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Summary: The Sixth Doctor and Peri land in Sunnydale in April 1998. The same night Willow is tackled by a demon and it transfered something to her. Something ancient, dark and evil. Something that the Doctor has already faced twice before.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all things related to it belong to Joss Whedon. Doctor Who and all things related to it belong to the BBC.

BtVS: Season 2 after the episode "Killed by Death"
Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri between Seasons 22 and 23

Chapter 1

"Over there!" yelled Buffy towards a human sized blue demon with red teeth across the park.

Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang were on their nightly patrol. They wouldn't let anyone go anywhere alone with Angel out there ready to kill them. The demon that they were hunting was one of the most aggressive ones that they had ever seen. It had left a trail of both human and demon corpses all across Sunnydale. It attacked with such veracity it even caused the vampires to be weary at night.

Although this demon was fast moving, it was acting sluggish as if it was sick. The gang wasn't going to take any chances against this monster. They had seen its handy work before. They surrounded it with weapons ready.


"Where are we going, Doctor?"

"I told you, Peri. We're going to the newly formed California Island. It's in your year 2098. The majority of California broke off in a massive earthquake ten years earlier. The land has just started to spring back to life."

"And you want to go why?"

"Why not? What's the big deal?" asked the Doctor. The Doctor looked up from the console of the TARDIS to look at Peri, "You should really change. It's all too dull looking."

"Dull?" asked Peri, "At least it doesn't look like I was attacked by a rainbow."

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you still mocking my choice of dress?"

"Have you seen yourself?"

"Yes, every morning. I look splendid all the time."

"Of course you do, Doctor."


"Be careful," Buffy told the group.

The blue demon looked over the group until its eyes settled on Willow. In a burst of its former speed, the demon ran towards her. Willow screamed in fear as the demon tackled her to the ground, but instead of killing her, it held her hand for a few seconds until Buffy took its head off with an axe. The body fell on top of Willow making her whimper out a quiet "ouch". Buffy moved the body off of Willow and helped her best friend up.

"You okay?" asked Buffy.

"I'm fine," Willow replied.

"Are you sure? That thing tackled you," Xander added.

"I'm fine all of you. The thing just held my hand," Willow said. She looked at the corpse, "I don't know why."

"Maybe he wanted you to be his bride," Oz told Willow.

"Or maybe he was about to tear Willow apart with her hand being first," Cordelia chimed in.

"Thanks for that, Cordelia," Willow said.

"Just saying," Cordelia replied.

Willow suddenly got dizzy and would've fallen over if Oz didn't catch her. She regained her equilibrium and said, "I think I should go home. I'm not feeling too good."

"Of course, Will," Buffy said, "We'll take you."

"Thanks," Willow said.

"Hey, look at that," Oz said after he let go of Willow. He knelt down next to the demon's arm, "It looks like this demon had a half a snake tattoo. There's the head and it runs down until it just stops."

"He probably killed his tattoo artist," Xander said, "Wait, why would a demon have a tattoo artist?"

"I don't know, and I don't care. We need to get Willow home."

"Oh right," Xander said.

Silently, Oz stood up and the whole group left with Buffy supporting Willow. From the shadows of trees across the park, Angel watched the group silently with his sociopathic facial expressions as usual, but there was curiosity in the face as well. He said to himself, "There was something in that demon controlling it. I wonder what it was."


The sound of the TARDIS materializing echoed throughout a library until the police call box completely materialized in the room.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor announced, "We have arrived. California Island in the year 2098. Let's go, Peri."

"Yes, Doctor," Peri told him, slightly annoyed.

The two of them stepped out of the TARDIS into the library. The Doctor could tell something was wrong. He looked around and stated, "This doesn't look like late 21st century design."

"That's because it isn't. Doctor, looked at the calendar," Peri pointed out.

The Doctor saw it and read it aloud, "April 1998."

"Looks like you're a hundred years off."

"No, I could have sworn I set the TARDIS to come to the year 2098."

"I looks like you didn't," Peri replied.

The Doctor groaned before saying, "Let's go have a look around."


"Why not, Peri? Who knows, maybe this place is interesting. Besides, this place gives me a weird fuzzy feeling. It makes me want to go and poke my nose in where it doesn't belong."

"And we usually end up in a cell because of it."

"That cannot be helped!" the Doctor replied, excitedly. He marched out of the library with Peri right behind him. Immediately, the pair saw lockers and realized they were in a school.

"I wonder what school this is," Peri said.

"Sunnydale High School," the Doctor replied.

"How do you know that?"

The Doctor pointed to above the lockers, "That banner right there. Don't you ever pay attention, Peri?"

Peri ignored that comment and merely rolled her eyes at the Doctor.

"That means we are in Sunnydale, California in the year 1998."

"At least you had California right. Right place, wrong time."

"It appears so," the Doctor said, "It also appears to be night outside so we have a few hours before the school opens up. Why don't we have look around the town? Nothing alien here. It's just late 20th century California."

Peri loved the idea, "Well then, let's go."

The Doctor and Peri left the school hand in hand.


Willow turned off her light in her room and got into bed. She was suddenly so tired. She had no idea why either. She had been so awake during the patrol so she assumed it had something to do with the demon that tackled her. Willow just decided to sleep it off. Maybe she was just exhausted and nothing was wrong. As soon as she hit the pillow and covered up, she fell asleep.

Her mind drifted off into a dream. She was in Sunnydale High all by herself. It was dark and she felt a sense of dread overpower her. Willow decided to walk down the hallway. She stopped when she heard two people talking in one of the classrooms. She walked in to see two old people playing chess.

The old woman looked at Willow, "You are not real. Go away."

Willow wasn't too unnerved. She asked, "What do you mean I'm not real?"

"Did you see that?" asked the woman.

"You saw it too?" asked the man.

"I asked you first."

"Then yes. The not real girl said something."

"Yes, she did."

"Well we can't have our game interrupted," the woman replied. The man, the woman, and the chess board vanished.

"What was that all about?" asked Willow.

"You'll see," a familiar voice came from outside the classroom. Willow knew the voice but couldn't place it so she went outside to look. There was no one there. Willow heard a noise from her left so she decided to follow it. Another noise came from behind her. Willow turned around to see what looked like a woman run into a classroom down the hall.

"Hey, wait," Willow said as she ran towards the person. Willow watched to see if anyone came out of the classroom, no one did. She got to the door and went in. There was no one in the room. Without warning, a hand grabbed Willow's shoulder, but before Willow could see who it was, her alarm clock went off.

Willow opened her eyes to see daylight pouring into her room. She looked at the clock. It was seven in the morning. Willow sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. She groggily said, "It's morning already."

Willow got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Willow looked into the mirror and saw deep red orbs where her eyes should be. She let out a scream and fell into the wall. She shut her eyes for about a minute. When she opened them, her eyes were her normal eyes.

"What's going on?" Willow asked.
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