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Deadly Crush

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Summary: Dean Winchester was sent by Crowley to kidnap Reneesme Cullen, but Dean once loved her. As the Cullens have no concept of demons, they have to trust Dean to keep Reneesme safe.

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We All Keep Secrets

“Nessie, breakfast!”

Taking one last look in the mirror Reneesme tugged on her slightly wrinkled shirt and then found a clean sweater to put on over the shirt. She grabbed her messenger bag and trotted down the stairs. As usual everyone was seated at the table, but only two people were actually eating: her and Jacob. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Bella and Edward took up seats at the table, but didn’t partake in the meal.

“Morning, Nessie,” Jacob beamed.

Reneesme rolled her eyes, what was normal to this family would be scarily odd for normal people. “Morning all, did we all sleep well?“

Edward smirked.

“I know I did,“ Jacob smiled.

Reneesme checked her watch and sat down, as she looked up toward the food she noticed Alice’s blank look. After a moment, Alice blinked, glanced at Reneesme and then looked at Jasper.

“Yes?“ Reneesme asked.

“What?“ Alice replied innocently.

“Oh, please, you just had a vision about me.”

“No, I…”

Reneesme glared at her as she picked up her glass of orange juice, chugged it, grabbed a piece of toast and stood.

“Wait, where are you going?” Bella asked.

“Class, mom, if you’re all going to have a secret meeting I’m kicking myself out.” She left the house slamming the door. She huffed and went to her car.

As she arrived at school, she noticed a familiar car in the parking lot. She parked her car a few spaces down and went over to look into the window of the classic car. There were duffel bags on the back seat and take out containers on the floor. The car was covered in a fine layer of dust. She drew a smiley face and wrote ‘clean me’ on the driver’s side window. She smiled as she walked to class.

“So?” Dean asked.

There are three Cullens registered at this school,” Sam showed Dean the computer screen, which displayed a series of ID photos.



“It’s Ren.”

“Reneesme Cullen,” Sam spoke.

“Class schedule, now,” Dean ordered.

Sam clicked a few times and it appeared on the screen as he looked up to Dean something else caught his eye, “uh, Dean.”

Dean turned to see what Sam was staring at. Sam began gathering his things.

“No, you stay here.” Dean went over to their suspected prey.

“Hey, Ren,” he whispered.

She turned and dropped her book surprised. He stooped down and picked it up.

“Dean, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

“Yeah, about that, is there somewhere we can go to talk?”

“Coffee shop off campus?”

Dean signaled to Sam that he was leaving, before following Reneesme out to her car.

“So how have you been?” He asked.

“Okay, I guess, you?”

“Not so much.”

“You still suck at small talk,” she was about to say more when her phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and sighed, “ my mom has excellent timing.”

Dean smirked.

“Mom, I’m driving I can’t talk.” She paused. “No, I won’t I told you I have two mid-terms today.” She glanced over at Dean, “mom, I don’t care, I asked Aunt Alice at breakfast what her problem was and she didn’t want to share then, so I don’t care now.“

Dean noticed a police car parked off to the side a few blocks up, he tapped Ren’s arm and nodded toward the car.

“Mom, I’m not getting a ticket for talking and driving. I’ll see you tonight.” She hung up and threw phone into her purse on the back seat. “Thanks,” she smiled at Dean.

Dean nervously made his way to the table Ren picked out with their coffees. “One no non-sense and one sugar explosion,” he smiled as he handed her cup over.

“Hey, I’m in the middle of mid-terms, the caffeine keeps me focused and the sugar is for the energy.”

Dean smirked, “so are your parents still overbearing?”

“Is yours still absent?”

“In a way, he died a few years ago.”

“Oh, Dean, I’m so sorry.”

Dean gave her a brave face, “it’s okay.” He took a sip. “Ren, I need to ask you something weird, but please don’t dump your coffee on me.”

“O-kay, what is it?”

“Are you half vampire?”

She froze and started to look scared.

“Ren, I don’t want to hurt you, even though that’s why I was sent here.”

Her eyes narrowed, “What?”

Dean explained his indentured servitude to Crowley and what led him to Reneesme. At his finish she finally spoke, “oh my god, my dad was right.”

“Right about what?”

“You are dangerous.”

“Oh,” he started to say more, but was interrupted as her phone beeped.

She picked it out of her purse and her eyes grew wide, “crap, my history mid-term starts in 15 minutes.” She stood, grabbing her purse and coffee, “I’ll drive you back to campus, I take it you did research on me?”

He nodded his head as he held the door open for her.

“So you know where I live?”

“I do.”

“Come to my house at six for dinner.” She paused wondering if that sounded weird as she started the car. “You won’t be dinner, you’ll eat it, steak sound good?”

Dean smiled thinking she was making a joke, “Sounds great.”

“Good, I’ll tell Jake.”

“Jake? Your Uncle Jake?”

“Yeah, something like that,” she muttered.

Sam glared at Dean, “you got us invited to the vampire den for dinner? Are you suicidal?”

“Sam,” Dean started to speak, “you don’t remember Ren, do you?”

“What?” Sam asked confused.

“New York?” Dean saw a blink of recognition in Sam’s eyes. “My sophomore prom date was your biology tutor.” Dean watched the realization appear in Sam’s eyes.

“I thought there was something familiar about her.”

“So are you going to behave yourself?”

Sam didn’t know how to answer.

“Nevermind, just don’t stake first.“

Reneesme entered the house unsurprised to see Aunt Alice with a worried look. “Do you care to explain yourself?”

“Yes, I invited an old friend for dinner and Jake,” she smiled at the werewolf, “is going to make his famous stake and potato dinner.”

“Am I?” Jacob asked.

Reneesme smiled. “Hey, you don’t want to share your vision, fine! Maybe the object of your vision is coming to dinner, we’ll see. He’ll be here at six. I’m going to go work on my term paper.“ She turned and went up the stairs heading for her room.

Once the thud-thud of metal music filtered through the house, Alice spoke, “maybe we should tell her.”

“Either way you need to stop keeping secrets from her,” Jasper added, “at some point she won’t take anymore.”

Bella stared at him, “what are you saying?“

“Think about it, we aren’t normal and we were lucky she wasn’t a troublesome teen.“ Edward spoke understanding what Jasper was talking about. He glanced up at the ceiling and sighed, “I can’t believe she actually likes this stuff, I always thought it was just to annoy me.“

Alice smiled, “I’d like to say it’ll pass, but I haven’t seen that yet.”

“Take the word of one immortal, give your soul to me, For eternity release your life, to begin another time with her, ”* Reneesme sang as she googled Dean. She was a little surprised by what she found, although his wanted poster was kinda cute. She looked up Sam as well and found a peculiar fansite and a link to a book series. She remembered Sam as the gawky smart kid she tutored in biology. She ordered one of the books from the campus book store and then started grading assignments from the class she was a TA for. She was halfway through when she heard a knock at the front door. She dropped her stuff, shut off the music and raced for the door.

Dean parked the Impala in front of the expensive corvette and glanced up at the quaint house. Sam was getting out of the car, when Dean spoke. “Leave the weapons.”

“What? No!”

“Sam, you don’t need them and I won’t have you shooting up the dinner table.“

“Dean, we are walking into a vampire den, I won’t go in unarmed.”

Dean knew he wasn’t going to win this argument, “one gun, that’s it.”

“Then I want the knife.”

Dean made a face, “fine.” He led the way up to the door and knocked. After a moment Reneesme opened the door. She stepped back causing Sam and Dean to take a step back and closed the door behind her. As Dean stepped back, he took in her fuzzy pink sweater with a lacy white camisole hiding her cleavage.

“Get it all out of your system now, cause my dad is telepathic and you can’t take him in a fight.“

Sam scoffed.

Reneesme snickered, “have you ever won a fight with a brick wall?”

The brother silently stared at her.

“Anyway, behave yourself,” Reneesme spoke glancing at Dean’s crotch and then meeting his eyes with smirk. She opened the door, “welcome to the freak show.“

*Lyrics from Disturbed‘s “Into the Fire“, I thought it was very appropriate.
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