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Reality Bites

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Summary: Buffy got kidnapped at an early age and started demon hunting earlier than when she was called. After Chosen she got settled in Rome with Dawn and dated the immortal until she dreamed about the battle in LA. After the battle she got a strange letter

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't have any rights to Charmed or Buffy. I don't own the characters or anything from Buffy and Charmed verse. The shows are owned by the WB. If I owned Charmed and Buffy the characters would've had interactions on the shows.


On the 15th of March in the year 1980, a woman with brown straight long shoulder length hair pushed her body at three am. The woman was lying in the hospital giving birth. Thirty minutes later the surgery finished. The woman was exhausted because after all the woman had been giving birth for two hours. When the surgery was completed the woman felt like she could die. She felt so weak and powerless. She never felt this weak ever and that means something because this woman is a witch. The woman has been fighting demons for years which has gained her lots of enemies. The woman’s name is Elizabeth Jenkins which is her married name. Despite her full first of being Elizabeth; she likes to be known as Liz.

The woman gave birth to a beauty blond hair daughter. The daughter whom she named Emily Elizabeth Kimberly Dickerson. After all she reverted her daughter to her maiden name because she is a single mother.

After the birth of Emily, Liz decided that she couldn’t handle demons anymore. She knew that she had to leave San Francisco that way she could insure as much as a normal life she could grant for her daughter. She knew however that destiny has its ways and that she should teach her daughter her powers if she had any others besides the basic witch casting, orbing and healing. That way she could know how to defend herself. She knew her daughter was cable of that because the father was indeed her own white-lighter Matthew.

Her white-lighter isn’t really in the picture anymore because their romantic relationship didn’t last. Liz knew their was nothing that could be done. Matthew decided it best that he shouldn’t hang that much around because they had divorced a few months ago and not to mention the whole elder issue. The elders were an issue because white-lighter and humans can’t have a romantic relationship. The divorce was kind of hard because only one person knew about their relationship and that was her mom who died recently. Before Liz's mom died, Matthew and Liz had been involved for two and half years. Matthew was only around when needed which wasn’t a lot. Besides she wanted her daughter to have a father despite her issues with Matthew. However if she managed to find someone else early on then she could let Matthew go on with his life. After all it’s not like she looks for demons anymore.

Two years have gone and by since the birth of her daughter and by this point in time Liz is convinced that she isn’t meant to be with anyone and that love for men doesn’t exist. Besides it’s not like men would go for her because she is a single mother. Liz also feels unsure and nervous because she doesn’t know if her daughter should go to magic school. It’s where she belongs but she wanted her to be away from magic or demons as long as she could keep her from it. She didn’t want to be part of that world again unless to help her daughter to become a Wicca. She also knew that magic school had some of the best memories of her life. She was glad she didn’t have to make the decision yet. She still had a few years to go.

However one night when she is at a hospital, in Cleveland, fate seemed to be met. There she saw a really handsome man. The man appeared to have been in a car accident. She guessed that he was out drinking. However when she read the report she found out that the friend was drunk driving. Not the smartest decision from her friend. She worked on this handsome man who still looked handsome despite being injured. He had a well defined body with great muscles. He had the most soulful beautiful eyes she had ever seen. The eyes had a hitch of green and brown. The man had brown sexy spiked hair that she wanted to put her hands through. The man had big hands next to her small ones. The man turned out to be named Daniel Jenkins. Daniel was dying when she started to operate on him. He was dying from internal bleeding. The car smashed into a pole and another car causing the car to become smashed into pieces. Pieces fell into Daniel’s stomach. She managed to save his life. She had a feeling the elders were involved in this or it happened for a reason. Daniel stayed in the hospital for weeks recovering. Over the weeks Daniel and Liz started to know each other and become friends. After Daniel was able to leave the hospital, he asked her out. Two years later Daniel and Liz got married. Liz also gave birth to another blond daughter. The daughter was called Billy.

She never gave Emily her new last name because it would confuse people and she felt like she owed it to Matthew to let her daughter keep her maiden name. Things were going well and she decided that her daughters a normal life especially since the man she married is just normal and ordinary. She knew that both of her daughters were meant to have a destiny and that they were special. She also knew that one day despite her attempts to let them not get involved with the supernatural that they would.

The years flow on by. It’s been four years since she gave birth to Billy. Then it happened. It was just like an ordinary night. It was quite and peaceful. She felt that she could soon go back and live in San Francisco. She was putting away dishes when she heard a scream. When she arrived upstairs to where the scream came from which was Billy’s room. She ran up there to find Billy crying, the window cracked and Emily gone. She and Billy both held each other and cried. To her this was awful and the last strew. Just about a year and half ago she started demon hunting again. Then one of her daughters got kidnapped, she felt that she could no longer be a witch. She then made herself forget being a witch because she felt it would be easier.

POV minutes ago unknown party

I was out to the location where a seer told me I would find her. I was sitting outside a girl’s bedroom window. I saw both girls Billy and Emily. I stood there watching them. I felt so guilty. I had to get this over with. Travers told me that one of these girls’s is a potential slayer. I guess he sent me here that way she would not invest in her magical powers. Travers has always hated something he couldn’t control. He sent me to do the dirty work. My name is Alec Winters. I am a watcher. He told me to kidnap Emily. Luckily I’ve seen the files to know which one she is. I quietly and quickly moved into the room through the conveniently open window. I just wanted to get this over with. I swept up and put Emily in my arms. She looked at me in calm sad understanding eyes. She didn’t do anything. It was like she could tell what my intentions were.
Billy the other sister I was told about looked hysterical and confused which was understandable. I put a silencing spell around the room. I go out the window as I came and it accidentally cracked. I then put a spell to manipulate Billy’s memories that if she were to remember she would remember a demon kidnapping her sister. I did as I was instructed. I felt guilty and I hated manipulating minds. And I hated magic because all it does is hurt people in my experience but then again the council is made up of uncaring people. But in some situations magic is necessary.

After I completed the task, I headed towards the airport. It wasn’t long before I boarded a plane to my destination which is Los Angeles. I was heading there to get rid of the girl so she could escape the fate of becoming a properly trained slayer. Besides I felt that she was special and needed to be protected. But then out of nowhere we get attacked by a demon and in the middle of the action I lost her. But she decided to use the flight response because out of nowhere she disappeared into a portal that appeared from nowhere. At that precise moment of staring I forgot I was in battle and barely killed the demon.
For a second However I was proven to be wrong because with a glow the girl disappeared into a portal.

Since that happened I couldn't bring her to social services.

20 years later (2008) ....Unknown POV

I was out looking for a demon because I wanted to take my anger out on the council for making me take away a potential slayer. When all of a sudden a portal appears out of nowhere and out of it came a little girl. I was shocked because it sounded like what my father Alec Winter's described. My name is Kyle and I am very similar to my father. I was barely in my twenties and I knew i had to protect her. It was a shame I still work for the council but I decided that I would lie just as my father had done. I had a feeling that I was protecting the same girl as my father did before he retired.

I brought her to social services saying that I found this girl lying in the streets. It turned out that the girl had no memories as being known as Emily Dickerson. Good luck I whispered to her not that it mattered because she wouldn’t understand or remember.

I left quickly to get on a flight to Wales. Once I arrived there I covered up my tracks thoroughly just in case the council discovered a plane ticket other than the headquarters. Not that they would even with their materials because I’m great at covering my tracks. I read to find she was adopted by a couple with the last names Summers and then I hidden the file. I hidden the file in a safe in my personal mansion in Wales which I hardly spend time there because I live mainly on the council ground in London. However before I went to the council building, I modified my memory to be safe.

I hoped that wherever Emily was that her life was great, happy and normal. I was so nervous because I had to report to the council about the child. I had time to think this over and I decided to do it in my room in the council building. I also created the story as my false memory of what happened in case I got tested or invaded in my mind. My story has already been thought out. I decided to tell that I lost the child during the mass panic of a bomb threat at the airport and that the girl was being very strong and got out of my grip. I was in one of those when I arrived here so my story did check out. If the council finds out I don’t care what they do to me. The council is known for being cruel. The leadership of Travers doesn’t help one bit because he has high influence over the other watchers due to fear and need for power. He also is very strict. He also is not very open minded because in his world the situation is black or white when it comes to demons. But when it comes to human behavior he is very shadowy. He tends to treat slayers as if they are a weapon which is why they can’t have a life outside of fighting and it doesn’t help that slayers live short lives. I prepared myself for what could possibly be an awful punishment behind the doors. With my nervousness I calmed myself down with the thoughts of the girl. I hope she never gets called whoever her new identity is known as. With that last thought of the mission I walked through the doors.
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