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Undone: Justice League Slayer Style

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Summary: After dieing to save the world from the portal that Glory opened, Buffy expected to go to heaven, but instead landed in a different world where superheros and villans are everywhere. After landing herself in the care of Dr. Fate...full summary inside

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Secret Origins: Prologue

After dieing to save the world from the portal that Glory opened, Buffy expected to go to heaven, but instead landed in a different world where superheros and villains are everywhere. After landing herself in the care of Dr. Fate and his wife, she slowly recovers from her fight with Glory and gains a new life for herself with a new name. Soon after leaving the care of Dr. Fate and his wife, she becomes a superhero and the CEO of a multimillion dollar company. Buffy, now Joan Maria Summer finds herself working together with other heroes to stop the world from being destroyed by evil aliens from Mars. Now she works together with the newly founded Justice League, she fights her way through aliens, villains and her heart.

|DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Justice League or BtVS at all.|

AN: Hello everyone! This is the first chapter of my crossover! Just to let you know that I have checked up on my poll to see who is in the lead to be paired up with Buffy. Also I am added votes from my other account to see who Buffy will be paired with.

Here are the results:

Bruce/Batman: 10 votes
Jason Blood: 7 votes
Superman/Clark: 5 votes
Flash, J'onn J'onnz, Question: all with 2 votes
Aquaman, Hades and Hro Talak: all with 1 votes
Other/Wonder Woman: 1 vote
Green Arrow: 2 vote each
Orion: 0 votes

So basically the winner is Batman! With Jason in second!

I am sorry that it's not longer but I wanted to post something for everyone as a present since my birthday is today!

So please enjoy!



An agonizing scream was heard through the dark halls of a home and apparently were coming from a room within the home. This scream came from a woman who was tossing and turning violently from what appears to be a horrifying nightmare but in reality was a vision that was tormenting the woman's mind.

Anger, pain and pure sadness mixed together to form an agonizing blur of color that showed mixed events that all blurred together were flashing before the woman's closed eyes, but it all soon ended as the woman let loose one more scream before bolting straight up with painful gasp.

The room was black and was hard to see but you could see the silhouette of the woman and could hear her heavy panting as if she couldn't get her breathe back. The woman slipped from the bed and stumbled into the wall and groped along the wall looking for something.


The bright light in another room went on and the woman made her way into that room to reveal a bathroom. Her panting soon was slowly disappearing as she turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on her sweat covered forehead. She let the cool water drip from her face and placed her hands on either side of the sink trying to get her breathe back.

After a few tense moments the woman looked up in the mirror in front of her and you could now clearly see what she looks like. She had long brown hair that reminds one of chocolate and was clearly messy from her tossing and turning. Her slight tan skin was now a pale color as if one was sick and she had somewhat dark circles under her eyes from the vivid visions she just had. However, her eyes were the most startling out of her entire appearance. Beautiful emerald green eyes that almost seem to be glowing flashed for a moment in the mirror before returning to normal as the woman shook her head to get rid of the aching headache that was starting to plague her.

This woman was once called Buffy Summers, now called Joan Summer stared at her reflection as she tried to figure out what just happened, only to have one thing on her mind.

“What the hell was that?”

Unknown to Joan, at Wayne Tech Metropolis Sub-Station, a man wearing red and blue with a large symbol shaped like an S, who is known to many in the world as Superman, has just received the same visions as Joan did just moment before.

And with that the peaceful times on planet Earth were about to be undone and the good people of Earth are going to be needing all the help they can get with the dangerous times that are now looming ahead of them all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Undone: Justice League Slayer Style" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Apr 11.

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