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Meet and Greet

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Aurelius Clan". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The one where Angel expands his family.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventurekattzFR711,2390587327 Mar 1127 Mar 11Yes
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own these character. ATS belongs to Joss Whedon.

AN:This series will eventually be a crossover with Anita Blake.

The first time Charles Gunn met Angelus he was a junior in high school and he tried to kill him. The second and third times followed along the same lines. Charles, Gunn to his friends, had a burning hatred for vampires that developed the moment his sister was killed by one.

It became a thing between them. Gunn tried to kill him and Angelus let him live. He liked to think that he was just so bad-ass that he could survive fighting something like Angelus but it was probably because the vampire found him amusing.

After all, having someone you’re trying to kill, tell you to go home and finish your homework was kind of a blow to the ego.

He wasn’t even sure when he started thinking of Angelus, call me Angel, as a sort of friend. He would feel so much better if the vampire had used some sort of tricks but Angel just had a way of getting under your skin.

By the time Gunn had met Angel, his vampire kills were in the double digits. The things he’d seen after meeting Angel made him wonder how the hell he’d survived so long.

Meeting Angel’s family had been an eye opening moment. They were all crazy and for some reason they all liked him. He probably should have left the state when he realized that.


The conversation between Angelus and Daniel Osborne went kind of like this:

“My childe loves your band.”

Oz huffed and unplugged the amplifier.

“Is your schedule free next Saturday night?”

They were totally best friends forever after that.


The first time Angelus met Nina Ash, she tried to claw his heart out and eat it. He forgave her because everyone he meets had tried to kill him at one point. He doesn’t forgive Oz though. He just stood there with that stupid serene smile as the were-wolf jumped him.


Krevlorneswath’s club burnt down the first time Angel-face came to him. Lorne refused to talk to the vampire until it was rebuilt.


Lindsay McDonald was in his second year at the University of California, Hastings College of Law when he met Darla. He could not even begin to describe how freaked out he was when he realized that he was being stalked by a vampire. His Ma raised him to always be polite so he approached her one night and told that he had no time to play her games and could she please stop following him. Midterms were coming up and he didn’t need distractions messing with his GPA.

She still followed him.

Fortunately, his scores were perfect. Unfortunately, he had gained a second stalker. He contemplated calling home and asking for advice but didn’t want to worry his Ma.

So, he did his research, made a plan and carried it out. Both vampires survived and seemed to become even more fixated with him. It kinda pissed him off.

He went to Carita's to relieve some stress. The night was going great and he’s on stage when the vampires walked in. He didn’t see what started it but someone punched the male vampire and a brawl started. Ten minutes later, he was standing outside watching the club burn down for the second time. He found out the male vampire’s name when the owner of the club, Lorne, started screaming out “Angel!”

He should have stayed in Oklahoma.


Cordelia Chase was the Queen Bitch of Sunnydale High and she wasn’t letting no vampire walk all over her. She saw their meeting a week before it happens. She knew there would be two of them; a male called Angelus and a female seer called Drusilla.

She was sophomore in high school, young, but Cordelia Chase didn’t take crap from no one. So, the night they are supposed to meet, she put on eyeliner for courage and went to meet them.

She gave them hell and walked away alive. She was determined to put the night behind her until she sees a mousy brunette screaming as she tried not to fall in to this glowing light thing-y. It took her a while but she found the place.

“Need some help?” she glared at the locked door and resisted the urge to try and stake the vampire.


Winifred Burkle was having the worse day of her life when she met her knight in shining armor. Fred was used to being picked on. She was fifteen and already in College, though this is the first time someone’s tried to kill her for being too smart. Her knight was a vampire and she was just too grateful to be scared of him. There was also a girl that was ranting in the background and honestly the human was scarier than the vampire.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce came from a long line of Hunters. He’d been trained to hunt vampires and Weres from the moment he could walk. At twenty-three, he found himself in the States hunting.

He was not very good at it.

He met Cordelia first, when she showed up and saved his life, insulting him the whole time. She later introduced him to Gunn, Fred and Lindsay. The vampires showed up about three months after meeting Cordelia and really she had no right questioning his sanity when she hung out with the ‘Whirlwind’.

The vampires laughed when he introduced himself as a Hunter. It was embarrassing but Wesley had enough control not to attack in anger.

He waited a week. It didn’t work but somehow a made him part of the group.

He may be horrible at hunting but Wesley was smart. He wanted to know why someone like Angelus would gather all of them together.


Allen Francis Doyle was Angelus’ best friend. It wasn’t wishful thinking on the half-breed’s part, he honestly believed it. He met Angelus long after he had gotten over his terrify-the-humans shtick.

He taught Angel that humans weren’t stupid cattle. They had their good times and their terrifying moments. Before Doyle died saving his Kiss he told Angel everything he saw. In retrospect, Angel should have known that Doyle didn’t expect to survive.

He told him to gather his family together, that times were changing and they would need each other. He described a fiery human seer, two powerful were-wolves and a Hunter that will turn into a powerful sorcerer. He told him of a human that would hate vampires and everything they stand for but would stand by his side and become a successful Hunter. There would be a swordsman of extraordinary skill and a terrifyingly brilliant girl.

Angel remembered his laughter as he told stories of a singing demon and a burning building. He wouldn’t understand until later.

Angel listened to it all and when Doyle died, he went looking for them. He found them one at a time and was impressed with all of them. They are all strong in their own ways and he was determined to make them stronger. At first, he trained them without it being obvious.

He’s proud when they all figure out what he was doing and were suspicious. Whether or not they admitted it, they belonged to him.

He later had them trained in demon politics and yes, those tiny humans stood up to beings they should cower from with a bravery that bordered on suicidal.

They fit in perfectly with his Kiss.

The End

You have reached the end of "Meet and Greet". This story is complete.

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