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Might makes Right!

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Summary: Xander wins a bet and then the chaos begins.

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Games > Comic/Superhero > Freedom ForcerothosFR1342,444097,41122 Mar 1121 Apr 11No

Comforting the Queen

Comforting the Queen

A/N This is my Fourth time retyping this chapter due to RL deciding to erase it from my places in which I stored the data. This should work.

Cordellia ran out of the Library doors sobbing hysterically, Xander was halfway out of his chair when Buffy stopped him.
"Let me go comfort I-Cordellia; this requires a woman's touch." she said as she walked out the doors.
"Me-Giles, do you have any books that might help us in coping?" Xander said.
"I think so Min-Xander." Giles said going into the stacks.
"Now, where did I put that copy of Encyclopedia Magica?" Giles mused as he browsed.

Meanwhile outside the Library of Slaydom

Buffy narrowly dodged a falling object, which turned out to be a well-done squirrel. She floated upwards on the superheated air and sat down next to Queen C.
"You know I don't think you have it that bad, considering you already have a hero costume. We still have to make ours Halloween really tore up our suits." Buffy said.

"Well, you don't run the risk of leveling a city block when you get mad!If I lose my cool at school then it might collapse and Snyder would sign my expulsion papers from his hospital bed!
Besides I can't cheer in this!" Cordelia said the suit's valves glowing.
"Hey! You don't literally burn through your wardrobe! Giles said that with some meditation work you could get out of the suit! I might never be able to touch anyone again without burning them!"
Buffy screamed eyes turning red.
Just then Willow floated up.
"Hey guys Men-Giles and Min-Xander found somethin' y'all should see." the newly confident hacker-sorceress said.
Cordy and Buffy calmed down and followed Willow back into the library.

"So, Summers is a real hero? That makes it all the better. Soon I will have my immortality! Then the World will tremble before my might!" said a mysterious figure.

"Who is this mysterious figure? What can our heroes do about school? Only time and the next chapter of Might makes Right! will tell!" says the announcer.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Might makes Right!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Apr 11.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking