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And they Called it Puppy Love

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Summary: One Summer, Richard went to visit his aunt. There, he fell for his first brunette.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1365,2552348,27720 Mar 1123 Mar 11Yes

Chapter One

I do not own BtVS or ABVH. Nor do I own any other part of pop culture referred to in this piece of fiction.



“I do hope you get to meet Dawn,” Emma smiled up at her nephew. “She's such a lovely girl, good grades and just beautiful.”

Richard Zeeman sighed. Every woman in his family seemed to want to set him up with the good girl from across the street and he was getting tired of it. Because the 'good girl across the street' was usually anal about her grades and rules. The 'pretty' one was usually a butter-face and the 'nice' ones were sexually repressed. He could still remember Cindy Lawson trapping him in a closet last year and was forced to repress a shiver at the memory. Hopefully this Dawn girl would be a bit more restrained with her mother being in the house; at the very least on medication.

His aunt buzzed the door and Richard continued to brood on the steps while his cousin Elijah continued to text someone on his phone. Janice or Janet...or something. Richard only knew that his cousin was obsessed with the girl and Richard was tired of hearing about her skin. A girl's skin could not possibly be that nice.

“Coming!” A voice shouted from in the house. It was young a female. According to his aunt, only girls lived in the house to begin with, so hearing a girl shout shouldn't have been unexpected. But when the door swung open, the unexpected reared it's head once more. There was a genuinely pretty girl standing there. She was a foot shorter than he was with a dancer's build and very nice skin. Dark mahogany-brown hair poured over her shoulders in a wave of loose curls and bright blue-green eyes shined up like the Caribbean sea.

“Hi Emma!” The girl chirped with a bright smile. God, even her voice was pretty.

“Hello Dawn,” Emma smiled, leaning forward to hug the young girl. “Dawn, I'd like you to meet my nephew, Richard Zeeman, he's visiting from St Louis."

“Hi Richie!” Dawn smiled at the boy in front of her; She had a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“My name isn't Richie,” he got out. Richard hated when people called him Richie and that name had successfully broken the spell she'd lain on him.

“It is now!” Dawn sang as she walked back into the house. Richard tried not to be obvious as he watched the girl walk inside; dancing practically through the halls as she went. His cousin leaned over then and ruined Richard's fantasy.

“She's only fourteen,” he whispered with a grin.

Richard almost shouted in frustration. He was seventeen last week and the difference was just too much. It was too wrong and Dawn was too damn pretty to barely be in high school. Did the universe have it out for him or something?



Richard was introduced this time to the Matron of the Summers home. She was a lovely woman with laughter and sorrow both in her eyes. A woman who'd experienced a lot in her life and was ready for more. Blond curls were hanging loose and bright blue eyes were sparkling as she shook Richard's hand.

“Oh, Dawn will like him.” Joyce smiled, nudging Emma with her elbow.

“Dawn will have to wait a few years,” Emma sighed. “Three at the least. He's seventeen now.”

Joyce looked at Richard again, appraising him. “I can deal with a few years. Buffy's dated I don't know how many older men.”

“You mean that thirty year old she was with when you first moved here?” Emma asked.

Richard listened closely as the two mother's gossiped. The thirty year old was actually a vampire, but no one in Sunnydale liked to talk about them. Not even the preternatural talked about such matters in polite company, but right now two women were gossiping about a scandal. From what Richard could pick up, Buffy had in fact been fourteen when she dated the undead.

“He was kind of cool until she tried to dump him,” Elijah admitted as Joyce led them into the living room. Dawn was in there already, a very old book in her lap as she copied passages down in a legal pad.

“Feet off the couch,” Joyce reprimanded.

Dawn did as told and after a bit of motherly orchestration, Richard found himself sitting next to the pixie. Damn. He could smell her perfume now. He glanced down at what she was doing and saw that it was poetry. Joyce and Emma were pretending to talk and Elijah was still texting his girlfriend.

“So, what are you reading?” God how lame!

“It's Rosetti,” dawn answered him. “Spike said I could borrow the book and I'm copying down some of my favorites.”

Richard looked back at the words and almost gasped at the words. Good god. It was flowery, not so disguised, smut. Dawn let out a little snicker at his expression.

“It was published as a children's piece too,” she told him, grinning before continuing to write.

“No.” Richard's eyes widened slightly and a shocked smile spread across his face.

“Yeah,” she nodded. She set down her pen and looked at him. “Victorians were entirely too repressed I think.”

“Yeah,” Richard nodded. “Especially when it came to science.”

“You're into Science then?” Dawn asked, closing her book and setting it under the coffee table. She closed the tablet as well and set it on top of the book, hiding the nearly risqué cover.

“Yeah,” Richard nodded. “I'm thinking about preternatural biology as a major.”

“That sounds really intense,” Dawn admitted. She was blushing lightly. “I'll probably end up as a children's librarian or something.”

“Is that what you want to do?” He really wanted to know more about her, have something to relate to her with, something to see in her other than see himself above her. Or behind her, or under her.

“Not really,” she spoke, stopping his thoughts. He shifted lightly as she continued. “I like history. I think it would be cool to go investigate all the old writings in tombs and maybe figure out some lost language.”

“Just the writing part?” Richard asked.

“Maybe,” Dawn shrugged. “I'm not really into seeing dead bodies and zombies and stuff. I like myths, the supposed and the mystery, you know?”

“Mystery can be good,” Richard nodded. Like the mystery of how soft her hair might be. Or what her skin tasted like covered in sweat, what it tasted like as she screamed his name. 'Damn! I have to stop, she's a kid.'

Richard was not saved at dinnertime. Instead he was seated between Dawn and his cousin. Joyce smiling at him knowingly as she pushed him into his seat by the shoulders. She was surprisingly strong for such a petite woman. A few minutes later, another petite blonde came into the room and sat down. A green eyed young woman Richard could only assume was the elder sister Buffy, someone more his age and bearing a similarity to his dating history. She was pretty actually, but something about her was a bit odd and she kept ignoring everyone at the table.

A hand brushed against his thigh. "Sorry," Dawn apologized with a pink face. "I meant to itch my calf."

"I'm sure Richard doesn't mind," Joyce smiled before taking a bite of her potatoes.

That smile, combined with Buffy's smirk convinced the college-bound teen that these women were out to get him. It only got worse when Joyce started talking about Dawn leaving ballet for belly-dance and Buffy kept asking how cheerleading was going. Cheerleading was something of a family sport it seemed, as Joyce was recounting her days as head cheerleader and Dawn was very excited about the prospect of reaching such a level one day.

Richard gave an internal sigh. He just had to find the one cheerleader who was nice, smart, and a virgin. He could tell by the way she carried herself and the chaste touches she blushed from when they both reached for the same thing. But he could also tell that she wanted something from him. Something he couldn't actually bring himself to give her until she'd grown up a tiny bit.
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