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Traveling Through Time

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Faith gets sent back into time.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith gets sent back into the 1800s by a time traveling demon after reading Hornblower's journal. Will Faith be able to save the Lieutenants and the crew of the HMS Renown from their insane Captain?

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredBritneyandJacobFR754,8470288722 Mar 1128 Mar 11No

HMS Renown

In Plymouth Sound on July of 1801 all the crew aboard the HMS Renown are going about their daily duties while waiting for their Captain James Sawyer coming aboard with the 2nd Lieutenant William Bush when they hear a scream come out of nowhere.

Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy officers of the watch and the crew turn around to see where the scream came from. Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy look through their telescope to see a young girl fall into the sea along with an ugly looking beast. As Faith lands into the water with the demon behind her, she tries in vain to get away from the demon as the demon suddenly drowns unable to swim to keep up with her. Faith sighs with relief when the demon is gone as she looks around at her new surroundings to see where she has landed.

Back on aboard the Renown, the crew has no idea where she had come from or the monster that was with her. Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy order Matthew & Styles to load a boat to pick up their mysterious stranger. As Matthew and Styles ready a jolly boat to pick up their mysterious stranger, Faith has no idea where the demon she was fighting sent her. She looks around to see ships in the harbor. She also sees boats being loaded into the water taking sailors to their ships.

As Faith is getting familiar with her new surroundings, she remembers reading Hornblower's journal right before the demon show up and now it seems she has been sent back into the 1800s. She wonders if she was sent here for a reason. Maybe she is supposed to help correct the captain's mistakes that he will make.

She remembers reading about the first incident where a seaman was push from the yardarm and died because the captain order that the first man down would be at the grating all because Mr. Hornblower wanted to shorten sails to keep the ship from utter destruction. She hopes that the captain will listen to reason and hopeful she can help save the Lieutenants and the crew of the HMS Renown from their captain.

Faith looks up at one of the ships in the harbor to see men loading a boat into the water and have began to row toward her and Faith starts to swim to the approaching boat coming her way. As Faith makes it to the approaching boat Matthew and Styles help Faith into the boat and as soon she gets settle in they command the men to start rowing back to the Renown with their guest aboard. As they get closer to the ship, Faith notices the name of the ship and cannot believe she is actually here. She made it to the HMS Renown.

They arrived back at the Renown, where Faith climbs aboard the ship and is giving a blanket to wrap around herself to keep warm. She looks around the ship to observe the crew who are in turn talking and observing her as well. Faith couldn't believe that the demon pushed her into the Hornblower world.

While this is going on Midshipman Wellard has notice a boating approaching the ship with the captain and 2nd Lieutenant aboard and informs Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Hornblower "Captain coming aft, sirs".

Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy observe through their telescope to see the captain's boat approaching the ship and commands the crew to ready for the captain coming aboard with the 2nd Lieutenant.

Faith stands aside waiting to meet this famous captain who she read about in Hornblower's journal. As the captain boards with the 2nd Lieutenant, she observes the crew stand at attention and watches how to captain observe his crew of the HMS Renown.

In Faith opinion the captain is observing his crew as if he is looking for mutinous acts or wrong doings of his crew while he was away. The captain then notices a female passenger who wasn't there when he left for shore leave.

He turns to the Lieutenants who where left in charge while he was gone and asks" Who is this Mr. Hornblower, Mr. Kennedy?"

Faith notices how Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy both tense up at their captain present. Mr. Hornblower informs the captain that "the lady was found in the water, sir".

"Myself and Mr. Kennedy order a boat to go and collect the passenger and by the time she boarded the ship, you were arriving and we didn't have time to collect her name or how she came to be here, sir."

The captain then turns toward Faith and asks "What is your name, miss" and how did you end up in the water?"

"My name is Faith Lehane, sir and I have no idea how I ended up in the water."

As Faith is looking at the captain, she sees that the captain doesn't believe a word out of her mouth about her having no idea how she came to be in the water.

"Miss Lehane, if you will join me in my cabin, we will continue this privately."

Faith nods at the captain and then proceeds to follow the captain to his cabin.

The captain then dismissed the crew by to their work as Faith is trying to come up with a possible explanation on how she ended up in the water without sounding crazy or getting thrown overboard.

As they are walking to the captain's cabin, Faith can feel the eyes of the crew on her as well as hear them talking about her as well as the demon that was with her.

She images that they are in shock over what they saw and hopeful won't ask her question on how she came to be here or who that ugly looking beast was.

She has a feeling that if they asked questions, they might not like the answers.
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