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Hound: Dog of War

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Summary: After 5 years in a hell dimension, Xanders coming home. To a home he's never been and a world that will never be the same again. (Ratings just incase I go a Liiitttllle overboard)

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Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all characters associated with it. I unfortunately am neither so only the ideas contained in this story belong to me.

Chapter 1: Perspectives or When the world went to hell

*Inside the warehouse approximately 46 seconds ago*

Eugene Grimp, Gene to his friends, had been vampire for 37 years. Out of those years he had worked for Kakistos, and by extension Trick, for 35 and overall he had no complaints. He got to eat who wanted and do what he wanted, ok so maybe not all the time but whiners got dusted, when they were lucky. Tonight Gene had helped capture the new slayer and her watcher so he decided a drink was in order ‘Maybe a Blonde.’.

As he walked towards the warehouse doors he smiled at the sweet screams coming from the upstairs room…..right before the door exploded into splinters and kindling as a body came flying through it, turning his world into nothing but pain as steel and wood impacted his body. His prone and pain filled body flew through the air before he slam into the ground and rolled like a rag doll, tearing open greater furrows in his body leaving only a bloody and broken mess before a chunk of wood in his torso shifted, thankfully piercing his heart and ending his undead life.


As he soared through the remains of the warehouse door the being formerly known as Xander Harris smiled, ‘It’s good to get back to basics.’, as he gauged his current situation. 37 vampires –‘None older than a century.’ - 4 demons –‘Tusks, grey skin, humanoid. Grappler Demons.’- and 6 corpses. Seconds after he landed Xander was on the move, raking his claws across the eyes of the nearest bloodsucker, driving a spear-hand thrust through the next closest before leaning down as he dashed forward, grabbing a piece of rebar off the ground and hurling it through the air.

As Xander came to a stop roughly at the center of the gathered horde of demons the rebar came to rest in the eye of one of the grappler demons, piercing the back of its skull. His cloak settled against him, leaving one arm hidden, as the demon thudded to ground. The demons present all, minus the three he had dusted and one he had blinded, looked at the corpse before turning back to look at him. The tableau held, his cloak lightly beating at his ankles the demons staring at him in shock, until an industrious vampire, who was coincidentally near the back wall, yell “Get him!!!".

Xander flung himself into the fray leaving broken bodies and dust as he passed. He relished the destruction he was visiting on these mosquitoes, losing himself in the flow of battle. “AAAAaahhhhhh!!!!” came a yell of pain that distracted him allowing a vampire to catch him with a punch to his sternum that launched him across the floor tripping vampires as he went.



“All right Johnny”

Cheers and accolades went up as he lay prone on the floor. The same vampire who had instigated the attack spoke as he strode forward “Somebody go and cut that Fuckers head off for the boss!” A large black vampire started towards the body holding a knife, only to come to a stuttering stop a few seconds later as a low, malevolent growling filled the air.

The remaining 17 vampires looked around warily, trying to catch what was making the noise, one unfortunately….did, eliciting a panicky whispered “Holy Fuck!” The others turned and followed his gaze to find the man they had thought dead on his knees, his hood fallen back, hair haphazard around his head as his eyes glowed a hellish red. As he rose to his feet, Xander uttered the first words since he had come back to earth “You should run. Now.”, then he grabbed a hold of his power and shifted. The vampires watched as the area around the apparently non-human intruder warped and filled with shadow, which abruptly began to flow down and away revealing a dog-like creature roughly 5 ½ feet tall and 6 feet long, eyes burning red and a smile that showed all too many razor sharp teeth to be comforting.

Almost as one they turned and ran, only to find the beast upon them with a hellish fury. Seconds later the fight was over finding the demonic looking hound shaking dust from his pelt. As he heard the door to the upstairs room beginning to open he spun in place, flexed his powerful legs and leapt towards it ‘Time to end this.’

*One minute and 20 seconds ago*

Kakistos smiled as he circled the naked watcher standing in a tub of ice water racked with tremors trailing a curved ornate dagger lightly across her skin, all the while keeping his eyes locked on enchained slayers. “Freezing….as long as you do it correctly can be a wonderful tool of torture,” he spoke as continued to torment the brunette slayer . “It slowly freezes and explodes the cells, all the while hyper….sensitizing….the….skin.” each break in speech accentuated by a harder press of the knife drawing blood, as the watcher struggled to contain her screams. He suddenly blurred burying the knife in the watchers shoulder drawing a shriek of pain from her and a glare from the slayer.

He would kill this slayer, eventually, but first he had to break her, she had disrupted his business for the past few months and that just wouldn’t do. She was, along with her watcher, going to be an abject lesson for anyone or thing out there who had ideas of doing the same that Kakistos was not to be trifled with. As he opened his mouth to speak shouts and cheers went up from below interrupting him. He turned and glowered at his three lieutenants “Silence that rabble now or I’ll have one of your heads!!!” before turning back to his ‘guests’. Behind him one of the vampires went to open the door, “As I was saying bef...” was as far as he got before the room exploded into pandemonium.

Diana Dormer, professor and watcher, stared in shock as one of the vampires attending the torture and subsequent murder of her and her slayer vanished into dust by what appeared to be a werewolf ‘No,’ the analytical part of her mind supplied ‘It’s far too natural looking, discounting it’s size of course, perhaps one of the greater beast.’ The possibly greater beast landed on Mr. Trick, dispatching the other remaining lieutenant with an almost contemptuous flick of its tail, where it gazed at Trick a moment before snorting a discharge of air at him and stepping away, snapping one of Tricks legs almost as an afterthought.

The beast then stalked towards the shadows in the room all the while its incandescent red eyes never leaving Kakistos. “Well, what have we here,” wondered Kakistos out loud as he turned to follow the beast’s movements “I wonder whose pet you are?” not truly expecting an answer. She found it slightly odd that as he finished the beast seemed to give a low barking…laugh, only to have her mind come to a standstill as it did the impossible and spoke.

“What I am is your Death,” came the harsh voice “and I answer to no master, parasite.”

’It talked, it *fucking* talked!!!!’ was the thought that repeated through Faith’s mind as she stared at the thing that had just busted into the room and erased two very dangerous master vampires from existence and threatened the vampire that they had answered to like it was nothing. She watched on as the beast and Kakistos blurred at each other, slamming around the room in a flurry of strikes, growls, yelps and screams, only to lose what little hope she had as they came to rest with Kakistos’ hands around the beast throat.

“My death little dog I think not,” said Kakistos as he slowly pushed its head back, trying to snap its neck “I will be here long after your dead.”

A low laugh filled the air as the beast inexorable brought its muzzle, and she swore she saw little flames dancing around the edges of its mouth, to Kakistos face even as he tried to reverse its course. When it finally came face to face, so to speak, with the ancient vampire it roared “BURN!!” before a jet of black tinged flame roared from between its jaws immolating Kakistos head and turning his body to ash leaving a headless skeleton to clatter to the ground.

The beast front paws landed on the floor and it padded toward her cracking its neck as it came, in an all too human action. Which did nothing to prepare her for reality warped around it and shadow flooded off it leaving behind a nearly 6 foot tall man in a cloak with glowing red eyes.‘Yum.’ a part of her mind supplied as she took him in, tall, handsome, rugged and apparently a real *animal*. She flinched back as he reached towards her, her eyes drawn to the nearly inch long claws on his hands, at least she was gonna be killed by beefcake here and not an ugly psycho vamp, ‘That’s got to count for something, right?’

Chapter 1 End

PLEASE review and let me know if it’s any good. I’m trying to leak out information gradually so it might get confusing every now and then but it will all eventually be explained. A/N: I was playing Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become, when I was writing the Xander scenes and decided to show ‘this animal I have become’ and ‘you can see the darkest side of me’.
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