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Reality Bites

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Summary: Buffy got kidnapped at an early age and started demon hunting earlier than when she was called. After Chosen she got settled in Rome with Dawn and dated the immortal until she dreamed about the battle in LA. After the battle she got a strange letter

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Charmed > Buffy-CenteredChosenForeverFR186157,876096,92230 Mar 1112 Mar 12No

Chapter 6: Mysteries

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy and Charmed

Chapter 6: Mysteries

It felt odd moving away to a potential place I could settle. I’ve always loved California so it could work out here. But to be honest I didn’t come here thinking about the future too much. It’s a surprise considering I don’t feel as if I have to live by the moment anymore, since my lifestyle is way different than it used to be. However nonetheless I still try to not have regrets. I didn’t randomly move to San Francisco. I arrived to find my child. Apparently years ago somehow it seems I got pregnant. But that doesn’t make sense because I remember everything and there is no way I was pregnant due to my lifestyle. Maybe the fetus transferred to another vessel but that sounds crazy. However anything is possible. I sat there in a hotel staring at the letter that brought me here.

Dear Ms. Summer,

My name is Billy Jenkins. I know it seems to be strange that I’m writing to you since I don’t know you. However I have a reason. I would’ve contacted you sooner but I couldn’t find you. I could’ve tried harder but I also wasn’t sure if you wanted to be left alone. Despite my instinct I feel as if I owe it to you to at least give you the information. What you do with it is up to you. A few years ago, I found a baby boy on my doorstep. You may be wondering why I would say that. But the son is yours. I know it might sound crazy but it’s true. I figure that you might not have known, since you haven’t even once tried to find out information from me. I mean most biological parents want to at least know if there kid was alright. I know if I were in your shoes I would. However life happens. I think that some sort of mistake occurred. I am grateful for the gift of your son. He has really has been a life savor. He really came into my life when everything was dying down from the craziness and I wasn’t dealing with it too well. However your son really helped me get better. I would really like it if we could meet up in person. I completely understand if you don’t want to. If you want the arrangement of the custody to remain the same you could either tell me in the meeting or if you don’t show up. I’ll be waiting for you this Friday at the Bay Cafe. I’ll be there at two pm. In order to find me, I will describe the outfit I’ll be wearing which will be white sandals with blue jeans and a red v neck top. If from all of this you want me to be out of your son’s life I completely understand. I hope all goes well with you.

With care,

Billy Jenkins

I got that letter only two days ago. Unfortunately tomorrow is Friday. I have yet to figure out my decision. I know I’m probably going to go. I feel as if I owe myself answers. I think there is another force at work and here I thought I got a break. I also feel nervous about the answers. I know if I don’t go I’ll regret it because I might not get another opportunity to find out. Maybe while I’m in town I’ll find my family but I doubt it. I now should focus my time on finding them since I’m no longer as busy as I was and nothing personal to hold me back except my grief. I kept staring at the letter as if I thought it was a joke because logically it isn’t possible. However with my life anything is possible since logic goes out the door. I figure that this could be a gift but there have always been strings. Its catch twenty two. I’ve never fully been retried because something comes up eventually and I want to help. I also feel as if I should help. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to retire for good. Maybe this could be my chance to retire fully, but I honestly don’t think I could.

I decide to unpack because I plan to stay for awhile. It only took me a short time period. I decide to leave because I want to explore the city I’m currently residing in. However I didn’t get to go very far since I found the beach. I just decide to sit and relax. Fortunately I have a magazine with me so I didn’t look as bad sitting alone. I know that if I put my magazine down that maybe I would get more attention, but I don’t want any. A few years ago, I would’ve killed for attention but now it doesn’t really matter to me. While I’m sitting and reading my people magazine, I lose track of time. The next thing I notice is the sun setting. I put my magazine down and watch the sunset. It was really pretty. I’m glad that the clouds didn’t cover up the sun tonight. The sun seems to past way to quickly.

Once the sun set, I get this sense of danger. I don’t want anything to do with it though. I just continue to sit and look at the horizon. All of a sudden I hear noise which is suspicious because it’s been quiet here since the sun set. I turn around and I hear grunting. I see this brown haired man on the ground. My immediate reaction is to want to help but I’m curious. Just when I’m about to walk closer to the fight, I feel my senses grow stronger. Too my surprise a second later I see this demon fall to the ground. I walk closer to investigate. The fallen man appears to be alone and then another demon shimmers in. I have to intervene. The man looks weak. Damn it. I hate my destiny sometimes. I wanted to be away and the chaos comes to me. I hold out my hand and the demon explodes. The fallen man looks at me in awe but quickly recovers and the original demon gets hit with a wave of telekinesis. The demon hits a tree branch right in the heart. The demon vanishes into a pile of ash. I love it when there is no mess to clean up, especially now since I have no clean up crew. Andrew and Faith don’t want to give me away to the council. Not that it matters, because they are planning on not being affiliated with them soon. I don’t know off the top of my mind what type of demon that turned into ash after being demolished, but it certainly wasn’t a vampire.

I hold out my hand to help the man up. The man nodded at me. I smiled. Unfortunately it was dark so it was not as good a view I normally would get in the day. Luckily, I have good vision due to being a slayer. Anyway close up, the man looked handsome. He appears to be my age. He had these amazing green eyes that I could stare into his soul. He had this vulnerability to him at this moment. I figured that it wasn’t normal. The man had this dark brown hair that I wanted to put my hands through. He also had a good looking body. He wore these stylish clothes that complimented his body wonderfully if I must say so myself. He is wearing a plain black polo and a dark shade of blue jeans.

I feel as if I am staring too closely and appearing to be dissecting. I look away from him, because I hope this strange guy didn’t notice. Years ago, I would have been all over him and flirting. Now I don’t see the need and besides if something came out of this I think I’ll get hurt again. However I could be friends with him. I turn to peck out him again and I noticed that his expression seemed no longer vulnerable and turned to this empty and mysterious. He also appeared to be more serious at least if his body language gave an indication. I look away. The silence is comfortable, but it needs to be broken. I was prepared to break it, but the guy to my surprise breaks it.

“You were amazing” the stranger said.

I turn to look at him to be polite.

“So were you” I said.

“It’s not everyday I come across someone who can handle themselves” the stranger said.

“You’d be surprised” I said.

The guy looks at me profound.

“What you part of a community” the stranger said.

“Sort of. I’ve been part of different communities, but I’m a wondering soul” I said.

“What kind of communities” the stranger asked.

“I’ve worked with slayers and hunters” I said.

“Whoa. I’m surprised they let you work with you” the stranger said.

“Why” I asked.

“Because hunters and slayers are thought to be more hostile tend to think more black and white. There are exceptions of course, but that is the main picture historically. Not much is known about hunters though” the stranger said.

“How do you know so much” I asked.

“I’ve been surrounded by magic my whole life” the stranger said.

“That’s amazing. I sometime would’ve liked to know sooner than I did. I’m kind of jealous of you. I’ve known sense the supernatural ever since I turned ten and since then I’ve fought demons, gods and vampires” I said.

“That’s a long time” the stranger said.
“Tell me about it” I said.

“Do you think knowing about the supernatural sooner would’ve done something” the stranger asked.

“Yeah I believe it would’ve made a good difference to the world but at the same time it would make my life suck earlier on” I said.

“Why do you your life would’ve sucked” the stranger asked.

“Because I’m destiny’s bitch” I said.

“Do you regret it” the stranger asked.

“Never, because before I found out I wasn’t really living and honestly its hard to picture my life without being retired” I said.

“Do you think you’ll ever retire” the stranger asked.

“I haven’t thought that much about it. I don’t know if I could ever fully. When I’m incapable of fighting, I’ll give side help like guidance or reducing time for fighters by making vanquishing potions” I said.

“What about you” I asked.

“What do you mean” the stranger asked.

“You seem as if you are on so dedicated to protecting the world” I said.

“You really are good into reading people” he said.

“Do you think you’ll ever retire” I asked.

“I think I’ll probably help as you will” he said.

“You mentioned earlier that you are kind of jealous of me so I’m wondering why” the stranger asked.

“Well it would’ve helped me tremendously even though I had fun figuring out information myself. But to be able to have access to all sorts of ancient spell books would’ve been amazing to me” I said.

“I wonder what you mean” the stranger asked.

“Well I feel as if I said too much” I said.

“You sure are an enigma” the stranger said.

“Where did you learn to fight as well as you do” I asked.

“That was me on a bad day, but anyway I learned to fight well from my parents, aunts and uncles. But I also had to learn from experience by my family got attacked a lot by demons” the stranger said.

“Is everyone okay” I asked.

“Yeah it helps that we all have magical gifts” the stranger said.

“No wonder I imagine your household has been attacked” I said.

“Who are you” the stranger asked.

“I don’t know” I said.

The stranger shakes his head.

I walk away because I feel bad that apparently my son had not known me and is also adopted. This conversation made me realize that I want to meet Billy.

Before I was out of eye range, I overheard the stranger mutter she sure is an enigma.

After walking at a slow pace for forty minutes, I finally arrived back at the hotel I’m staying at. Along the way I paid attention for demons and vampires and came short. In other words, the slow pace was not productive because I found nothing to kill. The walk was nice at least. I got to enjoy the scenery.

The hotel is pretty nice. I paid for a middle class arrangement and if my room is any indication then I truly wonder what first class is. The hotel I’m in has this amazing bathroom which features a bubble bath and spectacular shower. There also is a toilet in here and a sink. The sink is kind of pathetic, but there is a sink right before the bathroom officially. The door to bathroom is a side door of this door what has a great sink and counter. At the counter, there is a hairdryer and straighter. Not that the straighter matters because I can change my appearance at will and have brought my own. There also is a curling iron which doesn’t matter to me because I don’t curl my hair often and I brought my own curling iron. Before the bedroom, there is this living room that has this leather couch and two leather chairs. There also is a side door for a kitchen, which features a cabinet, stove, microwave, fridge and freezer. There also is a laundry room, which is tiny. Then my bedroom has two twin beds, a television, pinball machine, fuse ball machine and a table. The bedroom has three doors. There is one door that leads to the eating room. The other two doors lead to the pool and Jacuzzi and the exercise room.

I close the curtains in my room and open the sheets to a twin bed. I put a dagger under my pillow and I set an alarm for noon. Once I get in the bed, I fall instantly asleep. When I woke up, I decide to get ready for the day meaning that I took a shower, brushed my hair, put on makeup, changed and made myself some coffee. After I finished my sweetened coffee, I brushed my teeth and decided to change into a bikini because I needed to relax. I go to the Jacuzzi and relax there for thirty minutes. I’m glad that it is empty. Once I’m done, I decide to go back to my room and change into my clothes I had on earlier. I had a white blouse and black pants that way I look business casual. To finish off the look I put on black heals.

By the time I leave the hotel, it is one and I planned this out perfectly so that I will have time to find the restaurant. By the time I find the restaurant I have twenty minutes to spare. It took me awhile to find it sense my hotel wasn’t close to the restaurant. To my surprise I find the person of my description already at a table. After a very small moment of hesitation, I walk over to Billy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reality Bites" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Mar 12.

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