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Yugi vs the Lost Boys

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Yu-Gi-Oh Crossovers, Prompts and Oneshots". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Yugi goes to Santa Carla for a vacation. What happens when he meets the Lost Boys?

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BuffyKaibaHuntFR746,0200656126 Mar 118 Jul 11No

Yugi, meet the Lost Boys


Hey there, guys! Here’s a new crossover story I cooked up one day. It’s an Alternate Universe, and it’s between “The Lost Boys” and the anime Yu-Gi-Oh.

In this story, Yugi meets the Lost Boys. Can he escape from them, or will they finally have his soul? Takes place in 2008.

Disclaimer: Genius Kazuki Takahashi owns Yu-Gi-Oh. Joel Schumacher and the geniuses at Warner Bros. own The Lost Boys. The song lyrics I put in here belong with their respective owners. I own the stories, oneshots, poems and stories I cook up from time to time.

It was nighttime. In Santa Carla, California, things were different at night. But they were also deadly. It was true that Santa Carla had gained a reputation as the “Murder Capitol of the World”. Every night, some people would go missing, never to be seen again. And there were some mysterious deaths, too.

Another thing about Santa Carla was the enigmatic biker gang. They were these four guys. But they weren’t just any group of bikers. For one thing, they were never seen in the daytime and only came out at night.

Of course, the shocking thing was that if you were foolish enough to cross them, you would wind up missing.

However, all that was about to change one night in Santa Carla… or was it?

Tonight was a warm summer night in Santa Carla. It was the place to be. The boardwalk was all lit up, and the youth were able to wile away the hours of the night having fun.

Yugi Moto, fifteen, had amethyst eyes that held an innocence that was said to be childlike. His hair was red, yellow and black, and shaped like lightning bolts.

At the moment, he was walking through the crowded amusement park. He was wearing blue pants, a black T-shirt covered by a blue jacket, and white shoes. Right now, though, he was feeling very lonely. He hoped that by coming to the park, and losing himself in the crowd and noise, he would feel so much better. After a while of getting pushed around by tourists and things like that, he decided to go to the beach. As he headed to the sand, he wasn’t aware of the cold blue eyes that followed his small figure.

David was sitting on his motorcycle with his buddies near the beach. Sometimes they liked to come to the beach and relax. Tonight was one of those nights.

“All right boys, let’s…” David never finished what he was saying. His attention was shifted to a young boy in blue jeans and a black T-shirt covered by a blue jacket. He walked right past them and into the sand. As he was sitting down, David and the others observed him from the distance.

“Look at him,” said Marko. “Isn’t he beautiful?”

“Hmm…he is,” said David.

“And,” said Paul, “he’s so young and yet very extraordinary, like the cover of a new book of poetry.”

“Paul, you could be right,” said Dwayne.

“I,” said David, drawing himself up, “know just what he needs right now.”

He then walked over to the boy, who was too far gone in watching the stars. David knew that mortals were never able to hear a vampire when they were sneaking up on them.

Yugi was so lost in the stars and finding them so pretty. “I wish I could stay here forever,” he said. But he didn’t know he spoke out loud.

David reached out his hand, smirking…

Suddenly Yugi felt a hand around his neck and yelped. Then the hand released him, and Yugi jumped to his feet.

“A little jumpy tonight, my dear Yugi?”

The voice was calm and amused.

Yugi turned around very slowly. When he laid eyes on the owner of the voice, he gasped. It was a man wearing a black trenchcoat over a black T-shirt, black pants and black boots. He had blue eyes and blond hair that was short in the front and long in the back.

“Uh, hi,” said Yugi. David smiled.

“Hello, Yugi,” said David.

Yugi began to back away. “How do you know my name?”

David replied, “I knew your name because it’s in your mind.”

Unfortunately Yugi was so focused on backing away that he bumped into someone from behind.

“Hello, Yugi. My name’s Dwayne.”

Dwayne smiled as Yugi turned to face him. He had dark eyes with a serious expression and midnight black locks, and wore a necklace of jumbled pieces – was that supposedly a rat skull – no shirt, and a beat up leather jacket with jeans.

“You are so beautiful,” purred Dwayne, placing a hand on Yugi’s cheek.

“Your hands!” said Yugi, fearfully.

“Cold as death?” said David casually. Yugi nodded.

Then two others appeared – one on Yugi’s left and the other on his right.

“Y-Yes,” said Yugi. He looked around at the four boys surrounding him. “But-but why-? Who are you guys?”

David explained, “We’re the Lost Boys, Yugi. I’m the leader, of course.”

He pointed to the one on the right. “That’s Paul.”

A lanky, sharp faced guy with a mane of dirty blonde, wearing a fishnet shirt under a black tux coat complete with tails and really, really tight white jeans, grinned at Yugi.

“And that’s Marko.” David pointed to the one on the left.

A guy with long blonde curls, tied back with string and trinkets, smiled.

“I had a vision of your arrival here in Santa Carla,” purred Dwayne. “I can see into the future.”

Yugi was starting to feel uncomfortable. All he wanted was to go someplace for a vacation. Relax. Get some fresh air. Recharge his creative batteries. And of course, clear his head. It was just his luck that, out of all the places he could’ve picked, he had to choose Santa Carla. And they were right to call it ‛the Murder Capitol of the World’, too!

“You are a vision. You are a very pretty boy,” said David, smirking.

Paul then bent down behind Yugi. He reached up and wrapped his hand around Yugi’s neck, bent his head and licked it. Yugi shivered, and before he knew what was going to happen, faces swirled, and there was blackness, screeching, bat wings and laughter. David picked him up, and they flew off to their cave…

Darkness strikes, once again
I’m all alone, it feels like the end
He walks with me while I sleep
It’s like a heart attack on a one way street

I can’t sleep tonight
‛cause I gotta run, gotta hide
Running, running from this nightmare
I turn around, but there’s no one there
And I’m running, running from this nightmare
Running, running from this nightmare

One way out, not this time
I’ve seen you before inside my mind
My heart beats faster with every step
I’m not afraid of you, you haven’t gotten me yet
I can’t sleep tonight
‛cause, I gotta run, I gotta hide

And I’m running, running from this nightmare
I turn around, but there’s no one there
And, I'm running, running from this nightmare
Running, running from this nightmare…
This nightmare…

Yugi woke up, his head pounding like a jackhammer. He looked around. He was lying on a bed with sheets draped around it. Everything was dark, and he guessed he was in a cave of some kind.

What happened? he thought. Then it came back to him, and he shivered.

He had been kidnapped by the Lost Boys…

Well, read and review – but no flames, please. Just suggestions are fine.
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