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TFLN: The Squirrel Incident

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Summary: Since when did squirrels change?

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredMusesInspireFR1317571562328 Mar 1128 Mar 11Yes
TITLE: The Squirrel Incident
RATING: PG-13 (language)
RESPONSE TO: The Texts From Last Night Challenge
DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. No attempt at profit is being made. Supernatural and Sam & Dean Winchester belong to both CW and McG, BtVS and characters belong to Joss Whedon.

2:28 in the morning…

Faith sighed as she surveyed the damage the room had sustained. She shook her head in dismay and wondered how this one was going to be explained away. Frowning, she determined that she was not going to be held responsible for this one. Grabbing her jacket and keys, she hurried out of the room, keeping to the shadows to ensure that no one saw her as she snuck out of the house.

They were going to be in so much trouble.

11:37 in the morning…

The buzzing of the phone announcing a new text message had arrived woke Faith up long before she was ready to become one of the living. Blinking against the sunlight streaming through blinds she had forgotten to close before going to bed, she looked at the clock and grimaced. The phone buzzed again and she swore and she reached over and picked it up. Peering at the screen blearily, she saw that she had more than 20 new messages. Heaving a deep sigh, she pushed ‘Select’ to see who the messages were from.

[DEAN: what the FUCK did you do to Sammy??]


[DEAN: Faith, Im going to kill you]

What the…?

[BUFFY: What’s going on? Dean is stomping around the house all butt hurt and complaining about you, Sam and his bedroom.]

Faith frowned. She didn’t know anything about Dean’s bedroom. She hit ‘Delete’ and continued on t the next message.

[WILLOW: I don’t want to know… Really.]

Faith cocked an eyebrow and deleted the message. She smirked when she saw the next one.

[WILLOW: OK, yes. I want to know! I need to know!]

Scrolling through the rest of the messages revealed that they were all more of the same sort. Rolling her eyes, she flipped through her contacts until she came to Sam’s number. She selected the option to send a text and typed it out.

[FAITH: How ya feelin today?]

She figured she had a few minutes before he responded and went ahead and got up to do her morning routine. She had just gotten out of the shower when the phone buzzed once again. Getting dressed she almost dreaded reading it. Finishing up and wrapping her hair up in a towel, she grabbed the phone and flopped down on the bed and opened the message. It was from Sam.

[SAM: I’ve been better. Least the bed isn’t spinning now.]
[FAITH: Im surprised its stopped already]
[SAM: Yeah…]
[SAM: Hey, I have a question?]
[SAM: So I wake up this morning, right?]
[FAITH: Yeah]
[SAM: I woke to 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor. Explain?]
[FAITH: You said they were your minions of evil and would protect you from ferrets]

There was no response.

[FAITH: I’m still trying to figure out where you got ferrets from… I mean, it was a squirrel that attacked you!]

A few moments passed and she finally got a response that made her laugh so hard, she started choking.

[SAM: I’m going back to bed. I can’t deal with this right now.]

She had no sooner than deleted the last of the messages when she got another one.

[DEAN: Im kicking both you and Sammy’s asses]

Faith scowled.

[FAITH: Watch it bucko.]
[DEAN: I mean it]
[DEAN: I came home from the bar last night, after you two ditched me, to find Xander in my room with a fire extinguisher]

Faith opened her mouth to say something and then realized that he wasn’t there to hear her.

[FAITH: Huh??]
[DEAN: Xander said he caught Sam in the room, torching the place, screaming something about ferrets taking over the world]

Faith was laughing so hard at that point, she couldn’t see from the tears in her eyes.

[FAITH: Well, on the bright side you know you don’t have any ferrets in your room]
[DEAN: Yeah thats one way to look at it on the other hand MY FUCKING BED CAUGHT ON FUCKING FIRE!]

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Faith tried to regain her composure.

[FAITH: Hey Im innocent this time. I had nothing to do with it.]
[DEAN: I’m killing you both. Stabbing. With a dull pencil!]
[FAITH: You can try. LMFAO!!!]
[DEAN: Whatever]

Faith proceeded to laugh about all of through the rest of the day. However, she very carefully avoided the house for the next few days. Sammy boy could deal with it on his own!

The End

You have reached the end of "TFLN: The Squirrel Incident". This story is complete.

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