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A White Knight in Bayville

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Summary: Yet Another Road Trip Story. Xander in Bayville, what could go wrong?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSemetFR18925,5881423471,58331 Mar 119 Oct 11No

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Bayville.

Disclaimer: Oh how I wish I owned the different franchises involved with this story... But alas I do not, more's the pity.

AN: No longer a test chapter =^.^=!

AN: Oh and FYI this is set in the X-Men: Evolution 'Verse. Granted I could go with mainstream but there are just to many freakin' variables and back story to sift through, it makes my head hurt lol.

As Xander drove past the Bayville city limits sign he couldn’t help thinking about how long he had waited for this trip. Since he was a little kid he and Jesse had talked about this regularly. They had dreamt of seeing everything there was to see in the country, hitting all fifty states one at a time. But Jesse was gone and while he might have asked Willow a couple years ago that wasn’t the case today, she had her own life to be getting on with now. He couldn’t help thinking that she saw him as nothing more than something that was in way. That she only put up him because she thought he couldn’t take care of himself.

While he knew it wasn’t true he just couldn’t shake the feeling he got whenever he thought about it. It hurt but he knew that she just wasn’t his Willow anymore, at least not like she once was. Sure they were still friends and all but they were nowhere near as close as they used to be. It was like there was a wide river between the two of them with no bridge in sight. And after the last couple of years of her always siding with Buffy over every little thing he found himself thinking that maybe, just maybe, that while he would always love her it was time for some space to be put between the two of them.

And no matter what he tried he couldn’t help thinking of Buffy along the same lines as Willow. Granted his initial responses to her when they had first met had been based off of a mixture of wanting to be friendly and teenage lust but now she was nothing if not firmly in the ‘Friends Only’ category. He would always love her, even consider her family, as he did Willow and the others (Joyce, Dawn, and Giles) but now he wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, at least not in any way sexual.

Yes she was a beautiful girl and one of his best friends but he just couldn’t wrap his mind around her having sex with a vampire, soul or no. Even though Angel was an ally and had helped save them all several times over (Which had earned him Xander’s grudging respect, even if the younger man still detested the vampire on principal.) he was still a vampire. At the end of the day despite everything he was still a demonically reanimated corpse and nothing was ever going to change that… Not to mention who knows what diseases he had picked up over the centuries? It wasn’t like he got sick so how who he know if he was a carrier or not? Had he ever been tested? Xander kind of doubted it…

He knew it was a good chunk of time ago but it still stung how she had not been able to own up to her mistakes and let Angelus roam free ruining who knows how many lives in the process. Yes she had been in love with Angel but Angel wasn’t Angelus, even Xander could freely admit that! ‘Oh well the past is the past.’ Xander reminded himself as he drove, pushing such thoughts from his mind as he kept driving.

And it wasn’t like Xander himself was a saint or anything, and he knew it. He had made plenty of mistakes on near epic levels since his introduction to the supernatural. Mantis Lady, Ampata (Even though he didn’t blame Ampata herself, it wasn’t like she could help her circumstances.), the Love Spell, The Fluke. Yeah, he’d made his own fair share of mistakes, but to him that was part of the point of the road trip he was on, a chance to leave his mistakes and failures behind him, even if it was just for a little while. To think he had almost headed home after he got his car fixed in Oxnard. But some unknown urge had compelled him forward and he was glad it had, because hey here he was.

His original plan was to just stay the night in a hotel as he passed through Bayville on his way away from New York, heading into the latter half of his road trip. Oh if he only knew how long he was going to be sticking around he would have turned right back around and headed straight home only stopping for bathroom breaks and coffee. But alas he was needed so it never occurred to him.


Irene Adler, also known as Destiny, smiled as the White Knight drove towards his future. This series of events had actually been one of the first things she had ever seen and she knew it was one of the most vital. The world was heating up as its populace became more and more aware of the mutants in their mists and young Alexander was crucial if humanity was to avoid destroying itself, both Homo Sapiens and Homo Superiors alike. Without Alexander the two sides would wear each other down making it possible for those who fought over this world to take over with minimal resistance.

Now if only dear Raven had believed her when she had told her longtime friend about how a White Knight would someday come along to help with things. The blue shape shifter had only laughed and said such people don’t exist anymore. Pity, she had believed everything else up till then hadn’t she? Oh well, she was in for a hell of a surprise then wasn’t she?

AN: So how was it? FYI I'm more than a little tempted to make this either a Xander/Wanda or Xander/Mystique pairing. And before anyone tries to point out the likely-hood of those pairings ever happening, ya know cause of Mystique being a bit of a psychotic zealot/over a century old and Wanda being a bit unstable (Edit: Ok maybe more than a little...), just remember he almost married Anya. Not that I have anything against that character, I actually found her to be kind of funny. But she would have been one of those friends you would need to take in small doses, for the sake of my already questionable sanity if nothing else, you know?

AN: Oh and if I do continue this I will be reconfiguring this first chapter. You know, tweaking it a bit, changing the Chapter Title, Summary little things like that.
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