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Numerous Crossover Drabbles

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Summary: Everyone else is doing it. Drabbles that cross BTVS with many other fandoms, they may or may not become longer stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Stargate > General > Characters: mini-Jack
SheilanniFR1542,239033,3182 Apr 1112 Apr 11No

Possible Foothold Situation? *Stargate cross*

First and Foremost, disclaimer:
I do not own:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Criminal Minds
White Collar
or any other fandom mentioned within the expanse of this collection.

Possible Foothold Situation?

General O’Neill was decidedly unworried when he learned of his clone’s disappearance from high school. After all, more than anyone he knew how well Jon could take care of himself. However, that feeling changed to trepidation when he received an email from himself about a month and a half later.

Subject: possible foothold situation?

O’Neill opened the email noting that there was no explanation, just a link to a series of attached digital pictures. He clicked it, then eyes widening phoned Carter before it was even halfway through loading.

The creature on the screen was distinctly unas-like, with six long spikes crowning its head and gaping mouth revealing rows of sharp teeth. Its wide eyes were red with slitted pupils, not vertical like a cat but horizontal like a goat or an octopus. The yellowed skin that covered its chest was riddled with what looked like small caliber bullet holes, a darkish blue substance oozing from the wounds.

O’Neill moved onto the next photo which was the same image just zoomed out a bit so he could properly see the bolder that the creature was propped against. A soda can had been set beside the creature’s leg, giving a scale that made the creature only slightly larger than a human. Its hands were clawed, and a barbed tail curved out from behind it.

“This could be bad.”


Somewhere in Cleveland (approximately 2:00am):

Jonathan O’Neill closed his fist around the gaudy pendant that hung from his neck, trying not to feel ridiculous as he spoke to it. “Tinman to Toto, come in Toto.”

Jordy’s voice responded from inside his head, the hint of amusement clear, *Toto here, and again, you don’t have to talk aloud for the amulet to work.*

“Yeah whatever, I’ve finished my sweep of the eastern side, have you and Dorothy found any evidence the U.F.D. over there?”

*No, no flying demons, just the regular leeches and a couple of lollies making out. *

Jon made a slight frustrated sound and hefted his crossbow, “Okay, converge on the northern cemetery, maybe they’re holed up in the nearby park. Good Witch you hear all that?” He felt the affirmation and reminded, “Words please.”

*Yes, I heard.* Greg said, *Scarecrow and I are on our way. Shall I relay to Curtain Man?*

"Yeah go ahead."


Coding for all who are confused/amused:

Tinman=Jonathan O’Neill, field team commander.

Dorothy=code for whichever slayer is on the field team, currently Paige Kornegay.

Toto=Jordy, field team's scout due to his werewolfness, acting as Paige’s watcher until she gets a new permanent one.

Good Witch= Greg Sanders, a Wiccan on the New Council’s payroll.

Scarecrow=Connor Reid/Angel, son of two vampires.

Curtain Man (Man Behind the Curtain)=Xander Harris, commander of the Cleveland base.

U.F.D.=Unidentified flying demon.


Lollies (Lolly Pop Kids)=civilians/hostages/victims/innocent bystanders.
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