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Standing Right Here

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Wizarding Key". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dawn goes looking for purpose and finds a whole new world of possibilities and responsibilities

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredHermionetobeFR151224,160914042,60731 Mar 115 Jun 11Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any parts of the characters or places herein. BtVS is the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant, Inc., etc. Harry Potter is the property of J. K. Rowlings, Scholastic, etc.

Story: Standing Right Here
Author: Hermionetobe
Chapter: Prologue
Crossover: BtVS/HP

“I can’t do this any more Willow,” Dawn Summers groaned leaning against the wall in front of her friend and mentor.

“Can’t do what?” the redheaded witch asked, not looking up from her thick tome.

“Any of it!” she screeched beginning the familiar route between the door and Willow’s desk.

Willow Rosenberg sighed. With slow, measured movements she placed a pressed daisy in her book and closed it. Folding her hands she looked up with patience and waited for the younger woman to continue.

She did not have to wait long.

“We have spent the last three months trying every trick in your library,” Dawn gestured wildly to the shelves of books behind Willow. “And we are no closer than the day we started. Except now even the Coven is convinced of my purposelessness!”

“That’s not true-”

“ ‘The Key’s purpose has long passed’ those were Agatha’s exact words,” she held her finger pointed at Willow, daring her to contradict. “We’ve proved I’m not a Slayer, a Watcher, or a witch.”

“You can do basic spells.”

“And I’ll forever be an amateur, because I don’t have the ability to tap into a source that allows me to do more than float a pencil.”

“That’s how I started.”

“No,” Dawn leaned forward to look into deep green eyes, “you started by giving a crazy murderous vampire his soul.” Then she was pacing and gesturing widely, “and you did that at seventeen! I’m twenty-two for goodness sakes! And I have nothing!”

“Except family and friends who love you,” Willow said icily. “And a linguistics degree. And youth and a comfortable stipend.”

The brunette sagged into the nearest chair, “I know. And I’m grateful… I just feel,” she gestured vaguely, “aimless.”

“You could try a vision quest.”

“I’m not able to meditate,” the edges of her mouth curled up slightly, “you’ve told me that on at least a dozen occasions.”

Willow nodded absently. It was true that Dawn’s natural spontaneous energy and mind did not allow her the ability to meditate. It was part of the reason magic did not work for her. Yet, the witch had to admit, the ability to laboriously work through a translation, or the several translations it took to get a text from a obscure or demon language to English, was one Dawn relished.

Beyond that was the expectations, of who – Willow wasn’t quite sure. The Scooby gang had done great things, and Dawn was supposed to follow in those footsteps. She had once been the Key, the greatest and most feared energy in the entire world. Now she was simply a young woman, bright and vibrant, but simply – and disappointingly – human.

“There has to be some option we haven’t considered,” Dawn dropped her head onto the desk forlornly, “besides the one about me being a spinster translator.”

“We’re not having another conversation about relationships,” the redhead warned. And to further avoid the topic she continued, “Have you considered the Powers That Be?”

Frowning, she shook her head.

“You want a place for yourself in the world, who better to ask then those who supposedly pull the strings?”

Reviews are greatly appreciated - Hermionetobe

I am working off an idea that has been forming for several months. This 'prologue' is more like a teaser, but I wanted some feedback and have to transfer the rest of my ideas from my notebook to the computer.

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