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Buffy's Luck

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Summary: A change in costume changes everything for Buffy in 1997. How will a simple choker, wig and pair of contacts rule the rest of her life? How will she handle the after effects.

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Chapter 11: Wonderland.

Halloween Chronicles:

Buffy's Luck

Chapter 11: Wonderland.

Sunnydale, California,
December 19th 1997:

“Buffy, did you hear me?” Joyce asked as she looked at her daughter as she stared off into space. Buffy blinked and turned to gaze into her mothers bright eyes with her own similar shaped gold ones. Joyce sighed as she looked at the changes in her daughter. Part of her wanted to blame Mr. Giles and another wanted to blame Buffy herself. Mostly though she blamed herself and Hank. She knew they could have done nothing about this, about her being this new breed of vampire or the Slayer before this but if they had known. If they had known maybe none of the bad stuff; their divorce, the fights and Buffy's stay in the asylum never would have happened.

“What. Oh I'm sorry mom. I didn't hear you,” she replied, shaking her head to regain focus. Truth be told she knew what her mother was saying, not because she had heard her mother but because of her vision. It was blurry, but she could make out herself and Dawn alone for Christmas. Because it was so blurry and of the figure obscured in the vision she was almost sure it was Angel in her vision. Buffy didn't say this though, she knew how much her mother liked to avoid her visions. Though they came in handy. Their recent increase in wealth was enough to vouch for that.

“Your Aunt Darlene has pneumonia and your Uncle Micheal is away in Iraq. I have to go stay with her and the baby,” Joyce said, putting her wallet into her purse. Buffy nodded, understanding now why her mother seemed to be in such a panic. Darlene was the younger of Joyce's sisters, Arlene being the oldest and Lolly being born a year after Joyce who was born four years after Arlene. Darlene was the youngest as she was born six years after Joyce.

“So you want me to look after Dawn?” Buffy asked, smiling amused. Joyce sighed and nodded. She didn't like leaving her daughters here but she really had no choice. Darlene lived in San Francisco where they grew up and in a small three bedroom house. There simply was no room for the three of them especially so close to Christmas.

“I'm sorry Buffy. I wish I didn't have to go but she needs me. I'll be back as soon as she is able to care for herself and the baby again, probably around Christmas.” Buffy nodded and walked around the counter to give her mother a hug before stepping back.

“Don't worry, I knew this was coming. Can't surprise a seer mom,” she said and Joyce smiled and nodded. She should have known, but then she didn't like to acknowledge that her daughter was anything but human. She had to though, her baby girl wasn't so little anymore and from what she understood she'd never be getting any older.

“Take care Buffy, and try not to feed Dawn burnt food this time,” Joyce joked and kissed her daughters forehead before grabbing her to suitcases and leaving through the front door which Buffy held open for her. Buffy waved as her mother left and turned upon hearing Dawn's footfalls coming down the stairs.

“Buffy!” Dawn looked around as she hit the bottom of the stairs and pouted as she saw Buffy shut the door.

“Is mom gone already? I thought she didn't have to work this week?” Dawn asked and Buffy sighed. How was she going to tell Dawn their mom wouldn't be home for Christmas? She chuckled mentally the words sounding cliché and like they were from a movie.

“Dawnie...Aunt Darlene is sick and mom...she had to go take care of her,” she answered, slowly, trying to find the right words for it. Dawns expression shattered at the news and Buffy walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Mom's not gonna be with us on Christmas?” Dawn whispered her question and Buffy looked into the future and sighed. Christmas was blurry, it wasn't until the day after that she saw her mother arriving home with a arm full of presents and more in the car. She smiled and then shook her head.

“I'm afraid not Dawnie, but I'll be here and so will Angel.” Dawn's eyes brightened marginally and she looked up at her older sister with large blue/green eyes.

“Angel? He's gonna spend Christmas with us?” Buffy laughed and nodded.

“Yep, now go get dressed and I'll walk you to Janice’s,” she told Dawn who nodded and ran back upstairs to get ready.

******* -

Angel's Apartment:

Buffy moaned as Angel's hand slid along the outside of her breast as their kiss deepened. She had came over after dropping Dawn off at Janice's and she was a little surprised to find he was awake. Laying back she pulled Angel with her and continued to kiss him with all the passion she could. She groaned as his hand stroked her ice cold abdomen and began to run up under her shirt. Her own own hands running through his spiky dark hair and over his back. His kisses separated from her face and continued along her jaw and down her throat. She moaned as his warmer lips trailed fire along her cold neck and collar bone.

Pulling him back to her lips by his hair she used her extra strength to flip them on the bed she she straddled his lower stomach and laid over him. She crushed her lips to his and kissed along his jaw, running her hands over his chest while her lower body began to move against his lower abdomen. Angel groaned, forcing himself not to push her lower so she straddled his groan. Angel ran his hand over the silky cool skin of her torso, and the underside of her perky breast before kissing her again and pushing her up straight.

“Buff..Buffy we have to stop,” he said and Buffy blinked and looked at him with slightly hurt gold eyes. He cursed himself for forgetting how young his love was before sitting up against the head board and pressing his lips to hers in a sweet and innocent kiss.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked, her voice weak. She didn't think she had, she may be a virgin but Alice was far from it. Not that those personal memories were all that clear to her anymore but she could still remember. Angel smiled and shook his head as he ran a hand through her silky golden hair.

“No, it's something your doing right,” he said and Buffy looked behind her slightly and knew her cheeks would be red if she could still blush. It was obvious their little make out session and groping had effects on him. She wished she could give him more but she wasn't ready and she was suddenly happy he had stopped them.

“I get it, I'm sorry Angel,” she muttered and Angel shook his head and kissed her lightly before she swung one leg over and off him as she cuddled into his side.

“It's okay Buffy. How is your mom and sister?” Angel asked, wanting to change the subject. Buffy looked up into his soulful brown eyes and got the point. She shrugged slightly and smiled.

“Dawnie is a little upset, because mom won't be home this Christmas. She has to go to San Francisco to take care of our Aunt Darlene.” Angel nodded and buried his nose into the golden hair on her head.

“I'm sorry about that.” Buffy chuckled.

“Don't be, she is happy with the fact you'll be with us,” she said without thinking. Angel looked down at his girlfriend with shock and blinked.

“What?” he asked. Buffy bit her lip and smiled sheepishly.

“I looked into the future for Dawn. I saw us on Christmas, it was very blurry at points and I can only think of one vampire I allow in the house. Will you spend Christmas with us? Please?” Buffy asked. Angel looked from her wide gold eyes to her pouted pink lips and groaned. He hadn't celebrated Christmas since he was a human man in Galway. The last Christmas before he had left home and become what he was today he had spent with his family. It had been a relatively civil Christmas compared to others and that had been for Kathy's sake.

“I..I don't. I haven't celebrated Christmas in years,” he whispered and Buffy sighed and ran a hand over his chiseled jaw and cheek. She leaned up and kissed him before pulling back and smiling.

“You don't have to Angel but it would mean a lot to Dawn...and me,” she told him and Angel smiled and kissed her once before nodding. Spending Christmas with his two girls sounded like heaven. It had been a while but he was sure he could handle it.

“I would love to spend Christmas with you and Dawn.” Buffy smiled and kissed him again and then twisted her body back onto his and pulled her shirt off, leaving her clad in a lacy green bra. She let the black t-shirt which had green writing and shamrocks on it, fall onto his chest. It was a newer shirt which said in green – 'when Irish eyes are smiling they're up to something' – and Angel seemed to find it amusing and loved to see her wear it. Angel licked his lips and pulled his eyes aware from her almost completely bare torso and sniffed it before throwing it beside them.

“I think you've won yourself a reward.”

“You know I love that shirt on you,” he whispered to her as he placed his hands above her skin tight black cotton pants and rubbed the skin. She had a small scare above her belly button above four inches long and two matching ones on her side and below the valley of her breast where the tarakan assassin had stabbed her. He traced them and moved as to kiss them lightly before leaning back.

“I know, but you like me topless more,” she whispered into his ear, giving him a eyeful of her lace and silk blue bra and chest. With a growl Angel flipped them so he was laying on top of her and Buffy giggled before she was cut off by his lips on her. They both knew they'd not go all the way but no one ever said they couldn't make out and grope one another, even if one of them or both if Buffy got her way were topless.



...come down and
waste away with me
down with me
slow how
you wanted it to be
I'm over my head
out of her head she sang....

Buffy sighed as she leaned back into Angel's chest, before grinning and dragging him out onto the dance floor were many where jumping up and down and attempting to dance to the song. It was one of her favorite by Foo Fighter and she could tell by the look on Angel's face it was okay with him as well. She also knew he preferred older music, she had found a album for some old guy, Barry Manilow in his apartment once and though she had no idea who the guy was she knew he was big in her mother's youth.

and I wonder
when I sing along with you
if everything could ever feel this real forever
if anything could ever be this good again
the only thing I'll ever ask of you
you've got to promise not to stop when I say when...

“Buffy, I can't dance,” Angel said over the loud music knowing Buffy would hear him and that dancing was what she had in mind. While he didn't mind watching her dance he tended to get jealous if she danced with others, especially Xander. Buffy turned and smirked at her boyfriend before twirling around and moving her hips to the beat teasingly getting closer to him and spinning around him and back away. Angel growled and pulled her into his arms.

breathe out so I can breathe you in
hold you in
and now I know you've always been
out of your head
out of my head I sang....

“Why do you do this to me Buffy,” he muttered into her ear and Buffy chuckled and kissed his neck and up along the length until she nipped his ear lob between her teeth softly as not to pierce skin with her very sharp teeth. It took a lot of control but thankfully she accomplished it and was rewarded by being swung around and having his strong arms wrapped around her waist.

“Your just so cute when your flustered lover,” Buffy whispered to him and Angel's first instinct was to push her back and make sure he was staring into gold eyes and not baby blue. He didn't really mind the nickname, it rolled off her tongue with such passion and love it sounded different but it also sounded so like his sire it was scary. He hadn't really thought about Darla until then but he didn't push her back or away he simply held her tighter to his body as they swayed to the music.

and I wonder
when I sing along with you
if everything could ever feel this real forever
if anything could ever be this good again
the only thing I'll ever ask of you
you've got to promise not to stop when I say when.

As the song ended they didn't pulled pull away even as they saw Oz, Willow, Cordelia and Xander all sitting at the table staring at them in silent shock. She couldn't help but smirk. She knew how hard it had been for them to get used to the fact she wasn't getting any older while they were. She also knew Xander thought she and Angel would never work out with such a large change in both of them. She didn't think she would have been able to deal with her guilt if it had not been for Angel. She had confided in him all the people Alice had killed and in her mind, she had killed. Then with Kendra, after she'd left and she and Angel had talked. She had let out all her feelings over killing the girl. The first person to die with her own hands, not just memories of doing things. The only reason she had recovered so quickly was because Kendra was alive and safe – well as safe as the Slayer ever could be.

As the next song came on as Buffy turned quickly in Angel's arms and she smiled up at him showing her perfect white teeth and happiness Angel loved to see in her gold eyes.

“I love you, you know that right?” Buffy asked and Angel chuckled and nodded, a smile on his face. Buffy's breathe hitched as she saw it, the first true and full smile on his face since she'd met him.

“I know, and I love you as well. I never thought I could be happy, but now I think I can. You and Dawn are my world now,” he said and Buffy smirked teasingly as she leaned up to press her lips to his.

“Dawn?” she asked and Angel chuckled.

“Not like you of course.” Buffy giggled and kissed him again before pulling back and moving away, slipping her hand into his larger hand.

“I know, she think of you like a older brother or father. More the latter I think, Hank really wasn't and isn't around for us. He never had been, being so young I think she needs someone to look up to like that,” Buffy said and Angel's eyes softened and he smiled. Maybe he'd be able to put his past behind him after all.

“Come on we have to pick Dawnie up at Janice's,” she said and pulled him along and as they left the end of the song blared from the stereo’s.

'cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

You woke up screaming aloud
A prayer from your secret god
You feed off our fears
And hold back your tears

Give us a tantrum
And a know it all grin
Just when we need one
When the evening's thin

Oh you're a beautiful
A beautiful fucked up man
You're setting up your
Razor wire shrine.


Sunnydale, Tree Lot;
December 21, 1997,

Angel and Buffy walked along with each other, their arms wrapped around each other as Dawn ran around the tree lot a huge smile on her face. They were both happy to see Dawn so happy despite not having mom home for the holidays. She wished she could help Aunt Darlene along so their mom could be home but he vision had not changed. Joyce would arrive around noon the day after Christmas day.

“Can we get a snow covered one!?” Dawn asked as she ran around a pretty snow covered tree. Angel smiled and Buffy looked up at her love and shrugged.

“I don't see why not,” Buffy said and chuckled when Dawn jumped and clapped her hands before going to explore the snow covered trees.

“That's a lovely daughter you too have there,” a woman said as she came to stand beside her, her belly round in pregnancy. Buffy blinked and chuckled.

“Oh, she isn't my...our...she's my sister!” she stammered out, almost to shocked for words. The woman blinked at them in shock and Angel who hadn’t said a word was simply to shocked for words. The woman who happened to be about twenty-four or so with curly auburn hair and large doe like brown eyes looked from where Dawn was looking up at a good size snow covered tree and back at Buffy and Angel.

“Oh my, I'm sorry. I thought you both looked a little young but then looks can be deceiving. She looks like you both, I just assumed.” Angel and Buffy looked at Dawn and Buffy bit her lip. It wasn't something Buffy had not saw before but she'd always put it down to coincidence and her imagination. Both stared at the little girl and it was obvious she was related to Buffy but if you looked closely you could see Angel in her face shape if only a little and her nose though it seemed to be like a mold of both Angel and Buffy. Buffy's was smaller and down turned more then upturned like Dawn's slightly larger nose. Her hair was much darker then Buffy's was though, even before she began dying it. It was just coincidence they both convinced themselves.

“It's okay, are you new around here?” Angel said, finally able to find words. Part of him wished Dawn was his and he was able to see more a resemblance to him them Buffy because he had always thought she looked a bit like his sister and mother.

“Yes, I'm Sarah. My husband and I just moved here two weeks ago,” Sarah said, holding out her hand to shake. Angel only hesitated a moment before taking it and Buffy took it next, smiling. She didn't linger though and Sarah blinked in surprise.

“Wow, you both have cold hands,” she said and Buffy smiled while Angel looked sheepish like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Bad circulation, don't worry we get that a lot.” it was a lie but it wasn't like she could tell the woman they were vampires.

“I'm Buffy, this is my boyfriend Angel.” Buffy looked over to Dawn and called out. “Dawn have you picked a tree yet?” Dawn looked back with large almond shaped blue/green eyes just like Buffy's - though only in shape – and nodded.

“Yep, this one over here!” she called and then ran over to the two and stood by Angel's leg. She was only 4'2 ½ so she only came up to his waist but barely. She looked at the pretty pregnant woman and smiled.

“Hi, I'm Dawn!” Sarah smiled and held out her hand for the little girl to take and once again would have sworn it was the young couple's daughter but she didn't know why anyone would about such a thing so she left it alone.

“I'm Sarah. Well it was nice meeting you, take care,” Sarah said and waved before walking off to join a tall man with green eyes and brown hair.

“She was nice,” Buffy muttered and Angel nodded wrapping his arm tighter around his girlfriends little waist as he saw the look of mourning and wanting in his girlfriends gold eyes as she trailed her eyes along the curve of the woman stomach. Buffy may be young and had no desire for a child four months ago but Halloween changed that. It would change that for anyone who found out even at sixteen they'd never have children.

“Angel, Buffy can we get our tree! Someone might like it and try and take it from us,” Dawn said, nodding to herself as if it made all the since in the world to her. Angel chuckled and picked her up and Dawn wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his torso loosely and they walked off after Angel put his other arm back around Buffy's waist. He couldn't help but wish they were a little family, and he couldn't help but wish he and Buffy could one day create a little family together but as it was now, that would never happen.

What Angel didn't understand was that miracle’s did happen, and Dawn was one of them. At that very moment higher beings knowing as the Powers that Be were watching their favorite two champions and plotting.

“They're not ready yet sister,” a feminine voice spoke, her voice sad yet proud.

“Oh dear Aurora, they will be soon. The next ten months will show to that,” another voice spoke, amused at her sisters quick dismissal.

“I hope you know what your doing Dysis,” Aurora spoke shaking her head.

“So do I, sister, so do I.”


Sunnydale, California;
Buffy's House:

December 24th, 1997:

“I love you,” Angel whispered as he kissed Buffy softly. They both sat on the couch the lights out with only a few candles to light the room looking at the brightly lit Christmas Tree. Buffy looked up and smiled before running a cold hand over his cheek and leaning her head back against his shoulder.

“I love you too, Angel.” Buffy glanced at the clock and sighed before getting up.

“What is it?” Angel asked, wondering why his girlfriend was getting up. Buffy smirked and looked at him before reaching behind the couch and pulling out a sword.

“Well, I may have had a vision last night.” Angel raised a eyebrow and glanced from the sword to Buffy with amusement.

“About what?” he asked and Buffy chuckled and went to stand at the fireplace.

“Santa,” she said and raised her sword. Angel bit back a chocked gasp as a big demon with green skin and scales came down the chimney in a red suit and red bag over his back. As he went to get out of the chimney and stand Buffy swung hard and sliced through his neck.

“Really, you should know better then to attack the Slayer's house Santa,” Buffy chided as she picked up the severed head. Angel chuckled but stopped as there was a sudden gasp from the staircase. Both looked to see Dawn standing in her purple pajamas with her green stuffed bunny and with wide blue/green tear filled eyes. She couldn't seem t take her eyes off the decapitated head of Santa. Unknown to Buffy kids only saw the illusion of Santa, the one that was so favorite and assumed a myth. So while Angel and Buffy saw a green demon, Dawn saw a jolly face with a long beard and shocked blue eyes with a sparkle hanging from Buffy's hand.

“Buffy killed Santa!” she exclaimed and Buffy dropped the head and raced to Dawn who began to cry. Looking at Angel she glared as he cracked up laughing and she tried to get Dawn to stop crying. She sighed, she should have seen this coming.

Angel watched as Buffy tried to calm down Dawn and slowly stopped laughing. He knew one thing, this would be the most memorable Christmas he'd ever had or have hence forward.

A/N: So here is chapter elven, I hope you all liked it. It's a bit of fluff before we go into what I am dubbing the Angelus Saga. There is also a bit of foreshadowing in this chapter if you read carefully. I can't say anything else or you'll get it without much trouble. Also I do not own the songs, they belong to Foo Fighters and Sarah McLachlan.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Buffy's Luck" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 11.

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