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DYAC: The Pen Incident

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Summary: Dean has an... accident

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesMusesInspireFR1317300553421 Mar 1121 Mar 11Yes
TITLE: The Pen Incident
RATING: PG-13 (language)
RESPONSE TO: The Damn You Auto-Correct Challenge
DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. No attempt at profit is being made. Supernatural and Sam & Dean Winchester belong to both CW and McG.

Sam Winchester sat back against the headboard of the creaky motel bed and sighed. It had been a long day; hunting this particular demon was taking its toll on both him and Dean. They had been cooped up together for too long a stretch and finally Sam couldn’t take it any longer. He’d asked Dean to go to the bar down the road and get them some food. He knew Dean wouldn’t be back for a bit. He always found ‘company’ when he went out.

Picking up the remote, he switched on the TV and grimaced at the quality of image that came out of the ancient set. Shaking his head, he accepted that he wasn’t going to get Hi-Def from the local roach motel. You got what you paid for, after all. Settling back, he started watching one of the many mindless weeknight sitcoms and drank a beer from the bottle, chuckling occasionally over something one of the characters said or did.

In the middle of a argument scene of an episode of The Big Bang Theory that had Sam laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath, he felt his cell phone vibrate indicating he had a new message. Annoyed, he set his bottle on the nightstand and reached down and felt through the covers until he was able to find the phone. Seeing that it was Dean, the annoyance settled in deeper.

[ DEAN: Dude! I need your help! ]

Sam honestly considered not responding… he could just say that he didn’t get the text. It happened on occasion. The phone vibrated again, drawing his attention back to it and saw that Dean had messaged again.

[ DEAN: Sammy! I know youre there. I know youre reading this. I need your help, bro! ]

He sighed. Fine. Whatever.

[ SAM: Don’t call me Sammy. ]

He waited for a response. He found he didn’t need to wait for long.

[ DEAN: Dude! Finally! I need you to do me a favor. ]
[ SAM: You’re supposed to be getting us food, Dean. ]
[ DEAN: SAM! Focus, bro! I need you to get me some clothes! ]

That made Sam stop for a second. Clothes? Dean needed clothes? What the hell was going on over there?

[ SAM: Why do you need clothes? You’re right down the street. Come and get them yourself! ]
[ DEAN: Sammy, I swear… just bring me some clothes dammit. ]
[ SAM: I said, don’t call me Sammy. And why do you need clothes? ]
[ DEAN: Just bring me the damn clothes, ok? ]
[ SAM: No. ]

Sam sat back and reached to pick up his beer when the phone went off again. Growling out an expletive, he sat back and picked up the phone again to see that Dean had responded.

[ DEAN: Dude. Dont be a bitch. Just bring me some clothes down to the bar. ]
[ SAM: No. I’m watching TV. Come get your own clothes. ]
[ DEAN: Seriously, youre pissing me off! Bring me the some damn pants! Now! ]

Pants? What in the world..?

[ SAM: Dean, I’m not going anywhere until I know why I’m supposed to bring you pants. It had better be a good reason. ]

There was a pause and Sam could imagine Dean was sitting on the other end, red-faced, mouth tight, dreaming up ways to try and reach through the phone to strangle him right then. Once again, the phone vibrated and Sam glanced down to see where Dean had responded. He had to do a double-take and still couldn’t believe what he saw there.

[ DEAN: I broke my penis and it exploded all over my pants ]

Sam blinked for a moment and got ready to respond, not sure what to say exactly, when the phone went off again.

[ DEAN: Son of a bitch… my pen… I broke my pen ]
[ DEAN: Fucking auto-correct! ]

Sam just busted out laughing. He couldn’t help it. He started laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

[ SAM: Hahahahahaha no fucking way. No. Fucking. Way. No way in hell did that just happen. ]
[ SAM: This makes my week. ]
[ SAM: I love you, man. I love you. ]
[ DEAN: Shut up. Are you going to bring me some pants now? ]
[ SAM: Yeah. Be there in a couple of minutes. ]
[ DEAN: Good. Hurry it up! The waitress is waiting for me. ]
[ SAM: Figures. Jerk. ]
[ DEAN: Bitch. ]

The End

You have reached the end of "DYAC: The Pen Incident". This story is complete.

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