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Undercover Spy for the Admiralty

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Summary: The PTB sends Faith to London, England as a spy for the Admiralty. Will Faith be able to make it through this mission alive and saved the Indy's crew?

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredBritneyandJacobFR734,7640188030 Mar 1123 May 11No

Faith Goes Back to 1797 London, England

Disclaimer: This is my second attempt at a Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Hornblower crossover. I don't own anything you recognise. Please be gently. No Flames please. If you don't like it, don't review. If you like it and want me to continue please review.

In Sunnydale, California Faith is in her apartment watching television when she gets a visitor from the PTB. Faith looks up from her television screen to see a man appear in her living room and she picks her remote and mutes the TV and turns around to face her intruder.

" Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my apartment?" Faith demands of the mysterious stranger.

"Are you Faith Lehane?" asks the man ignoring her questions.

"Yes I am and you still haven't answered my questions."

"My name's not important right now, what is important is that I have a mission from the PTB for you to do."

"What type of mission does the PTB need for me to do?"

"You been hired by the Admiralty as a spy and are requested to meet Admiral Lord Hood for your orders".

"Where do I have to go to meet this Admiral at?"

"At the Admiralty House in London, England by tomorrow morning".

"What do they need me for?"

"All I'm allowed to tell you is that General Charette's plans were stolen and he needs an undercover spy to go with Captain Pellew and his crew to help place King Louis on his throne".

"That's just great and I have to be there exactly by tomorrow morning".

" That's right Miss Lehane" says the man.

"How in the world am I going to make it there by tomorrow morning?" asks Faith

"The PTB has sent you a special carriage to pick you up and take your there, so I suggest you get ready, the carriage is waiting for you outside."

"What kind of carriage did they send me?" asks Faith

"It's a time traveling carriage that allows people to travel to different times".

"How does it work?" ask Faith

"Once you're inside the carriage, there's a remote button inside that you set to what place or year you're going to and it takes you there."

"Thanks and when you get back up there please give a message to the PTB, that next time they send a man down here to give a slayer a message or a mission to give us a little warning or some of their people could end up getting killed." Faith warns the man threating.

"I'll be sure to let them know that." The man replies back nervously.

The man disappears as Faith starts packing some clothes and other things in a backpack to prepare herself for the long carriage ride to London, England. She hated doing jobs for the PTBs, but she always get to see different places and she also gets to kick some major ass too. Faith finally finishes packing her things and shuts everything down in her apartment and she locks it up and proceeds outside to see the time traveling carriage waiting for her.

She arrives at the waiting carriage as the footman comes out his door and comes around to Faith's side to open her door for her and she climbs inside and gets settled in as the footman also climbs back inside and closes the door back as he picks up the button, Faith was told about.

The footman pushes some buttons on the remote setting it to the year 1797 in London, England as Faith watches him. As soon as he has it set, he presses the go button and the next minute Faith feels like she flying through the air as the time traveling carriage takes her back to 1797 in London, England.

Meanwhile at the Admiralty House, Admiral Lord Hood has been informed that the spy he requested is on her way to London, England as we speak. Admiral Lord Hood has also informed Captain Pellew about a lady spy that will be accompanying them on their mission to Muzillac as a precaution. She is due to arrived by tomorrow morning.

Captain Pellew feels a little bit better that the Admiralty is senting extra help for this doom mission, they will need all the help they can get since the dispatches were stolen from the messenger.

Captain Pellew prays that this spy the Admiralty has request to come with his crew be able to get out of this alive and come home safety and gets this doom mission out of the way.

After getting back to his ship after receiving his orders about the mission, Captain Pellew calls all officers to his cabin to inform them their orders and also about the spy the Admiralty will be coming along with them. He informs his crew that she will arrival by no later than tomorrow morning.

After the meeting, Captain Pellew dismissed his officers back to their duties while talking among themselves about his spy that will be coming along with them.

As the officers continues to talk about mysterious spy coming aboard, Faith has finally made it to London, England as she looks around at the sites.

"Welcome to London England, Miss".

She nods to the footman.

"Where will I be staying at?"

"The Admiralty has paid for a room at a boarding house for you to stay in while your here".

She nods as she continues to look at the sights of London, England.

They finally arrived at the boarding house where she will be staying until she sets sails to Muzillac.

The carriage comes to a halt outside the boarding house as the footman gets up and opens the door for Faith as she picks up her backpack and exits the carriage.

"Here is your destination miss,"

She nods toward him.

They start for the door to the boarding house as Faith looks around the town; she sees ships in the harbor and can't help but smile the beauty of it.

The footman knocks on the door and the owner of the house opens the door and asked "How can I help you, sir".

"This is Miss Faith Lehane; I believe you have a room ready for her".

"Of course sir, right this way miss".

She opens the door for Faith to enter as the footman takes his leave.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning, Miss to take you to the Admiralty, I hope you have a goodnight and enjoy your stay".

"Thank you, sir."

"No problem, miss". He tips in hat at her and then proceeds back to his carriage. The carriage disappears down the trail as Faith goes inside the boarding house.

Faith follows the landlady upstairs to her room. They arrived at her room where she will be staying in and the owner gives her a key and then goes back to her duties.

Faith puts the key in the lock and unlocks the door to enter her room. She walks inside her and closes the door and locks it behind her. She puts her bag down on the bed and lies down beside it, wondering what the PTB has gotten her into. Night has fallen and she looks up at the clock to see that she should be getting ready for bed since she has to be at the Admiralty tomorrow morning.

She opens her backpack to get her night clothes out and then she proceeds to the bathroom to change and ready herself for bed. After getting dress in her nightclothes she comes back out and puts her clothes she had back into her backpack to put back on in the morning. She zips her backpack close and puts it aside on a nearby chair as she climbs into her bed and blows the candle out as she gets settle into bed and dreams about the adventureous mission to come.
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