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And So It Will Be

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Summary: SPN/BtVS/Legion: Parallel Dimensions, Meddling Higher Powers, Angels, Slayers, Hunters

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
Movies > Legion
FaithWinchesterFR2133,173071,35825 Mar 1124 May 13No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the movie Legion, nor any of the recognizable characters from these canon sources.

Hey, all! So, I don't have much written on this one yet, but I love the idea and if there's anyone out there who's as into these three canons as I am, I'm looking for a beta. Now, please be patient with me, I don't have a lot of free time these days, so I may not update quickly, but I will keep working on it.

So, what if Jess didn't die, but was yanked out of her reality at the last minute and given a new life in a new world? And what if the reason she was being targeted by the demons was because she was pregnant with Sam's baby? When her new world all the sudden starts showing signs of an apocalypse, who better to save it than our favorite hunters, a dark Slayer and a magical Key?

This fic begins post season 7 for BtVS and mid-first season for SPN. Hope you enjoy.



It wasn’t fair. The girl was pretty, young and in love. Cordelia could not, in good conscience, just sit back and let her die because some demon had decided she was in the way of his plans. Sometimes, it was good be dead, she supposed, with the powers she had now, but she was going to be in so much trouble when the Powers That Be found out about this…


The last person in the world Faith expected to see sitting on her bed was Cordelia Chase. The Queen Bee of Sunnydale High had never been one of her favorite people and aside from that, she’d been dead for several years now. When she heard someone say her name, she sat up, rubbed the sleep from her eyes, blinked and then tried rubbing them again, but the pretty brunette with the perfect highlights and shiny manicure was still there.

“Um-“ was all she could say, her hand sliding under her pillow, seeking and finding the hilt of her knife.

“Don’t bother with the knife, Faith, I’m already dead,” she said, rolling her eyes and that was when Faith was sure it was really Cordelia.

“Okay, so… what the hell are you doing here?” Faith asked.

“Gotta deliver a message and Buffy isn’t the right girl for this one,” Cordelia told her.

“What kind of message?” Faith asked her, warily.

“The kind where the world could end,” Cordelia said and Faith groaned.

“Not again.”


Faith stared at the roadside tavern for a moment, then, with a huge sigh, got out of her truck and started for the door. The Roadhouse was one of those dusty looking places where you expected to find a few old timers sitting around drinking because they had no place better to go. Most of the time, places like that didn’t get a lot of younger customers, in Faith’s experience, but when she stepped through the door, she was surprised to find the ages of the patrons ranged from ancient to barely legal. Most of them stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at her when she walked through the door. The woman behind the bar looked her over twice, then gave her a friendly nod.

“Hey there. If you’re hungry the fryer’s still hot.”

“Nah, I’m good,” Faith said, stepping up to the bar, her eyes skipping over the patrons before settling back on the woman. “Just a beer, please.”

“I’m Ellen,” said the bartender, sliding a bottle of Coors across the bar. “Haven’t seen you in these parts before.”

“Just pulled in. I’m sort of looking for someone,” Faith said and Ellen cocked her head. If Faith wasn’t mistaken, suspicion entered her eyes.

“Are you now? And who would that be?” Ellen asked.

“Winchesters. Sam and Dean,” Faith told her and she saw recognition flash across Ellen’s face. Apparently she’d come to the right place.

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