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Xander knows.... Illyria?

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Summary: Xander and Gunn wonder, what the hell is going on?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventureDestrarkFR1818540153,05820 Mar 1120 Mar 11No
Discalimer: I own nothing, Joss Whedon owns the rights to everything about the Buffyverse and shows in it.

The sky was stormy, the wind howled down the empty street as the 4 stood. Wesley lay beside them in the alley. Illyria spoke.

“I wish to do more violence…”

The demon army stood marching towards them. Spike asked the question.

“So what now?”

Angel looked at him.

“You take the 30,000 on the left, Gunn the 30,000 on the right, Illyria as many as she wants.”

Spike looked back.

“And you? I doubt you’ll just be sittin’ round on your namby-pamby arse.”

“I’ll get the dragon.”

Illyria turned her head to them. Then back at Cyrus Vail’s army.

“We waste time. Let us do damage.”

They strode forwards, picking up speed as they charged until they ran towards the army. Nearby, a dark-hair man spoke as he watched from the top of the building.

“It’s only just begun.”

He watched as the 4 charged. The dragon swooping down, Angel jumping on its back and trying to keep hold as it flew into the sky. Illyria, beautiful as ever jumped into combat, breaking necks, backs and limbs as she smashed her hands and legs through them. Gunn methodically took on 1 at a time, holding the others off and acquiring nicks and scratches as he did so. Spike fought like the demon he was. Jumping, brawling, kicking, biting and gutting them with his sword.
The other side of the field was covered in demons marching towards them; the man looked over his shoulder at the groups of cars moving down various streets towards the battleground. The citizens of LA appeared to have cottoned on, staying inside for the night.

“Here comes the fuzz.”

He snorted.

“God that movie was lame compared to real life.”

The cars drove towards the demon horde, and then opened.

Angel jumped off the dragon as it crashed into the ground, setting fire to the grass and several demons, crushing others. A bright chirpy voice broke his fugue.

“So is this a private party? Or can anyone join in?”

He looked up blearily. Buffy, with a group of girls-Slayers- he corrected himself, was stood watching him steadily, Slayer Scythe in her arms. She turned round and yelled.

“Slayers! Get ‘em girls!”

They ran off, groups of slayers splitting into teams and cutting down demons easily. Willow walked over, leading a mixed group.

“Buffy, were ready.”

“Go for it Wills.”

The group spread out into a line, and as one, started throwing spells. Willow raised her arms and swung them down. Trees
pulling up and smashing into demons. Roots flailing. Angel was reminded of Lord of the Rings, when Doyle had forced him to watch it.

A young dark-haired man armed with an axe stood forwards towards Gunn. A demon launched itself on the black man’s back; the axe hammered into its spine just below the base of the neck Gunn rolled the demon off and took the proffered hand.


“Cool name for this business, Xander Harris. I hope Deadboys told you about me?”

“Normal guy who fights the big fight in the big league, not the small? Sure has, said you were more annoying than Spike.”

He smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Well I don’t like to brag, especially not right now when an apocalypse is going down, I usually wait till afterwards, don’t worry. Come on.”

Illyria watched as the young slayers fought beside her, but keeping their space away from her, as they should. They appeared to actually stand a chance of defeating this army. Then she felt something familiar. She turned around, confused as she often was by this self-contained world.

That man. Dark hair swept back, axe in hands and determined look on his face. She strode through the slaughter and smashed the brain of a demon about to kill him. He turned to look, but didn’t recognise her.

“You see me, but do not know me?”

Xander looked at her, confused. Gunn looked from him to her and then back at the battle. The slayers appeared to be winning.

“Illyria? Why would he know you?”

She looked at him with glacial coldness.

“Because he stood at my side before my reign began, until after it ended. He knew me like no other did. My superior, but my follower, my guide, my greatest warrior. But, you look younger, and confused. This hasn’t happened yet. The timeline loops and breaks…”

A crack and shock of lightning. A man stood before them.

“Not breaks my Queen. Just confused and odd.”

He smiled, and pulled a book from his long coat. He passed it to Xander then placed his hand on Illyria’s head. She shuddered then opened her eyes.

“Ah, I understand now. Wait for me………..Please.”

“Wesley taught you manners when I couldn’t, irony at work.”

Gunn and Xander looked at them oddly.

Illyria swung her arm and a portal opened. She grabbed Xander’s arm and jerked him through after her.

The man turned to Gunn. He face morphed. Into Xander Harris.

“Hey Gunn, long time no see, huh?”

Gunn blinked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander knows.... Illyria?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Mar 11.

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