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Southern Fried Slayer

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Summary: Now that Sunnydale has become a crater, Buffy decides she needs a much earned vacation. Her destination is Bon Temps, Louisiana to visit her favorite cousin Sookie Stackhouse. Oh, how fate loves to torment Buffy. (BtVS/SVM/TB)

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesSpruceGooseFR181762,6461110635,70030 Mar 118 May 11No



A/N: For the timeline to work the vamps came out of the coffin during season 7 of BtVS, the details will be explained in the story :-)



A vacation sounded like the best idea Buffy had ever heard of. In fact, it sounded downright dreamy. Seven years and not once in all that time had she gone on a real vacation. Come to think of it, she hadn’t left California since before she’d been Called. Her train of thought led to the last time her parent’s had taken her and Dawn out of state. They’d gone to Louisiana to visit family. Buffy smiled as she recalled the memory of visiting her grandmother’s house. The smell of home-cooked Southern food filled her nostrils, she could feel the humid breeze on her skin, hear the sound of crickets and frogs in her ears and suddenly she opened her eyes and jumped off of the bed with a new idea. She jogged out of her motel room and banged on the door next to hers and opened it without waiting for an invitation. “Dawn!”

Her younger sister looked up at her with a frown from her sitting position on the floor, “Buffy,” Buffy waved her hand impatiently, “I know I just barged in, but-“

Dawn stood up and shook her head, “No, Buffy, look.” She turned and pointed to the old television set in the corner of the room. Buffy noticed that Vi, Rona and Sarah were staring at it with rapt attention and she slowly turned her head to see what was holding their attention. A news channel was on and Buffy stepped closer to hear it better.

“Reverend Newlin has formed a new church order called The Fellowship of the Sun, openly opposing vampires and their push toward vampire rights. Reverend Newlin has stated that vampire’s are undead and they do not deserve the same rights as living humans. Vampire rights activist, Nan Flanagan, has continued to comment with a calm exterior and has affirmed that just because vampire’s aren’t technically alive does not mean they don’t deserve to be treated as such. On that note, TruBlood is now being distributed across the United States to every and any establishment willing to sell it."

The newscaster switched to a different story and one of the girl’s turned the television off before all four turned to stare at Buffy. Her mouth fell open and she stood in silence before finally breathing out, “What the hell?!”

Buffy marched toward the farthest room down the hall, a line of girl’s on her heels as she stopped and began banging on the door. She continued to pound on it until the door next to it opened and Faith peered out, “Yo, B, what’s with the noise?”

Faith rubbed her eyes and yawned, communicating very plainly that she had just been woken up. Buffy glared at her, “Have you seen the news?” Faith arched a dark eyebrow at her, “Does it look like I watch the news?”

Buffy sighed and turned back toward the door in front of her and started hammering on it again, “You might want to be in here for this then.” Faith shrugged and stepped into the hall with everyone else. Unsure of what was going on, but still willing to hear what the what was.

Finally the door opened and Giles tightened the robe around his body, “Buffy, what is the meaning of this? I was in the shower.” Buffy didn’t wait for an invite, she pushed the door open and charged inside. Every girl behind her followed suit, Faith slammed the door behind her and walked nonchalantly over to the bed, plopping down on it and sprawling back. Giles shot her a warning look and she smirked, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed. Buffy rolled her eyes at the interaction and crossed her arms over her chest, “Have you seen the news?”

Giles grabbed his glasses off of the nightstand and placed them on the bridge of his nose, seeing more clearly that his room was now full of slayers. So much so that there was barely any room to walk around. “I haven’t. Is it about Sunnydale?”

Buffy opened her mouth and then closed it, realizing for the first time in the last three days that she had forgotten for a moment about the new crater that was Sunnydale. “No. It’s worse.”

Giles’ eyes widened, “Worse?” Buffy began pacing and every pair of eyes watched, heads swiveled back and forth as though they were at a tennis match. “Much worse Giles. Vampires are on the news.”

A smile crept onto Giles’ lips, “Vampires?” Buffy stopped pacing and stared straight at him, “Yes! Like out in the open, hello world, vampires!” Giles began to laugh but, quickly sobered at all the serious faces around him. Surely, this had to be a joke?

Faith beat him to the question, “You’re joking, right?” Buffy sighed with frustration, “I wish I was.” She plopped down on the bed beside Faith and they shared a look of indignation before Vi’s voice spoke up, “It’s been on the news for awhile. Apparently they came out a year ago.”

Giles spun around to stare at her, “A year ago?” Vi nodded and Dawn shrugged, “We must’ve missed all of it, what with fighting The First, saving the world and destroying the Hellmouth.”

Buffy jumped up from the bed and shook her head, “How could we miss something like this?” Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose before responding slowly, “Out in the open how?”

Dawn was the one to answer him, “They’re fighting for rights. Like equality. And, the Japanese manufactured something called TruBlood, its synthetic blood that comes in every flavor of the rainbow. Meaning each blood type. The vampires claim that they don’t kill or even need to drink from humans now that they’re distributing TruBlood.” Dawn thought for a moment before continuing, “They’re actually making a pretty solid case for themselves.”

“A solid case? A solid case?!” Buffy threw her hands in the air and began pacing again. “If it’s not one thing it’s another. Giles, you need to find out more about this. Who do we have to kill to stop this, who’s the main player here, who’s heart needs staking, all the hard facts.”

“Actually,” Vi spoke quietly, causing all eyes to turn in her direction, “It’s illegal to kill vampires now.” The room went into an uproar. Buffy and Faith yelling at Giles to do something, the girls arguing amongst themselves. Everyone was at a loss and blaming each other for things they couldn’t change.

When Giles had finally had enough, he yelled just that, “Enough!” Every head swiveled toward him from his command. He sighed, “There is nothing to be done about this right now. We need more information before we can take action. I want you all to go back to your rooms and calm down.” The girls began to grumble but, complied. They all walked out of his motel room, their shoulders sagging in defeat. Everyone but, Buffy, Faith and Dawn. The three stared at him with narrowed eyes and arms crossed over their chests defiantly.

He let out an exasperated sigh and gestured around the room, “I’m going to call Xander.” Each woman hurried to claim a seat, Buffy in the chair at the desk, Dawn on the floor at her feet and Faith on the counter of the partial kitchen. Giles closed the door and walked to the telephone.
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