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Anya's Vengence

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Summary: Anyanka was a Vengence Demon for a thousand years, and seven or eight months after being left at the altar. What happens when she seeks revenge for being killed in the big battle?

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Cartoons > My Little PonySithicusFR13417,7696246,8092 Apr 114 Apr 11Yes

Pinkie's Wild Night Abridged Version

Author's Notes: Bonus Chapter, not much, but I had to end it with a good solid bit of humor and atypical pony fun. Perhaps someday I'll write that FR21 Pony Sex chapter or something for when Shining Night get's his fillies. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You will be ashamed, turned on and perhaps secretly thrilled when Shining Night gets his PONY HAREM! Oh yeah. Nods It will now be listed as complete however.

Epilogue Two:

Returning to Ponyville seemed like the best idea for the group – unfortunately Twilight Sparkle’s balloon wasn’t large enough to accommodate them all – fortunately Princess Celestia lent them the use of her personal carriage. She had many books to share with Dusty Tomes – and felt that he could set up a home to share with his charges in Ponyville and commute to work each week to attend the library in Canterlot.

Rarity knew of an excellent little house that was recently vacated by a rather large family who had moved to Cloudsdale to be closer to their relations. The family of Pegasi ponies who used to live there had chosen to live on the ground amongst the Earth ponies because a lot of their friends would enjoy coming over for visits and being entertained.

The house was perfect – not too close to the outskirts of Ponyville – but also not too far from the town square and all their pony needs. A two story wooden masterpiece with plenty of rooms, a wonderful garden, excellent facilities for weight training – Bitter Angst wanted to stay in shape – and the finest bathrooms that money could buy.

Dusk Thorn had been adamant about the showering and other needs. The only question was how to afford it – Princess Celestia had said that she could forward the first month’s salary to Dusty Tomes for his new position, but he hadn’t wanted to impose.

The Mayor of Ponyville solved that particular crisis however. She said that no home should remain empty in her town and since no other ponies wanted to move in the house was theirs to live in and they could pay for it in monthly installments beginning at the end of the first month after their official move-in date. Thus was born the first pony mortgage.

For the Scoobies of Earth life in Equestria would be full of adventure and excitement, but those are stories for another time – however there is still one pony that has yet to deal with the events that happened in Canterlot – shall we look in on her?

Derpy Hooves glared frustratedly at Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as they both did their best to teach Shining Night weather manipulation – she was frustrated that her plans had fallen through in more ways than one – she didn’t care if she had to share him, but she’d wanted to at least have him first. Oh sure Rainbow and Fluttershy hadn’t so much as touched him yet, but it was only a matter of time.

Derpy was upset and would have done something about it if not for something unexpected. Frowning slightly the light grey pony with the blonde mane and the wall-eyed stare examined the letter which had just arrived for her. Nopony ever sent her letters or mail of any kind.

With deliberate care she slowly opened the letter and unfurled the stylish looking parchment she found inside.

“Dear, Bubbles, this is to inform you that the male Stallion known as Shining Night is fair game for your lustful desires on the condition that you get to know him first as a proper friend. And also try to make more friends, because having friends is the best thing anypony can experience, let Shining Night help you understand how to make friends the right way. And I’m sorry you were stuck with such a hurtful nickname, sincerely, Princess Luna.”

Feeling a stray tear leaking from the corner of her one good eye the pony who had been named Bubbles at birth by her long deceased parents broke into a winning smile. With reverent awe she placed the letter up on a special spot next to a photo of her parents and sister – who rarely spoke to her these days as she had a thriving business in Cloudsdale.

“You will be mine,” she whispered. “But Princess Luna is right,” she added. “Thank you.” Smiling up at the slowly rising moon she sent a little prayer towards the younger of the two Alicorns and settled down for her nightly routine.

Watching from the sky, Princess Luna smiled. “You’re welcome, Bubbles,” she whispered sending kind thoughts to the poor unfortunate misunderstood pony.

Pinkie stared wide-eyed at the pages of the book in front of her, her cheeks flushing as she went further and further. “Oh wow! Nopony can bend that way, not even me, and I’ve tried,” she blurted.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight Sparkle shouted.

“What?” Pinkie asked.

“Either take that home to read or leave it for tomorrow, I’m trying to go to sleep,” Twilight told her friend.

“Could you come show me how to bend this way, Twilight? I want to try this at least once before I go to sleep tonight,” Pinkie explained.

Her cheeks flushing Twilight shook her head. “No!” she told Pinkie without further explanation.

Pinkie sighed and turned the page and then cheered up. “Oh! This I can do, goodnight, Twilight!” she called up to her friend before skipping out of the library and letting the door close behind her.

Twilight sighed. “I knew I should have left that book back home in Canterlot, it causes nothing but trouble,” she grumbled under her breath before settling down to finally get some sleep.

That night a few ponies living next door to Pinkie Pie were kept up for at least six hours as she made rather undignified noises for a fair amount of time, but Pinkie got the best night’s sleep she ever had out of it later.

The End

Pony Profiles:

Name: Bitter Angst
Coat: Soft Blue
Mane: Blonde
Eyes: Purple/Green Combination
Cutie Mark: Stake & Cross Intertwined

Bitter Angst – Buffy to her friends – is a strong and dependable Earth Pony who moved to Ponyville from her native dimension under unrevealed circumstances. Twice as strong as the average work horse – Bitter can lift as much as three tons with very little effort – currently she lives in a house in Ponyville with her closest friends and mentor Dusty Tomes. She is also dating Big Macintosh steadily after a rocky first impression and a few missteps in their initial meetings.

Officially Bitter Angst is the Pony Defender, protector of Ponyville and all of Equestria from the monsters of the Everfree Forest who would wish harm to all the little ponies – unofficially she’s on vacation from some traumatic past life issues that involved unhealthy relationships, something Pinkie Pie calls Necrophilia – a gross abomination apparently – and a life of turmoil, hardships and nightly duties. Bitter Angst is often up quite late at night, but still manages to get her daily tasks done. She is slowly becoming best friends with Princess Luna.

Name: Radiant Dawn
Coat: Dark Forest Green
Mane: Light Green
Eyes: Bright Blue Flecked With Green
Cutie Mark: None Yet

Radiant Dawn is Bitter Angst’s younger sister. Formerly combined with a universal Key she is now just a regular pony who has also recently moved to Ponyville. Given a chance to experience a childhood unlike in her other life – Radiant Dawn has become fast friends with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo – also known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Radiant Dawn still has a crush on Shining Night – as does Scootaloo apparently – and the two are always plotting ways to get him to help out in their schemes to discover their talents so they can earn their Cutie Marks. She also spends time learning about the history of Equestria with her father figure and mentor Dusty Tomes.

Name: Dusk Thorn
Coat: Dark Orange
Mane: Red
Eyes: Green
Cutie Mark: Sage, Rosemary & Wolfsbane Arranged in Circle

Dusk Thorn is a unicorn from the same native dimension as her friends Bitter Angst and Shining Night. Her talents lie in the mystical arts and she is quite a strong magic user – her telekinetic abilities aren’t as refined as some of the other unicorns, but Twilight Sparkle and Rarity are both teaching her better control.

Romantically interested in mares as opposed to colts – a not uncommon thing amongst certain little ponies – Dusk Thorn is currently developing a mutually reciprocal relationship with Twilight Sparkle – there are even a few other unicorns and earth ponies that she has felt attracted to, but she will not hurt Twilight Sparkle who is still slightly young and naïve compared to the much more experienced Dusk.

Name: Dusty Tomes
Coat: Brown
Mane: Light Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cutie Mark: Open Book Representing Knowledge

Overseeing the other four little ponies – Dusty Tomes has become the official Librarian for Canterlot and is usually seen in the Canterlot Public Library where he helps young Fillies and Colts find the books they need to enjoy reading. A student of history Dusty is learning as much as he can about the creation of Equestria and its many hidden secrets and legends from Princess Celestia herself.

Dusty is an Earth pony who dabbles occasionally in magic – how is still a question many little ponies can’t figure out as Earth ponies are typically incapable of performing magic – some speculate it is a remnant from his past life in the other dimension where he is rumored to have been a powerful Unicorn sorcerer. He is quite fascinated by Pinkie Pie’s unusual talent for predicting certain events with bodily reactions, such as the much dreaded Twitchy Tail.

Name: Shining Night
Coat: Ebony Black
Mane: Ivory White
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Cutie Mark: Telescope

Shining Night is the first Black Pegasus to appear in Ponyville in the last thousand years – others have existed, but most of them have long since passed on – his special talent is the gift of Farsight, which allows him to see farther than most Pegasi. He is also learning to control the weather and has quite a talent for it – Princess Luna believes he is the most powerful weather manipulator to be born in Equestria since the early days.

Princess Luna has unofficially claimed him as her mate, but after a private discussion with Shining Night she has allowed him to wander and stud with other ponies as she is a very busy Alicorn each night and knows the value of a good relationship. Also, since he is a black Pegasus there are a large number of Pegasus mares interested in mating with him for the soul purpose of proving that old adage… The Darker the Coat, the More Orgasms you’ll Enjoy. Of course this is just some silly rumor created long ago and probably not very true. Currently Rainbow Dash – who may be Bisexual – Fluttershy and Bubbles AKA Derpy Hooves are all vying for Shining’s attention. Time will tell who get’s there first.

Name: Tie-Dye Hoofryn
Coat: Dark Red
Mane: Grey
Eyes: Yellow
Cutie Mark: Unknown

Author of the best selling series How to be a Scooby in a Pony Body – little is known of the mysterious Tie-Dye – some speculate that he isn’t even real and others believe he has long since passed on from this world. If he ever lived there to begin with.

Many little ponies enjoy the book series for its faithful and unique take on explaining how to control the elements of weather manipulation, magic and Earth pony talents. Some have even used them to discover their own special talents. One pony however is adamant that the books are evil and refuses to look at them. Shining Night distrusts them to the point that he will not even open one of them and prefers to learn his abilities the old fashioned way. Through hard work and time well spent with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. The Pegasi Ponies aren’t complaining about it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Anya's Vengence". This story is complete.

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