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Deadly Crush

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Summary: Dean Winchester was sent by Crowley to kidnap Reneesme Cullen, but Dean once loved her. As the Cullens have no concept of demons, they have to trust Dean to keep Reneesme safe.

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(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR1389,111051,36223 Mar 116 Nov 12No

What Never Could Be, but Is?

Reneesme awoke with sunlight blinding her and an arm draped over her shoulder. She blinked and her vision cleared, she was in a nicely furnished bedroom. There was a manly moan behind her, “morning.” She slowly rolled onto her back and took account of her situation. She was naked under the covers and so was he. As she rolled, the hand settled on her naked breast under the fluffy comforter. Across from the bed was a dresser with a menagerie of styling/beauty products and two guns on either side, his and hers?

“As much as I’m enjoying this moment, you’re going to be late.”

“Late?” She asked she was almost afraid to find out who was next to her.

“For your big exciting research project,” he suggested.

She pealed her eyes from cataloging her surroundings and looked over at her bed partner. It was Dean! He smiled brightly and then they were kissing. In his mind’s eye, she saw the naked activities they had accomplished last night. She pulled more from him and saw him proposing after a hunt by the light of burning remains. She saw them getting married by an Elvis impersonator and later receiving an angry phone call from Alice.

Dean sighed heavily as she broke the kiss. “Babe, I know you love reliving the events, but I can’t take the succubus act right now.”

“Remind me what I’m doing today, instead of you?” She asked seductively.

“You,” he kissed her nose, “are finally getting your wish to see if your blood can be beneficial for human health.” He slid out of bed, “come on, sleepy head, the shower is calling.”

Ren followed him into the bathroom as she passed the bathroom mirror she saw a glimpse of a disturbing scene. She stepped back and saw herself strapped to a morgue table with a female djinn holding her head with glowing blue hands.

“She’s fighting me.” The djinn spoke.

“Deeper,” a familiar voice commanded.

Ren blinked and she was no longer in her bathroom, but in the shower with Dean. She blinked again and found herself in a sparse lab with two teaching assistants and a panel of potential lab rats.

“Professor Winchester will administer you either a placebo,” one of the assistants was explaining, “or the real experimental drug. Each one of you will attend weekly mandatory checkups and write in a daily journal.”

“All dreams, experiences and symptoms must be recorded,” Ren added.

“Dreams?” A student asked.

“Yes, it may not seem pertinent, but it very well could be.” Ren replied.

Ren arrived home to find her studly husband in the backyard shirtless grilling dinner. “That better not be some beasty you two hunted down.” She threatened.

Dean smirked, “hunted it down at the local farmers market. How was the first day?”

“As well as I could have expected, I still can’t believe I’m getting away with this right under everyone’s noses.”

“We checked the administration criminally and demonically all clean.”

“I know, do you still think I’m doing the right thing? I could create a new demon breed.”

“Which Sam and I will kill, cover up and we’ll never speak about it again.” He flipped the burgers. “Or you’ll find a cure for cancer.”

“I’m going to change, how long til dinner?”

“Ten minutes and don’t be late.”

“Yes, dear,” she called back as she entered the house.

She changed from her work attire into yoga pants and a tank top. She went into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Straightening up she looked into the mirror again seeing herself strapped down with a familiar man standing over her.

“She’s more powerful than you think.” The djinn spoke.

“She has the answers and her knights have arrived, so time is up.”

Ren blinked and she was eating dinner with Dean.

“Ren?” He asked concerned.

“Do you remember Crowley?” She asked.

His cheerful face turned sour. “Why?”

“I’m having flashbacks of when he took me.”

“Took you?”

“Yeah, he tortured me and…and,” she wanted to say Dean rescued her, but she couldn’t remember being rescued.


She stood so suddenly that her chair fell back. “You never rescued me; I’m still there, aren’t I?”

“Ren, calm down.”

“No,” she watched as Dean’s hands glowed blue. “Calm down.”

“No, no.”

“Just tell me where purgatory is,” Dean spoke, but Ren could also hear a woman’s voice asking.

“I told you I don’t know.” Ren suddenly felt pain radiating through her whole body. “No, I…Know someone who could find it,” she spoke out of breath barely gasping the words out.

“Who?” Dean and the woman’s voice asked.

“Alice, Alice Cullen,” Ren prayed she was making the right choice, “she could find the alpha and purgatory.”

The fake reality bled away and like a bad trip revealed the bleak reality of the morgue. Crowley looked pleased, “and how do we find Alice Cullen?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Deadly Crush" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 12.

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