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Deadly Crush

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Summary: Dean Winchester was sent by Crowley to kidnap Reneesme Cullen, but Dean once loved her. As the Cullens have no concept of demons, they have to trust Dean to keep Reneesme safe.

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Working for the Man Sucks

Disclaimer: SPN belongs to Eric Kripke, Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyers.
Spoilers: AU for Breaking Dawn, because I haven’t read the book so I honestly haven’t a clue to what happens aside from what has been spoiled for me.

Supernatural spoilers up to mid-S6, then AU. So Sam is still soulless.

Notes & Warnings: Reneesme is the same age as Dean. AU-ish for Twilight; and there might be some Edward and Bella bashing, but I’ll try not to make it too mean.

Working for the Man Sucks

13 Years ago

“It’s bad enough being a teenager, but when you’re special or different in any way it’s like there’s a sign over your head, blinking. Y‘know?”

She touched his arm, thinking dirty thoughts about him and watched horrified as he shuttered. She pulled her hand away quickly, but the damage was done.

“What was that?”


“That! You touched me and I saw stuff, you’re supposed to be normal, what are you?!”

She gaped at him, how was she to explain? Her aunt had warned her of this strange boy, but she couldn’t stay away. And now he knew something was wrong with her. Not knowing what to do she grabbed her things and ran. She skipped school the next day and when she returned the day after he and his dad had already left town.


Sam glanced over at Dean as he drove, Dean gripped the steering wheel tighter. “What?” Dean practically growled.

“Nothing, I know working for Crowley sucks, but we find this last one and we’re done.”

“Right, because it’ll be so easy to find a vampire-human hybrid. Where do you think we should start? I hear Transylvania’s nice this time of year.” The sarcasm was thick in Dean’s voice, as he punctuated it by looking over as Sam rolling his eyes.

“Dean,” Sam started.

“Sam,” Dean replied, Dean missed how Sam used to be. How they both used to be before. He pulled the car over.


“You drive, I need a nap.” Dean got into the back and laid down. He glanced up and watched as Sam shrugged, slid into the driver’s seat and pulled the car back onto the road.

A few hours later they were sitting in a small town’s coffee shop, Dean scoured newspapers and Sam searched the net.

“Seriously, who the hell would have a kid with a vampire?” Even as Dean spoke, he noticed a group of teenaged girls a table over gushing over a teen vampire book.

Sam eyed them with a smirk, “teenaged girls.”

Dean took a sip of coffee, “okay, so I’m a teenaged girl who’s all Juliet for a vamp and finds a way to get knocked up so he has to stay with me, forever. Where do we go with our undead love child?”

Sam looked up from the computer screen to stare at Dean.


“Uh, well, about 30 years ago a teen girl Bella Swan vanished from Forks, Washington around the same time her boyfriend’s family left town.”

Dean had a disbelieving look on his face, “where are you reading that from?”

“The blog of a townie, he’s a wanna be reporter.”

“Sounds lame, but it’s a start. What’s the name of the boyfriend?”


Dean blinked and prayed it wasn’t the same family he had known when he was a teenager. “So, any records for where the Cullens might be located now?”

“Small town in Pennsylvania”

“Well, let’s go.”
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