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Summary: When told to keep his geekdom down and to himself, Andrew makes a wish with far reaching consequences for Buffy.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final FantasydeathgeonousFR1833,6141213,61124 Mar 119 Feb 14No


AN1: Hey, I know that I shouldn’t be starting a new story with all my other fics needing updates rather badly, but this has been stuck in my head for quite some time, and it’s finally demanding its release. So here it is.

Disclaimer: I do not own the intellectual property that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its associated characters, locations, items, ideas, or anything else that may be associated with it. Those belong to each of their own respective copyright owners. I do not own the intellectual property that Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, or any of its associated characters, locations, items, ideas, or anything else that may be associated with it. Those belong to each of their own respective copyright owners. I do not own any of the intellectual properties that are any other fictional persons, places or things. Those belong to each of their own respective copyright owners. I do not own any real person, place or thing. Those belong to either themselves, in the case of a person, or their real life current true owners in case of a place or object. What I do own is any and every original person, place or thing used in here as well as the story its self. Those very few things are mine. And that’s all that ever will be mine.




In a castle somewhere in Scotland: 2013

Buffy walked with trepidation towards Andrew’s room while whispering to herself “And here, in ‘Castle de Slayer’ I approach the room of the castle’s very own mad scientist.” She shook her head and then stated “I really spent way too much time last night watching old horror movies with Dawn. Sheesh.” Shaking her head again, she asked of herself “So why I the one being sent to talk to Andrew? I mean I’m the leader of this outfit, shouldn’t that mean that I get to, you know, delegate the responsibilities for things that I do not wish to do onto others, instead of somehow getting stuck with the suck jobs myself?”

Sighing, she realized that she had reached the object of her current quest, Andrew’s Room, and with great trepidation, she knocked on his door.

“Yes, come in!” Andrew’s voice shouted out and she opened to door while saying

“Andrew we need to talk, all this banging and… What the hell is that!?!” Buffy screeched out as she saw what look to be a shire or something being setup against one wall.

“Do you like it?” Andrew asked gleefully.

“WHAT IS IT!?!” Buffy shouted at him.

“Well, to celebrate the completion of the Final Fantasy Seven Anthology, I’ve made my own humble tribute to it.” Andrew told her with glee.

“YOU’VE MADE A SHIRNE TO A STUPID VIDEO GAME!?!” Buffy screeched at him while pulling on her hair while thinking ‘WHY ME LORD? JUST WHY ME!?!’

“It is NOT a stupid video game! When it first came out it was praised as ‘Quite possibly the greatest game ever made’ and even sixteen years later, that’s still the truth!”

“It’s still just a video game Andrew, and your building of your shine is keeping people awake at night, so I was asked to ask you to keep it down.” Buffy all but growled out at Andrew.

“Just a video game!?! Dear lord are you misinformed Buffy, it is the greatest video game in history, and I, for one, wish you would experience it for yourself so that you could see that!” Andrew shouted out, and then a woman’s voice suddenly and gleefully shouted out from the void,

“Wish granted!”

Buffy face drained of all of its color in her shock, while Andrew looked about to pass out in fear. “You didn’t” Buffy whispered out.

“I think I just did.” Andrew solemnly whispered back.

And then, as Buffy started to slowly fade in and out of existence, she shouted out at Andrew, the mysterious Vengeance Demon and just the world in general “I WILL RETURN, AND WHEN I DO, MY VENGENCE SHALL BE BOTH A GREAT AND TERRIBLE THING!!!”

Andrew just fainted in shock, while the Vengeance Demon somehow felt that she had just done a very bad thing for her continued good health.

“Ah well, it not like she can just come back from where I sent her, right?” Crack! Boom! Came from outside as a storm started to suddenly gather. Sweat now glistening on her forehead she said “Ah, yeah, well maybe I should just go and check that my will is up to date, just in case, right?”

On Gaia: In The Shin-Ra Mansion of Nibelheim: 1975

“Congratulations Professor Hojo, your wife has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl.” A nurse told the waiting scientist. Even though it had grated on him greatly, even he had to admit that he had no experience with helping with live birth, so he had delegated the task to others more suited to the job. Thinking about how now that his son and greatest experiment ever had finally been born, and now that since he had, he could begin the true experiments, absently replied with

“Thank you.” Then what the nurse actually said hit him and he asked “Wait…, what?”

EAN1: Yeah, Buffy as the sister of Sephiroth. Like I said, I’ve had this idea for a while actually, but never really done anything about it, till now. HEHEHAHAHOHOHAHAHA!!! Ok, enough with the evil maniacal laughter, you’ll hopefully see the first chapter of this soon, if I can actually get some solid time on my computer so that I can write more of this.
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