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Traveling Through Time

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Faith gets sent back into time.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith gets sent back into the 1800s by a time traveling demon after reading Hornblower's journal. Will Faith be able to save the Lieutenants and the crew of the HMS Renown from their insane Captain?

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredBritneyandJacobFR754,8470288722 Mar 1128 Mar 11No

Captain James Sawyer

When they arrive at the captain's cabin, Captain Sawyer opens the doors for her and they entered into his cabin as Faith is still contemplating about what to tell the captain on how she ended up in the water. She couldn't tell him the truth, because supernatural creatures don't exist in their world. She has to come up with some type of story that the captain would believe and not throw her overboard and be stuck in a time that she doesn't live in.

Faith finally gets an idea on how to explain to the captain how she ended up in the water as the captain offers her seat.

"Have a seat, Miss Lehane and tell me the truth on how you really ended up in the water".

"Well you see sir; I was standing on the dock waving goodbye to a friend of mine when someone who was running on the dock, not watching where they were going when I got pushed into the water, sir".

"Is that exactly what happens, Miss Lehane?" Asks Captain Sawyer.

"Yes sir". Replies Faith.

The captain leans back into his chair thinking about her answers.

Faith watches the captain, hoping and praying that the captain accepts her answer.

Finally, after the long silence, the captain says "Okay, Miss Lehane, accidents due happen out here, especially if one is standing too close to the edge of the harbor."

"Yes sir". "I'll have to be more careful in the future sir."

"In the mean time, you can stay aboard my ship".

"Thank you, sir".

"You'll thank me in time, Miss Lehane".

"I have Lieutenant Kennedy let you use his room, since we have no cabins available at this time".

"I also will have one of the seamen loan your some clothes and some shoes as well."

The captain heads to his door and opens it to ask the nearest marine to have Lieutenant Kennedy report to his cabin immediately.

The captain then closes his door and sits back down while they wait for Lieutenant Kennedy to come.

A few minutes have gone by when they hear a knock at the door and the captain calls out "come".

Lieutenant Kennedy enters the captain's cabin as Faith looks over at the Lieutenant.

"You wish to see me sir".

"Yes, Mr. Kennedy." The captain gets up from his desk and walks over to Mr. Kennedy.

"Miss Lehane will be staying aboard with us and I have requested that you allowed her to share your cabin".

"Yes sir". Replies Kennedy.

"Also ask one of the men in your division to loan Miss Lehane some dry clothes, shoes and also have them get an extra hammock to be place into your cabin."

"Aye, aye sir". Mr. Kennedy salutes the captain and exited the captain's cabin to get one of the men in his division to get Miss Lehane some dry clothes, shoes and a hammock to hang up in his cabin for her to sleep in as requested.

While they are waited for the requested items, Faith can hardly believe that she is here on the HMS Renown under the famous Captain James Sawyer and he is letting her stay aboard when he could've thrown her overboard. He doesn't seem too far-gone and maybe she can save the crew of this ship without any problems.

After a few minutes have gone by, there is a knock on the door and the captain calls out "come".

Lieutenant Kennedy comes back inside with a seaman who is holding her clothes, shoes as well as her hammock to sleep in.

The seaman steps forward and hands Faith her shoes and her clothes.

"Here you are Miss".

"Thank you sir".

"No problems miss".

With clothes and shoes in hand, Captain Sawyer then asks Mr. Kennedy to escort Miss Lehane to his cabin to get change and dry while the captain has Mr. Hornblower get the ship under way.

Mr. Kennedy offers his arm to Faith and she accepts it and allows Mr. Kennedy to escort her to his cabin. The captain exits the cabin along with Mr. Kennedy, Faith and the seaman behind him.

While Faith is walking with Mr. Kennedy, she observes the men working around the ship and discovers that they are a very good working crew. They don't seem to be lazy. They seem to her that they are a fighting crew ready to defend their country and King.

For a ship that has a crazy captain running it, they work really well together. They arrived at Mr. Kennedy's cabin, Archie opens the door for her, and she enters looking around the cabin and is surprise at the size of it as the seaman hangs up the extra hammock and then leaves Miss Lehane and Mr. Kennedy alone to get back to his duties.

"I want to thank you Mr. Kennedy for allowing me to use your cabin, I hope it isn't an inconvenience on your sir."

"Not at all Miss Lehane, I was glad to help".

"Please call me Faith."

"Miss Lehane reminds me of my mother."

Archie looks unsure at calling a woman by her first name. In this time, it is unheard of. Faith senses his hesitation at calling her by her first name and assures him that it's okay.

"Very well Faith "Archie says.

"This is where you will sleep and if you need anything at all don't hesitate to asked me"

"I will go back on deck to let you get settle it."

"Thank you again Mr. Kennedy."

"If I can call you Faith, you can call me Archie."

"Very well Archie" replies Faith while she watches Archie exited his cabin smiling at her and she smiles back at him.

After Archie leaves his cabin to go back to his duties, Faith get settle in and starts by getting out of her wet clothes. She puts her clothes down in her hammock and she starts by removing her wet clothing and hangs them up to dry.

She also removes her shoes that are soaking wet, puts them aside, and put on her buckle shoes along with the seamen clothes she was loan. After she get change and looking presentable, she sits down on her hammock to think about what will accord on the Renown the next full days.

She remembers another incident involving Midshipman Wellard being beating at the grating for counteracting the captain's permission to take a reef in, order by second Lieutenant Bush. She also remembers reading about how Mr. Hornblower tries to tell the captain that the sail was being torn apart and the captain order them both below and causing Mr. Hornblower to be put on continuous watch. She is determined to prevent these incidents as well as she can.
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