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Might makes Right!

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Summary: Xander wins a bet and then the chaos begins.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer- BTVS is not mine, that is Joss Whedon's, Freedom Force is not mine, they belong to Irrational Games, a subsidiary of 2K Games. Any characters from the Flipside series belong to Glitch Girl.

A/N: I will be using characters from the original Freedom Force, for now I plan to keep the BTVS chain of events, mostly since Sukov and most of the other villains from either game would be pushing retirement age and/or dead of old age. That is not to say they will not rear their ugly heads.

Xander was ecstatic, he had won a bet with Cordelia that he got the chance to choose her costume for Halloween if he got more passing grades than her in classes.

He could remember the grades vividly. He had a C in Math, English and Science. He got a B in Gym and a D in History not too shabby. He whistled as he walked down the hall to compare mid term report cards with Queen C.

The aforementioned cheerleader was not happy, she grumbled as she thrust the report at the King of Cretins. Xander looked and beamed. She had an F in History, and four C's, upon reading this Xander did a mental Scooby dance.

He had told the alpha female of Sunnydale High's social ladder to meet him at Ethan's since Snyder had decreed there be groups of five students with a faculty supervisor in costume for chaperoning and those costumes had to have a theme.

Xander chose a Freedom Force theme, a hero group from an obscure comic book series.
Xander had picked out costumes already, he was Minuteman, Alchemiss was there, so was Iron Maiden, La Diabla and Mentor.

Xander was puzzling over how to get the Iron Maiden costume together in a couple days when a thought occurred to him. Why didn't he just use the astronaut costume as a base? He gathered his things and put it in a shopping carriage as he put together the other costumes, the blue shirt and flames weren't too hard for the La Diabla costume. The Alchemiss costume wasn't as hard as the Mentor costume, finding the band with the right color jewel in the right size was difficult and that was when.

“Can I help you young man?” said a British accented voice from behind Xander's left shoulder.

Xander started and turned around.

“Don't do that, I almost had a heart attack! Between you and Giles, I think English people like making my life difficult!” Xander said increasing in volume as he went.

Could Ripper be here? Have to play a trick on the Watcher now won't I? Ethan thought.
“Well, what do you need help with? Finding everything you need alright?” Ethan said What the devil is he going to do with all those parts? Ethan thought.

“Well I need to find a amethyst tiara with a large headband.” Xander said. Yep, those masks I got will do for myself, Alchemiss and La Diabla. Those red bandoliers will do with the white paint for the star-crosses, those black boots I have at home will do for me and one of the girls probably has shoes for their outfit. Patriot will be easy enough to cut out of scrap metal at my Uncle's shop.

Ethan reached into a box labeled Odds and Ends and withdrew a amethyst tiara.
“You might want to look through this box, it was odds and ends I received from the costume company. I was going to throw them out.”

Xander began looking and found an assortment of things, like a red belt, a russian commuist's hat, a iron on red radiation symbol,a ray gun, a deck of playing cards, a fountain pen, a white cloth bag, a monocle and a pair of sunglasses.

Xander grabbed the red belt and looked at the proprietor. “I'd like to cash out now.”
Ethan looked at the boy and smiled internally.

“If you can tell me what you are going to do with these odds and ends I'll let you have everything for free.” Ethan said curious.

“Well, the red belt, white paint and red bandoliers are the start of my Minuteman costume. The masks are for La Diabla, Minuteman and Alchemiss. The iron on flames are for La Diabla, the astronaut suit is for Iron Maiden and the modified generic superhero with a cape is for Mentor.”

Ethan was rather impressed and packaged the things up without a word. Xander went out to his Uncle Rory's beat-up pickup and deposited his treasures.

Rory just grinned as he saw his nephew smiling and was happy that he could contribute to that, he knew his brother was worthless and who knows maybe that old comic book series would live again for a night. Too bad Irrational Comics had gone under, they gave their stockholders free comics once a year. Rory turned the key and drove towards his garage.

A/N: I think I'll end this chapter here, next chapter will begin the Halloween sequence.
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