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No Way Out

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Summary: Oz is stuck in his dreams. Based off of the episode 'Restless' (Season 4 Finale). But when he finds his way out of this dreamland, you'll never guess what has happened.

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Harry Potter > Oz-CenteredSiriuslyOzFR1331,937161,50329 Mar 1125 Apr 11No


I am not Joss Whedon, J.K. Rowling, or lilykins, who had Spike sing Bad first. Oh yeah, plus I'm not Michael Jackson.

Daniel walked across the street to King’s Cross. If the rumors were true, his girlfriend was going to teach at a school called Hogwarts. He saw her walk towards a barrier between Platform 9 and 10. He raced after her. She seemed not to see him. He grabbed her hand, his hand slipped right through hers. She turned, and looked right through him. He was invisible.

She ran through the barrier, Daniel following her. The scene changed to a dark night. It was cold and he was alone. Wait. She was chained to a tree. He ran to her, but felt a terrible pain. He looked up at the full moon. Slowly, Daniel Osborne began to change.

Willow screamed. Oz had fully changed. He raced towards her and bared fangs. He grabbed her with sharp claws, and with his sharp teeth, he tore into her flesh…

The world disappeared. Only he was there. He was invisible to the world… or the world was invisible to him. He heard a faint echo and smelled Willow.

“Oz…Oz…Come back…”

As Oz raced towards the sound, his feet slipped out from under him and he fell into emptiness. His last sight was of a strange man holding a platter with six pieces of cheese.

“Beware…Beware of the cheese.”

At least, that’s what he thought he’d heard.

Oz opened his eyes and he was falling into a forest. He rolled over and saw Veruca smiling at him.

“Oz,” she said.

He stood up and ran from her, then heard again, the sound.


He picked up Willow’s scent. He raced on towards the sound. It was around the corner.

“Oz,” said a voice, but it was not Willow’s.

It was Tara.

“Oz. Look at her. You have destroyed her,” she said, her pale dress blowing in the wind.

“No.” he said.

“Oz…Oz…Oz…”said a voice.

“Stop saying it!” he yelled, and then turned his head to see who the speaker was. “Willow?”

Her voice was cracked. “I loved you and you left me alone. You went to Veruca. No, you couldn’t tell me. You lied. Couldn’t even tell me the truth. Then you left. You weren’t coming back. You said you would always love me. Your love has killed me, Oz. Killed me.”

The wounds he had given her from before had opened up and dripped down onto the grass, staining it. The grass changed to a bedspread, white and clean. It dripped over the bed, seeping into the cloth.

“A pity,” Buffy said, behind Willow. “Faith and I just made that bed.”

The voices united.

“You hurt her… Oz…Oz…Beware the cheese… Oz…Help me…Your love has killed her…Beware of the cheese…Do not touch it…Oz…You have killed her.”

Oz’s eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.

Oz sat up. Somehow, he’d gotten to what looked like the Bronze and looked up at a man singing on the stage. He looked vaguely familiar…

“I’m bad, I’m really really bad, you know I’m bad!” sang Spike.

“Spike?” said Oz.

“Hey!” said Spike, the crowd cheering him on. “And the whole world wants to tell you right now just to ask you once again…who’s bad?”

The crowd cheered but then did something unexpected…

The crowd turned to face Oz, and then held up cheese.

“Beware of the cheese. Beware of the cheese,” they said, marching towards him.

A demon or rogue thing of some sort leapt over the crowd and began to scratch and bite Oz.

“Will!” he yelled.

Willow came running, but with one swipe, Willow was dead. The thing grasped Oz and squeezed him until he was gasping for breath. His eyes felt like they were popping out of his skull and with one last squeeze Oz passed out.
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