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Dawn Saxon: The Master's Daughter

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Summary: *Twist on My Daughter Dawn challenge* The monks made the Key into a living form but didn't send it to Buffy. Instead, they sent it to her "father", Harold Saxon, but because of that, they actually ended the world instead of saving it.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredISStruchenFR151910081,20127 Mar 1127 Mar 11Yes
Disclaimer: Dawn is owned by Joss Whedon. All the Doctor Who elements are owned by the BBC.

A/N: This was an idea I had when I first saw "My Daughter Dawn" challenge. I wanted to make Dawn the Master's daughter for some reason so I did it. I think it has the potential to be a great story but for now I'm only leaving it as one-shot ficlet. I may change my mind later down the road but for now, here it is.

The monks completed the ritual. They made the Key into human form, but they sent it to her “father’s” side instead of sending her to Buffy, but in a way it was safer for the Key. If Glory would ever find her, Glory would be taken care of by the girl’s father. He was not the nicest man in the universe. In fact, he was one of the most dangerous. He was more than capable of protecting the Key, and he would because she was the one thing he loved more than himself. The memories were false of course for both of them, but they didn’t know nor did they care. For all their good intentions, the monks did more harm than good by sending the Key to her father. They ended the world instead of saving it.


Dawn looked out the window of the Valiant. She had waited for this day as long as she could remember. She was standing by her father’s side. She would stand by his side when he established the empire he set out to create. She was impatient and quick-tempered just like her father, and just like her father she could not bear to lose. And she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t lose this day. She had waited too long. She helped her father capture the Doctor’s TARDIS and cannibalize it into a Paradox Machine. She had helped her father turned the future of the human race into the Toclafane spheres. She didn’t care about that lesser species. She wasn’t one of them. They weren’t worthy of living.

Harold Saxon walked up behind his daughter and put a hand on Dawn’s shoulder, “Are you ready, Dawnie? The end of the world’s coming in about an hour.”

“I’m ready, Dad,” Dawn replied, “I’m ready to make this planet into a war machine.”

“That’s my girl,” Saxon said, “I can’t wait to drop my cover as Harold Saxon and become the Master again. I’ve grown tired of this human façade.”

Dawn turned around and asked, “Dad, can I give the order when the Toclafane come?”

Saxon looked at his daughter and smiled back, “Blood lust. I love that about you. Of course you can give the order. When you do, order the Toclafane to remove one-tenth of the human population.”

Dawn squealed in glee and hugged Saxon. She broke the hug and told him, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Saxon looked as though he remembered something important, “Dawn, I have something else for you. When the empire is established and there is a new Gallifrey in the heavens, I am giving you dominion over this planet and in time this portion of the galaxy.”

Dawn’s eyes widened, “Really? Why?”

“You deserve it. You helped me with all of this and I think that justifies a reward, don’t you?”

Dawn just nodded.

“Now, Dawn, we have to get ready for the news conference. I have to look good when I address the world that I’m taking over.”

“Of course, Dad,” Dawn replied.

“Be ready. You need to look good for your big day,” Saxon replied. He walked off towards his office.

An hour later, everything went according to plan. Harold Saxon took over the Valiant with the help of the Toclafane and his human soldiers. The President of the United States was killed. Jack Harkness was stopped and the Doctor was aged to a point where he couldn’t help. Martha Jones was helping the newly aged Doctor when Saxon addressed the world, “Earthlings…basically…uhm…end of the world. HERE COME THE DRUMS.”

The song “Voodoo Child” blared over the speakers as time was torn above the Valiant and six billion Toclafane spheres poured out. Saxon and Dawn ran over to the windows to look at their hard work pay off. Saxon cut the music and nodded to Dawn.

Dawn flipped a switch and ordered, “Remove one-tenth of the population!”

She flipped the switch again as she felt a sense of joy and accomplishment flow over her. The radio broadcasts and cries for help could be heard pouring into the Valiant from all over the world. They were asking the Valiant to help, but it wouldn’t. Dawn noticed that the Doctor had whispered something into Martha’s ear. Martha reluctantly took the teleporter that Jack Harkness owned and teleported out of there. Dawn didn’t think too much of it. She was too busy listening to cries of the human race.

So instead of saving the world from being destroyed, the monks destroyed it along with the whole universe. They gave the Key to someone who would protect it relentlessly but who was also a monster. They should’ve known, but they did it anyway, and because of that, the world is now in Harold Saxon’s control. He could’ve done it on his own, but he had help. Now, if anything happens to him, Saxon has an heir just as heartless and monstrous as him. Dawn Saxon would in fact over throw her father and take the new empire for herself in the coming months. She would kill the Doctor and all of his allies. She would throw Jack Harkness into the vacuum of space to prevent him from being a threat. Dawn soon had an army strong enough to take any on in the universe and she would. Dawn Saxon would eventually wage war against the entire universe with no one strong enough to stop her.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn Saxon: The Master's Daughter". This story is complete.

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