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A White Knight in Bayville

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Summary: Yet Another Road Trip Story. Xander in Bayville, what could go wrong?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSemetFR18925,5881423471,59431 Mar 119 Oct 11No

Chapter 2 - Huh, big blue guy...

AN: Alrighty guys and gals here is the next chapter for you. Enjoy ^^!

AN: FYI the editing is a bit rough but I think it's passable and I kind of just wanted to get this out there as it were.

As Xander walked down the sidewalk on his way back to his hotel room from a quick trip to a nearby greasy spoon he found himself enjoy a night time stroll for the first time in what felt like forever. He could have driven there but it had only been a couple blocks away and he decided he wanted to stretch his legs so he walked. It was a nice night out, the stars were winking at him there was a half-moon out, and a light breeze licked at his features as he walked. Too bad he heard a scuffling sound and a muffled scream as he passed an alley. Oh well, it had been nice while it lasted. What was with bad guys and alleyways anyway? Didn’t they realize how cliché they were being?

The possibility of him just ignoring whoever was in distress never even crossed his mind. He would later realize this and curse his damned White Knight complex. As he quickly stepped into the alleyway and his eyes adjusted to the gloom he saw a young teenager, maybe a few years younger than him, being attacked by a couple of what looked like newbie vamps already in game face. The girl had long brown hair and looked absolutely terrified though if Xander was to guess it was because of just what was attacking her, not the situation itself.

“Hey Suckheads! You guys are all kinds of pathetic you know that? Why can’t you guys do this at a sensible hour?” Oh yeah that’s right, you can’t…” Xander said to get their attention.

“Shutup Meatbag. Two for one Ken?” Newbie Vamp #1 asked his compatriot.

“Sure why not.” ‘Ken’ said as he stood up and rushed the interloper. The look on his face was priceless as he looked at the sharp piece of wood that was stuck in his chest, right before he collapsed into dust. If he had been back in Sunnydale he would have dragged it out before finishing the thing off for the sake of keeping up his façade but the rest of the Scoobies weren’t around so he didn’t see the point.

His friends back in Sunnydale wouldn’t take it well if they ever found out about just how much he had retained from his previous possessions, yeah not the best of ideas. They would immediately try to ‘de-possess’ him, and at this point such a thing would probably kill him. Besides he did his best work while no one was paying attention. And while some sort of acknowledgement for frequently putting his ass on the line would be nice every once in a while, having the world still spinning at the end of the day was by far more important… Besides with how he operated it would’ve actually been a hindrance to him if they knew exactly what he was capable of.

“You killed Kenny! You bastard! ” Newbie Vamp #1 screamed. He was so enraged that he never noticed the girl he’d been holding seemed to just fall through his grip like she was a ghost or something. Xander did, hence the look of shock on his face and how a fledgling vamp got the drop on him managing to get in a solid blow to the young man’s head and knocking him silly. As Xander fell he cracked his head on the alley wall knocking himself nearly unconscious. But ghost girl was still in danger, she still needed help. Right as the vamp was about to grab him Xander’s eyes snapped open glowing a green/gold color and a snarl escaped his lips. This made the vamp pause, its inner demon actually shrinking back in fear.

The boy wasn’t looking at him though, he was looking at his blood bag who was just standing there looking on in shock. She didn’t seem to be scared of the now glowing eyed teen per say just wary. As if she was facing down a possibly rabid dog and just the wrong move would set it off.

The vamp didn’t have time to think about this though as he suddenly found his head being slammed into the wall repeatedly, hard enough to crush bricks and knock the undead prick silly. He found himself on his knees as a still snarling Xander got up grabbed him around the head from behind and twisted. And kept twisting. Eventually the fledglings head popped off and he dusted. The dusting part happened just as a group of teenagers and what looked like a short hairy man arrived on the scene. Now that the last vamp was taken care of and Xander’s instincts told him he was in relatively safe company the remains of the Hyena subsided back into the recessed of his mind and he became himself again. First thing he realized was that he hurt all over, and second, the girl he saved seemed to know the new comers. Then he passed out.

“Kid’s not normal Chuck,” Logan told his friend and boss. “I don’t feel anything really bad about him, but he still ain’t normal.”

“Well he doesn’t have a single scrap of the X-Gene in him. So what else could there be?” A big blue Hank McCoy asked.

“He dusted a suck head by twisting its head clean off its shoulders according to Kitty.” Logan said in response.

“I’m sorry, suck head?” Hank asked curiously.

“Vampires, Hank. Logan’s talking about Vampires.” A wheel chaired Charles Xavier said his hands clasped in front of him as he leaned on his desk slightly.

“Oh. I see. Strange they don’t often venture out of the bigger cities that often. The sudden spike in missing person and ‘animal attacks’ become too noticeable if they do.” Hank said. He had only encountered such beings a grand total of twice in his entire life and that was in his younger days when he had thrived on venturing off the beaten track. He had hoped to never run across anything like that again.

“Like I said that kid ain’t normal. He don’t seem bad, or he wouldn’t have bothered with saving Kitty. He needs to be watched though.” Logan said trying to emphasize his point by looking at each of them in turn for a few seconds.

Normally Ororo or Storm would be with them but she and her nephew Spyke were away visiting family and this situation didn’t seem immediately important enough to bother them. No matter what was up with the kid he wasn’t anything that Wolverine couldn’t handle. Charles had tried to get a quick picture of the boys mind as he rested down in the lower chambers and he had come up against the most interesting of barriers. Whatever it was took the form of female hyena and what he had been able to sense from it was primal. It was powerful and seemed beyond age, and Charles had known near immediately that if he tried to force the issue he would have a hell of a fight on his hands.

He also got the impression that the only reason he wasn’t under attack for trespassing was because he wasn’t being considered a danger, that he wasn’t acting like a threat. For that he was grateful, he didn’t like the idea of possibly losing and becoming a mental vegetable. Perhaps the boy’s conscious mind could suppress its guard dog and allow him entry. That was if the boy didn’t mind him rooting around in his head anyway.

It didn’t even need to be said that the boy’s finger prints were being ran as they spoke by one of Charles’ contacts in the local police department. He had asked for everything the man could find on their mysterious new guest. He should be getting that information within the next 24 hours with any luck. Until then though all they could do was wait for the boy to wake up. He’d been out for a while but then again he had taken a pretty nasty knock to the head.

“The children have been asking about him since we brought him back here. The want to know more about the ‘Monster Slayer’. Kitty’s retelling of the events get more and more fantastical every time she tells it. I think she’s just compensating though. It seems to just now be sinking in that she came very close to getting seriously hurt maybe even killed. She’s very lucky that that young man came along when he did.” Hank said with a thoughtful expression on his fanged face.

“Indeed.” Charles said after a few seconds. “Before we can do anything he’ll have to wake up for some proper introductions. Hank, Logan please tell the children that our visitor is not to be disturbed. They will hopefully have a chance to meet him soon.”

“You got it Chuck.” Logan said with Hank merely nodding in agreement as both men got up and made to leave the office.

“Thank you gentlemen.” Charles said as the door closed behind two of the institutes teachers.

As Xander came slowly back to the land of the living as it were the first thing he noticed was the hum of electric lights and the steady beeping and whirring sounds of medical machinery. He could smell the heavy duty cleaning fumes that seemed to permeate every common place hospital anywhere.

“Oh damn it not again…” he groaned out as he opened his eyes thinking he already knew what he was going to see. What he didn’t expect was to be underground. He could tell via the lack of windows and the sneaking suspicion that if the ceiling were to collapse at that moment there would be more than your average ceiling worth of materials squishing him.

“Ah so your awake.” came a deep voice from over to the side. Yet again what Xander saw was not what he was expecting. A big blue monkey man, in a lab coat… Yeah, not what he was expecting. On the plus side though the hyena wasn’t pitching a fit like she did around anything unnatural (AKA Anything that twisted or perverted another’s core or being, like vampires and other night time nasties, so on and so forth.) so that was good. If Big Blue, as Xander has now dubbed him, was really dangerous to him the hyena would not be as ‘docile’ as she currently was.

“Um, hi…” Xander said. While normally he would have had a quip about hospitals at the ready he was till kind of sluggish from what he assumed was the knock to the head he had received however long ago. Sitting up he asked Big Blue, “Yeah um, who might you be?”

“Ah yes, my name is Hank McCoy…” then a door over on the far side of the medical room they were in slid open and a bald man in a wheelchair rolled in saying,

“And my name is Professor Charles Xavier and you are a currently at Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters.”

Normally Charles would be merely projecting his thoughts into the young man’s mind like he did with all new people he was tasked with introducing to the world of mutants. But until he got permission he thought it best to not try his luck with whatever it was that guarded the young man’s mind. He couldn’t help notice how this Alexander Harris seemed to be shaking himself out of the dregs of sleep so as to better focus. He had received the boy’s file not twenty minutes before he had received Hank’s mental signal saying the young man was awake so he only had time to skim the surprisingly thick folder.

At first Charles was worried until he noticed a trend to almost all the incidents in said file, gang member on PCP. If that wasn’t a term used for covering up vampire activity than Charles wasn’t bald. He had then paused for a second to go look in the mirror. He couldn’t have said he was surprised that nothing had changed, but it was worth a shot right? As he headed down to the lower levels he had sent a message to Logan that the boy was awake and to be ready should the worst happen. While Charles would obviously prefer this to end well he was also dealing with an unknown in the young man and therefore had to take appropriate precautions. He brought himself back to the present when he heard young Alexander ask,

“Huh, Gifted Youngsters? Just how gifted are we talking here?”

“Very Mr. Harris. Tell me have you ever heard of Mutants before?” Charles asked pressing his fingers together as he studied the young man in front of him.

Mutants, yeah he had heard of mutants. Sure there were rumors on the internet and had been for months but know he knew of mutants from a different source. The soldier possession hadn’t just left him with a fair bit of training and skills but also with quite a bit in the memory department. It wasn’t just the memories of one man in particular but bits and pieces of different soldiers throughout human history that he remembered.

He been able to nail down several important segments such as being a Roman Legionnaire, a lieutenant in Alexander the Great’s conquering armies, a soldier in the trenches of World War I, and a World War II RAF Pilot among many others stretching up till about where the Vietnam War ended . It wasn’t all just big things though but some of the little things he remembered the most, the things one would normally remember in passing and even then it would be fuzzy at best.

Some of these things were of people ‘he’ had seen use abilities that whoever had witnessed them had never seen before. So when he had first heard the mutant rumor he had known it to be more than just a set of rumors. After that he had started to make subtle inquiries into said rumors. He kept his search for information on such things as discrete as possible so as to avoid the notice of anyone in power that might not like his looking. He knew it would be foolish to just assume the government didn’t know about mutants, just as it would be foolish to think they don’t know about the supernatural. Yeah, he wanted to avoid them taking notice if at all possible, especially if he stumbled upon something that he really shouldn’t have.

Xander was about to start lying through his teeth about knowing anything, it was more of a reflex now a days than anything, when Professor Xavier interrupted him as he opened his mouth.

“Mr. Harris you should know that I know it was a Vampire you saved one of my students from and that it really wouldn’t surprise me if you knew of mutants as well as the supernatural. I also know that there seems to be a presence of some sort in your mind and I do understand your desire to hide such a thing, but please let us try to be straight forward about this. It’ll save us both a lot of time and surprises down the road.” Xavier said looking the young man in the eye. Normally he would have tried to be gentler about the whole situation but what little he could get off young Alexander told him to as straight forward as possible.

“Well…” Xander said as he gestured to the room they were in while noticeably setting aside a good deal of his clown persona, even though he would always be a big goof at heart, before continuing. “This is different.” Xander was definitely off his game…

AN: So whatcha think? I'd like to know but please if you have complaints I would appreciate the reasons behind why you have complaints. And please if you do, make them clear and concise and try not to be rude about it. I'm more than willing to listen if what you're getting at makes sense to me. I mean how would you feel if I took one of your stories and just reamed you out for no reason besides you offending my 'sensibilities'. Yeah, nobody likes that. And as always contructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

AN: On the subject of the two choices for Xander pairing... I'll be honest right now it's kinda neck and neck so unless that changes I might just have to flip a coin when that part startes rolling around. And also while I have a rough idea of how I would go about either of them if anyone has any suggestions I'm more than happy to listen. I can't promise I'll use said suggestion but hey you never know ^^. See you next time !
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