have the power to stop his best friend Mercedes from accepting admission to a private college in Georgia. And he definitely didn't have the power to stop Ruth Puckerman from hurting her kids.

So he and Finn came up with as many crazy reason to invite Puck and Sarah over whenever possible. Finn would let Sarah beat him at video games while Kurt helped Puck with his homework. Kurt would talk Puck through the problems over and over again—never getting frustrated with the larger boy—all the time playing with his old pocket watch. He'd hold it in his hand, idly running his thumb over the designs in the silver, or swing it gently from the chain, seemingly not even noticing he was holding it.

“Where'd you get that old watch anyway?” Puck asked one day while Kurt was helping him with his final research paper for English. If they got all their papers done and handed in, they'd officially be done with high school.

“Hm? Oh this? I don't know, really. I've always had it. I think I was found with it,” Kurt said, lightly tracing the etchings with his thumb again.

“Found with it?” Puck asked, confused.

“Oh, yeah, you know I'm adopted, right?” Kurt asked Puck.

“Yeah, I think I kinda remember you saying that.”

“Well, I was found wandering around not far from here. I must have been about four or five at the time. I don't remember anything before that. I didn't have anything, not even clothes. Just this watch. I was taken to an orphanage, and Mom and Dad adopted me soon after.”

“Does it work?” Puck asked. “The watch?”

“No, I don't think so. It's just always there.”

“Maybe it just needs a battery or a good winding or something. You should open it,” Puck said.

“I don't think it opens,” Kurt said, his eyes narrowing as his forehead wrinkled slightly.

“Are you sure? Maybe it's just stuck,” Puck said. “Try and open it.”

“O—okay,” Kurt said, staring at the watch as if he'd never really seen it before. He pressed the latch and the lid popped open. Suddenly, bright golden light flowed from the watch. It seemed to flow around his head before pouring into his mind through through his eyes. His eyes glowed golden before he closed them.

“Kurt? Are you okay? Kurt?” Puck asked, setting his hand on Kurt's shoulder.

The boy's eyes snapped open. Kurt. Was that his name? No, that didn't sound right. Where was he? This didn't look like Gallifrey. The brunette took in his surroundings as he remembered where he was. He had two sets of memories now, and there was a lot to sift through.

“Kurt,” Puck said again, worry on his face. “Are you okay? Seriously, you're scaring me, what's with the freaky light show.”

“Noah,” he said, remembering suddenly that that was the other boy's name. Noah Puckerman. “No, everything's fine. I remember now.”

“Remember what?”


**end prologue**
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